ELibro (Non fidarti di nessuno) Autore James Patterson

Non fidarti di nessunoHe best of the Book Shots I ve read "stars I really like reading Patterson s BookShots They are uick reads much like his full length novels a "I really like reading Patterson s BookShots They are uick reads much like his full length novels in a package Miranda her husband Aaron and their daughter Sierra are run off the road and over a cliff while on a family vacation Who did it and why The story kinda resembles the movie Erin Brockovich with a bit action thrown in I really loved Miranda s character I ll always ive props to the main character being a tough woman who kicks butt The books are short so they tend #To Hold My Attention However This One Wasn T Super #hold my attention However this one wasn t super and I wasn t a huge fan of the ending I do recommend reading these little Mesagerul gems This book started off reallyood but after the first three chapters I wasn t too interested These bookshots are really like a hit or miss That was action packed and intense but a little like an unbelievable movie LOL If you like kick ass females and Erin Brokovich you will definitely love this uick but oh so Judy Blume: Fearless Storyteller for Teens good read Miranda and her husband Aaron and daughter Sierra are taking a weekend trip When they are forced off a cliff and survive she has too for help Before Aaron passes out he tells her to be careful who she trustsWhile climbing up the cliff someone shots at her She realizes that this was no accident With break neck speed Miranda has to et help When she outwits those coming for her and ets her family to their destination she discovers their lives are still in danger With uick thinking she figures out a way to save her family January LaVoy does a What Am I Doing with My Life?: And other late night internet searches answered by the great philosophers great job with Miranda s fierce determination to save her family An enjoyable liste. A piccola e il marito feritoravemente per cercare aiuto Ma continua a pensare alle ultime inuietanti parole che l'uomo le ha rivolto prima che lei si allontanasse «Non fidarti di nessuno»wwwjamespattersoncom wwwbookshotsc. .
Is efforts to combine talents "James Patterson The story uniue and offers readers something different even amongst the BookShot collection There are "Patterson The story is uniue and offers readers something different even amongst the BookShot collection There are some believable characters placed in somewhat realistic situations which keeps readers visualising events as they transpire As the story progresses the reader finds themselves somewhat drawn to Miranda and her success at trying to find a solution for the family even as she realises that nothing may be as it seems Her umption and the pace at which the #Authors Push The Story #push the story the reader hooked and seeking to learn a little With a little social commentary buried within the narrative Patterson and Serafin open a dialogue that reuires the reader to ponder a little though nothing is as it appears on the surface Crisp concise and truly imaginative This is the sort of story perfect for the BookShots ideaKudos Messrs Patterson and Serafin for another successful collaboration I am eager to see what else you two have planned for readersLikehate the review An ever rowing collection of others appears at may be the best Bookshot at least top 3 I ve read so farmade me long for an entire novel with details and character development color me pleasantly surprised It is possible this was my favourite one A car is rammed ff the road and it becomes a race for survival as an unseen force tries to stop Miranda at every turn There is to this than meets the eye and I was intrigued to see how it would play out The wilderness tension and characters made this one really How to Live the James Bond Lifestyle: The Complete Seminar good I read the whole thing really uickly just to see where JP wasoing Definitely Ona desertica dell'Arizona la vita di Miranda Cooper ha una svolta terribile uando un SUV spinge deliberatamente fuori strada l'auto su cui sta viaggiando con la famiglia Unica a rimanere illesa Miranda deve lasciare la figli. ,

I wish this book was longer Come and Get UsI have come to enjoy James Patterson s Bookshots very much but now that I have read a couple of these stories I m beginning to
think that some 
that some these should have been full length books instead of short stories and this was one of them Good "plot but too short Intense Action packed with a reat cast of characters Lots of suspense and thrills I "but too short Intense Action packed with a reat cast of characters Lots of suspense and thrills I t put this book down In their second BookShot collaboration Patterson and Serafin deliver another winner as uniue as it is adventurous Travelling along the canyons between Arizona and Utah Miranda Cooper has husband Aaron and four year old Sierra along for the ride After an impatient driver forces them off the road their van careens into a ravine Hurt scared and out of cell range the family must regroup and Miranda takes charge Miranda uides Aaron and Sierra away from the elements but with a significant injury hoping she can return with help before it s too late Miranda begins traversing rocky terrain in order to find any sign of life coming across the roup of men who pushed her off the road With Heads of the Colored People gunshots ringing throughout the ravine and working alone Miranda must find safety and contact the authorities before she s killed thereby leaving Aaron and Sierra to perish alone and forgotten In a uick paced story that has as much social justice as it does action Patterson and Serafin present a polished product that is sure to lure in many BookShot fans as well as those who need a short break from the everydayWhile there is never auarantee when it comes to a BookShot Serafin has brought two winners in Bookshots una serie innovativa di romanzi originali ideata e realizzata dall’autore di thriller più venduto nel mondo Veloci Avvincenti Nuovi Da leggere tutti d’un fiato «Sì fai così Sterza verso la tragedia»In una

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