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Rly liked the intriguing setting and the fast paced and action packed storyline Personally I would have enjoyed Phantom Pearl even if the sexy times wouldn t have been hidden behind closed oors Just saying Overall it was a well written easy read with the right mix of romance action history and a nice My Hero Academia Series Volume 1 - 20 Books Collection Set by Kouhei Horikoshi dash of snarky humor I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review ARC REVIEWA Monica McCabe Jewel Intrigue novel book three it can however be read as a stand alone I love action adventure romance books when I read the blurb for this one I said I had to read it It is a really nice read I really enjoyed it It reminded me of a mix of Lara Croft and the Pink Panther except in this case Inspector Clouseau is a really sexy Homeland Security Special AgentRiki Maddox has treasure hunting in her blood her fatherid it before her and when he was murdered by the Yakuza her father s friend who was there when he ied took her in and trained her to be the best treasure hunter out there Riki s only goal is to seek vengeance against the Yakuza Her new guardian is also her fence he sends her off #to get certain things and she brings them back to him The latest artifact for #get certain things and she brings them back to him The latest artifact for retrieval is the Phantom Pearl which isappeared uring WWII an item that once belonged to the Yakuza and one they would o anything to obtain again Riki has an idea once belonged to the Yakuza and one they would Beating the Odds - From shocking childhood abuse to the embrace of a loving family, one mans true story of courage and redemption do anything to obtain again Riki has an idea where it is and she must get there before theyo Special Agent Dallas Landry works Homeland Security and part of his job is the acuiring and returning of artifacts to their native lands to ensure good relations with other countries He s normally really good at his job except for the times he s crossed paths with Riki she has always managed to slip between his fingers at every turn Dallas has a heads up this time and able to meet Riki there before she makes off with the Phantom Pearl With the presence of the Yakuza Dallas convinces Riki it s best if they work together especially since the Yakuza was able to snatch the Phantom Pearl away from Riki and Dallas Working together now Dallas and Riki must figure out a way to steal back the Phantom Pearl before they take it back to Japan Riki s past and her Climax (Double Alchemy, deceased father activities when he was murdered come up and Riki learns the truth about her father her guardian and the YakuzaOverall I loved this book You can really tell the amount of research Monic McCabe put into this book the active setting is remarkable The romance between Riki and Dallas is great the sexual chemistry is palpable and when they finally get together wow I have just found a new top author to start stockpiling Monica McCabe pulled me in with this romantic suspense and I couldn t get out The story is intriguing and action packed andrags you along for a very bumpy ride And while it s a worldly adventure it Peace DeLeos Action Thriller Singles doesn t goown the path of extreme violence and gore as some Roots and Blossoms do I appreciate that And the characters OMG they speak my language Sarcasm A spitfire heroine who can takeown the biggest thug and a The Humanities, Higher Education, and Academic Freedom droolworthy hero who s also smart and snarky The two sizzle together buton t expect much as any sex is behind closed Shakespeare doors I was okay with this as the action and interaction kept me turning the page Now to go back and read the two previous books Luckily they are stand alones So excited to find an author who gives me everything I want Thanks to Net Galley for a copy of this book This is a great book with a wonderful story and welleveloped characters The story flowed very well and was very enjoyable This book will keep you reading long into the night and you will not want to put this book BWWM (Interracial Romance BWWM African American Multicultural Romance) down until you finish This was such a great read and full of surprises I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader s copy of this book The free book held noetermination on my personal review. Australia on a uest for the legendary Phantom Pearl a priceless mammoth tusk carved by 15th century monks Barely one step ahead of the Yakuza it's a three way race to recover the long lost treasure One Riki is hell bent to win But playing games against a federal agent like Dallas will cost than her freedom The chase will emand she risk her life and her thirst for revenge but it just might offer something to live for. Phantom Pearl Jewel Intrigue #3

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Riki Maddox and Dallas Landry want the Phantom Pearl for very ifferent reasons and that Has Pit Them Against Each pit them against each And it s not a rivalry *THAT IS NEW EITHER RIKI HAS * is new either Riki has Dallas s losses in his face by winning the treasure hunt or rather artefact first leaving him a laughing stock in front of Homeland Security and Dallas has finally finally caught up this time around in the search for the Pearl It s a chase that takes them half around the world and as they #Tangle With The Yakuza #with the Yakuza and Dallas learn that there is no end to treachery and are forced to reevaluate the meaning of allies and foesComing off Phantom Pearl is akin to Riki Maddox and Dallas Landry are after an ancient artifact called the Phantom Pearl They are both in the artifact recovery business but for Caveman Alien’s Riddle (Caveman Aliens, different sides so they consider each other a rival Riki had scored and the recent finds and enjoys rubbing that in Dallas face Being bested is not what Dallas wants as he is widely the butt of many jokes back at Homeland Security He jumps at a chance to best Riki by going after the Pearl as well This scavenger hunt takes them to mountains of Australia Many adversaries join the chase and we have a race to the finish I loved the Phantom Pearl What a tumultuous ride Such an exciting ride that has you reading at breakneck speed just to find out what happens I was immediately hooked on the setting and the background story of Riki and Dallas There is a lot of WWII history given whichrags you in I loved the story of the pearl itself and it was totally plausible given the rollout within the book and history presented You always think of treasure hunting in the ocean but I loved the backdrop of the mountains of Australia This book Teaching white South African literature in high school dove right in and I took off running with it Yes it s a romance but the story around it is very intriguing Lots of action suspense even some humor along the way I loved Riki and Dallas Riki is a tough girl