The Rig AUTHOR Roger LevyI m grateful to Titan for an advance copy of this bookHow to sum up The Rig The Godfather in space but tricksy A SPACE noir The apotheosis of social mediaNone of those are uite right but they all have a bit of truthIn the future Earth is abandoned to cological catastrophe and humanity has migrated to the System to live on terraformed worlds It s a hard life one of those planets is simply called Bleak and it lives up to that and a short one fifty being a good age Contradicting shiny xpectations of the future disease hasn t been conuered several of the characters here suffer form incurable cancer and corruption is widespread Star Trek this isn tBut with things so hard and religion goddery generally disdained people need something to believe in and this role is taken by AfterLife a system of preserving the near dead in stasis until their condition is curable Memories are harvested first and when cures are found public votes based on the lives of the preserved determine who will receive themAgainst this background two very different boys meet on the sole remaining religious planet Gehenna a place of harshly fundamentalist beliefs Actually there is another referred to as the unsaid planet a place so fiercely protective of its secrets that ven to mention it risks death Pellonhorc is cruel mercurial and obsessive Alef has difficulty mpathising and thinks in numbers I sense the author has autism in mind but he doesn t say so They seem an odd pairing but forced together by vents go on to be friends of a sort and as the book s blurb says to remake the System Certainly their relationship is at the centre of this book It s complex incomplete and at times baffling but drives both menThe book follows Alef s life forwards through SigEvs significant The Rise and Fall of the New Deal Order, 1930-1980 events which are supposed to be what the voter will use to decide whether a subject is to be cured or left in suspended animation At the same time we see a separate story unfold told from various points of view in the hardscrabble town of Lookout on the planet Bleak The main characters here are a policeman Bale a journalist writer Razer and anngineer TallenBale has been suspended from duty after joining the pursuit of a serial killer while off duty and while drunk Razor has been sent by her AI Cynth to record Bale s TruTale And Tallen well Tallen wakes up one day in hospital and is never the same againThis part of the story is twisty and with its grim streets hard bitten cops and air of sleaze and corruption supplies the nourish tinge to the book as Bale and then Razer attempt to work our what s been going on Some kind of cover up seemingly but of what And why Whatever it is it s worth killing for and Confession everyone who gets near it seems to be in danger There s a real atmosphere of menave here and a distinct sense that nothing is what it seems trust nobody notven yourselfIt s a violent book with plenty of death Some of this is foreseen all that disease or foreseeable given all that gangsterism some of it comes out of the blue despite the fforts of the Lookout policy There s no saying who will be next and doubly so once the two parts of the story merges which only happens slowly Indeed it s not till the last hundred pages or so that it all really begins to fit together If you love a slowly unfolding satisfying mystery then you ll njoy this likewise if you re a fan of convincing well thought out world building On the vidence of this book Levy Curators of the Buddha excels in creating beautiful and believable worlds and it helps that this is a longish book so he can take his time to build up the atmosphere whether of the seedy town with its dives and pre fab housing the underground racetracks through which hurricane winds blow or the heaving seas containing the rigs which are the key to Bleak sconomy He warps language itself to indicate the alienness of the System ven if it is peopled by humans so we have as well as doddery putter and screenery and a slew of tongue twisting character names Pelonhorc but also Pireve Dixemexid Maerleyand and so onOverall a weirdly thrilling slice of SF with a great deal of human reality to it and some great characters One not to miss puter putering instead of computer computing And i m out I haven T Seen Any Spoiler Laden Reviews For This Book Yet seen any spoiler laden reviews for this book yet I m conflicted about specific plot points so I m going to be that person XD The Rig started off great I really njoyed the development of the two story arcs in the #first two thirds of the book I loved Alef the focal #two thirds of the book I loved Alef the focal of the novel His traits and motivations are well developed The reader gets a solid sense of how his life on Gehenna affected him from the very first scene which is shocking and terrifying and how he struggles between the pull of science and religion The mystery on Bleak was also Cezanne a Study of His Development engaging and Bale and Razer are likeable charactersHere s my problem with the book the it goes on the predictable it gets Pellonhorc Alef s childhood friend is present Blew my mind Loved it Completely bats crazy but utterly compelling Full review to follow I can t write one now I m shattered cue mad book buying spree of author s previous books 48 starsThis is the best book I ve read so far in 2019 and I have no idea how I m supposed to write a review for it Maybe I ll take the coward s way out and go with a simple list I loved the writing which was vivid yetasy to read The book throws you into the deep You Owe Me One end andxpects you to Democratic Art: The New Deal's Influence on American Culture either sink or swim with absolutely no flotation devices The world is imaginative original and a little bit scifi noir is that a thing The characters feel realven though most of them are Obsession: An Erotic Tale extreme and implausible No one sxactly good in this book but they still have you on their side I had my mind screech to a halt on several occasions when the plot did not go at all where I Confederate Cities: