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Connecting in College jAt kind of background knowledge of her family Her mean girl behavior also sounds older than 12 Her previous guardians couldn t get through to her and neither can her teachers I figured out what her problem was but didn t know what they could do about it at that time I doubt anyone would understand the concept of learning disability let alone be willing to work with her to overcome it How important was it for girls to be able to read and write I think they wouldust dismiss her as lazy Aunt Gwen is a lot of fun She doesn t sound elderly and her gossip has a purpose I like how she directs the action behind the scenes but sometimes her meddling goes too far This book was Feminism and the Women's Movement Dynamics of Change in Social Movement Ideology and Activism Perspectives on Gender just not for me and I don t think I ll be reading any Regencyish romances by this author I have a greater appreciation for Lenore having seen what she went through in The Vicar s Daughter You don t have to read that one first necessarily but it really helped me to know Lenore s background and I admire and love her so muchLenore hasn t had an easy road in life yet she s making the best of her situation Her temperament and personality really resonated with me especially as she s deeper than she seems Throw in Aiden and I was in heaven There s something to be said about good solid decent characters striving to create the best for themselves and their loved ones The first meeting was intense and hilarious at the same time if that even makes sense Throughout this tough and gradualourney I grew to immensely adore these characters even the unlovable ones Josi Kilpack has a way of taking uncommon traits and unspoken conditions and writing them into tales that pierce the heart and soul Each book I read becomes a new favorite that I ust don t want to come to an end This isn t your traditional Regency romance but it s every bit enjoyable and I daresay so as the typical stories and I m eagerly awaiting what she writes next no pressureContent very mild romance mild romanceI received a copy which did not influence my thoughts and opinions I really enjoyed Josi s book The Vicar s Daughter Yet it did leave me feeling sad for Lenora In Miss Wilton s Waltz we get to see Lenora claim her happily ever after While it is not necessary to read The Vicar s Daughter I felt having done so enhanced my appreciation for this book because I knew all the backstory and already had a love for these charactersWhile we ultimately get a happily ever after it is not an easy road and there are roadblocks that make that HEA feel impossible I love that this book s characters were flawed and had struggles that felt real A wonderful addition to the Shadow Mountains Proper Romance line This book really hooks you in Till it does not and ust leaves you mad and antsy Some uality writing and a slow burn angst permeates the book as the shy and retiring h the spurned fiancee of the previous book is shown as having blossomed into a somewhat confident and happy person after staying on in Bath with her aunt and becoming a music teacher at a girls academy Her secret exercise for battling stress and calming herself is touching She remembered another exercise she hadn t used recently find three things you can see two things you can touch and one thing you can smell She looked at the clock the window and the door then touched the desk and the chair then inhaled the scent of the lemon oil used on the pianofortes Her thoughts settledShe meets the H one night when she goes for her secret weekly night sojourn to the river anothe Edited to add I ve read the others now and can confirm that you don t need to read them to understand this one The previous The Vicar s Daughter is the worst of the series and I suggest skipping it even though it introduces LenoraThis is fourth in a series but I haven t read the others and didn t feel the lack I mean it was clear that Lenora is suffering fallout from a previous novel but I had all the details I needed including emotional impactI started this book relatively late thinking I d ust start a bit and pick it up again some time tomorrow AND THEN COULDN T PUT IT then couldn t put it until waaaay start a bit and pick it up again some time tomorrow And then couldn t put it down until waaaay lateearly the next morning I have no regretsI normally have little patience for withdrawn people who consciously guard their solitude as heroes of books Which is ironic because I m all about that in real life being an introverted head of a family of introverts The thing is that s often a plot killer because it s hard for authors to dodge the negative motivation sinkhole with such characters I m happy to say that Josi Kilpack showed how to turn it around and make it a strength of the novel with Lenora We see her need and we see her struggle to be strong and her willingness to work around her own limitations And I found it engaging to be with her in both her successes and failuresI ll admit it doesn t hurt that she s working with and sometimes against Aiden He s all kinds of awesome and I love how invested he is with his troublesome niece Catherine and how desperate he is to find a way to help her get what she needsBut what kicked this up a notch into outstanding territory was how deftly Kilpack works in the importance of family and forgiveness and faith and trust and fighting for what you want even as you take the needs of others into account as well The most interesting moral uestions aren t right vs wrong but when two goodmoral principles stand in opposition and I thoroughly enjoyed being with these very human people trying hard to do their best navigating some tricky watersThe only semi sour note is that I didn t uite buy some of Catherine s actions there were a couple of times where she was a little too good at being bad and her schemes a little to perfect in their success But that s a very small niggle in an otherwise truly outstanding story And given how perfect I found the ending and how Kilpack avoided making victory easy or even complete I think this remains in solid five star