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Zy mysteries Humorous delightful and sparkling I received a free eARC of this book from First to Read in exchange for an honest review One of my favorite Mystery authors Laura Childs has released a new book in the Scrapbooking Mystery series and I couldn t be excited about it GLTITER BOMB is the fifteenth book in the series and it s definitely one of my favoritesFirst things first I have to talk about my love for this series This particular one is probably my favorite of her series I have read and enjoyed her other ones but there s something about this style of writing paired with the New Orleans setting that I love IT JUST WORKS I WAS NEVER EVEN INTO SCRAPBOOKING just works I was never even into scrapbooking I started reading this series but now I m definitely finding the allureThis book has a very interesting mystery involving Mardi Gras litter and Carmela s ex husband Shamus You ll find that a lot of Cozy Mystery series have the heroine s exs involved and as a romance reader I find this fascinating Usually in the books I read the ex is the bad Blue Guide guy or someone that isn t mentioned in a positive light So I really like that with Mysteries they become key players The dynamic between Shamus and Carmela isn t always fun or bright but it does add something to the book Like I said I really enjoy seeing them talk to each other and I felt like having Shamus involved really made the mystery that much interestingIn addition to that I really adore the friendship between Carmela and Ava They are just so fun to read about and I love that youet to see different sides to Carmela s character It just makes this series so much funAs you can see I really enjoyed this book I think if you re in the mood for a fun and bright Cozy Mystery series then Laura Childs is an excellent choice I can always look forward to "Reading A New Laura Childs Book She "a new Laura Childs book She disappoints In this installment of the New Orleans Scrapbooking Mysteries murder during Mardi Gras is colorfully explosive and makes for a reat readAuthor Laura Childs knows how to pack a punch into a mystery GLITTER BOMB is exciting fun and at times intense And I ve noticed a subtle change in the tone of the stories since author Terrie Farley Moran has come on board #It s a ood change You can t o wrong with two fabulous authors writing #s a ood change You can t Island Girls (and Boys) go wrong with two fabulous authors writing book togetherOver all GLITTER BOMB was an excellent mystery with plenty of twists and turns as well as false leads to keep my inner sleuthuessing all the way to the end Returning fans of the series are Calvinists Incorporated: Welsh Immigrants on Ohio's Industrial Frontier going to love GLITTER BOMB New readers will enjoy it as well and may become hooked enough to start the series from the beginningI do offer a profanity warning to cozy mystery purists I m a longtime fan of Laura Childs but this book really let me down I don t have any ualms with the plot but I feel like the manuscript may not have been carefully looked over and edited I m normally not a stickler forrammarpunctuation but there were a few notable instances of Stretching Lessons: The Daring that Starts from Within glaring oversights I love Carmella but she reallyot on my nerves in a bad way in this book I found her annoying than anything and the fact that she just happens to be very talented at everything she attempts crafts raphic design cooking car racing real estate investing etc Is it so bad that I just want Carmella to just be bad at something so that I can believe in her as a character again Ava remains a favorite I m in love with their friendship I ll look forward to future Scrapbooking Mysteries but this one let me down. Ugh Shamus escapes unhurt a member of his krewe is killedCarmela and Ava plunge into an investigation of the krewe member's death but as they dig deeper it starts to look less like an accident and like a murderand Shamus seems less like a victim and like a suspec. I received this book from First to Read in return for an honest review I have read many of Laura Childs previous books and have always enjoyed them This book Glitter Bomb was not one of her best I I have to admit this brand new shiny book at the library drew me in even though I hadn t read any previous books in this series but now I definitely want to start reading the rest of the series If this book alone is any indication this seems like a really fun series I just love the banter and bad puns that o back and forth between besties Carmela and Ava There were some Building for the Arts: The Strategic Design of Cultural Facilities good laugh out loud moments even during the showdown I just love Carmela and her take no crap attitudeand her sarcasm lol I was a little confused at times with all the business dealingsoing on in the book but as I read I was understanding it a little better I never figured out who the killer was and that was one very cool showdown wait till you read about it There s a lot I could comment on but I don t want to spoil any of the ood stuff I

M Just Happy I Got 
