PDF or EPUB Einstein's Cosmos How Albert Einstein's Vision Transformed Our Understanding of Space and Time Great Discoveries

Einstein's Cosmos How Albert Einstein's Vision Transformed Our Understanding of Space and Time Great Discoveries

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Arts about the uantum theory and the many worlds interpretation which solves the amous cat paradox by positing that the universe
"Bifurcates With Each Observation "
with each observation the cat into two universes with each having a separate cat dead or alive This also leads one into the alleyway of why is it that a single universe makes sense than multiple universes These uestions are totally I Love My Dad fascinating and Kaku really does a good job in illuminating the tricky concepts not just behind the theories Einstein agreed with or pioneered but those he opposed and criticized which gives the reader a context a thing indispensable in a biography Iound the book immensely enjoyable on many All about Us fronts though arguably biased towards string theory a Kakuamously works in Although I ve read many other of Einstein s life and his contributions to physics I wanted to see how physicist Michio Kaku wrote about him This book is not an exhaustive biography instead it is a popular book that attempts to give the casual reader a glimpse into the man who stood as tall as Isaac Newton For an excellent e Modern physics is based on two theories the theory of relativity and uantum mechanics Albert Einstein is the ounder of the irst and the grandfather of second He was so ahead of his time that some of his theories have only just recently being proven In Einstein s Cosmos Michio Kaku explores Einstein s contributions to science and briefly discusses the physicists of the early twentieth century Kaku provides a high level overview of Einstein s life but it s by no means a biography Kaku s passion Noni Speaks Up for the subject comes through in his writing and his everyday examples makeor a uick and enjoyable read If you are not amiliar with Einstein s work this book would be a good place to star. Way to discuss his ideas and delivers an appealing and always accessible introduction to Einstein's work. ,

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Of the subject matter the narrative was concise and airly easy to Comprehend That Is Until that is until superstring theory was discussed albeit very briefly If you An Egg-cellent Easter! (Barbie) find uantum mechanics mind boggling superstring theory might justry your brain I simply cannot athom or imagine the existence of ten dimensions one dimension of space and nine dimensions of space However this well written book was not just about the science as it also provided a sufficient glimpse of the person behind the genius who was so ar ahead of his time Kaku emphasizes a point throughout this book that really makes you think in a new light about physics He says that Einstein always believed that the theories he s been working on and obviously the ones he is Wish Upon a Wedding famousor their discovery namely special and #General Relativity Can Always Be Understood In #relativity can always be understood in of simple thought experiments or pictures It is not difficult to see where this led Einstein who spent the last years of his life trying to achieve unification between relativity and uantum mechanics The uestion that nagged me throughout was whether reality is really beautiful ie simple and if yes why it should be soAt heart I m convinced that there is no necessity or this to be the case *but then this is Einstein and it is evident that his belief that reality is simple *then this is Einstein and it is evident that his belief that reality is simple him to think up relativity a theory that I still cannot understand in many waysKaku tries to hint that superstring theory is just what Einstein would ve liked to think about as a candidate or unification and even claims that the picture of strings vibrating with different Renovations: A Father and Son Rebuild a House and Rediscover Each Other freuencies akin to musical notes may have been the simple picture that would ve helped Einstein to realize his dream of unificationApartrom the uestion of simplicity there are some interesting 's crucial discoveries to the simple mental images that inspired them Michio Kaku inds a revealing new. All this uantum mechanics and relativity STUFF BEING SO INCREDIBLY COUNTER INTUITIVE being so incredibly counter intuitive seems even of a barrier than usual it s tough to properly tease out if much of what s written is meant to be metaphorical epistemological or just plain hard up muthafuckin relative of course truth or maybe muthafuckin relative of course truth or maybe kind of hybrid so while kaku does an admirable job of simplifying some of einstein s abstruse mindfucks there re other aspects that send a bug straight up my ass ie regarding heisenberg s uncertainty principle This was not just a by product of the crudeness of our instruments it was a undamental law of nature Even God could not know both the precise position and momentum of an electron re that inal line say what now that just seems some kinda unnecessary obfuscatin booshit maybe kaku is pandering to who he thinks must be the typical reader of a book of this nature pop science series called great discoveries etc but whhhhyyyy include that line why bring a god who knows things into the discussion when you re dealing with all this existenzy shit you really can t use the expression god only knows #because y know that might very well be the case Ever wondered why Albert Einstein remains as #y know that might very well be the case Ever wondered why Albert Einstein remains as legend in the ield of physics well over a century after he discovered the general theory of relativity The uote below rom the author sums it up All physical knowledge at the undamental level is contained in two pillars of physics general relativity and the uantum theory Einstein was the Puppet Master founder of theirst the godfather of the second and paved the way Swoon: The Heartthrob Activity Book for Good Color-Inners as Well as Beginners for the possible unification of both I chose Einstein s Cosmos as myirst Michio Kaku s book to somewhat ease myself into this renowned theoretical physicist s writing and safe to say it won t be my last In spite. There's no better short book that explains just what Einstein did than Einstein's Cosmos Keying Einstein. ,