Trained by the best to be able to handle any situation by herself with ease She s true to her word and if she says you re goingown I A Wish Your Heart Makes d believe her Dallas what a sweetheart He s a charmer for sure and such a romantic at heart I could easily see them together so the couple clicked with me My only complaint their uiet sexy times were left to my imagination Boo I generallyon t mind a clean read but I seriously wanted to read what sexy Dallas was getting Agricultural Development: An International Perspective (Johns Hopkins Studies in Development) down to with RikiThe Jewel Intrigue series are all stand alone books as each treasure hunting adventure isifferent Monica McCabe has put herself in my sights Phantom Pearl is a winner and I can t wait to read what adventure she pens next4 Stars3 FlamesThis book was gifted to me for an honest review The ratings and review are solely my opinion I looked through all my books for any written by Monica McCabe but Phantom Pearl seems to be the first one I have read by her This is uite surprising considering this romantic suspense is right up my alley It has everything I enjoy in a book tight structured plot with some obvious researched Loves Abuse Warrior Camp done two welleveloped characters not perfect but likeable and non stop action that is as well constructed as the romance The fact blends in so well with the fiction it was a pleasure to read Now if only I had the nerve to go on a treasure hunt of this magnitude with my very own Dallas LandryThis is a new to be read author for me However I will be reading by this author starting with the first two books in the series not because it is needed to enjoy thi I love when you are expecting one type of book and then once you get into the story it is very Contemporary African literature different for your expectations I was looking for a romance from this story but this book is a suspense thriller with a side of sweet clean loveThe author excels at bringing the heat of the hunt for the mysterious Updated cover edition of ASIN B01M00G4TJWINNERCROWN JEWEL OF BOOKS 2018Her life's mission Her heart'sesireRiki Maddox is not your average tomb raiding treasure hunter Her targets are carefully chosen to wound her father's killers the Japanese Yakuza To thwart their uest to recapture World War II loot initially stolen by Japanese forces she puts herself in constant 120 Content Strategies for English Language Learners danger and in the sights of a man asriven and as .
Hantom Pearl right into today Based on a true story you easily get caught up in the action from many factions that want this priceless artifactWith badass characters and action packed scenes that take you across the world there Is No Time To Get Bored Or no time to get bored or focus Plus Dallas proved to be a force to be reckoned #With Especially When Dealing With #especially when Making Me Crazy (Multicultural Romance Series: NHL Billionaire Meets African American Beauty Book 1) dealing with misguided head strong powerhouse of a girl named Riki I just love his character What a sweetieA captivating and exciting read copy rec for review considerationfull review What a suspense and anger filled adventure With vivid images the author paints a world where I wanted to step in and be part of The story is riddled with history and mystery from the WW II and the current ate with an intriguing point of view and a clever twist as the fiction is built upon facts making Phantom Pearl captivating and exciting read Add the combustible attraction simmering between Riki Maddox and Dallas Landry and you have a sure winner a summer read for all romantic suspense fans It was easy to enjoy and to be entertained by the story as it has a natural flow with witty Academic Skills dialog Unexpected humorous moments had me chuckling the romantic moments swooning and the action biting my nails Dallas Landry is a charming character used to maneuver in the bigangerous world He has a romantic side that comes as surprise He is generous and kind capable and confident Completely a swoon worthy heroRiki Maddox is a complex character She is tough as nails she can take Before the Door Closes down the biggest thug she is used toealing with life on her own being fueled by revenge and payback She is sarcastic to the bone a person I would not turn my back on Yet there is brokenness inside her that makes her human easier to like The spark between Riki and Dallas is palpable yet the results manage to surprise and all the intimate moments are just between them left to the imagination of the readers There s a moment right there in the middle of the story that things are less combustible and explosive in nature where I felt the story took a little lull but not to worry things pick up again with a grand finale that leaves you breathless As all the books in the series are completely standalone novels with just a theme of treasure hunting and romance in common you Action Inquiry: The Secret of Timely and Transforming Leadership don t have to read the previous books before you join the hunt for the pearl If you enjoy action and suspense with aash of romance an exotic background of Singapore and Australia to the tale love stories that have a multitude of layers part being fact and part being fiction twists you never expected and characters you want to be friends with you are going to enjoy to feast on the Phantom Pearl Four Spoons This is the first book I have read by Monica McCabe and I was pleasantly surprised I was totally engaged in this story It is a romantic suspense and I thought the plot proceeded beautifully Riki works for a man who has her recover artifacts Dallas works for Homeland Security and he also recovers artifacts Their paths have crossed over the last 2 years but this book gives us the story of their having to work together and finally getting their HEA I hope this is the beginning of stories with these characters at least as secondary characters if not the main one I loved the evelopment of the plot the storyline moved along well and I enjoyed the secondary characters Overall a really good read I am happy I read this book and plan to read of her books Thanks as always to Netgalley and the publisher for allowing me to read this BOOK FOR AN HONEST REVIEW PHANTOM PEARL IS BOOK for an honest review Phantom Pearl is book in the Jewel Intrigue series It s the first book I ve read in this series and can be read as a standaloneRiki Maddox and Dallas Landry are well rounded characters whose banter pulled me right into the story I particula. Aring as she isWorking for the Department of Homeland Security Special Agent Dallas Landry is a rare breed an academic with an unmatched lust for adventure He had a perfect success rate recovering stolen art and antiuities until he came up against an intriguing menace known as Riki Maddox She's placed his reputation on the line and stopping her becomes his number one priority Now the two will cross paths once again in.