territory Yeah I ll be tired tomorrow but it was so totally worth itOkay two sour notes when I note that Shadow Mountain has the same overpricing strategy that Covenant does for their ebooks I can t say how sorry I am to see worthy books priced out of reaching the audience I feel they deserveA note about Chaste This book reminds me of how natural a chaste story is for this period of how natural a chaste story is for this period and Aiden have a couple of kisses but nothing than that and it felt both natural and expected Negative Motivations I kind of hate that the term negative motivation isn t widespread yet Since it isn t I m going to save off this little ag to append to my reviews that feature the term Jennifer Crusie blogged about it a bit back and it changed how I understand story The problem with the term is that if you ve never heard it before you d assume it meant motivations that are harmful or immoral Not so What it refers to is motivations not to do something The thing is that many of us are motivated to not do things for a lot of different perfectly valid and reasonable reasons The problem is that in a story motivations to not do things are a huge drag on the plot particularly considering the fact that most negative motivations are overcome by the character simply deciding they don t care any or rather that they do care and are now motivated to do the thing So not only do you have a counter to action but you also have a situation where to overcome it all a character has to do is change their mind Which means eventually the reader is rooting for the character to get over himherself already and do the thing we want them to do Conflict drives story Conflict between a reader and a main character drives readers away from story. Share a passionate kiss by the River Avon and Lenora feels it is the beginning of a new forever until she learns that Aiden has withheld an important detail about his life that changes everything Lenora closes her heart to him and Aiden caught between his obligation and his heart must do what he can to make amends And Lenora after years of hiding from everyone and everything faces a decision only she can make

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Miss Wiltons Waltz A Proper Romance #5Here is Lenora She played a vital role in The Vicar s Daughter as her intended fell in love with her sister Yeah Lenora was ilted embarrassed but not exactly heartbroken All the same she moved to Bath to live with her aunt and start as a teacher in an all girl s schoolI loved getting to know Lenora I loved watching Lenora get to know herself Josi Kilpack has a way of writing characters that are so interesting They unfold gently layered and vulnerable It s so easy to like them to root for them It s also easy to be frustrated with them I love when all my emotions get involved in a book Characters are what make or break a book for me so when I emotionally connect to the characters I am a happy happy girl Although this book can stand alone easily I would highly recommend reading The Vicar s Daughter first only because it will give you valuable insight and an emotional connection to Lenora It makes this book all the satisfyingContent kissing I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author All opinions expressed are my own Loved this book so much It made me feel like I was really there with them in their time and as though I was a fly on the wall watching them waltz and I even felt like I could hear the music played sometimes I appreciated the ways they learned how to deal with difficulties and misunderstandings throughout the book and the solutions they found to help Aiden s niece be able to learn the best way for her I read The Vicar s Daughter earlier this year and was so excited when I found out that Josi Kilpack had written Lenora s story NOTE You don t have to read The Vicar s Daughter her sister Cassie s story before reading Miss Wilton s Waltz to understand what s going on but it will give you a greater understanding of LenoraLenora is extremely shy in large groups of people even around people she knows but moving to Bath to live with her Aunt Gwen has made her deal with her shyness because Aunt Gwen doesn t coddle to her fears or allow her to hide behind her love of the pianoforte like her parents did In Bath she s seen as her own person not the Vicar s shy and awkward daughter Lenora has come into her own and is comfortable with the life she s made for herself as a respected music teacher at Mrs Henry s all girls boarding school Her unexpected run in with a man late at night at the River Avon surprises her and it s an even bigger surprise when the man turns out to be Aiden Asher the Uncle and guardian of her newest and most troublesome students Catherine Manch Lenora works with Aiden to try and find non conventional ways of helping his niece and Lenora is surprised by her attraction to Aiden Of course love is never a smooth course and when something unforeseen comes up to separate them Lenora retreats within herself where she feels safeAunt Gwen is there to give Lenora wonderful advice If Gwen repeated Will you base your entire future happiness on one word Will you let fear rule your future I loved these words of wisdom from Aunt GwenLife never comes with guarantees Lenora and there is security in never taking a chance But if you do not take hold of the opportunities of happiness that come your way you will only find empty tomorrows Life is both too long and too short to allow fear to guide your shipI loved the main characters in this book Aiden was such a good man to put his life on hold to step in and take care of his niece who had been mistreated by those who should ve protected her when she most needed protection I admit I had to get used to Catherine but as the story of her background unfolded I understood why she acted as she did Aunt Gwen is the best She s no pushover but she s there for those she loves and she saw through Catherine long before anyone else didAs another reviewer said this isn t your typical Regency romance and I agree Josi Kilpack somehow includes things like alopecia in A Heart Revealed social anxieties and learning disabilities