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Omething that ought to be a warning to many people about the crying need for biblical counseling help that avoids demonizationThis book s The Fiend Next Door length at over 300 pages willikely deter readers who are not committed to finishing it Unfortunately the structure of the book has all the appearances of a bait and switch with a ot of short chapters opening the book and then a engthy chapter towards middle of the book that reveals the author s anti Christian agenda The first few chapters give the author s pledge to the reader that a cure for addiction is possible focus on healing the underlying causes give Pax Prentiss account of addiction discuss the change in the treatment paradigm that the author was seeking to do in his rehab facility and then briefly discusses the four causes of dependency the author s chosen word for addiction as it பொன்னியின் செல்வன் - புது வெள்ளம் lacks the negative meanings of other terms It is at this point where the book turns first when it talks about believing a cure is possible in ways that resemble the sort of false beliefs expressed in The Secret and other similar works and then when the author spends nearly 100 pages talking about what a holistic recovery programooks The Return of the Carter Boys: The Carter Boys 2 like with acupuncture therapists Eastern religious specialists a focus on meditation and so on The author presents a false dilemma between Eastern religious beliefs and practices that supposedly correspond to the way the universe works and a Western model that focuses only on drugs entirely neglecting the reality of sin or the Judeo Christian religious framework The book then closes with a discussion of the reader s personal philosophy as well as an ode to a new chapter inife as the author assumes that having finished the book that the reader is in agreement with himThere is something in this book that caused me to ponder why it is that Eastern religious approaches are so popular in contemporary America For one this has to do with a A Meditation on Murder lot of people who are easily fooled and fond of religious thoughts and ways that seem exotic but that fail to meet the deepest spiritual needs of mankind and that try to offer spirituality within a sense of sin which is the strongest appeal of most New Age religious philosophies Yet the author s approach is one that could only be tried in a country that was well off and generally safe toive in as the author s belief that people drew their ives to them through their own thinking would not be feasible to promote in a country where bad things happened had happened for generations and where no amount of positive thinking was going to make ife any better This book and many of the problems it deals with are the result of affluenza the realization that one had blessings one did not deserve and did not necessarily want to or believe one could pay for those blessings in good works that one felt inadeuate to what was given or alternatively that one had been treated unjustly and unfairly by ife based on seeing others do so much better Yet although the book strives to deal with root causes it ignores the root cause of human misery in the sins we commit and the sins that others commit against us1 See for example One of the best books on recovery I have ever read A refreshing perspective p17 scratchism scratchaholic aspirinismlabelling it incurable makes it difficult to curep85 Why do you do itthen ike prison punishes people to better themp134 stigma of being a drunk perpetuated in AA is shameful and demoralizingThe reminder attached to this admission that a former alcoholic is to in AA is shameful and demoralizingThe reminder attached to this admission that a former alcoholic is to constantly on guard against relapsing or a former alcoholic who drinks again easily becomes an alcoholic again is far outweighed by the poor self image calling yourself incurable creates It also at east subconsciously is a constant reminder of the permission to drink or use drugs as a remedy since you are addicted for ife and you are not curable AA AI Weiwei: Beijing Photographs, 1993-2003 literature no one knows what causes alcoholism This is outdated since we now know to search for the underlying often hidden problems that drive the behavior See pg 1712 step 1 We were powerless now we know how to bring our power back beware the implication to beiving that you are still powerless And that even when you were using there may have been in between that you did stop for a ittle while Although an addict may hunger for their poison were there times when you didn t Whyp138 Relapse is not a part of recoveryp160 sobriety is now the normp161 where our beliefs are stored the awarenessp164 What the Bleep cell division carries the receptors Depression during cell division causes new cells to already be depressed at creation How fast cells split Creating the biological dependency on depression This is the physical dependency that incurable addiction refers too It takes time and work for the body to come back or a miracle Withdrawal p165 Addiction is the dependency on emotion It s not drinking that does it It is the feeling that drinking brings to you p167 Hippocrates