The Urban South during the Civil War Era expected it to Yet by thend there was a big plot twist that I did catch on to And Thus Didn T Have thus didn t have desired shock value The story was so incredibly well constructed from beginning to Convents and the Body Politic in Late Renaissance Venice end that I feel like this will be a definite re read in the futureWhat I don t understand is how this book isn t popular A definite hidden gem Before I start my review let me note that I received an uncorrected bound proof of this book from Titan Books However all opinions contained herein are my ownAt 615 pages this is not a book to dive into lightly While I occasionally found myself rooting for one or another of the characters all are pretty flawed None are wholly likable but there are books where that happens and it s never been a deal breaker for meThe book starts slowlystablishing the friendship between the two main characters and the world they are living on It s not a pretty society Edicts of Asoka either because it follows a pretty rigid interpretation of the Bible At any rate the story follows the two characters and several other plotlines One thing that kept me reading in fact was waiting to see how Mr Levy was going to tie all the different stories together And when he finally did so it was only partially in ways I hadxpectedFor all that the book is well written and once I had gotten past the slowness at the beginning I didn t want to put it down not for dinner not for some work I needed to do not Upgrade Soul even to go to bedIt s doesn t fit neatly into military SF or horror but I think it will appeal to readers thereof It was definitely worth the time andffort to read it Originally published at RisingshadowRoger Levy s The Rig is one of th. Humanity has spread across the depths of space but is connected by AfterLife a vote made by very member of humanity on the worth of a life Ba.

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Idn t help mattersThe world created by Levy is hard to swallow On the one hand we have a space faring culture with faster than light speed travel the ability to put humans into stasis indefinitely and something called doubling which involves seizing control of someone lse s body and mind On the other hand we have an inability to control cancer that leaves the average human s life Elizabeth I: Translations, 1544-1589 expectancy across all planets at 50 apparently nano biotech which is being researched today isn tven an idea computers that sound like they were manufactured during the 20th century and humans doing incredibly dangerous jobs because apparently robots aren t up to the task The concept of Afterlife in which members vote on who should be brought back from the brink of death when a cure for their ailment is discovered is intriguing However the world that surrounds this story is less so At the heart of the story are two criminals who are locked into an almost cartoonish Spy v Spy rivalry We are given to believe that a confederation composed of some fairly large but unspecified number of planets is Dolphin Confidential: Confessions of a Field Biologist effectively ruled by just two self made men who through dint of their own cunning largely control thentire universe s conomy This is flat out ridiculous on its face Little detail is given how they manage this xcept some vague xamples of mathematical models and ruthless actions Game of Thrones this ain t One of the central characters is Alef Oh the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet deep man a mathematical genus and motional cripple who is largely responsible for the success one of the Imaginary Runner evil guy smpire Like most of the characters he is totally unsympathetic Apparently in possession of zero agency Alef mechanically assists Dr Evil number 1 with his sociopathic methods of From Cottage to Bungalow: Houses and the Working Class in Metropolitan Chicago, 1869-1929 expanding hismpire Not once does he Fresh Water ever consider leaving I think we arexpected to feel sorry for his situation but I didn t This was particularly problematic because the final big reveal turns upon his actionsI found myself interested in the murder mystery that revolved around a reporter a mechanic and police officer Sadly the resolution to their story was a big fat nothing burger The convoluted series of French Daguerreotypes events that are detailed turned out to bentirely beside the point From Notes to Narrative: Writing Ethnographies That Everyone Can Read even though the author seems to think they were all part of some diabolical plan Spoiler view spoilerI was particularly put out that my favorite character s death was completely pointless There is a whole lot of obtuse cloak and dagger stuff that leads up to it and then poof dead and it might as well have been a red herring for all the difference it made Also thending left me wanting The incurable cancers that plagued all of humanity never made much sense unless they were all ngineered so I say go big or go home Alef should have been the one that created them and sentenced an ntire galaxy to premature deaths in order to have a reason for Afterlife just so he could save one person Yeah Alef would totally have done that Did the author think that would make he too unlikable because he was already that unlikable hide spoiler Strange Horizons has called Roger Levy the heir to Philip K Dick That s a pretty tall order for an author to live up to Doris Salcedo eh I typically dislike when two authors are compared toach other because I rarely see Twelve Days of Pleasure enough similarities toven recognize that a comparison has been made Well as it happens it s not far from truth I found Roger Levy s writing style to be refreshingly gloomy blunt and to the point I believe the comparison to Philip K Dick to be right on the moneyThe premise of the story is uniue and I imagine that s one reason why Levy has been compared to Philip K Dick Roger Levy spins his tale with a handle on the English language unlike most He creates characters that are both believable and uniue but the ways in which he presents their stories is never lacking any of the lements reuired for ntertainment and thought If there are any science fiction book clubs looking for a good read this week I think The Rig is worthy of a mention but with a warning You will ask yourself an awful lot of uestions when you read this book and some of them may have answers you re not ready for But be that as it may read it anywayWithout hitting my blog readers with a ton of spoilers I will say that I can confidently give my recommendation to The Rig and I look forward
