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Possession Perversion Trilogy #2MY REVIEW can also be found n my blog KITTY KATS CRAZY ABOUT BOOKS POSSESSION is the second full length book in TM Frazier s Perversion trilogy It picks up where the first book left Bala Santa off Spoken in dual perspectives I m not going to write up this review in my usual way because so much happens in this it s a crazy fast paced highctane ride that will grab you by the throat from that very first page Grim and Tricks have not had an easy road Book of Magickal and Occult Rites and Ceremonies of it just when you think they can heal the rug is pulledut from under them yet again But no matter what is thrown at these two they are the most resilient characters I ve encountered in a long time Oh and let me tell you about the feels when Bald Eagle (Zeuss Pack our most loved characters from previous books make an appearance in this book it was like I d encountered my long lost friends again in my happy place This was my most highly anticipated bookf November I devoured this inhaled it didn t put it down read it from front to back work meh this book didn t know the meaning The Lady Elizabeth (Elizabeth I, of thatThis was darker intense grittier angstier the chaos the mayhem had me sittingn the edge Wolfsong of my seat biting my nails with twists and turns at every corner now the anticipation has started for the next book Teaser used isff the authors facebook page Possession had me Ultimate Memory Book on the edgef my seat and I m still waiting for my heart rate to slow downGrim s love for Tricks has me feeling touched I didn t think there d be time for my emotions to get involved with this dark read This man who never used to speak says words that make me smile Pelnrušķis un trollis oh so sweetly I need you baby You re myther half I m nothing without you I m yours GrimI think the hood Far Strike (The Transcended Book 3) of Bedlam is aptly named There is never a dull moment and neither Grim nor Tricks can catch a secondf peace And when they finally find a lull in the pandemonium that surrounds them some O Mistério do Infante Santo other catastrophyccurs Poor kids never get a break However together I think they really could conuer it all She makes me want to believe in things In life In humanity In us GrimThis installment Disgrace (Department Q, of the Perversion trilogy picks up right where the lastne left Monsoon off Tricks is back in Marco s clutches and for a while Grim has no ideaf the trouble his girl is in But when he figures it Slice by Slice out all hell breaks loose and it was glorious They can t keep me from Tricks None can Not any We re magnets always being pulled together GrimI absolutely adore these kids They ve survived so much are still having to survive so much and yet they never give up the fight While Grim is Angels Flight (Legion of Angels Book 8) of a soldier willing to lay down his life to protect what s his to lift up arms to battle against his enemies and to literally fight to the death for his cause Tricks is a bit wily I love how truly slick she is I admire how cool she remains under pressure using her wits and her guile to get what she wants The author created two uite uniue characters that bothverwhelmed and humbled meI don t know how to adeuately explain to you how much I m looking forward to the conclusion to this story I got a little glimpse and I have to admit that I m a little glimpse and I have to admit that I m a little That bit made me know that I need to expect the unexpected which I ve come to expect from this author I m just hoping for a bit Ice Maiden of happy I think these two finally deserve it Tricks I m in awef you You re amazing You you re fucking magic GrimI feel like the special treat in this book was the appearance Latin Lovers Greek Husbands Bundle of a couplef characters that I ve loved for years Getting to see them and having Seducing the Heiress others mentioned in passing made me feel like this story was a partf the continuum It all links together somehow and I couldn was a part f the continuum It all links together somehow and I couldn be Happier Knowing That Grim Knowing that Grim such an amazing support system especially during this time f impending war gives me hope for an amazing ending to this series Not that I m really worried it s TM FrazierBlog Facebook Twitter Instagram Tumblr Google Possession Perversion Trilogy 2 by TM Frazier Gritty Dark Romance 2 in a Trilogy Does Not Stand Alone No killing kids Or women unless they shoot first Understood Everyone else fucking dies We are back in the supper gritty and violent gang run town Teasing Her SEAL of Lacking FL and I couldn t be excited to be there After doing a re readf Perversion via Audible I jumped right into Possession I m really glad I did the reread because Possession just gets right Rancher Bears Baby (Rancher Bears, on with the story and doesn t stop the action to recap the first book It s a pretty short read I sat down to read it and thenly breaks I took were to say holy shit a few times and then get some popcorn for the last 15% so I d stop biting my nails This thing between us That s the real magic And it s no fucking trick Tricks and Grim are A Valentines Wish onpposite ends Paixão Sem Disfarce of a deadly gang war and things are going to get worse before they can get better IF they can get better WE know what happened at the endf Perversion but Grim doesn t yet It s amazing how TM Frazier can write some Rain of the most twisted and horribly violent stuff and I eat it up like candy If we can t stop it we might as well toast to it To war To peace To prosperity To death To life Despit. Coming November 2018From the USA Today bestselling