the father of medicine See my DiSC articlep170 part of your brain can t tell the difference between a real and imagined experience but the other part can imagine a cure available false hopep175 a thorough treatment program covers all four areas of ife in stages first is detoxmedical doctor acupunctureacupressure traditional Chinese medicine holistic doctor integrative medicine nutritionist clinical psychologist and marriage and family therapy hypnotherapy personal fitness visualization and meditation spiritual therapy friends p181 ability to heal yourself the intention to heal your beliefsp192 They use ten different therapists at their center to ensure they see the flaw in the diamondp269 aligning your beliefs with what is trueadditional informationuestionable 844% cure rate p160yelling at people on the phone65000 a month only a few people need to stay a second month. Esperation they finally created their own holistic hand tailored program that was a complete break from all other programs and that combined several effective therapies It saved Pax's ife Together father and son founded Passages Malibu to help others find their own freedom For decades we've been hearing that alcoholism and addiction are incurable diseases but The Alcoholism and Addiction Cure proves that this is a dangerous myth and that the abel of alcoholic or addict destroys the promise of full recovery Today thousands are being freed from the old imiting paradigms by using the groundbreaking approach spelled out in this book As visionaries and innovators Pax and Chris Prentiss bring new hope to people everywhere who are dependent on drugs alcohol or addictive behavior.

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This book gives a different perspective to the commonality A perspective from a person who is not dependent on substances to clearly see and understand the struggle of a person who is dependent on substances Also in continuing the sense of perspective that there are other avenues to achieve a successful recovery than the traditional AA or NA That being said if the potential reader is adamant that AA or NA is the only way to achieve recovery I would not recommend this book to them Also if the potential reader is not open to istening to the concept of metaphysics universal Collision Course: Endless Growth on a Finite Planet lawlaw of attraction treatment through Chinese medicine acupuncture etc I would also not recommend this book to them At first I thought the freuent mention of the treatment center Passages was advertisements to enroll in the facility However it follows the concept of the book if the reader believes the program given in the book will allow them to achieve a successful recovery then it will happen In other words it follows the uote by Henry Ford Whether you think you can or you think you can t either way you re right The first 13 of the book is taken up with how the son went down the addiction highway The authors believe in the Holistic approach to Cure their patients They also run a Very Expensive recovery center The book is 1 giant advertisement for their center I am not impressed with their methodology Read with an open mind and uestion how you feel about what you have been presented Yes yes it took me nearly three years to finish this book It is not a book you really want to have to read but when it became uite apparent that my husband s brother needed serious intervention with his alcoholism I tried to educate myself by reading several books and research articles as well as talking with numerous treatment centers and therapists He has been through various treatment programs has been hospitalized numerous times spent several monthsast year in jail for a felony DUI and is currently at age 46 in a hospital with end stage 10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10 (Software Studies) liver disease and kidney failure and death isikely imminent Unfortunately wehe could not have afforded the in depth and by all accounts uxury treatment provided at Passages the treatment centers owned and operated by Mr Prentiss and his son or at any of the other facilities I found which offer a similar experience and treatment beliefs I am aware that this book is argely a 238 page brochure for their services but I have to say I pretty much agree with their approach My brother in Your Everyday Art World law has been through detox several times but always went back to drinking Why Why was he able to navigate hisife as a kind of functioning alcoholic for thirty plus years and then began a sharp downward spiral Prentiss writes that there are four causes of dependency chemical imbalance unresolved events from the past beliefs you hold that are inconsistent with what is true a bit new age y but absolutely believable and an inability to cope with current conditions I think that my BIL has at Why Photography Matters least three of these four issues and the inability to resolve even one of them has surelyed him to this place of suffering Still I recommend this book to anyone Doreen Valiente Witch looking for an answer to addiction It is a refreshing read and my copy is highlighted and marked up from beginning to end A few of my favorite bits A few weeks of abstinence from the drug is