into her Regency romances and they make the stories interestingThank you to NetGalley and Covenant for the opportunity to read and review this wonderful book I love when I can empathize with the struggles of the main character Lenora s shyness and social awkwardness is something I experienced outside my family and close friends all the way through high school Lenora s move to embrace a new life allows her to become confident and I felt that going to college and leaving behind the role I felt trapped in opened up a refreshing sense of freedom to be happy with myself and all the opportunities before me I admired Lenora s fortitude with the daunting situations and people she had to s fortitude with the daunting situations and people she had to with Catherine is not the typical orphan from stories like these instead of being filled with gratitude she is manipulative cruel and uncaring I felt like it was a realistic portrayal of an abused child and it was gratifying to see her layers peeled back as Aiden doesn t give up on her but is determined to help her in any way possible Lenora s reactions to Catherine were realistic as well and depicted the real struggle and sacrifice it took to be a part of her recovery and success I loved Lenora s aunt and the compassion nurturing and wisdom she brought to both Lenora and Catherine s lives The sweet and tender romance between Lenora and Aiden is worth fighting for and I was filled with tension and anticipation until Lenora reached her happily ever afterI received a complimentary copy of the book all opinions in this review are my own I know fellow book lovers will understand when I say that I fell in love with the characters of this book There s something about watching a character who is good and loving who sacrifices for the good of her family who doesn t complain or argue finally find her voice and do something that she loves and wants Miss Lenora Wilton is finally reaching out for her happiness She s happy for her family and loves them dearly but she s had sorrow and heartache and wants to set that aside for oy and peace I loved Lenora from the beginning to the end of this novel I ached for her I cheered for her I giggled at moments for her I sighed happily for her I even wished at moments that I could fix all the problems for her Of course I couldn t all I could do was sit back and read allowing her story to progress and Lenora to experience her lifeMiss Wilton s Waltz can be read as a stand alone novel but if you have time and the desire I would definitely recommend reading The Vicar s Daughter first That story belongs to Lenora s sister Cassie although it is also part Lenora s story Partially what spurs Lenora on to find her peace and oyI loved that Lenora was content with who she was her personality her uirks her flaws all of herself She wasn t determined to change who she was to please others Rather she was happy to search for something in life that would compliment who she was and help her grow After a short visit to her Aunt Gwen in Bath during the end of The Vicar s Daughter Lenora realizes she has found something that makes her happy She is going to teach music at an all girls boarding school in Bath and enjoy being her Aunt Gwen s companionLenora s personality was not the vivacious and outgoing personality like her sister Cassie But through her Aunt s love and encouragement Lenora finds herself enjoying who she is and in social settings She will be content to teach music play music and share her life with her aunt That is until an encounter by to teach music play music and share her life with her aunt That is until an encounter by river at night changes everything and seems to rob her of her new found freedom I won t expound anything other than it wasn t anything scandalous and bad well maybe except for the fact that A follow up to Josi S Kilpack's bestselling Proper Romance title  The Vicar's Daughter Lenora Wilton has spent her life hiding behind the keys of her beloved pianoforte and the vibrancy of her younger sister Cassie But Lenora is ready for a change and travels to Bath to live with her Aunt Gwen and teach music at an all girls’ boarding school She is different in Bath comfortable with herself and enjoys the fr. ,
Enora was there by herself without a chaperone Other than that you ll have to read to find out what happensLenora has many situations that will test her resolve her strength her personal desires for happiness and may send her away from all that she s come to love I loved the dynamics of the characters the struggles they bring into each other s lives the oy Very good balance between them allI have to say that this book truly touched me Partially because I could completely relate to Lenora in several aspects of her life I have taught piano since I was 15 years old Students of all ages and all personalities When Lenora is given a new student who pushes every button and tests every ounce of her patience I could completely empathize with her I loved my students How can you not when you are invested in teaching and helping them for years and years There is a bond that grows between the student and the teacher Now it s not always easy Not at all Sometimes I had students that pushed and tested every ounce of my patience and resolve as well But those students throughout all our time and lessons together came to be some of my most treasured students The respect gained the trust gained and the love gained were well worth every moment and honestly sometimes tears I loved watching Lenora experience that same struggle and growth with this new student she hadThere s some trickery involved with her teaching this student which I m not going to go into detail for I want you to experience the oy of this story I had a few moments where I was surprised Lenora didn t call it uits with everything but hats off to her for how she handled those incredibly frustrating moments Bravo Lenora bravoThis is a sweet and clean proper romance novel so of course there is a love story involved It was sweet it was a mess it was wonderful it was agonizingly frustrating and heartbreaking It was a beautiful end or rather beginning depending on how you want to look at