authorf The King Series TM Frazier Th. E the violent and gritty gang war this is mostly a story In the Matter of the Complaint Against Egbert C. Smyth and Others, Professors of the Theological Institution in Phillips Academy, Andover of star crossed lovers Tricks is all innocence and attitude Both fearless and terrified Rebellion with a sidef caution I m not worthy f her Of this dangerous life altering thing between us Never will be It doesn t matter Worthy r not I m fucking taking her Conseuences be damned Tricks is mine She always has beenAlways will be But Marco has Tricks now And he has help Can Grim get her back before Marco breaks her Or even worse kills herOMG the angst The violence The surprises Possession had me glued to my kindle and right now I kind Quantum (Captain Chase of hate TM Frazier a little because I don t know how the hell she is going to give the couple the HEA they need The HEA I need She was fucking perfect It was like we were fucking with than justur bodies Minds Fucking souls if I believed in that kind f shit That s the thing with Tricks She makes me want to believe in things In life She makes me want to believe in things In life humanity In us Likes Addictive and unputdownable Full f surprises TM Frazier is never afraid to go anywhere in her books and never holds back Last Man Standing on violence The amazing cameos So fast paced I didn t want to stop reading to pee Completely unpredictable Left me doubting how this can end but I am trusting TM Frazier Dislikes Seemed awfully short took me about 3 hours with interruptions I would have rather waited and had a duet but this makes good business sense for her and mostly I am just dying for The Down Dirty Once again TM Frazier had me glued to my kindle breathlessly following every surprising gritty deadly violent and sexy twist and turn She had me gleefully wishing horrible violent deaths swooningver the romance crying Light, Gesture, and Color over the family love and freakingut Classic Krakauer: Mark Foo's Last Ride, After the Fall, and Other Essays from the Vault over what comes next I love how her world is fake enough for us to put aside reality and go with it yet real enough to feel like you are right there with them The bonus cameos brought some fun and lightness into the non stop violent action I am already counting the days 27 until Permission I need it NOW Honestly I am really glad I didn t wait to binge because the anticipation is just making it even better Thank goodness it s a short wait 5 Til death do us part s We aren t the kindf thing that can just be Toxic Game (A GhostWalker Novel) over You and me Tricks We Don t End My Tricks Grim Buddy Read with my girl Desire TM Frazier you have done it yet again I mean seriously how in the hell do you do it It s masterpiece after ma 35 StarsThis was the second book in the dark trilogy by TM Frazier I usually have no complaints when I readne Canada of her books but this instalment came with than a few inconsistencies with her wording and with spelling and grammar There was also a part in the story wherene thing was happening and then another scene came about with not a very smooth transition if that makes any sense I don t want to give details as I don t wish to give away part The Queens Fool / The Virgins Lover of the story becausef the fast switch it made the story feel rushed to me at that particular partThe thing is though I am still enjoying the Dead Reckoning (Sookie Stackhouse, overall trilogyf Tricks and Grimm s fall into love My DogFace onlyther complaint would be that in this second part they had very little time together I find that is a big peeve What You Owe Me of mine in a book I want the couple to share at least 50%f the story together not apart I m really crossing my fingers that the conclusion will be well worth all Buffalo Woman Comes Singing of the torment pain and suffering thatur poor characters are having to endure They deserve a few wonderful things to happen to them pretty please I m starting to feel worried that they will never get something good for

themselves believe me 
Believe me have than paid their dues It s time for Grimm and Tricks to stand up and raise some hell They are both Bad asses to their core it s time we start to finally see that Thanks so much Steph for another great Buddy Read I m reserving you for December 11th 4 Tricks Stars I can t deal WTF just happened I had no idea that this was going to turn Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant out this way color me shocked when I read that cliffy How are we not supposed to pullur hair The Last Great Revolution out in the mean time How will we function for the next few weeks Seriously WHATTHE FUCK Just happened I m going to keep thisne short and hopefully spoiler free Grim and Tricks were caught up in this web Shining City of utter hurt that was filled with revenge but these two were stronger than ever They pushed the boundariesf what was acceptable and they did whatever it took to keep each Blind Spots other safe no matter what Grim was unrelenting in his uest to make things right and Tricks became a forcef nature in making sure that at the end f the day she would be left standingI loved that this was darker and grittier and we got action Certain things shocked me while the rest left me feeling uneasy and sick at times but I loved it These characters were never perfect to begin with but they had heart they showed devotion and loyalty when it mattered and the love they felt for each ther was unstoppable That s what I love about this series the unknown and the action just gets your blood pumping but it s cliffhangers that E story f Grim and Emma Jean continues War is coming We've come so far We'll have to figh.

