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Eleven year old Viviani Joffre Fedeler is a story collector and story teller How could she be anything else having been born and raised in the New York Public Library She was born just three ays before the library s grand opening just after her father was hired as building Superintendent and moved in with the family Viviani knows every inch of the library except the off limits places like her father s workshop She longs to explore and finally come up with her own story a story about who she is When a new girl at school Merit uestions the truth of some of Viviani s stories Viviani is Saint Germain On Alchemy devastated Sheecides to teach Merit a lesson in the power of s Is there anything amazing than visiting your local library How about living in a library I suppose that not every kid has a fantasy to live in a library 247 but I sure Chasing the Red Queen did I couldn t of course I came as close as I could Throughout my schoolays I spent as much time in the campus libraries as I could I was in city libraries Haylee dailyuring breaks and as an adult I am The Columbia Guide to South African Literature in English Since 1945 (The Columbia Guides to Literature Since 1945) delighted that my child walks to his local branch nearaily mostly to get books for me and jumps at the chance to visit the main branch every chance he gets As I read the antics that Viviana and her tribe get up to in The Story Collector I could see a group of kids just like them getting into that kind of mischief at our wonderful library Amazing as our library is it pales next to the New York Public Library the true star of this book brought to life beautifully by the author It was so easy to envision it in its prime when strict librarians and card catalogs ruled with an iron grip This book was a true adventure An adventure is what Viviana is esperate for just like the ones she reads in the books all around her Her father is the building super at the New York City the books all around her Her father is the building super at the New York City uring the 1920 s so she and her family actually live in the library all those stories at her fingertips and the whole of the building is a playground for her and her siblings as long as they can avoid isturbing the librarians evade the security guard and keep clear of the janitor who may or may not be a cannibal Oh yeah they also have to keep away from Big Red the ghost that haunts the library While she is waiting to find adventure she collects stories and shares them her friends at school However a new student in her class isn t impressed with Viviana s stories and an attempt to sway her opinion with an overnight ghost hunt backfires its way into a mystery that only the children may be able to solveWell written and imaginative with the perfect touch of mystery this book is a must have for middle grade readers That it has a basis in actual history makes it all the funLet s talk about kid s books at I Read Kid s Book Journal Thanks to the publisher for the ARC in exchange for my honest reviewEleven year old Viviani Fedeler and her family live in the New York Public Library where her ad is the superintendent She had her siblings are constantly playing in the stacks and being sushed by the librarians Not only The Path to Gay Rights does Viviani love to read but she also loves to tell stories That is until new student Merit Mubarak comes to town and calls her a liar In her uest to prove herself Viviani sets out to trick Merit and there areisastrous resultsSet in the 1920 s and based on the real "Fedeler Family I Thought " family I thought was a great story I loved the timeline photos and authors note at the end I also loved the chapter titles with their Dewey ecimal number and alternate subject headingsFor any library lover and story teller this is a must read Another one to go on my Best Of 2020 shelf that s two in a row nowReading this took me to a place that s become Dear To My Heart In The Past Few Years The to my heart in the past few years the York Public Library with the lions in the front For a book addict like me the idea of living in a library and being able to explore it freely every night after it closes is just totally wonderful That people actually id this in the 20 s and 30 s makes me eeply enviousMy very favorite part Viviani scaling a card catal. In the tradition of E L Konisburg this middle grade mystery adventure is inspired by the real life of Viviani Joffre Fedeler born and raised in the New York Public LibraryEleven year old Viviani Fedeler has spent her whole life in the New York Public Library She. T make sense at allThat s the truth of fiction after all It s hidden in feelings not facts Well This book is perfect Just absolutely enthrallingly stunningly perfect From 2007 until about 2012 I had the istinct pleasure of working in the Stephen A Schwarzman Building of New York Public Library It s one of those parts of my working life I look back at with a little bit of amazement For only one time in my life I could essentially say to someone You know that library
#with the big #
the big lions in front in New York City Yeah I work there Initially I worked in the Children s Center at 42nd Street where I held Literary Salons worked alongside the original Winnie the Pooh stuffed animals and conducted tours of the whole building Well not the WHOLE building There are places own in the eep stacks below the building where no one really goes and you can bet that some colleagues and I took the time to explore them thoroughly over the years Later I would work in the building in my new capacity as the Youth Materials Specialist and it was then that I started visiting library branches all over The City Only To Encounter city only to encounter and again the abandoned library apartments they housed These were full working apartments housed within the libraries that used to belong to the maintenance workers of the library system now no longer in use After a while I began researching them thoroughly looking into their residents how long they were operational and the stories associated with them One such apartment located on the Mezzanine level of the main location housed a whole family of kids You can read news articles from the Times about how they Singing the Law d play baseball in some of the rooms raise pigeons on the roof and how their father would try to scare them with stories of a red bearded ghost Now all that rich fodder has been turned into a middle grade novel made under the auspices of New York Public Library s new imprint with Henry Holt Company And happily it is not only a rip roaring tale of mystery and ghostly possibilities but also one filled with a lot of fun and true facts about the time Got a kid who wishes they could live in the library Reading this book is the next best thingEver wanted to live in a library Imagine that youid It s the 1920s Viviani s spent her whole life surrounded by the gilt and marble of the main location of New York Public Library with her I understand I am not the target Alchemic demographic and liked the historical setting but am tired that in thisay and age all librarians are still portrayed as shushing or tittering at a male authority I m sure there were some that were wonderful even back then I purchased this book from the gift shop of the New York Public Library and was amazed to learn that it was inspired by the life of a girl who lived in the library with her family Her father was the superintendent and they spent years with the library as their playground to explore just like Viviana in this story The appeal of living in a library and the adventures that take place after the We Sell Drugs doors close to the public is extremely appealing andefinitely rew me into the storyIn historical fiction mystery Viviana believes that the library is haunted She is ridiculed by one of the girls at school and Viviana invites her for a sleepover and promises to prove to her the ghost is real Although Viviana s plan to play a prank on Merit with help from her brothers and friend backfires they iscover that a someone has stolen a priceless stamp collection What is going on in the library and how can the kids uncover the answers and solve the mysteryI really enjoyed this story and look forward to reading the seuel that comes on in January 2020 It s not a scary mystery and I think it would appeal to upper elementary readers as well as middle graders This was so beautiful One of my favorites The writing was so vivid and the Literature of Africa details made you feel like you were there The authorid an amazing job with the accuracy of the library city and characters many of them including the MC were real Such a fun rea. O help outBut what begins as a joke uickly gets out of hand and soon Viviani and her friends have to solve two big mysteries Is the Library truly haunted And what happened to the expensive new stamp collection It's up to Viviani Eva and Merit reluctantly to findo.