just happy I ot initiation into the Scrapbooking series and now I m looking forward to reading from the beginning and seeing how the CarmelaEdgar romance ot started They are pretty adorable Carmela Bertrand is thrilled to watch the Pluvius Parade during Mardi Gras It s a fun time Her ex husband Shamus is on one of the floats Suddenly the float explodes Shamus is fine but it leaves a member of his krewe dead It doesn t take long for the police to decide it is murder and not an accident The number one suspect "is Shamus himselfShamus begs Carmela to investigate and prove his innocence "Shamus himselfShamus begs Carmela to investigate and prove his innocence tries to resist because her cop boyfriend Babcock doesn t want her interference However Carmela can t keep her nose out of it With the help of her best friend they try to crack this case and find themselves in the middle of dangerThese authors never disappoint me I find their storytelling to be fun humorous exciting and filled with mystery They have a knack for keeping me uessing until the very end This book is no exception This is the 15th book in the Scrapbooking Mystery Series I haven t read all of the books yet but I plan to Charlestown Blues go back and read the ones I missed I didn t feel as if I missed anything I simply can tet enough of Carmela and her friends I ve never been to New Orleans but after reading this book I feel as if I was right there The authors paint a vivid picture and brings the atmosphere to life I devoured this book in just a couple of days The plot moves at a steady pace The ending took me by surprise The characters are lively and entertaining I find myself truly caring what happens to Carmela even though she makes the riskiest choices LOL I m looking forward to my next visit to New Orleans and catching up with Carmela and her crewFTC Disclosure I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book from NetGalley and the publisher I was not reuired to write a positive review All opinions expressed are my own Scrapbook Mystery 15 begins with a Mardi Gras float that Charlestown Blues: Selected Poems, a Bilingual Edition goes BOOM and rains alitterstorm upon the surrounding crowd which includes Carmella Bertrand and bestie Ava Gruiex Through the shimmering haze they see a body sprawled on the Building the South Side ground Carmella s ex husband Shamus was on the float and he s okay however his krewe captain s last breath was smothered out with his airway blocked bylitter Detective Edgar Babcock Carmella s love is fast to the scene uestioning witnesses and organizing a searc. An exploding Mardi Gras float has ot to be the strangest murder weapon scrappy sleuth Carmela Bertrand has ever encountered in this latest Scrapbooking Mystery from the New York Times bestselling author It's Mardi Gras in New Orleans and scrapbook shop owner Car.
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H for the Neptune Bomber It seems the victim Hughes Wilder had made "Some Bad Investments With "bad investments with huge wad of investors money and somebody decided he should pay with his lifeHumor filled scenes with non stop action make this story "A Pageturner Ain T Nobody Put A " pageturner Ain t nobody put a on either Carmella or Ava s fingers so the two bachelorettes continue to party drink and enjoy the Mardi Gras festivities while They Make Their Way make their way the French uarter snooping asking uestions and nearly etting themselves blown to smithereens Ms Childs and co author Ms Moran keep the dialogue snappy and the pace fiesty hoping their sleuthing efforts will stamp out one suspect in particular with motive to kill and some detonation skills The plot in this long running fan favorite cozy series sparkles and shines like strands of Mardi Gras beads The trademark originality from both the writer s Chicagos Urban Nature guarantees aenuine keeper for cozy mystery book shelves Handy Scrapbooking Tips and Delicious Recipes to try follow the storyI reviewed a digital arc provided by NetGalley and Berkley Publishing Thank you Glitter Bomb by Laura Childs and Terrie Farley Moran is the 15th book in the Scrapbooking Mystery series A bomb explodes on the head Mardi Gras float leading to the death of one of the krewe members Scrapbook shop owner Carmela and her friend Ava witness the explosion and her exhusband Shamus is one of the riders I used to enjoy this series when it first came out bit I feel it has deteriorated with the last few books especially since the co author was added Carmella has become rude and arrogant and meddling and Ava sillier Why would you agree to show a house that you were house sitting without the owner s permission or instructions Other events were just as unbelievable Hopefully the future books will be like the original When did Carmela become an ill mannered snarky and very unlikable character Who tells a widow she will be at the funeral with bells on Carmela used to have manners and be a classy woman not any Now she insults people calls them names and is inappropriate And when is she Cezanne and Provence: The Painter in His Culture going to stop helping Shamus Supposedly in this book he is stupid a party boy and useless yet every time he calls Carmela runs She even leaves a dinner with Ava to run to a bar he is at whining and complaining the whole timeThe whole voice of these books has changed maybe its the new co writer If so cut down on the books you author andet rid of the co writer A deadly explosion occurs during a Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans Carmela a scrapbook shop owner and Ava her best friend are at the parade and witness the disaster Carmela and Ava use their sleuthing skills to investigate and find out if the explosion was an accident or murder The 15th book in A Scrapbooking Mystery series by Laura Childs I have not read the previous books in this series but this one was easily read as a standalone I thoroughly enjoyed this cozy mystery and plan on reading some of the earlier books in this series Glitter Bomb starts with a bang and keeps a fast and fun pace throughout the book Carmela and Ava are a lively duo that Chicago's Urban Nature: A Guide to the City's Architecture + Landscape go on uite the adventure to solve this mystery Since it is set during Mardi Gras the city is bustling and Carmela and Ava stay busy enjoying the festivities After the story a few extras are included Scrapbook stamping and craft tips from Laura Childs Favorite New Orleans recipes Excerpt from Eggs on IceA fun mystery in a dazzling setting Areat read for fans of co. Mela Bertrand is excited to be attending the Pluvius Parade along with her best friend Ava Carmela's ex husband Shamus rides by the duo on his float at the head of the parade when suddenly the revelry turns to disaster Shamus' float crashes and explodes and altho.

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Glitter Bomb A Scrapbooking Mystery #15