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These Harleuin Historicals are rocking my world Mother what have I become Good awd this was so much fun What an underrated little jewel this is I literally felt like I was swept up in a cinematic adventure all over the sand dunes of Egypt This was my first read by Greta Gilbert and she did a stunning job capturing the rich vibrant world of Ancient Egypt The details Oh man From the prophecies the high Priests the dark endless tunnels of the pyramids the river banks the lavish lifestyle of the royal palace the nomadic life out in the desert I have to say I was really impressed how far the author took it with the details And the makeup the wigs the jewelry Oh myWhat also really worked here for me was that both hero and heroine toed that line of Pure Land Buddhism in Modern Japanese Culture grey area in the beginning Tahar and Kiya were so uniue in the sense they both started off having ulterior motives Tahara is pretty much an anti hero in the beginningiven his selfish motives and he used to be part of a tribe of thieves Kiya s motives are desperate and understandable I ll be honest I was a little skeptical in the beginning but the character development really won me over uickly I see most had issue with the heroine s lying but considering it was done out of pure survival mode and not on a whim and she didn t do it constantly which was my fear it didn t bother me Plus the hero pretty much had her number from the beginning and knew the 2 or 3 times she was lying so it wasn t that big of an issue shrugs The heroine in particular showed such strength and courage and I loved the women empowerment undertones especially in a time and place where a woman s worth is little to none especially a poor orphaned one I disguised myself is little to none especially a poor orphaned one I disguised myself a man I helped pull the carts up the tunnel she explained I am not a oddess Your Highness I am not Hathor Incarnate I am I am just a woman The love story was so beautiful Nicely built up Tahar falling for the mysterious woman he captures was so reat to see The ender bender introduction was cute and created for the mysterious woman he captures was so reat to see The Kemilau Cinta - Brighter Than the Sun gender bender introduction was cute and created funny moments Therowth both of these characters o through made this a successful read I loved how Tahar taught Kiya to open her mind and eyes to the bigger picture For someone who was pretty much raised on the streets she had a very narrow view of the world and beliefs so it was reat to see her Red November: Inside the Secret U.S.-Soviet Submarine War grow and learn that there is out there and to see of the world To see both come together and have such clashing differences in beliefs one realistic and worldly experienced and the other spiritual and naive wasreat to see I found both of them so refreshingly honest and pure in so many ways

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me some Tahar Mmm So A Silent Ocean Away: Colette's Dominion going down the checklist Epic adventure all over the desert Angsty love story of captor falling for his captive Couple facingreat odds and trials to reunite I clearly loved this I felt like I was watching a movie with the hurdles the characters face and the twists and turns thrown their way until they finally reunite at the end This covered all aspects of Ancient Egypt in pretty much 4 Acts You The Magic Question get a nice taste of everything from the drudgery of workers and slaves working forrain to the endless miles of sand and scorching unforgiving heat of the desert sun to the opulence of the King s boat and the cool palace walls I feel like I ve repeated myself enough so I ll stop here lol This is the kind of book I enjoy Definitely recommend this one Good writing and setting BUT H wants to marry an independent woman even though he has been brought up in a society where a woman do. Passion hotter than the Egyptian sun In the Great Pyramid of King Khufu resourceful Kiya works tirelessly disguised as a boy But then fearsome raiders arrive and
Enslaved By The Desert Trader

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Ove historical fiction So I picked it without readin At the beginning of "this book I was intrigued because there aren t many novels that "book I intrigued because there aren t many romance novels that this time period and setting ancient Egypt and I A Writer's Reference with Writing about Literature with 2009 MLA and 2010 APA Updates give the author credit for re imagining a story in this way I like that she really includes the mythology of the time period But I became increasingly frustrated with all the characters It should be subtitled Women who fall in love with bad men and who lie about themselves First of all Kiya lies about her truth self to EVERYONE She disguises herself as a boy to become a pyramid building slave and the reason why she does this is unclear Then she doesn t tell the trader Taher or the Egyptian king who she really is She allows them to believe that she s either aoddess or named after a America Lost and Found: An English Boy's Wartime Adventure in the New World goddess And again the reasons why she does this are omitted from the story Secondly Taher the trader is no hero he s an absolute scumbag until the last chapter and then the author decides to make uick amends to his character when he practically says Oops I m not really that person you thought I was For me it was too little too late I was pissed off with his character by the half way point of the book and the author lost me on feeling any kind of affection towards him He takes Kiya hostage because he decides that she would make areat meal ticket by exchanging her to some rich man down the river so that he can buy a boat She s not a human being in his eyes she s chattel As the story progresses he does damage to her than you can imagine so his precious bargaining property doesn t escape She is lanced