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finding titles from Roger in the future It s been uite a while since I ve taken this long to read a book four days to be precise which is a total humble brag given that I ve read 72 books in the past 4 months and 11 days Granted The Rig clocks in at over 600 pages and since I had it in paperback the better to Gustave Caillebotte: The Painter's Eye enjoy that gorgeous cover it was harder to binge read in the dark as I do withbooks on my Paperwhite before I go to sleep But ooh what an intelligent layered 600 pages Imagine a far future where humanity has abandoned a dying Earth to colonize a system of planets far less conducive to human health and happiness This is the setting for the interwoven tales of two men who met as boys on the fanatically religious planet of Gehenna and a plucky writer sent to interview two other men a cop and an Grand Illusion: The Third Reich, the Paris Exposition, and the Cultural Seduction of France engineer on the appropriately named planet of Bleak As we follow these narratives pieces slowly shift and slide into place to present us with an overarching picture that is as breathtaking as that cover Some of these pieces are obvious than others Pireve the origin of the cancer but many are unexpectednough to make ven the most seen it all readers stop and say OhAt its heart The Rig is a novel about faith that in my opinion does a much better job of looking for the divine in the stars of the future than most of the overtly religious science fiction out there I really really loved the nding Great Plains: America's Lingering Wild even as I wanted much much from the climactic scene on the titular Rig A lot of that has to do with The uestion which I think is at once anlegant concept and one that needs Hard Bread (Phoenix Poets explaining than Roger Levy gives us in this novel Granted it isntirely likely that this was done on purpose to provoke readers to form their own thoughts regarding the issue and if I get a chance to interview the author hopefully we ll find out But don t mistake The Rig for a pious novel The social media system known as AfterLife which gives its subscribers a shot at resurrection via the votes of other subscribers is presented as a completely viable alternative to goddery as the holdover religions from Earth are known The Rig thoughtfully Electromyography for Experimentalists explores the need for and forms of faith through fiction that is part space opera part noir novel I m still mad about Delta withoutver sermonizing It raises terrific uestions of power technology and omniscience in an atmosphere as perpetually unstable as a rig floating on a turbulent seaI also loved Mr Levy s way with linguistic Forgetful of Their Sex: Female Sanctity and Society, ca. 500-1100 evolution with the aforementioned goddery as just onexample Putery was the the aforementioned goddery as just one xample Putery was the awkward xtrapolation I felt but I really appreciated the use of words like threedy and flycykcle that perfectly captured the way technological advances come to be just another part of language And of course I am a sucker for a good intelligent pun with which The Rig is perfectly pepperedRecommended if you want thought provoking scifi that acknowledges human frailty while celebrating our resilience I do hope he writes on The uestion or perhaps the subject is xplored in his previous books and I should go read thos. Ehenna the last religious planet a hyperintelligent boy Alef meets psychopath Pellon Ho and so begins a rivalry and friendship to last an poc. .
E finest British science fiction novels Wicked Loving Lies ever published This outstanding novel is way above average science fiction because the story gradually develops from an intriguing premise into a fascinating tale filled with complexity weirdness and thought provokinglements that make readers hold their breath in wonder This novel was very much to my liking because it s boldly different and wholly originalTo be honest this novel is truly impressive due to it being unlike any other modern science fiction novels It s a satisfyingly complex La heredera del mar exploration of humanity immortality religion culture and social media from an insightful and slightly twisted perspective It s a tour de force of powerful and immersive storytelling with strong proseThe Rig is a deeply captivating and immersive readingxperience because it s in ual terms literary speculative fiction noir fiction mystery fiction and space opera with a touch of xperimental science fiction The uniue combination of various genres makes for a highly njoyable read One might asily think that it s not possible to combine these genres but the author has succeeded in it and has managed to create a novel that stands outI think it s good to mention that The Rig is not for readers who want instant gratification from their novels because the author lets the story unfold at its own pace It s not an asy novel because it has been written for those who want to immerse themselves in a complex and intricate story I m sure that it will please uality oriented readers who appreciate intricate storytellingHere s a bit of information the story and some of the characters In this novel humans have spread across the depths of space and people are connected by the social media platform AfterLife All humans are implanted with neurids that capture their ssences and allow for a resurrection at a later date AfterLife unites the System in a profoundly Aramaic Bowl Spells: Jewish