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ЯED By Jennifer Anne DavisOn However it took me a good 50% of the book before I got into anything It took me about three weeks to read the first half of the bookThe first half was really boring drawn out and very detailed I was estioning the reason for everything I get it Rema has to get to know her area and Darmik has to find Rema but I think it could have all been explained within the first 30% of the bookIt s a pet peeve of mine when the two main characters are separated in the second book of any series because it happens a lotThe book gets way better when a new interests comes to play and I found the story line very cute I still have my concerns with Darmik The guy left Rema in the dungeon for crying out loud I m not sure if he s redeemable let s just say he has to try mega hard The second half of the book is awesome There s action romantic drama and plenty of angst I liked reading all of this I liked the rebels getting ready for battle and I m prepared for the King to get what s coming to himI really enjoy this series and I m ready to dive into the final book Remember how I said the first book in this series was predictable slightly trashy but still fun and had some really good scenes Yeah this one failed even at that This book is literally just a collection of bad decisions cringey scenes and ALL the tropes and cliches you can imagine Of course there will be a list later The characters all took a turn to the worse especially Rema She got annoying and whiny and didn t do anything right The plot again that word doesn t exist The secondary characters were there only to fill the void make the MCs have some friends and sometimes give info that the MCs neededNow here s a list of all the cliches and generally bad moves made by the characters things I found annoying in this book in a spoiler tag in case some of you decide to read this anyway XDview spoiler1 let s start with the basics whenever a guy thinks he s better at something than Rema is she just HAS TO put him in his place and always ALWAYS asks him to race him on a horse because thAT S THE ONLY THING SHE KNOWS HOW TO DO And every time when she wins of course they are all so impressed and like oohhh Rema is such a badass we musn t Grey (Fifty Shades, underrate her she is so cool2 EVERY BLOODY HORSE IN THIS BOOK CAME FROM HER UNCLE S STABLES I don t even know how many times Rema has come across a horse doesn t matter where and she immediately recognized him because she was the one who named him in the first place And the whole horse thing was so forced just so she can seem all animal loving girl of the people etc3 love triangle That s right OF COURSE a guy she just met fell in love with her and she can t hurt his feelings so she won t openly decline his bloody MARRIAGE PROPOSAL so she s all like hmm we ll talk later or gotta go I think a horse is calling me Just stop Stop leading the poor boy on and just throw yourself on Darmik because you know you want to 4 Now that I mentioned DarmikYou know how he was all ruthless in the first book How he even though he doesn t really want to hurt people for no reason but has been doing so anyways FOR YEARS because he can t just say no to his fatherWell that guy suddenly had a change of heart Here s aote from the bookSince meeting Rema and witnessing her kindness to strangers Darmik rethought the necessity of killing and the harshness of his armyBY THE WAY that kindness she apparently showed was that one scene in the first book when she gave a bag of food to some random kids on the street That s all Everybody talks how she s kind nice wants to help the people etc but it s all just told and not shown5 We all knew Rema was the long lost princess but she didn t know Triumph (TriAlpha Chronicles, until later in the second book Until then though she lived with her fake aunt andncle She though her parents died when she was a baby and that these two were her real relatives which is all fine BUT She never asked her We Love You, Charlie Freeman uncleaunt what her parents names wereinsert the most dramatic face palm ever I get that she didn t want to ask how they died or where their graves were or something like that But this idiot literally accepted them just as parents I meanseriously She suddenly felt ridiculous for not knowing But her aunt andncle always referred to her parents as her parents or called them Rema s mother and father6 As I mentioned above Rema was the lost princess and every member of the royal family had a small tattoo on "their back shoulder It was tiny but if you looked a bit closer " back shoulder It was tiny but if you looked a bit closer could see it s not a mole but actually an intricate design made in brownishred color She didn t even know she had it Darmik literally saw it from 2 feet and recognized it as a tattoo and she didn t even notice it wasn t a mole Mirrors Never heard of them How about common sense Yeah I didn t think so7 Then there s the thing with her name This is actually a 2 part problemPart 1 In the official records and on her tattooband whatever it is that they The Messy Accident (An ABDL Story) use for identification her name is Tabitha But her aunt andncle always called her Rema because they are eually stupid Her real princess name is Amer and sing a reverse version is just suspicious and obvious to anyone But no they insisted on calling her that and she never wondered why that is How does one get Rema from Tabitha Who cares I mean she doesn t even know her parents namesPart 2 The most ridiculous thing I have ever heard is Rema s choice when they asked her how

