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Is That Even a Country SirS uaint small towns with Their Own Food Liuor And own food liuor and #There is an undercurrent of sex drugs and rock and roll #is an undercurrent of sex drugs and rock and roll well if one is so inclinedThe book extensively speaks about how the people are struggling to align their age old tribal identities with their new acuired country and states The author talks about The Various Insurgencies Spawned By These Struggles And How A various insurgencies spawned by these struggles and how a of them have degenerated to mafia operations jockeying for control over the drug trade propped up by India s neighbors All of this seems to be have taken a toll on the society and specially the youthThe most refreshing aspect of the book is the candor of the author s narration His views are from the heart strongly held directly expressed while managing to not be dogmatic or pushing any agenda It helped that I chose to read the book in Hindi the language the author wrote in despite being inspired to read the book by a review of the English translationSo definitely recommended I was vaguely aware of Pakistan s Tribal Region thanks to news coverage of the US s conflicts in the area but before reading this book I was unaware that India had a Tribal Region as well Nor was I aware of the long complicated history of violence in the area or that it continues to this day In cse I didn t feel ignorant enough I had no understanding of the geography of Northeast India specifically that a large area of the country expands past Bangladesh all the way to the border with Myanmar In this book two would be journalists haphazardly travel through the embattled region in a vaguely planned effort to advance their careers Given their personal demons precarious mental states and thirst for alcohol and love of betel I went into the book expecting Indian flavored gonzo journalism in the spirit of Hunter S Thompson But while the author did absorb and explain a hallucigenically sharp aleidoscope of history cultu This is an account of author s journey through northeast India in the early 2000s It is not a travelogue which romances the beauty of northeast It narrates the life of common people various clashes between tribes militants and army and the history and politics which separates the northeast from the rest of the countryThis is not an easy to read as there is difficulty in eeping up with the names places and the book is not separated into any chapters In a way this symbolizes the journey which was of a wanderings than anything planned This is one hell of a bookAnil tells the tale of all North Eastern states their culture their history tribal and non tribal dynamics how Delhi is perceived and what it does there THIS BOOK IS A MUST READ Sometimes reading an outsider helps One can be assured of seeing the picture as it is My review of Anil Yadav s Is That Even A Country Sir translated from Hindi by Anurag Basnet in National Herald. Hy they had surrendered; a former general of Zapu Phizo's separatist army in Kohima who described to them his gruelling march through virgin forest to China; a murderous raid in Shillong which gave them a glimpse of the insider versus outsider euation in Meghalaya; a Manipuri sculptor with whom Anil travelled to Tripura and who had to be rescued from the Army; and a barber who told them why an elephant was butchered by a mob in DimapurWritten with rare power and candour Is That Even a Country Sir weaves history politics myth and gritty ground zero reportage into an unprecedented and unforgettable portrait of Northeast India.

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F affairs in the region them I have lived in Manipur and reported on political and social issues in the state as well as on Nagaland Assam Mizoram etc co incidentally starting my writing career a year before the #author forayed into region and can say that this boo would have turned out a lot #forayed into the and can say that this boo would have turned out a lot if the author had ept it as a travel memoir rather than a political commentary The travel aspects of going across the 6 states are darkly humorous and in itself reflects the bad connectivity in the region which holds true still while the presence of the military and other non state armed forces tells readers about the growing unease and militarization here which continues to this day But when the author comments on the political history and other aspects of the people and the region he falters badly and is out of depth for that is when his lack of effort in trying to understand the political thoughts and opinions comes across The Northeast part of the country is complex We have our problems that are complex We have fissures But we have humour and beauty and lots of empathy We have had a traumatic history with a colonial past and would so love to be not treated as a colony of the country If this book had reflected just a bit on this it would have been something else Firstlythis book was written almost two decades agoThings have changed for good in the North East Insurgency has reduced considerably and this region has also become a tourism hotspotSo don t go by the book as far as factual nowledge is concernedThere are two big flaws in the book1There is not a single photo of the region the author visits2There is a huge translation loss The book is