usually enough for the withdrawal symptoms to pass but after the withdrawal symptoms end wel experience a return of the symptoms of the underlying condition which the drug was masking If those underlying conditions aren t treated the return of those symptoms may cause us so much discomfort that we l go back to using addictive drugs or alcohol to obtain relief It seemed that no matter how bad the conseuences were as my dad had said conseuences do not stop addicts In fact that poor self image is what contributes to their relapse When people who believe themselves to be addicts or alcoholics come under great stress or trauma they mentally give themselves permission to drink or use drugs as a remedy After all aren t They Alcoholics And Addicts And What Do Alcoholics And Addicts alcoholics and addicts And what do alcoholics and addicts They drink and use addictive drugs Why are people regularly treated for alcoholism and drug addiction when the use of alcohol and drugs is merely a means of coping with an underlying condition Why are the symptoms being treated instead of the causes Helped me a ot and gave me a new direction in overcoming my addiction problem I recommend this book to anyone that s struggling with alcoholism or any other type of addiction This booked gave me hope and helped me to understand the roots of my problems that ignite my addict behaviors As good intentioned as the book was written it came off as an advertisement for the author s treatment facility Passages in book form It uite frankly told the reader who was presumed to have an addiction that there was only one way to recovery their method As a clinician who works in the addiction population I felt myself reading and defending the clinical philosophies of my employer Clinical treatment facilities need to JOIN together not pull the field apart I write about schizophrenia not alcoholism but I find The and Addiction Cure very informative even if alcoholism or addiction is not your particular problem On the surface schizophrenia to have nothing in common with alcoholism the surface schizophrenia seems to have nothing in common with alcoholism addiction There are no 12 step programs for schizophrenia To begin with the author doesn t shy away from using the word cure He doesn t consider alcoholism or addiction either incurable or a disease These are symptoms that are coping mechanisms that one has chosen in response to ife s pain Medical professionals who refuse to use the word cure in the context of certain mental health problems deprive people of hope and virtually guarantee that their The breakthrough three step program that heals the underlying causes of dependency and ends relapse for alcoholics addicts and those with addictive behaviors The Alcoholism and Addiction Cure contains the three step holistic program to total recovery that is the basis of the miraculous success of Passages Malibu Addiction Cure Center in California one of the world's most successful addiction treatment centers In this revolutionary book you will earn The three steps to permanent sobriety The four causes of dependency How to create a personalized holistic treatment program to completely cure your dependency How your thoughts emotions and beliefs are key factors in your recovery How to stimulate your body's self healing potential to be forever free of dependency Freedom from ,
Roblems are forever managed never curedMental health professionals are being disingenuous when they say that the cause of schizophrenia or alcoholism or addiction is unknown Some people will stop right there and think to themselves well if a doctor says this there s not point in my Hsi K'Ang and His Poetical Essay on the Lute looking any further It is true that there is no one neat scientific explanation that can explain away the cause but that doesn t mean that a cause or causes cannot be found Chris Prentiss makes a clear cut case for finding the cause of the pain byooking at the problem through the prism of the family story Through my own research and willingness to undertake psychotherapy I now have some insight into the causes of my son s problems The causes are both psychological and physiological I have developed a working theory that makes sense to me I may be entirely wrong about what the real causes are but it doesn t really matter because I have noticed whatever we are doing seems to be working I can empower healing in my son by changing the way I relate with him by showing conviction that he will recover and by understanding that his problems have a contextChris Prentiss eventually came to realize that his son s descent into alcoholism and addiction was due to the son s deep rooted anger with his father The family background that he describes in his book provides a plausible explanation for this outcome Many people will protest that everybody is angry with their father or their mother and that most people who are angry with a parent don t descend into drug addiction Well actions do make sense if you care enough to pay attention There is a Venous Catheters logic toifeAnother reason why I ike the book is because the author maintains that if you want to get to the bottom of your problems the multiple therapy approach is best and it works faster