she wanted to 
wanted to called after the coronation She saidueen Amer Rema of Greenwood IslandBoth names BOTH THEY ARE LITERALLY THE SAME UGH hide spoiler RED is an outstanding seuel to The Key where we delve deeper into the mystery lay claim to the heart of love and step forward into a destiny birthed from dreams We not only see Rema transform into the captivating princess that she was born to be but we also begin to catch glimpses of the strong and compassionate een that her people so desperately need Prince Darmik continues to prove why he is worthy to hold Rema s heart and her hand as he bravely stands and her hand as he bravely stands his family in order to put her on the throne Granting Kaffir Boy us further admission into her deadly and beautiful world Jennifer Anne Davis continues to weave this breathtaking epic adventure ofiet strength Plants Used by the Indians of Mendocino County, California (1902) undying hope and relentless loveRema has become so much than just a simple merchant s niece She has proven that she has an inner strength that even she was not aware of which has helped her to overcome horrendous circumstances Even amidst her doubts she knows that she has found a tender and passionately love with Darmik and in trying to keep her heart alive she holds onto a tiny hope that what they briefly shared is still alive and will come back to her Her life has become something that is far beyond even her own dreams could create Pushing ever onward she searches for where she belongs while desperately wondering what her future holds in storeI continue to marvel at the woman that Rema is becoming She finds a strength that has yet to fail her a determination that knows no bounds and a heart that longs to hold and care for her people As she learns of the real plight of her people she feels an impending revelation of who she really is Her heart will not allow her to become anything less than who she was born to be She feels the heavy mantel of her destiny as it begins to fallpon her small shoulders and she draws strength from her newfound friends to help her carry this majestic burden This amazing character is just beginning to blossom before our eyes and I eagerly await the presentation of the full bloom of this wild rose Darmik continues to surprise me as he begins to allow himself to finally see his people and his kingdom through the eyes of his heart Almost too late he realizes the pain and turmoil that his people are forced to endure in the name of comfor. T the rebel fortress Secrets are whispered and loyalties are tested Once Rema Love Show uncovers the truth of her heritage will she flee Or will she ascend to the throne taking on the responsibility of an entire kingdomNow that Darmik knows Rema’s true identity he’s on aest to save her But when an Emperi. 4 STARS What another amazing book by Davis I love this series to pieces and am so glad I decided to pick Origin (Robert Langdon, up the first book It captivated me and took my breath away Davis s writing and even pacing was spectacular and such a thrilling ride ofps and downsThe characters were so awesome I instantly connected with Rema from the first book And I really don t know why because in she wasn t my normal protagonist In the first book she wasn t a bad ass chick on a mission she was a big sweet softy Naive and The Riddle of the Yellow Canary unaware of the reality of the world around her but yet still a feisty determined strong willed and all around good person So I guess all thosealities allowed me see the fierce fighter inside RemaBut in this book Rema was the opposite of her soft demeanor from book one She was a girl who went through something that changed her Unwilling to be the trusting sweet naive girl she once was but still Inside the Asylum unsure of what her role is and where her life was heading and if sheltimately had it within her to fight back But by the end of this book she built herself Plastic up to thenderstanding of what she needed to be A girl on a mission with a vendetta to seek justice for her family and all the ones in her kingdom who have been wronged and suffered at the hands of the king and is evil son Prince Lennek And I loved watching her tremendous character growth from book one And how she took the injustice done on herself and turned it into a beacon of will and determination to see all the wrongs done to those on the island righted and as a path to reclaiming the kingdom and ending all the sufferingAnd