uniue but the English version is average and at the end the author has just rushed throughI would suggest that please read the Hindi version and avoid the English version A travelogue that excels in story telling and creating characters but falters in the political commentary It has bit of everything uncertainty fear and hope The author uses simple and direct sentences well stocked with the emotions The personal touch makes the book an honest and non superficial read This uirkily titled book is supposed to be a travelogue of the North East of India but ends up being much While ostensibility the adventures of two young journalists on a shoe string budget it turns out to be a rambling commentary on the the place people its physical beauty its blighted history its insurgencies and the resultant society an important book that is a must read only because of how less most Indians now about this beautiful part of the country The first thing a well written travelogue should do is to decide the next travel destination for the reader The book easily checks that box with its tantalizing descriptions of the lush fields snow packed hills Orange Laden Tree. 2000 The Pair laden tree. 2000 the pair on what became an epic journey in which they crisscrossed Assam Meghalaya Nagaland Arunachal Pradesh Tripura and Manipur staying in rundown hotels and guesthouses and in the homes of friends and strangers They travelled by local buses through ambushes they were forced to walk halfway down the highway from Shillong to Guwahati and on one memorable occasion on the road to Sibsagar Anil shared a tractor with a herd of goatsThey encountered among others a boatman on the Brahmaputra who clearly explained to them the politics behind the massacres of Hindi speakers; former members of the ULFA who told them Whenever I think about Northeast India an image of *EXOTIC PICTURESUE LOCALE USUALLY ADVERTISED BY TOUR TRAVEL AGENCIES *picturesue locale usually advertised by tour travel agencies come to my mind But thanks to this book it completely changed the way I look at the region In this book author travels to the remotest places and shares his ground zero experience of brutal day to day life of the region which mainstream media often shies away from showing Author succeeded in portraying how alienated Northeast is from the rest of the country not necessarily geographically but in every aspect I wasn t aware of the seriousness of the insurgencies in the region until I read this book There are numerous insurgent groups across #The Region With Varying Ideologies #region with varying ideologies each and every tribe Some are still active some are dormant and some are branded as terrorist organisations by Government Of India I was surprised to Investir dans l'or : le petit manuel pratique know that citizens from rest of the country need Inner Line Permit to enter some of the states and remaining states of the region are demanding the sameind of system Such is their contempt towards outsiders Though it was a bit indigestible initially having learnt about their histories and their strong inherent sense of loyalty towards their community one couldn t help but empathise with them The problems of the region are much complex than of many other parts of the country No wonder Government of India failed to understand their problems from last seven decades let alone solving them Nevertheless one should appreciate the fact that they have come a long way from head hunting rituals to believing in democratic processes in a very short span of time Northeast India is miniature sized Asia indeed The author needs to be congratulated for producing an honest and sincere travelogue about India s relatively unknown northeastern region He displays the courage to speak the truth about the socio political and economic conditions therein even as the truth can at times be politically incorrectYet his opinions regarding a few issues especially illegal migration and position of women could be nuanced But this can be attributed to the genre of the travelogue that he is working *With Unlike A Solid Non Fictional Long Narrative A Travelogue *unlike a solid non fictional long narrative a travelogue not really allow the author to engage with different uestions in depth First things first a majority of people in the country refer to the Northeast states of India as only the Northeast which is technically wrong Northeast of what is my response when people do this The book title got it right but its pages are filled with the Northeast sigh Published in 2012 Anil Yadav s Is that even a country Sir Journeys in Northeast India by Train Bus and Tractor is about the author s travels across six states in the region in 2000 and this translation from Hindi published last year is a bit late to capture the state 'The story of India's most neglected region told by the narrative voice of a poor petulant reporter Stripped of the exotic the Northeast in this book appears bare burnt and betrayed' ScrollinWhen violence broke out before elections in Assam in 2000 in which Hindi speakers from North India were massacred two out of work journalists Anil Yadav and Anhes Shashwat decided to go there braving violence and uncertainty with the hope that their despatches would make them famous At that time they had very little nowledge about Northeast India and no strategy for their trip; they had few contacts and very little moneyOn 29 November.