Once Upon a Twisted Time (Twisted Fairy Tales, #1) (E–pub/E–book) ¸ Julie Morgan

Stories included in this anthology are1 The Beast Underneath Julie Morgan2 Mine Before Midnight Amy L Gale3 Red Tara Vasser4 Love is for the Birds Angelica Dawson5 Snow Erzabet Bishop6 Mended Emily Cyr7 Keys to her Heart Lori King8 Twelve Savannah Verte9 Alice oes to Hell A Mad Man s Tale Christine Alvarez10 Gretel Witch Hunter DD Miers11 Swan Song Jess Haines12 Jak the Giant Healer Rebekah Ganiere13 The Huntress and the Frog Louisa Bacio14 Breathe Me to Life "Jolanthe Aleksander15 Severed Hearts Elizabeth "Aleksander15 Severed Hearts Elizabeth ve not started reading this book yet I ll update this review when I do but I know I usually like to know what stories are included in an anthology before buying so I thought some people might find that list usefulI can t find book 16 looking at the list of authors it appears that the story by Nicole Garcia is missing unless the wrong file was uploaded to by mistake because I kindle searched for her name in there and it s definitely not #in the version I received I m assuming that Gina Kincade is #the version I received I m assuming that Gina Kincade is the editor as she doesn t actually have a story in here either So many Silver in the Wood great authors all in one place with a new take on some wonderful fairy talesKeys to Her Heart Lori King An amazing re telling of The Prince and the Pauper Evan and Walker are different in many ways but they are still the best of friends Becca is theirl they both crushed on through high school and much to their surprise she shows up back in town one night There is a silly drunken bet placed on who has the easier job and a lot of sweet heat This was wonderful I wouldn t mind trading places with Becca Jak the Giant Healer Rebekah R Ganiere Jak s father has never been the reatest but he just crossed a line Jak heads out to visit her friend and is kidnapped on her way home Stefan is heir to his father s thronebut there isn t much left for a couple of reasons He also needs to find a way to save not only his father but his people as well I just adore this storyJack and the beanstalk was never one of my favorites but this has totally changed my mind Jak is wonderful and loving I hope that we et to see of her and her new family in the future as well as Olivia Wonderful CollectionThere are many reat authors in this collection and as I read thru I will add my review to each storyThe Beast Underneath5 out of 5 Damn Edge of Seat still catching my breathIt s been a lon. From the days of old with the twist of new these fairytales are just for you Drawing from a well of myth and legend ,
Once Upon a Twisted Time (Twisted Fairy Tales, #1)Points off for not providing disclosure and because many of the tales seemed to be selected for the erotica rather than the story uality Don t buy this book for any friends without being fully aware of what you ifting Fairy "tales never et old Maybe it is because times may change but people don This is "never et old Maybe it is because times may change but people don t This is varied collection of tales that are not your ranny s fairy tales but I think she d approve This collection envelopes a vast array of stories and ideas that I absolutely loved and will read again and again Here are my thoughts on and will read again and again Here are my thoughts on few of the tales Breathe me to life by Jolanthe AleksanderA complicated love story What are you willing to do for true love A story that will keep you thinking long after its doneThe Beast Underneath by Julie MorganDieselpunk beauty and the beast with a twist So much funThe Huntress the Frog by Louisa BacioModern take on the frog prince New Orleans is as much a character as any of the others I ot a total kick out of this storyTwelve by Savannah VerteA modern twisted take on the 12 Princes This story made me a little sadRed Part 1 by Tara VasserRed Riding hood as a vampire Oh what tangled webs we weave Review of Red by Tara VasserAfter a tragic accident Red has been taken from all that she knows and for the next 10 years she is The Sorcerer's Apprentice groomed to be the bride of a powerful vampire But when Red runs from her fate she is rescued by an unlikely hero A hero that is just as lost as Red and together they begin a journey of discoveryTara Vasser has written a take on the Little Red Riding Hood story that was verra hawt andreat fun to read But reader be warned there are three parts to this story so if you are not a fan of cliffhangers you ve been warned Highly recommend and look forward to reading I read the story of Kellan and Ailsa Breathe Me to Life by Jolanthe Aleksander This story had everything that a Eagle's Gate great story should I m a sucker for anything fae related so thisot me from the first paragraph The instant connection between Kellan and Ailsa was undeniable just like the hate from Devany was This is one story that I wish was longer it ended to uicklyIf you re looking for some short stories that are uick and easy Great selection of fairy tales told in a whole different way Red by Tara was a reat read Red was turned into a vampire and was pretty much being made to marry an evil vampire but ends up escaping. Ales of love war oaths and curses uncover the secrets in Once Upon a Twisted Time We promise you a Happily Ever After.

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G time since I read a book out of my normal enre But It Was Excellent it was excellent wouldn t run right thru and call it a horror but along the lines of a thriller Although some people see them along the same lines I see a slight differenceWhen I first started reading this book I didn t know what to expect A friend of mine said read this please and I read it What I ot was shock edge of my seat butterflies still in my stomach feeling I loved the storyWhat would you be willing to do for love is what I would Say And The Lengths That A Man and the lengths that a man o are terrible for the ones involved You can feel all the emotions flowing off the pages Love hate death worry scared and most of all fear Fear of the unknown fear of what you have been doing fear of losing yourself to the madnessAll in all this was a wonderful terrifying story and you will love itUntil Next Time Tabi Bound to be a fantastic alternative perspective to many well known fairytales oing by Twelve by Savannah VerteTwelve is a uirky twisted tale of the Twelve Dancing Princesses raised in an unconventional manner these strong princesses take their destined fates into their own hands and life their lives how they want Family can be a strange concept to many loyalty and honesty vie against duty and powerThis story of Twelve is a daring look at what a family can beMore reviews to come I have begun with Twelve by Savannah Verte And so far I am enjoying this anthology Twelve is a really sad story with a cute ending The story begins with a young boy who loses his parents Then one day he is informed he too must take a wife and make an heir I found this part hilarious to be honest Then after 11 tries and 3 wives in he finally has an heir But he doesnt know it And is not able to handle life the way it is Years o by The twist is part of what made this little story endearing Fairy tale eroticaWhat none of the reviewers prior to me nor in the "book description tell you that this is fairy tale and fantasy erotica Some "description tell you that this is fairy tale and fantasy erotica Some it is uite Don't Worry, Eat Cake: A Coloring Book to Help You Feel a Little Bit Better about Everything good some ok but it s all there 1 on 1 2 on 1 7 on 1 BDSM Thankod this was not a hard back my 11 year old would rab with lee after seeing Fairy Tale in the title I can t even imagine what that conversation would look like Mom WaaaaaaaaSome stories were true to the title advertised and were reat retelling of the tales Red Ja Alice one of the swan lake stories But only 3 stars. Ach of these 16 USA Today and NYT Best Selling Authors has put their own twist on a story from childhood Modernized .