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Alphas Abused Mate dCloser to being 35 stars for the fact that it is extremely idealisticSee me talk about it briefly in my May wrap up this book was so inspirational Finally A book that s set in Pakistan I got real excited when I got my hands on this one I just wish there were a bitetails of Pakistan but since that s not the main topic it s uite understandableIt s uite a short fun read so I really recommend itJust look at the cover It s so pretty This middle grade story shines a light on so many issues that are worlds away from life in our cozy little suburb The focus on education and what others go through to have the privilege of attending a class was fodder for some important conversations in my house The strong intelligent female main character was well Twas the Night B'Fore Christmas: An African-American Version drawn and seemed as reuired by circumstance older and wiser than her years Myaughter is a bit of a reluctant reader She was challenged with the names throughout the story and never stopped stumbling overmispronouncing them but she loved this story 5 starsnew favoriteand that is really saying something Also I was surprised to find tears slipping Climate Smart Agriculture (Natural Resource Management and Policy Book 52) down my cheeks at the end A solid 4 star middle gradeRead aloud to me by myaughter If everyone ecided nothing could change nothing ever would There s no enying that this is an important bookThere s no enying that the world is a better place with stories no enying that this is an important bookThere s no Chasing the Red Queen denying that the world is a better place with stories this one being told This is the sort of book that I could see myself throwing at people because I certainly want a higher amount of the world population to understand how essential education is in a girl s life I want us all to stop taking it for granted Just yesterday I was looking at my unofficial transcript thinking Only two years and I m out Shame Shame Shame Some peopleon t get to go to high school let alone university *And Here You Are Counting The Days *here you are counting the Haylee days you get youriploma You should enjoy yourself because school isn t forever and sometimes not forever comes sooner than expected as it is the case for AmalAll she The Columbia Guide to South African Literature in English Since 1945 (The Columbia Guides to Literature Since 1945) did was say no She stood up for herselfenying a grown man the fruit she had purchased for her family Now it could have been worse The man could have taken it or her on the spot and give nothing in return But Amal had had enough so she spoke up Her punishment Becoming a servant for the same man who wanted the she spoke up Her punishment Becoming a servant for the same man who wanted the and eventually took everything from her her family friends and above all her education Except Amal is a smart twelve year old girl She ll figure something out to not let her brain rot and spend her whole life imprisoned I know for a fact that Amal and I could become best friends in real life Like me she is outspoken she stands up for what she believes in she Hijacking the Brain doesn t uite have a filter and she makes the most of any situation She makes this book Without her nothing would make sense But here s the catch Although I can praise the themes allay long it 僕のヒーローアカデミア 3-4 doesn t change the fact that the writing is only adeuate the secondary characters twoimensional and the events main ones aside somewhat The Path to Gay Rights dull A characterriven realistic middle grade story that could have been engaging but that managed to bring forward and explore universal themes Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin. N she inadvertently makes an enemy of a girl named Nabila Most troubling though is Amal’s growing awareness of the Khans’ nefarious Karen vs Alien dealings When it becomes clear just how far they will go to protect their interests Amal realizes she will have to find a way to work with others if they are ever to exact change in a cruel status uo and if Amal is ever to achieve herrea.

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Amal UnboundIf everyone ecided nothing could change nothing ever would
amal unbound by 
Unbound by Saeed is a beautiful and moving middle grade novel about twelve year old Amal a young girl living in a Pakistani village with reams of becoming a teacher Amal s reams are soon crushed when she actually insults a member of the ruling family of her village and she is then forced to work as a servant in his houseSaeed s novel tackles many important themes in a way accessible *To The Audience It Is *the audience it is for From classism to sexism this novel is very honest in its portrayal of real world themesOutside of this no Amal Unbound tells the story of Amal a young girl living in a small village in Pakistan who unknowingly insults the corrupt landlord of her village and as a result is forced to become a servant in order to pay off her family s ebt Sometimes I wish I Singing the Law did not pay such careful attention Maybe then I would not have learned that they thought being a girl was such a bad thing I really enjoyed this book and I need to read books like these by Pakistani authors It s not even just that I loved the plot which I reallyid it s that I m seeing all aspects of my culture represented in literature and it honestly feels amazing Just small things like seeing the name Shaukat in a book which is my father s name and seeing village life through Amal s eyes that just remind me of my mother s stories of her own childhood growing up in a village I thought hope had vanished But hope was a tricky thing It found its way back to me Amal was a really interesting protagonist mainly because she holds so much strength and hope in her heart for someone so young and it really made me admire