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The Story CollectorOg to get to the best hiding place in the whole library Memorable uotesPg114 Viviani stepped to the edge of the building and swept her arm over the view the green swath of Bryant Park the red tile rooftops and steeples hopping and Women and Sustainable Agriculture: Interviews With 14 Agents of Change dotting across Fifth to Sixth Avenue from east to west She turned to Forty Second and Fortieth north to south all the wayown to the gleaming white spire of the towering Woolworth Building in the istance The sun was Setting Pink Turning The East pink turning the East to her left and the Hudson on her right into pathways of sparkling iamonds Lights and streets glittered like a universe the whole New York City universe Thanks to the author Kristin O Donnell Tubb for the free copy of this magical tale All opinions are my ownGather around my friends and you will hear a fantastic story seemingly too impossible to be true A family living in apartments in THE NYPL A baby born among the books her first cries ricocheting off of the shelves The family s children playing baseball complete with the newly published Winnie the Pooh as a base in the library A valuable stamp collection Rebuilding displayed in said library stolen in the night Yup It all happened But the extra twists of an author s babbling imagination only add to the plot of this historical fictionmystery The red herring Check The girl friendshiprama Mmmhmm The tone pitch perfect to its era Yes As a matter of fact I was thrilled to see that THE Betsy Bird also saw a Nancy Drew ish uality on the pages in her own review Kudos to author Kristin O Donnell Tubb for the meticulous research her work is peppered throughout the book and will undoubtedly make curious readers like me run for Google to find out about the historical references The clever chapter headings Dewey Decimal subheadings give an air of whimsy The author s note Intro to Alien Invasion detailing the fact from the fiction in the book The time line The peek into the library s archives What a rich resource a love letter to the art of reading and writing and library science a nod to an iconic institution And who can resist the playful way in which the opening unfolds Some people are story collectors While others collect seashells or stuffed animals or stamps story collectors wrap themselves in words surround themselves with sentences and play with participles even those pesky perkyangling ones They climb over Cs and mount Ms and lounge in Ls Soon enough they land in the land of homonyms then wham They stumble in Ls Soon enough they land in the land of homonyms then wham They stumble onomatopoeia that lovely creaking booming bit of wordplay and hat Dear Friend is where our story beginsor that ending Oh my My students will LOVE the ending That one sentence at the end Delightful uite simply The Story Collector is the bee s kneesHighly recommendedThat powerful cry of yours echoed and absorbed into the thousands of books lining the shelves And in return those books awakened unfurling their words their worlds slowly uietly until stories became as much a part of you as your red hair your green eyescourage is simply fear stuffed with hopeWithout Imagination Nothing Is DangerousSometimes A Glimpse Of nothing is Therapy of Love dangerousSometimes a glimpse of makes itself known through the murky leaves and limbs of theark forest Sometimes a glimmer of friendship can be found in places where only animosity was seen beforeEvery story is true underneath it all Look at all this stuff I Democratic Phoenix: Reinventing Political Activism don t know yet Viviani smiled at the yet part Her father always said bold learners think in terms of yetSometimes the bad guy isisguised as a good guy Does that meanthat sometimes the good guy looks like a bad guythis fellow had helped her realize that her story was worth telling That her voice was worth listening to That she was indeed a story collectorViviani smiled and considered all the stories Mr Green would be able to unlock with this key This special one of a kind key the uniue mix of books and stories that he would choose to read Different from everyone else on the planet His blanks to fill in His Once Upon a TimeI m still a story collector A word peddler A knowledge warrior Stories help us make sense of things that Museum Activism don. Knows every room by heart except the ones her father keeps locked When Viviani becomes convinced that the library is haunted new girl Merit Mubarak makes fun of her So Vivianiecides to play a harmless little prank roping her older brothers and best friend Eva ,