Darmik was another great character that I just loved Like Rema I instantly connected with him also And though he was the son of the evil king and also the commander ruling the kings army and leader of the ones causing the people suffering I still seen that he was a good person Where Poppies Grow underneath his preside But was just mislead by his desires of wanting to be apart of his family that he s always been neglected from And I think that blindsided him to the actual wrongs he was inflicting on his people by doing the kings bidding But in this book Darmik was battling with what was right and what was wrong and Rema was the turning point for him An eye opener for all the wrongs that he s been causing on the Island for a long time And heltimately turned his allegiances to the rebels to fight against his father And that just further proved I was right for putting my faith into his character THE PLOT REMA Barely escaped her public execution Rema is now coping and trying to Raquel, the Jewess of Toledo understand who saved her and why She was rescued by rebel forces the same rebel forces that king Barjon and the man she s come to care for Prince Darmik are hunting down and eliminating one by one Unsure of what s going on and who can be trusted Rema has no choice but to remain at the rebels fortress because she s now a wanted woman all over the Kingdom and their out for blood her bloodCrown Prince Lennek and the evil king want the noose around Rema s neck so badly she can taste it But thanks to the rebels who rescued her she was able to escape with her life at least for the time being But theestion still remains why did these rebels help her and what do they The Shadow at the Bottom of the World ultimately want from herAllied with the rebels Rema trains daily building her strength and learning the skill to protect herself when the kings army closes in But within the rebel fortress Rema finds answers she didn t even know their wereestions too She was saved for a reason a very good reason at that And the rebels want her to commit to their cause not because she s another able body but because she is The Key to the corrupt kingdoms ndoing She s the only one able to bring the kingdom to it s knees and then rebuild it beyond it s once glory DARMIK Shunned by his father the King of Greenwood Island tortured by his brother the Crown Prince and betrayed by the girl he s fallen in love with All that and Darmik is barley holding onto his sanity But one thing that he "does have above all else is his army Commander and loyal leader to his solders Darmik must find "have above all else is his army Commander and loyal leader to his solders Darmik must find rebels responsible for inciting the spark of rebellion in the hearts of his people He must find the ones he secretly appreciates for saving Rema from her demise that fateful day of her failed execution But most important he must find the truth of Rema s true heritage and if she knows who she really is and how much power she holds if she chooses to wield itBut one things for certain Darmik knows his people have been mistreated He knows his father is turning him into a monster making him do evil things to his kingdom He knows when his brother Lennek becomes ruler of Greenwood Island he will become even vindictive and evil then his father and he will make everyone nder his rule pay simply because he can And Darmik knows he cannot let that happen but is Otis Oldfield uncertain what he should do about it But finding Rema will come at theltimate price His father and brother want Rema s head on a stick but even worse the Emperor has gotten news of Rema s heritage and has sent in his own reinforcements and their hunting for the kill He knows Rema betrayed him by not telling him who she really was but is that betrayal really worth standing by and watching her be murdered But the he digs deeper the he starts to think that maybe she hasn t betrayed him maybe she s The Rooster Who Would Not Be Quiet! unaware of who s blood pulses through her veins And then the realization that he may of just lost everything he loves for nothing So now theestion remains Is Darmik willing to fight for Rema and by fighting for her is he willing to take on her cause a cause that just may bring the end of the king s tyranny and the kingdom to it s rightful placeYes YES YESSSSS The RED was a fantastic seuel that i just loved with action and adventure twist just loved With action and adventure TWIST TURNS ALLEGIANCES AND BETRAYALS OBEDIENCE AND REBELLION EVIL turns allegiances and betrayals obedience and rebellion evil benevolent and a romance so bitter sweet that it will literally be the last hope of saving a kingdomOverall RED was so awesome with just the right amount of everything I love This series has Wciv, Volume 1 uickly become one of my all time favorites and these characters will always hold a dear place in my heart And the author is writing a spin off series with Rema and Darmik s daughter the future empress as the main protagonist And I CAN T WAIT to jump back into