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The End of the End of the EarthBy any measure Jonathan Franzen is a man For one thing he has a God given talent for writing both fiction and non a God given talent for writing both fiction and non has not been without controversy but has managed to rise above it and when he churns out one of his lengthy involving novels every seven years or so is rewarded with a loyal readership Another way in which he is lucky is that he has an all consuming assion he loves birds Anyone favored with such an interest can be considered lucky Having something to aim for to ursue Gives Life Flavor And Brightness life flavor and brightness of his success as an author he has time as well as means to ursue this Fettan passion and many of these essays share his experiences in far flunglaces if only to add to his list of birds he has encountered He knows as much as can be known about the habits and fates of his winged uarry whether they be in Albania or even Antarctica But I must admit that since I don t share his enthusiasm to his extent who does I enjoyed the Die Kunst Des Zeichnens: Die grosse Zeichenschule: Praxisorientiert und gut erklärt personal glimpses into his life that he intermittently shares I liked finding out the fate of his misplaced suitcase in the Jet Blue terminal at JFK than his uest to track down the Saint Lucia Oriole Reading this book was a bit like being chained to a radiator for 5 hours while an old eccentric yells at you about birds Before you denigrate yourself foricking up a collection of essays instead of a novel Franzen makes a brazen argument early on in The End of the End of the Earth for its importance the essay s in our lives in Litland as a whole An essay is a mirror to the writer to society to the reader He gives it a valid worth these little nuggins are all worth their weight in goldPlease go read The Corrections yeah even Freedom has its good arts But essays Like what ersonal stuff apart from the writer s autobiography there s a little bit of that obviously do I really need to take away Jeez the I read about affluence and a sustained type of it the I m left The Villain: The Life of Don Whillans peeved Like I will listen to you buddy Even admire the way your argument is meticulously flouncy but in serious ahem masterfulrose It is your right your rivilege Mr Franzen to explore the theme of birdsbirdwatching to Death as well as global warming Sep 11 travelogues bird statistics like those of an impatient kiddo with his computer like wealth of useless info about dinosaurs distant cousins to birds literary critiues He gives us a few tidbits on the writer s way and even littler on his own oeticsStill what an amazing writer Impressive organization of factoids of subjects he finds fascinating In this world of Trump hate and HUMAN not raptor or seagull migration The cover is accurate there are LOTS of birds in these essays Unless you re a birdwatcher or have a burning interest in the light of birds threatened by hunting and habitat loss be repared to skim or completely skip over the multiple ieces on traveling to a articular Times of Bede place to appreciate its endemic or migratory bird species I enjoyed the autobiographicalieces his temporary friendship with William Vollmann what it was like in New York City two days after 911 and taking a two week Antarctic cruiseI also valued Franzen s general conclusions about the state of the The Catechism of the Council of Trent planet and what we can and can t do about it drasticlanetary overheating is a done deal our world is City for Sale: Ed Koch and the Betrayal of New York poised to change vastly unpredictably and mostly for the worse I don t have any hope that we can stop the change from coming My only hope is that we can accept the reality in time torepare for it humanely Love is a better motivator than guilt This last uote explains his The Runaway Prophet Jonah Study Guide 1998 passion for birds People will only be motivated to save what they care about and for him birds are a synecdoche for thelanet as a whole The Essay in Dark Times is brilliant and worth reading no matter what Also be sure to find his Ten Rules for the Novelist Reading Franzen is always a good idea The two Književna groupie 2: Strovaljivanje prevalent themes in this collection of essays by the celebrated fiction writer are climate change and birds They often crop up in tandem too and sometimes unexpectedly interrupt the discourse on another subject Birds are certainly the author sassion they represent his hobby he s a lister he says keeping records of every bird he sees and sub dividing his lists to ensure he can track his captures by timeline and global warming and all its resultant ills seems to be the nightmare scenario he s long feared but now accepts as inevitable To me there was rather too much of both subjects here and I was articularly irked when one or another upset the flow of an essay I was articularly enjoying Those I liked best. The essayist Jonathan Franzen writes is like “a fire fighter whose job while everyone else is fleeing the flames of shame is to run straight into them” For the Davids Sling past twenty five years even as his novels have earned him worldwide acclaim Franzen has led a second life as a risk taking essayist Now at a moment when technology has inflamed tribal hatreds and thelanet is beset by unnatural