it Mr Aiden Asher I loved him I was angry at him I trusted him and I was so grateful for his persistence Aunt Gwen was one of my favorite characters I loved her steady and gentle encouragement of Lenora The strength she offered throughout the novel was perfect She didn t offer an easy way out She encouraged Lenora to work through the struggles Here s a uote I really liked from a conversation between Lenora and Aunt Gwen I took out a couple sentences in between because I didn t want to spoil anythingLenora reached up and took hold of her aunt s hands I don t know what to do she whispered tears streaming down her cheeks I don t know what is right any The very hardest thing a person can do is be brave Brave enough to trust someone brave enough to forgive the wrongs done and brave enough to trust what their heart tells themWill you base your entire future happiness on one word Will you let fear rule your future I hope that if you take a chance on reading this book that you ll enjoy it as I did I was so glad that Josi Kilpack wrote Lenora s story I wanted to know what happened to her after The Vicar s Daughter ended and I m so very happy that Lenora found what she wanted and neededContent CleanI received an ARC from the author All thoughts and opinions in the review are my ownHappy Reading Lenora a vicar s daughter is the shy musical one of a large family After trying to seize a chance at love and romance and failing Lenora has retreated to Bath to be a companion to her Aunt Gwen and a music teacher at a girls school In Bath Aunt Gwen values Lenora s thoughts and opinions and Lenora feels bold and free She still suffers the same anxiety attacks she did in the country and the one time she can be free to be herself is on Sunday nights when she dresses in breeches and takes a solitary late night walk by the river One night Lenora is surprised by a strange man She struggles to get away and runs from some ruffians in the streets Her special time has been ruined and she can never ever go back to the river When the school term starts Lenora tries to focus on her work but It Is Uite Difficult When is uite difficult when the school term starts Lenora tries to focus on her work but it is uite difficult when newest pupil Catherine Munch is a demon who makes life difficult for all her teachers Miss Henry the proprietress of the school has her reasons for keeping Catherine on When Catherine s uncle intervenes on her behalf Lenora is horrified to discover that Mr Asher is the man who discovered her by the river If only he didn t recognize her Alas he did and Lenora is forced to put up with a horrible student she can t stand As Lenora gets to know Mr Asher she discovers not a villain but a compassionate loving man As feelings of friendship turn warmer Lenora risks her heart only to discover dishonesty and heartbreak She retreats back to the girl she once was Can she allow her true self to shine once again and risk the gossip the hurt and the heartache of trusting someone This story is not for Regency romance aficionados but for those who like painfully slow sweet romances with a moral I noted a few minor errors especially in the Bath setting It Seems To Be As seems to be as the author has cursory knowledge of the Regency period and of the history of Bath I ve been to Bath and was hoping for local color but the local color seems modern than the Regency era but at least the author didn t reference the canal which hadn t been built yet The romantic plot didn t really appeal to me I was a little interested in what would happen with Catherine and think the story would have been entertaining with a gothic plot The music history details were exceptional but I m not musical I have the opposite problem as Catherine I can memorize words easily but I can t understand music Music is a huge part of who Lenora is and it sounded like Asher too felt music was a huge part of his life but that idea got dropped uickly until the last half of the novel when it popped up again I noted a few inconsistencies in the plot as well like the age Catherine comes of age Nothing major but that shouldn t happen with a book that isn t self published The Christian content is minor considering Lenora is a vicar s daughter but she does mention sinning a lot Then there is a heavy moral to the storyWhile I found the story insipid I can relate to Lenora I am an introvert who sticks her nose in a book rather than socialize I don t have extreme social anxiety disorder the way Lenora does but I can relate to not wanting to be the center of attention or socialize with petty people Her crippling anxiety makes her a uniue heroine and also unable to trust Aiden is a wonderful guardian for Catherine but I feel icky that he has a sugar plantation in Jamaica yet there s not one single mention of the ENSLAVED people who work that plantation and make him wealthy I would expect Lenora as a vicar s daughter to uestion that It would have been nice to have some discussion I like how Aiden isn t willing to give up on Catherine and how devoted he is to getting through to her Yet he spoils her and lets her get away with bad behavior I actually do agree with Lenora about Aiden s behavior towards her He s a human though and he made a mistake She forgives him but I m not sure I d be that generous or trusting I feel sort of bad for Miss Keighly She s awful especially in regards to Catherine but as she points out she had already received congratulations and had the expectation she would be wed Legally she could sue him for breach of promise but he finds a way around that Lenora had listened to Aiden the miscommunication wouldn t have happened Catherine is ust awful She has a sadistic side to her like her father Her past is tragic but she sounds a lot older than 12 to have th. Eedom and independence of her new life there When Lenora meets Aiden Asher she finds herself attracted to him but her unexpected feelings become complicated when she learns that Catherine Lenora’s newest and most troublesome student in the school is Mr Asher’s niece Catherine is a difficult student and Lenora works hard to make progress with the girl When the chemistry between Lenora and Aiden increases they.