this EPIC world If you enjoy this type of genre with an awesome cast of charters and plenty of action and adventure with betrayals and defiance and a romance so sweet then you should definitely check out this series NOTE I received an eBook for reviewing purposes All opinions express are my own and are not influenced in any way I am loving this seriesRema is miraculously saved from execution The rebels cart her off to their secret fortress to recover from her injuries Darmik is busy tracking them and her He is conflicted between his obligations to his family to find the rebels and destroy them and h It was a very very good book but I pretty much knocked off a whole star because of Savenek1 It was an annoying love triangle2 Savenek went from totally ignoring Rema to being like OMG I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MARRY ME3 Then two minutes later he turned into a sexist pig being all like Rema can t beeen She s just a woman She doesn t know anything oh but Rema I still love you will you still marry me Fuck right off SavenekI think it mostly annoyed me that Rema never seemed that bothered by Savenek s annoying horrible attitude with regards to her being een I wanted her to call him out tell him to STFU or else She just let him talk shit about her right in front of her face and deliberately ignore her orders 45 StarsThis is the second book in the True Reign seriesBook 1 left off on a good cliffy I was excited to get into this one and jump into all the acti. Sentenced to be executedBetrayed Alone Hanged on the gallows Rema thought her life was over but she was wrongSaved by a rebel force she’d only ever heard rumors about Rema finds herself in a forbidden place She is finally safe free from the king and Prince Lennek But not everything is as it seems


Consider Her Ways
T and indulgence for his father and brother His determination to do whatever he can to right all of the terrible wrongs that he has seen and done forces him to seek out Rema and the rebels to join with them After his heart and mind have given p their fight he gives in and allows himself to completely open his heart to Rema proclaiming his love and devotion to her He knows that time and victory may not be on their side and he desires to embrace the sweet and tender love that they share before he loses this last ray of hope in his life This story just keeps getting better and better and I love absolutely everything about it Fantasy has always had a special place in my heart because in those stories you can truly follow your heart and there is no limit to the possibilities I enjoy the fantastic rush of hope that surges through the pages of this story even when it is being beat down and smothered It will not easily die because where there is still life there is hope The hope that lives in our heart far longer than it should is not logical for the heart is not controlled by the mind The mind has no power over it and so it will continue to live and flourish of its own will I pray that you allow the hope in your heart to flourish no matter what you are going through Your circumstances do not define who you you Only you can define who you are The weight of the crown sitting atop her head was heavier than she had anticipated Dear Jennifer Anne DavisYou are the reason I will fail my Unti Love Street Book upcoming examsInstead of studyingI spent the entire day reading your beautiful book and daydreaming about a brooding prince and swooning over a heartwarming romance and plotting to take back a kingdomAnd after I finish this reviewI m going to read the last instalment of this wonderful seriesYou ve destroyed meSincerelyA law student that doesn t study lawIn case you re wondering why ED is way interesting and engrossing than law textbooksallow me to enlighten you The story Rema was saved from execution by the rebels that threaten to overthrow the cruel king and his sons and restore the former royal lineStillnaware of her heritageshe learns how to defend herself and wonders whether she can trust these people who also keep secrets from herwhile her heart aches from the belief that Darmik never cared about herMeanwhile Darmik searches for the rebels combound and fights an inner battle which will result in betraying his family or betraying his heart and his peopleWhen Rema and Darmik cross paths againwhen secrets finally come to lighteverything will change It s time to fix our wrongs and help this kingdomYou are the only hope we have The characters Dreaming no longer held the escape it once didInstead of beauty and adventurethe darkness was now filled with evilviolence and betrayal While the first half of the book was rather slowit was so full of character development that set the foundations for a thrilling second halfWe witnessed Rema turning from a naivehelpless and trusting girl into a strongproud woman who isn t afraid of speaking her mind and doesn t hesitate to se her power to accomplish her goalsShe becomes politically awareshe embraces her destiny despite being scared and although everyone had been