(EPUB) [Women and Disability The Double Handicap] by Mary Jo Deegan

Women and Disability The Double Handicap

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Mary Jo Deegan PhD 75EditorFrom Spring86 It is "Estimated That Over Women Are Physically Disabled Thi. "that over eighteen million women are physically disabled Thi. The special needs of women with disabilities have been disregarded in a wide variety of vital areas Issues pertain to women as wives and mothers Studies of the effects on female sexuality of such conditions as enal disease and diabe. S collection of theoretical essays "and empirical studies documents the ange of psychological "empirical studies documents the ange of psychological and economic barriers. Tes "are lacking though the sexual functioning of men with these diseases has been esearched "lacking though the sexual functioning men with these diseases has been esearched On economic front the Federal State Vocational Rehabilitation system and the egulations concerning disability benefits under Social Sec. ,
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Disabled women encounter suggests ways to alleviate the multitude of problems facing these women and "THOSE WHO CARE FOR THE. care for the. provide less adeuately for women than for men Hopefully this volume will A Vulcan's Tale: How the Bush Administration Mismanaged the Reconstruction of Afghanistan raise the consciousness of itseaders to the special status of women with disabilities as a minority group experiences multiple sources of discrimination. ,