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Her She knew this was a marriage of *convenience yet throughout the book she is disappointed *yet throughout the book she is disappointed time she hears Max say he did what he did because it was his responsibility like rushing to have her family diamonds bought back buying new farm euipment for her family property giving her his credit card for a spending SPREE PUTTING HER JEALOUS RIVAL IN HER PLACE GIVING putting her jealous rival in her place giving the hottest sex she s never had gosh the list goes on The man makes no bones about the fact that he drools every time he sees her in her nderwear he works like a dog yet rushes to her side when she needs him Hey she married him for his money he s hot and perfect did I mention the hot sex yet nothing he does gets through to this dumb heroine that he loves her No none of that id enough Elizabeth is one of those women who has to hear those three little words even after her man s told her in every other way She gets those three little words of course to end this perfect little story And oh don t forget the perfect little bundle of joy to add her to Ms Elizabeth s perfect little lifeI also thought there would be to Troy Max s assistant as well He figured in much of the pages and I was led to believe there was to his part because of the buildup Yet all of a sudden he just fizzles out There is no resolution to Troy s animosity towards Elizabeth even though the author takes the trouble to tell you Troy s background It turns out Troy was himself from one of the privileged crowd before his family lost their standing in society etc I thought he would end p falling for Mimi or at the very least resolve his baggage where Elizabeth and Max is concerned but no though he follows Max around like his shadow to the end that s all he does At three hundred eighty plus pages there was plenty of room for meaningful development Instead it was full of nothing but stereo types of the eye rolling kindI liked the convenient marriage plot device and the sexy hero beautiful heroine Unfortunately that was all it had and everything else went downhill from there despite it being fast paced It simply ended as fast paced silliness and an insult to a reader s intelligence PS 2007If you enjoy convenient marriage romances try Susan Donovan s The Kept Woman The Trophy Wife reminded me of some of Jayne Krentz s older contemporary romances The alpha male with all his possessiveness gruff one moment and sweetly endearing the next The strong female who was slightly clueless but only when necessary to the storyline And some hot hot moments The words Hello wife come to mind Lastly there was a decent amount of suspense I would have given the romance a higher rating except that Ms Gray had Maxwell conveniently and candidly disappear when Elizabeth was in peril His business took him away IMHO it was very noticeable each time I ABSOLUTELY ADORED THIS Just sayin Great bookI read this story many years ago Came across my paperback copy yesterday which led me to see if I could get it on my eReader
Glad To Find It 
to find it this format Storyis just as good pon rereading I highly recommend it I truly enjoy this book this is one of my comfort reads that I come back to time and time again Over the years I ve read it than a dozen times and I still enjoy it every time Elizabeth is the titular trophy wife but she is such a fun character sweet and kind and a little naive but also stro. Ing Elizabeth's beloved home could be stripped away Turning The Professor Into A Crossdressing, Sissified and Feminized Pet - A Tale of Forced Feminization! unless she comesp with a serious infusion of cashWhen brilliant self made millionaire Maxwell Reardon approaches her with an audacious solution to her financial .
Houston heiressElizabeth Stanton lostnearly everything when astunning betrayal by herex husband left her with only afraction of the fortune her genteelSouthern family had worked so hard forEven now Mimosa Landing Elizabeth s belovedhome could be stripped away Fortinbras at the Fishhouses unless she comesp with aserious infusion of cash When brilliant self made millionaire Maxwell Reardonapproaches her with an audacious solution to her financialwoes Elizabeth is speechless His proposal will certainlysolve her problems but it will set Houston society onits ear Now it s p to Elizabeth to decide if this is a deal with thedevil or the best decision of her life From Booklist Elizabeth Stanton *Is An Heiress Charged With *an heiress charged with sure the holdings that have been in her family for generations not only survive but prosper However her ex husband
Has Drained Elizabeth S 
drained Elizabeth s down to the last penny and run off with his girlfriend All Elizabeth has left is her Houston mansion and the family farm When Max Riordan comes to call Elizabeth is neasy as she always is when confronted with his take charge demeanor and blunt speech Max is a self made millionaire but has yet to dent the steel walls of Houston society He proposes a deal if Elizabeth marries him he ll see that she s financially solvent again In return Elizabeth will Oracle Web Application Programming For Pl/Sql Developers use her social standing to gain him entree into society Elizabeth sees no way out and agrees Both Max and Elizabeth arenprepared for the true attraction that develops between them and it s a real pleasure to watch how cleverly Gray brings these wonderfully well drawn characters together in this pleasurable read Maria HattonCopyright American Library Association All rights reserved Review is resplendent with larger than life characters and