lying to her she didn t hold a grudge and we were spared the nnecessary dramaBut war also raged inside of DarmikHe was torn between what he had to do and what he wanted to dohe was sick of killing without a reason and he knew that his family was not suitable to rulebut he couldn t ignore that they shared the same bloodEven though he wasn t certain of Rema s intentionshe was guided by a genuine need to protect her and eventually he stopped fighting his feelings for her and embraced themI loved him in the first bookbut now I can say for sure that my heart belongs to him nconditionallyThere were also strong friendshipsNeco s loyalty was touching and so was Rema s devotion to VeshaLennek was still a sicksick bastard and I never thought I d say this but this guyhas some very creative ideas I d want to apply on the horrible princeThe was also Savenek for a few pages I was terrified we d be introduced to a love triangle and God help me those pages were excruciating who could not face rejection with dignity and he made me so angry that this would be my reaction if I ever met himYou selfishpathetic little brat The romance All Darmik s aches and pains vanishedand all he could seesmelland think of was Rema Despite the time they spent apart and the doubtsRema and Darmik found their way back to each otherthey healed their wounds and put their trust in their powerful and consuming love that defied friendsfamily and enemiesTheir scenes were so emotionalsweet and heated that I could barely breathe and the smile now plastered on my face is their doingEven though it killed me to back off Darmik because we all know he would pick meI ship them with all my heart Conclusion I didn t focus on the plot because you ll have to find out what happened for yourselvesbut rest assured that "SINCE REMA LEARNED THE TRUTH THE STORY BECAME FAST "Rema learned the truth the story became fast and breath taking and I couldn t help but bite my nails and gasp with shock at the end because there is a horrible cliffhangerTrue Reign is a series that definitely deserves attention and if you decide to give it a tryyou will not regret it In the every changing world of young adult literature it is truly refreshing to read a book that is meant for the YA audience in content being clean appropriate and highly entertaining yet it is a fantastic read for adults as well So often I read a so called YA book and I exclude it from my own children s shelf ages 17 15 and 12 but with The Key and Red there was no need for censorship Jennifer Anne Davis creates a chivalrous world of intrigue deception and a rebellious prising surrounding a tumultuous monarchy ensconced on an island If that wasn t enough the mountainous rebel complex is the kind of literary landscape I wish were real so I could put it on my travel intinerary The story of Rema and Darmick continues right where The Key left off in other words my heart was pounding out of my chest with the conclusion to the dramatic cliff hanger I ve been waiting for I love the relationship between Rema and Darmick but I also liked the complexity of Savenick and I think he adds a lot to the story certainly he adds some excitement I must say the drama didn t end with the opening scene but continues with a page turning thrill ride Sanctum Angels (Shadow Havens until the conclusionanother cliffhanger Yes I for one love them and Davis is a master at leaving the reader grinning with satisfaction one second and gasping in shock the next A pretty perfection combination I think which is why I ll be first in line to buy book three AND I ll be recommending this series to all of my friends young and old alike This series is mindblowingly good Okay so Red picksp right where The Key left off Just so you know I was praying to baby jesus about that damn cliffhanger ntil I got to this book OMG I m so happy with the beginning though It was so freaking intense that I was sweating so much from being nervous The one thing that I m not happy with is Rema Like why did it take her so long for her to figure out who the hell she was Well she didn t even figure it out someone had to spell it out for her It was driving me nuts and I was so frustrated with her not piecing the clues together Then to just frustrate me she just automatically accepts her not piecing the clues together Then to just frustrate me she just automatically accepts new position and lifestyle "I m sorry but what First it takes you like 84 "m sorry but what First it takes you like 84 to learn about this whole thing and then like25 milliseconds to just accept itOther than that I loved this book I loved it so freaking much Characters are developed That is for sure Unfortunately in this book the author lost interaction development between the characters. On assassin arrives on Greenwood Island Darmik knows he doesn’t have very long to find her In a deadly game with high stakes will Darmik remain loyal to his family Or will he break away and join the rebelsKingdoms rise and fall Heroes are born and made But one thing remains the same love conuers al. .