in the arm with a spear by one of his allies while he holds her underwater She is bitten by a poisonous snake from which she could have escaped had she not had her arms and legs tied together so that she wouldn t escape Taher s camp He later ties her to a tree in the desert for an entire day and leaves her alone with no food no way to relieve herself and no way to drink water because he has her mouth agged and then he wanders off to find the nearest brothel so he can have sex with some other woman What a complete jerk And then she falls in love with him Boy the desert heat must have really affected her brain Later she is sent off alone with Taher s horse and is discovered by the King of Egypt The king desires her for her looks and decides he wants to claim her as his bride But Kiya at this point wants the cruel Taher By this point I ve decided that the author must love female characters who love to be masochists Under the Egyptian SunKiya survives two years of drought by disguising herself as a mute boy and hauling stone for the Great Pyramid of King Khufu She remembers little of her mother except two warnings Beware the three serpents And stay away from menthey mean to enslave youTahar lives among the desert people as a trader but he is not one of them When he captures Kiya during a brief alliance with raiders his first thought is to sell her for a high price and return to his homeland across two seas He travels with his captive saving her teaching her and learning from herMs Gilbert s tale is set in an ancient world Don t s tale is set in an ancient world Don t the setting fool you the characters live and speak values and truths applicable to modern life Tahar could be a sneaky little devil and I liked that first I must take my rest he said but his large hands were doing anything but resting Soon he was atop her slowly kissing her breasts This is the best rest I think I have ever had I really liked this book I loved Kiya s spiri. Ome price But Kiya is not easily tamed And when a wild heat explodes between them shattering all thoughts of resistance Tahar must find a way to keep her as his ow. Es not look at a man in the face and he is on a road trip to auction off a slave womanWhere did the idea of marrying an independent woman come from Adventure Romance story of Tahar and Kiya that takes place in ancient Egypt 2000 BCE It was nice to imagine this period in our nice to imagine this period in our However the reason for my lowered rating was due to simplistic vision ancient Egypt The love story was cute Orphaned and left on the streets of Cairo Kiya disguises herself as a boy to work on the Great Pyramid of King Khufu But then fearsome raiders arrive and running for her life she is captured by a desert trader Tahar running for her life she is captured by a desert trader Tahar a desert trader a member of the despised barba For those who can t et enough of ancient Egyptian history and culture Gilbert s desert romance is a tale to prize The backdrop is as intriguing as the charact Kiya has been living on the streets of Memphis in Egypt for years and has been posing as a man and working on the Great Pyramid for the last 2 When a roup of desert tribesman perform a raid on the work site Kiya is captured by Tahar who is determined to sell her in marriage to someone wealthy so he can afford to sail back to his homeland But he doesn t expect to fall in love with her and once it occurs to him what he s actually about to do he becomes set on seeing Kiya happy no matter what it takes But setting her free doesn t ive Kiya her freedom instead Kiya finds herself the obsession of the Pharaoh and engaged to be married to him But she misses and loves Tahar who she fears she ll never see againSo this started out very promising First of all the setting is totally uniue in the romance enre Not many romances out there set in Ancient Egypt And the establishment of their developing connection their chemistry and the moral conflict as Tahar begins to understand his own intentions were excellent I loved this book right up to the 50% mark But then Tahar sets Kiya free and things kinda o down hill I was disappointed that when Kiya became the fiancee of the king it was so easy for her to set Tahar aside She claimed he was always in her mind but she ACCEPTED her marriage to the king awfully uickly when it came to itno resistance whatsoever That bothered me a lot because I seriously began to uestion how much she loved him Tahar s love I had no doubt ofuntil she saw him on her wedding day and we Aristotle's Rhetoric: An Art of Character got nothing of any sort of reaction to him I mean here he is watching the woman he loves about to marry someone else and we neveret to see his reaction was he angry devastated happy for her what A man in love is oing to have a reaction but "he didn t really have one Things ultimately work out though there are enough uestions left at the endsuch as " didn t really have one Things ultimately work out though there are enough uestions left at the endsuch as Tahar and Kiya would ever be allowed to return to Khemet whether they ever saw Imhoter again and whether they ever found Tahar s mother Some of that could have easily been summed up in a much needed epilogue Kiya is an orphan who has lived on the streets for years She disguised herself as a man and has been working on the building of the pyramid When desert raiders attack the pyramid Kiya is captured by a raider with the intend to sell her Tahar needs to buy a boat to return to his homeland and family And he knows he can et uite a bit of money for a young maiden But Kiya is not your typical maiden and defies him at every chance Soon they are both on a wild journey that pits them against the king and the desert raiders all who want them deadI ll be honest this wasn t a book that I would normally read But I was bored and Unning for her life she is captured by a hardened desert trader When he realises what a beauty he has enslaved Tahar knows he could and should sell her for a hands.