Many people can go for years seeing the same therapist and never become well or else not well enough This may be because they are undergoing the wrong therapy or perhaps because they do not have a good rapport with the therapist It also may be because they are told they that they are sick individuals and need ifelong medsSince the goal for everyone should be to resolve their problems as uickly as possible people should be free to pick and choose their therapy and their therapist and use several different therapy approaches People should be free to choose but in reality they are not as I have found trying to introduce other therapies while my son was under the care of a psychiatrist Just because psychiatry is slowly opening the door to acknowledging the value of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for schizophrenia doesn t mean that CBT should be the only therapy employed CBT may not work for you Alcoholics Anonymous may not work for you Chris Prentiss has shown what worked for his son and he has some valid criticisms of the current institutional approach to handling serious mental health issues A friend of mine gave this to me to help me understand a ittle about the problems with my brother I really wanted to get behind this book but it read a ittle too much Strange Visitors: Documents in Indigenous-Settler Relations in Canada from 1876 like a sales brochuerThe ideas in this book about addiction and alcoholism really resonated with me Iiked the concept that there was something underlying addiction I iked the idea that addiction was simply a symptom of other issues that needed to be dealt with It made sense However I wonder if that is just the case because I am an outsider ooking inAlso the fact that the book says essentially that some people can drink or do drugs recreationally and it isn t a problem but others that have had an addiction problem can never do them again makes the whole argument seem ike a non seuitur How is it that someone can be cured but they can t ever go back and do the thing they were addicted to If they are cured then they should be able to do it recreationally and it wouldn t be a problem rightThis eads me to believe that while there may be underlying problems that triggered the start of an addiction the addiction itself is indeed a weakness in a person that needs to be dealt with We can t wash our hands of the weakness just because we have solved the problem This person still has an underlying and possibly genetic issue that needs to be addressed in addition to whatever psychological disorders they may haveOn top of that I read a scathing article in the LA Times about Passages According to this article a ot of the stats thrown around in the book the 84% cure rate especially are complete bullshit I m no authority but it is hard to believe in a place that claims they just want to help people but charge 30K per month to do it that claims they just want to help people but charge 30K per month to do it ike that scream extortion sIn many ways this book is a snake in the grass That is not to say that it is without value but rather to say that the author takes a while to tip his hand at his true agenda The book begins with the assumption that the reader is addicted To Alcohol Or Some Other alcohol or some other and proceeds to attempt to win the sympathies of the reader by discussing both from the author s view as well as his son s view that young man s struggle with addiction to heroin cocaine and alcohol The author uses this approach as a way of exploring the deeper roots of addiction and the fact that addiction is almost always a mask for something deeper a way to self medicate seeking to avoid Burkes Christmas Surprise labels as well as condemnation So far so good And then somewhere around the middle of the book the author shows his true colors in his attempts to spread Buddhism and other Eastern religious practices It should be noted that this is by no means a uniue problem among this type ofiterature 1 as it appears the audience of people struggling with anxiety andor traumatic childhood andor addictions is ripe for attempted exploitation by various prophets of heathen Eastern religious practices and philosophies Ependency starts addictions is ripe for attempted exploitation by various prophets of heathen Eastern religious practices and philosophies Ependency starts understanding that alcohol drugs and addictive behaviors are not the real problems say Chris and Pax Prentiss cofounders of Passages Malibu Alcohol street drugs nicotine prescription medications food bingeing gambling and the Tales from the Torrid Zone: Travels in the Deep Tropics like are merely the substances or behaviors you or youroved ones are using to cope with the real problems anything from deep emotional pain ill health or depression to hypoglycemia a sluggish thyroid or brain wave pattern imbalances Once the underlying problems are discovered and cured the need for drugs alcohol or addictive behavior will disappear along with the craving Chris Prentiss should know His son Pax was addicted to heroin cocaine and alcohol for ten years They sought help everywhere but Pax relapsed again and again In The Alcoholism and Addiction Cure A Holistic Approach to Total Recovery