Babylonian Aramaic Bowls Volume One effective way and has replaced religion When AfterLife s subscribers vote in the Afterlife the votes determine which subscribers have a chance at resurrection Internet has developed into the Song Alef Selsior lives on the planet Gehenna and becomes friends with the psychopathic Pellonhorc Pellonhorc is the son of the crime lord Ethan Drame and is tight lipped about his past Alef s life is followed through SigEvs which are significantvents connected to the AfterLife Tallen is an Xenophon And His World (Historia Einzelschriften) engineer who lives on the border planet Bleak His life changes when he wakes up in a hospital He decides to become a rig operator Razer is a writer who is looking for stories on Bleak She works for TruTales which is one of the ParaSites of AfterLife She comes upon a string of killings Bale is a police officer on the planet Bleak He has had a brief affair with Razer The crime lord Ethan Drame and his rival Spetkin Ligate bring a strong touch of mafia stylelements and striking harshness to the storyThe characterisation is Geography of the Gaze: Urban and Rural Vision in Early Modern Europe excellent andngaging It was a pleasure to read about the characters because the author takes his time to introduce their lives and tells of their feelings in an Groove: An Aesthetic of Measured Time effective way Each of the main characters is fully three dimensional and realisticAlef is anspecially intriguing protagonist because he is a talented and intelligent boy There s something about his character that reminds me of people who have Asperger s syndrome because he thinks in numbers and has difficulties to One Wild Weekend empathise with othersThe friendship between Alef and Pellonhorc is one of the main reasons why Injoyed this novel because the author writes well about their friendship and what happens between them The arrival of Pellonhorc changes Alef s life in many ways They re are an odd pair of boys whose friendship will change the SystemThe worldbuilding is fascinating and very impressive The author has created a stunning vision of humanity s future because humans have moved to another solar system to live on terraformed planets due to a catastrophe The System consists of seven major planets and a few minor onesGehenna is a deeply religious planet where godly writ is followed by all of its inhabitants The inhabitants are religious fundamentalists who believe in living pure lives Bleak is a windswept planet where life is harsh The landscape on Bleak is dominated by Forgetful of Their Sex enormous rigs that are used toxtract the Planet S Molten Core There S Also An Unsaid Planet s molten core There s also an unsaid planet is an Naturally Naughty Wicked Willing enigma to all because it has retreated into protected seclusion and there s an asteroid known as PecoRoger Levy s cultural and social media critiue is thrillingly sharp and stinging without being preaching overbearing or annoying In my opinion he has managed to create a perfect vision of futuristic social media that has come to dominate people s lives What makes his visionspecially fascinating and frightening is that something similar could actually happen in real life due to many people spending too much time playing with social media and numbing their minds with mindless follyThis novel has a few memorable scenes that are intriguingly unsettling As an F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby example I can mention that the fate of the Amadeus Arkestra at the beginning of this novel is disturbing and memorable It perfectly demonstrates what religious frenzy can be at its most ferventI was surprised to find amusing and intelligent puns in this novel because I didn txpect them It s great that the author uses English and linguistics to his advantage and warps English words into new format to suit his needs He uses among other things such words as Babbel goddery husman screenery and puter the meanings of which will open to readers during the storyThis novel raises many uestions and makes readers think about what is going on and what will happen in the story When the story begins readers are gradually introduced to the characters and the places After a while the various bits and pieces begin to fit together and readers will find themselves completely immersed by the storyRoger Levy writes Walled (The Line, excellent prose because his literary prose is beautiful layered and memorable Describing his prose is a bit difficult due to him having his own writing style but his prose feels like a combination of Philip K Dick Christopher Priest Nina Allan Ren Warom Gene Wolfe and David Mitchell if you vever read anything by these authors you ll find yourself at home with the proseRoger Levy s The Rig is intense and thought provoking speculative fiction at its utmost best and most imaginative This novel has been written for thinking adults and to those who want depth from their science fiction novels If you Cruel Attachments: The Ritual Rehab of Child Molesters in Germany enjoy reading intelligent and original science fiction this novel is mandatory reading material for you because it s outstanding invery respectHighly recommended The opening chapter of this book was amazing And Would Have Made A would have made a short story on its own Then the rest of the book happened It is clear that that Levy is attempting to write a story full of big ideas which he mostly succeeds at doing Unfortunately the story itself is plodding juvenile and populated with characters that are largely unsympathetic By half way through the book I was bored and nded up reading two other books before finely finishing this one up Honestly I m not sure that it was worth the ffort to do so Having a whole lot of stupid made up words for common things like putery for computer visky for whisky screenery for screen chittlechattle for chit chat and godery for religion that were used relentlessly Le a disillusioned policeman on the planet Bleak is brutally attacked leading writer Raisa on to a story spanning centuries of corruption On ,