calami ties he is back with a new collection of essays that Involve Learner Strategies in Language Learning people he remembers fondly and reflections on time spent with them he s really good at isolatingrecisely what it is about these Dangerously Placed people that made such an impression on him In Manhattan 1981 A Friendship the title essay itself these are the elements that stood out for me Of course everything is well written you d expect no less but there weren t enoughieces here that really grabbed me What I was left with was an impression of a man with relatively narrow interests and an unhealthy habit of sharing rather too many of his twitching adventuresIf you re articularly intrigued by these subjects or you just want to spend some time in the or you just want to spend some time in the of an expert wordsmith then this is certainly a collection worth seeking out Or maybe read the ieces over a Paradise Run prolongederiod in between and amongst other books you re laying with it might just be that the total immersion I executed just isn t the best way to experience this collection My sincere thanks to Farrar Straus and Giroux and NetGalley for supplying a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Sigh Franzen can write He is intelligent His nonfiction is just not my cup of tea There is an authorial distance I find offputting but I understand why he might write with that distance As a whole the collection is uneven There is a set of rules for the novelist that feels like he jotted some ideas on a napkin and included them in the book The essay on Edith Wharton yikes He spends uite some time discussing that she was unattractive and like has he seen male writers throughout history Let s not throw stones from glass houses If you like Franzen s writing you will like thi I don t feel the need to read every essay in this collection but I do feel the need to defend Edith Wharton s honor I also have a ersonal anecdote about running into Franzenor Franzen running into me In 2012 which was the 150th anniversary of Wharton s birth Franzen wrote a Help Me, Jacques Cousteau piece about her for The New Yorker entitled A Rooting Interest For what it s worth I Birds birds birds birds birds and birds listen to the cover not the blurb Most of these texts deal with the before mentioned flying animals how they are threatened what it means to Franzen to be a birdwatcher and why birds are generally awesome In my opinion Franzen is also generally awesome but the bird overload in this essay collection was really testing myatience There is nothing wrong with writing about your favorite animal but the book marketing appears to make an effort to gloss over the fact that the author has one main focus here or at least that he talks about different issues like climate change tourism and friendship while always bringing birds into the euation Some texts like Ten Rules for a Novelist don t uite fit into the overall collection Unfortunately I had the impression that the concept of the book lacked stringency The upside Franzen is just a great great writer If you re not into birds though this book can be a tough read If you stand in a forest in Southeast Asia you may hear and then begin to feel in your chest a deep rhythmic whooshing It sounds meteorological but it s the wingbeats of Great Hornbills flying in to land in a fruiting tree They have massive yellow bills and hefty white thighs they look like a cross between a toucan and a giant Dignity Rising 1: Gefesselte Seelen panda As they clamber around in the treelacidly eating fruit you may find yourself crying out with the rarest of all emotions The Book of Mordred pure joy It has nothing to do with what you want or what youossess It s the sheer gorgeous fact of the Great Hornbill which couldn t care less about you I always love those moments when something reminds me of how insubstantial I am compared to the forces of nature The ultimate feeling of insignificance for me was to see in a flash of lightning a tornado in all its beautiful glory just off the road from where I was riding in a car The sight of this destructive Oracle R12 Applications DBA Field Guide power of swirling winds inspired instant terror and awe and as the lightning faded the terror for me increased exponentially with the descending of complete and utter darkness I was so unnerved I buckled my seatbelt this was the 1980s as if that act would shield me from the onslaught of such aower entityI ve been remiss about reading Jonathan Franzen novels I ve liked what I have read He has a self deprecating style that allows me to see the human in the writer even as he dazzles me with insightful Wie war das noch? Schulwissen, neu aufpoliert prose He uestions his own beliefs and is a master at disputing both sides of an argument within himself This could lead to indecision but that doesn t seem to be an insurmountable hazar. Ecall us to humane ways of being in the worldFranzen’s great loves are literature and birds and The End of the End of the Earth is aassionate argument for both Where the new media tend to confirm one’s rejudices he writes literature “invites you to ask whether you might be somewhat wrong maybe even entirely wrong and to imagine why someone else might hate you” Whatever his subject Franzen’s essays are always skeptical of received opinion. D for him He still continues to Move Forward Even As He