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Okay Interesting at the beginning Third hand account of growing up in "Poverty The Book Focused "The book focused a family s poverty upbringing to the children being put in foster care then the book delves into Mormonism and polygamy beliefs which got boring for me I can t say I eally enjoyed eading this story because I hate polygamy I hate the cruelty to women children and even the men who are born into or dragged into polygamy That said I am interested in this topic because I have many friends who are or have been involved in polygamy If you live in Utah you probably know these people Only after you become very good friends will you ever discover their connections My "HUSBAND AND MY CHILDREN THRO. THE WINNING " and my children thro. The award winning of a girl and woman who suffers both familial and eligious abuse including spending 14 year. Ually about famous people "But Connie Saddler The Subject Of This Book Is Not "Connie Saddler the subject of this book is not and her life is emarkable primarily for its suffering Saddler was born into a life of poverty and abuse that prepared her to be lured into marrying before she was even out of high school into a Utah cult organized around polygamy The book examines not just her Saddler s life but those of her mother her siblings and her children so that you eally see how the cruel cycle of need neglect and abuse plays out across generations This book with its meticulous esearch and documentation is an invaluable esource for people who want to understand eligious fundamentalism secretive cults andor Utah subcultures. Ngth and a few good people who help her escape and navigate a difficult divorce and the ejection of two of her children. .

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Worthy Author Marilyn Bushman-CarltonUgh him are descendants of polygamists Thankfully I escaped that particular curse Marilyn
"Did A Good Job "
a good job interviewing her friend and describing a small section of the polygamous world Marilyn Bushman Carlton s skill as a poet is evident this book s beautiful prose it s full of interesting original images and euphonious phrases At the artistry of her language misled me into expecting the book to be a work of creative writing but accurate labels are biography or closely focused ethnography "There Is Little Suspense "is little suspense dramatic tension instead there are chapters on The Cult s Spiritual Difficulties and Fundamentalist Church Services and The Women of Polygamy Biographies are us. S in a epressive polygamous cult Connie Saddler's uniue story is ultimately one of triumph she finds her own inner stre.