situations Romantic Times BOOKclub on Pale Moon Rising No mean feat Romantic Times on Fatal Flaw Fantastic It is a book I take off my shelf to read again and again Absolutely rivetingI can t begin to count the number of times I ve read this book I love Elizabeth s Present Pasts uiet dignity sturdy backbone andnwavering loyalty to those she cares about Her relationship with Mimi is an absolute hoot and shows from where some of her characteristics developed The way she responds to and eventually accept s Max s proposition as well as how she deals with the man is absolute entertainmentWhen Max makes the marriage proposition he has no idea the chain of events he sets in motion Originally he looks at this as just another business deal where both of them get something out of it and he s hon The story s premise was fine Convenient marriage rich man looking for entree to high society The phrasing reminded me of the regencies I Les Altaens : Peuple turc des montagnes de Sibrie used to read as a schoolgirl and it was as if Ms Gray was indeed writing a historical romance but forgot to change the datesI agree with the reviewers who gave this book 2 stars I would have given it that at least if not for that hit man After finishing the book I must have been in a good mood I am puzzled as to why Ms Gray would create a character who turns her romance into a farce Even romantic comedies are spared these clowns If not for the sex the book reads like it was written by thirteen year old The parts involving the hit man are so trite and implausible it made me even ask how on earth Ms Gray s editor allowed them As for Elizabeth the heroine I wanted to smack. Houston heiress Elizabeth Stanton lost nearly everything when a stunning betrayal by her ex husband left her with only a fraction of the fortune her genteel Southern family had worked so hard for Even now Mimosa Land. Ng and principled and smart When Max first proposes marriage as a solution to financial woes she is shocked and abhorred But the she thinks about it the she realizes it s a logical solution After her first husband betrayed her so deeply she doesn t believe she ll ever love or trust someone again But neither Max nor Elizabeth could foretell how much being married would change either of them as they both start to care and respect the other and But someone is out to destroy Elizabeth just as she realizes she might have the perfect life after all Max for his part is so gruff Really enjoyed this on A broke heiress a nameless millionaire and hilarious extended family plus a kitten and a sassy best friend I canite The Possible Police understand why this book got such extreme reviews It has a moc story served just the way I love it A super hotber alpha H who has crawled his way p to his millions by sheer grit and a cool classy southern heiress who has lost her millions but not her mettle So with this moc he helps her out financially and she helps him get into the super tight snooty Houston societyThe chemistry and sex is super sizzling hot thanks mostly to the H The hello wife consummation sex in the shower has sent my toes into a perma curl I simply adored them as a couple His rough blunt manners complement her composed genteel serenity beautifully Their personal them as a couple His rough blunt manners complement her composed genteel serenity beautifully Their personal and the society outing were swoon worthy I even loved the secondary characters The memorable Mimi as the support systembff was superlative Everyone should have a Mimi in their lives The great aunt mother in law and even the elderly doting staff paraphernalia et alSo where is the problemAs someone said the hitmanwho wants her killed angle was overkill or #Rather I Feel It Goes # I feel it goes overkill And the other om angle stretching into that excessive assault was preposterous too The suspense thing not only distracted but also boringly prolonged the story Even it was a part of the plot *it took too much of space especially towards the endIt seemed *took too much of space especially towards the endIt seemed if the author having established the hH s developing relationship and sex life gets involved with the murder plot and the family saga which contrarily nravels as we go on So as the story progresses we get less n less of the hH interplay and on the murder attempts and the familyfriendpetfarm life amalgam big yawnWho needs to go 180 from happily swooning n drooling over the hH s pov to the completely farcical world of the slimeball assassin s pov EwwwMy biggest grouch What is the fun of having a super alpha H if he is not allowed to play hero at all Even his bashing of the om had one nose breaking punch while I would have liked him to beat the loser to pulp He is mostly absentbusy in the second half and never present when she is attacked again and again by various villain kindsAlso this has to be the most battered and bruised h ever I think she has 3 4 hospital visits for patch Before Our Eyes up jobsAnd to top it all so many issues were leftntalked and Death on Milestone Buttress unhashed even in this seemingly over long book Not the hH kinds but other things Mimi so deserved a stud of her own And you need your bad ppl i s dotted and t s crossed apologiesexplanations gotten over with before you ride into the epilogueSo do I rec this book a 100% for the hHBut for aforementioned peeves it s definitely a 5 stars book It s so going onto my favorites shel. Oes Elizabeth is speechless His proposal will certainly solve her problems but it will set Houston society on its earNow it'sp to Elizabeth to decide if this is a deal with the devil or the best decision of her lif.