Keeps A forward even as he keeps a ressed into his cheek to remind himself that he could be completely wrong in his assessment Franzen is a Bird Lister and winged beasts figure rominently into these sixteen essays As a gently mad book collector I am always excited to find someone whom I can erceive to be insane than myself These bird listers go to great sometimes dangerous lengths to check a bird off their list Franzen s excitement at seeing a Jamaican Blackbird or an Opal rumped Tanager or a Saint Lucia Black Finch are eual to my own excitement at finding a rare Graham Greene or a bright copy of a Virginia Woolf vastly underpriced or say an interesting appearing book a bright copy of a Virginia Woolf vastly underpriced or say an interesting appearing book an author I ve never heard of before Of course I slide my new acuisition onto my bookshelf while he hopefully retains at least a mental image of the bird he has spotted He might be slightly mad than IFranzen s girlfriend offers to go with him anywhere in the world He suggests the idea of going to Antarctica which he regrets almost immediately He is unsure why out of all the destinations in the world he chose to torture her with the idea of attempting to vanuish the frozen southern extremes of the Gods Callgirl planet By thisoint I too had a developed a vague aversion to the trip an inability to recall why I d Forever I'm Yours proposed Antarctica in the firstlace The idea of seeing it before it melts was dismal and self canceling why not just wait for it to melt and cross itself off the list of travel destinations I like the racticality of waiting for Antarctica to melt and crossing it off the bucket list I ve become annoyed with the whole concept of a bucket list in recent years This list has become a grand iano suspended over my head ready to fall on me the moment I show any weakness or hesitation in accepting an opportunity to cross something off the list The list is not stagnant either As I cross things off things are added It is a list that can not be conuered by design I am destined to fail The book is not all about birds who are harbingers of the end of the end of the earth as his title suggests or about climate change He also talks about his relationship with William Vollmann and his reverence for one of my favorite writers Edith Wharton He drops in a few mentions of writers like Rachel Cusk whom I have not read and Karl Ove Knausgaard whom I have not read enough of If I read a grouping of essays and don t come away with an expanded book reading list which is in some ways worse than a bucket list I am disappointed Moreover Franzen delves into the research of Sherry Turkle who explores the impact that technology is having on who we are Our rapturous submission to digital technology has led to an atrophying of human capacities like empathy and self reflection and the time has come to of human capacities like empathy and self reflection and the time has come to ourselves behave like adults and ut technology in its lace I have recently started feeling better about our future relationship with technology I ve heard and dissatisfaction coming from Renoir people twentylus years younger than myself so it isn t just nervous old fuddy duddies like me who are starting to understand the diminishing returns of advanced technology It is the same theory as being rich Once you reach a certain level of comfort your happiness meter starts to Nebular Sammelband 5 - Galaxis in Panik plummet with the money you acuire What mosteople find is that you are happier when you are comfortable financially which could be euated to reaching that level where technology is helping to improve your life The trouble begins when money starts to rule your every thought or when technology begins to take over your life The big uestions that Jonathan Franzen seems to be seeking answers to in writing these essays are can we adapt our thinking enough to save the birds save the Nightwing: On the Razor's Edge planet and in therocess liberate ourselves from our own destruction The environment should not be a Bakunin: The Creative Passion political issue Scientists are in agreement about the starkness of the facts We should not beutting ourselves in a The Donegal Woman position where nature can bring her absolute worst against us The tornados the wildfires the hurricanes the torrential rains the droughts are allunishments increasing in freuency and velocity as we continue to abuse this lovely lovely blue Martha's Chickens and the Pirates planet We whether we want to accept the task or not are the elected stewards and we must make better tougher responsible decisions going forwardI want to thank Farrar Straus Giroux forroviding me with a copy in exchange for an honest review If you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews visit also have a Facebook blogger The Necromancer, or The Tale of the Black Forest page at. Steeped in irony and frank about his own failings He’s frank about birds too they kill “everything imaginable” but his reporting and reflections on them on seabirds in New Zealand warblers in East Africaenguins in Antarctica are both a moving celebration of their beauty and resilience and a call to action to save what we loveCalm Amstel Girl: Playing With Destiny poignant carefully argued full of wit The End of the End of the Earthrovides a welcome breath of hope and reaso. ,