her Her journey through being forced to become a slave to becoming a part of a team taking Alchemic down the corrupt landlord just felt really heartwarming especially seeing her grow and makeecisions for herself The only thing I have to say though is that the ending felt a little rushed and resolved really uickly but apart from that it was a really strong book In a week or so we can see how things are going my father continued But in any case remember you have already learned a lot More than many of the neighborhood girls You can read and write What We Sell Drugs do you need to know I always thought my parents knew me well So how could he ask me that Whatid I need to knowThe whole world Abu the whole world I also really enjoyed Amal uestioning the thinking in her village especially when it came Problem Solving in Data Structures Algorithms Using C++ down to the treatment of boys compared to girls I liked that Amal stood up for herself and recognised that it was wrong that her education wasn t seen as a priority and that what was important was for her to become someone in the house that should look after others and learn how to maintain a household But I liked that even from a young age Amal was fighting and uestioning these beliefs in her own way Life isn t fair Maybe it was true but why was that a reason to just accept everything and go along with it Overall Amal Unbound made me realise just how much I need books representing my culture I can never get enough of books like these 35 stars I think this book has a very important story and I hope we will see stories and characters. The compelling story of a girl’s fight to regain her life andreams after being forced into indentured servitudeLife is uiet and ordinary in Amal’s Pakistani village but she had no complaints and besides she’s busy pursuing her Literature of Africa dream of becoming a teacher oneay Her Women and Sustainable Agriculture: Interviews With 14 Agents of Change dreams are temporarilyashed when–as the eldest aughter–she must stay home from school to take. Like Amal in the future I hope this book leads to many important booksMy issue is reading this book as an adult I was not convinced that Amal had the thoughts *AND ACTIONS OF SOMEONE HER OWN *actions of someone her own Granted she had ifferent circumstan One of my January selections for the Pick One For Me challenge with the group A Million More Pages I absolutely loved this and the cover is so beautiful I was so engrossed in this story that I read it in one sitting It s a hard story to read since it Rebuilding deals with cruel people who force people into being their indentured servants for what we consider trivial matters Amal is a young Pakistani girl and she talks back to a man at a local market not realizing he s the son of village s wealthy landlord The entire village fears the Khan family Sheoesn t have a choice so she has to go live with the Khan family on their estat The book cover is a piece of art and this book is written for a younger audience like kids between 9 and 13 I think Aisha Saeed s books should be put into every school curriculumIn Pakistan Amal holds on to her Intro to Alien Invasion dream of being a teacher even after becoming an indentured servant to pay off her family sebt to the wealthy and corrupt Khan familyThe book as the previous one Aisha Saeed wrote burned me I felt angry and I wanted to enter the book and save Amal from the tyrant monster who made her a slave I felt that Khan Therapy of Love dude to be much older but he was in his early twenties Amal s name in Arabic means Hope and I think it s such a suitable name she hopes for a better future for herself and others and hopes to change the injustice in her villageOn the other hand I believe that some things areisguised as bad things might be good things #In The Long Run In The Beginning #the long run In the beginning the book Amal was treated like an unpaid maid to her family they Democratic Phoenix: Reinventing Political Activism depended on her too much while she is a child as well and her fatheridn t care about her education She only imagined herself as the woman she respected the most her teacher in school That s what she wanted to be When she moved to the Khan estate she saw a Museum Activism different sides to the same story she might have come by force but many others loved staying and *working in that house She had the opportunity to be exposed to both aifferent lifestyle *in that house She had the opportunity to be exposed to both a Narcissistic Mothers different lifestyle education both withifferent people and books The books she read wouldn t have been available to her in her house or school Amal might have felt she lost something by what happened to her but maybe she gained than anyone else in her small town She saw for herself how rich people lived she learned Falling For A Kingpin different things like how to be strong on her own and most importantly that people even the ones you loved than anything could move on and forget you That she is stronger and braver than her parents Her father was obviously planning on stopping her education so maybe what happened benefited her in the long run her father felt ashamed and indebted to her she gained her freedom in her imprisonmentThe book ends in an open way I think Amal could be anything she wants not just a teacher I think she is the one who is going to succeed between ALL of her friends and neighbors she might even travel and see the world someday This girl is a fighter Probably. Care of her siblings Amal is upset but sheoesn’t lose hope and finds ways to continue learning Then the unimaginable happens–after an accidental run in with the son of her village’s corrupt landlord Amal must work as his family’s servant to pay off her own family’s Violence and Trauma in Selected African Literature debtLife at the opulent Khan estate is full of heartbreak and struggle for Amal–especially whe.