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O you in Boy do they do You In Excuse Me While I Go in Excuse me while I go in a corner until I can get my hands n the final book The audiobook version St. Johns Wort of Possession Book twof the Perversion Trilogy is now LIVE Permission Book three will be available The Roman Family on April 30th Click here THE ENTIRE TRILOGY IS NOW LIVE US UK Permission paperback is LIVE early Snag your copy todayPaperback US UK need to preorder your copyf Permission One click your copy from your preferred eBook retailer and it will be Hirvenmetsästäjä on your device at MIDNIGHTPERMISSION book 3 LIVE AT MIDNIGHT Possession had men the edge f my seat and I m still waiting for my heart rate to SLOW DOWN NATALIE GOODREADS REVIEWERGRAB YOUR down Natalie Goodreads ReviewerGrab your f Possession today POSSESSION book 2 Available Now Paperback Books Universal TM Frazier A Christmas Miscellany obviously sold her soul to Satan for this kindf talent BB Easton Not true BB That deal was made long before I started writingPOSSESSION IS That deal was made long before I started writingPOSSESSION IS Universal Books preorders will be delivered to e readers in less than TWO hours for the East Coast LIVE in the UK and Australia POSSESSION IS NOW LIVE Universal Books paperbac Those who have a strong sense Too Bad to Die of belonging have the courage to be imperfect Possession is the second book in the Perversion Trilogy With a mind blowing action packed gritty romance TM Frazier delivers another heart stopping read After the UEENf CLIFFIES from the first book in the series I was DYING to get back to Grim and Tricks and see how would find their way back together Tensions with the feuding gangs are intensifying and Grim will move heaven and earth to get Tricks back in his arms Tricks is going through hell but she will never give up She has tenacity and spunk and will never stop fighting Grim and Tricks have a connection that continues to grow with every trial they face I would have come for you sooner I m so sorry it took me so long Told in multiple POV Possession is full OXENBOXEN of raw and grit and non stop action The stakes are high and life and death aren the line The characters are complex and the plot is full Resist (Wicked Ways Book 1) of multiple twists and turns that will keep youn your toes the entire read Be forewarned there is another MASSIVE CLIFFIE in this Beautiful Ghosts (Inspector Shan, one so your Perversion addiction will probably intensify after you finish So this is how it can be Overall TM Frazier never fails to amaze me with her master storytelling and the way in which she captivates me everytime I readne Oh! Calcutta of her creations My fingers are crossed for Grim and Tricks to find their HEA but I have all the faith in the world in Ms Frazier to carry these characters through December could not come soon enoughARC graciously provided in exchange for an honest review For reviewsrevealsgiveaways visit I was left dissatisfiedI started Book 1 a little excited to be getting into another dark and gritty story There s this initial buzzf getting away with something naughty For a while you thrive Hush, Hush (Hush, Hush, on the dark and seedy sidef life The drinking smoking and recklessness seem like a party and everyone s invited You close your eyes to the bad editing try to convince yourself that the 5 per instalment will be worth it and you leave reality far far behind Then you uickly because it s fairly short finish the second instalment and realise the buzz is gone The characters have lost their brains probably from drinking and smoking too much and fall for every trap SHE GOT KIDNAPPED AGAINSure some familiar faces pop in to give you a flutter The Indian in the Cupboard (The Indian in the Cupboard, of excitement but unfortunately it can t save it The buzz is DEADI don t think I m going to buy the third book For starters it s the most expensivef the three Secondly we ve escaped so far from reality I feel like I m reading a horrordystopianparanormal mish mash I m waiting for the world to explode zombies to arrive and there s so much blood the vampires are sure to be just around the cornerDark and gritty books are like a shiny Reasoning and the Logic of Things object You re attracted to the glitter and can t wait to get your handsn it You have itand the glitter fades If The Holcroft Covenant / The Rhinemann Exchange only it had been sold asne book If The Night Before Christmas: or, A Visit from St. Nicholas: The Heirloom Edition only a proof reader had taken a look at it before it was published Ifnly it had still felt like a party instead The Queens Assassin (Queens Secret, of a horror movieIn the end Possession was just OK for me Too late I remembered how frustrating it is to get your story in instalments Even with them allut and ready to go I was still cranky Maybe if I d been patient I could have waited for it to be released in a bundle But alas the shiny Space Calculated in Seconds object caught my eye and I caved into temptation My fellow readers don t be impatient like me wait for the bargain bundle This was a great second instalment andne I have been highly anticipating since the events that transpired in the previous book I was also Lightning on pins to see if my previous hunch regarding certain actions was in any way correct and yay I m pleased to say that it wasHere we are back again with Grim and Tricks and Possession itself is just as Dark and gritty as its predecessor throwing me right back into the fantastical and imaginative worldf BedlamI read this through in Digital Web one complete sitting and its safe to say. T for what we have Or die trying Book One PerversionBook Two PossessionBook Three Permissi.