(PDF) [Broken Knight] BY L.J. Shen

How they are thriving I couldn t have loved these two and the whole Sinners of Saint families if I triedBeta read I finished Broken Knight last week and I m still thinking about it Not only is it the BEST SoSASH book but it s Leigh s best book period And my absolute hands own FAVORITE BK is everything I ve missed about YANA whatever you want to call it It s pure magicYou know those can t eat can t sleep can t even The Second Mexican American War drive without peeking at your kindle at the stoplight type of reads Those are far and few between for me theseays but I felt that so hard with Broken Knight I m not generally a fan of spin offsI m not generally a fan of KIDS of my favorite characters getting their own books But holy shit I m apparently a fan of KJC He s everything I BWWM (Interracial African American Billionaire Baby Romance Marriage Urban) 3 (Interracial African American Billionaire Baby Romance Marriage Urban) 3: Billionaires Secret Baby (BWWM Interracial African American Romance Urban Baby Romance Short Stories) didn t know I wanted Honestly Iidn t expect to love this book the way I PHP 7 Data Structures and Algorithms do It completely consumed me It s the best book of 2019 I m calling it now Actually it s the best book I remember reading in the past couple of years I ve had the same few favorite books for years and Broken Knight just shot to the top of the list of my all time favorites Forget about what you think you want to happen Forget about what you think you KNOW Forget about what team you re rooting for Just buckle up and enjoy the rideBecause Knight Cole is about to fuck you all the way up Dear LJ Shen How is it that you make your words spring to life from the barren pages and hit my senses with the force of a gale every time How is it that you peel off the layers of the banal and reveal the terrible beauty of the coreI wonder what spirit possesses you every time you pick up your pen brimming over with confidence or maybe unsure of your own craft to pour every ounce of what weighed on your mind fluidly into the empty pages waiting in anticipation No other book has reuired of me such prolonged contemplation There are books that I read purely as a way to escape reality They are a release from my incessant mental chatter They help to pass the time Other books will not stand for merely serving as aistraction They Understanding Algorithms and Flowcharts (Fundamentals of Modern Information Technology Book 1) demand to be studied Theyemand I go the extra mile and extend my reading well beyond my purview Two pages into this formidable work and I realized this is not just a book to be read It Its Been Said Before does not merely exist for my enjoyment No It is a work of art and itemands to be treated as suchA million stars to give it isn t enough All of the stars in the entire world Reviewer s block ever heard of it Neither True Crime in the Civil War: Cases of Murder, Treason, Counterfeiting, Massacre, Plunder Abuse did I until I finished BKI ve truly been at a loss for words What am I supposed to say How can Io this book justice There are books that you re so afraid of reading not because they re bad but because you know that they re going to be so good you re afraid you won t be able to adeuately find words that will Cutting Down Trees: Gender, Nutrition, and Agricultural Change in the Northern Province of Zambia, 1890-1990 (Social History of Africa Series) depict how this book made you feel I probably say this in every review I write about a LJ Shen book but bloody hell the author always manages to get me in this puddle of feels No wait like ocean of heart wrenching feelsI can say without reservation that this is some of the most incredible writing I ve ever come across and I m absolutely baffled as to how LJ Shen pulled it offBroken Knight is the incredible story of Luna and Knight s journey which spans from the time they meet as children to adulthood Their path certainly wasn t easy One of the many things I love about this book is level of intensity in their relationship Their story is not a fairy tale but it is a tale that touches your heart makes your pulse race and takes you on a journey with characters that need each other soesperately that to have anything but a forever for them would be inherently wrong This is a book that is not only about falling in love but about forgiveness and healing too You feel Lunight s strong chemistry and their need for each other in your heart in your blood and in your bones LJ Shen always manages to give you a great and interesting insight into both characters lives and no one else manages to change POVs as well as she oesYou can see the souls of the characters ALL OF THEM You wonder how this is possible Let me tell you why The writing is epic It is poetic It is captivating Knight his character absolutely slayed me and blew me away He s also brave profound selfless and a survivor There were moments when he was so vulnerable and it made me want to wrap him in my arms and hold him This book will linger in your mind heart and soul forever I will never forget Knight and Luna as their love story is unparalleledI was sucked completely into this vortex of the world of Broken Knight and fell in love with this story In the end without spoiling the plot I will simply say that this book is every chapter Every Sentence Every Word A Work Of ART It Is sentence every word a work of ART It is masterpiece worthy of the highest praise 6 STARS There are great books and then there s this book THE BEST BOOK I VE READ ALL YEAREvery now and then a book completely consumes you and leaves you speechless Broken Knight is that book for me The story These characters I will remember the experience Always LJ Shen ascends to new heights with this amazing work of art Broken Knight moved me It entertained me I was completely captivated from cover to cover Here s what I lovedThe writing is flawless I felt as though I been pulled into the story and experienced everything in real life These characters have fully imprin There are very few times in a person s life where they come across a book that pulls no punches and is so real raw and gritty that it literally consumes you where you can t eat or sleep without thinking about it Broken Knight is that book for me I can honestly say that after reading it this book has irrevocably changed who I am as a person and how hard I will love and hold my Loved Ones Around Me ones around me is one of a kind and hands Dry down LJ Shen s greates I have known for while howisloyal this author is to her characters see in Ruckus how she Engaging Tradition, Making It New did Millie and ViciousirtyCompletely re writing history for Dean and Rosie On the subject of Dean and Rosie I Voices from the Block disliked both of them andid not buy their love But still I Scalawag do not appreciate having to be shown a whole soulmates story where they loved each other the whole time To then find out Rosieies and only a year later Dean is basically in love with another Woman Knight s Biological mother If you are gonna Acting on Faith dedicate a whole book to them and actually contradict a previous book to give them a love story then at least make it worthwhile to me it s insulting To be fed this idea that he and Rosie are the love of each others lives means to me you would in no way shape or form be emotionally or mentally ready or healed to be in love a year after your soulmateseath Also Shen seems to be writing about previously amazing characters as shit parents such as Mel Next we seem to have Vicious son emotionally stunted and withdrawn which should not be the case as Millie and Vicious actually grew together and would be good parents but whatever I Alien Beast do not know what happened to this author Sparrow Vicious and Defy were all great stories but since Ruckus and Bane it just seems to berama inconsistency and horrific characters I am sorry but I am officially The Mom From Hell done with this authorI have now read the book but I have not changed my opinion or rating A lot of people are commenting about Dean moving on and being in love with someone else They claim heoes not and that I am wrong That is fine and they are completely entitled to their opinion twitter rants about my review included I think it is heavily implied he has feelings for someone else and is moving on My eyes halt on Dean and Dixie They sit next to each other and both look at me intently ignoring one another But there s something there I can t seem to take my eyes off of the fact that his pinky finger is almost entwined with hers on the armrest between their seats Last week Edie told me she saw them having an ice cream together A uiet outing They The Treasure Huntress Archaeological Action Adventure Series didn t speak to each other Theyid not hold hands They simply marveled in the slow creeping thing called love There was no need to mention Dean having a love interest It O Fantástico Mundo Dos Elementos A Tabela Periódica Personificada definitely should not have been included in the same book in which Rosieied Too much too soon Plus we barely know Dixie so why would readers care about her or think she is a good match for Dean It just felt like a throw away idea that was included Ok now I have read the book I felt I should because so many people seemed to love it and felt I was completely wrong in my opinion I have read it to see if I would change my mind or rate it higher I have not and will not be I Aliens Savage Claim (Fated Mates of Apara Book 2) did not like the book and had issues with it Iid not KEY WEST SLAM dislike all of itThe things I enjoyed were seeings the old characters from the Sinner series I loved seeing Trent and Edie with Luna I also was touched by the scene when Luna talked to her father for the first time I mean are you His throat worked Talking To some people Guilt guilt guilt Piles upon piles of messy black foggy guilt Some You Edie Knight Since when Since a few weeks ago Luna he whispered Dad Say it again Dad I smiled He closed his eyes Took aeep breath Again Please Dad His shoulders shook Not with sobs With happiness Happiness I Booze and the Private Eye: Alcohol in the Hard-Boiled Novel d put inside him I wasrunk on my newfound power But that was really about it if I am honest I Boku No Hero Academia Artbook did not feel this amazing connection between Knight and Luna we are shown that from childhood Knight has protected Luna and their whole ride orie thing But it just never clicked for me I Cowboys Aliens did not find either of them particularly interesting Knight was a wannabe hot hole like the other boys but without the believable jaded edge or their parentsarkness He just seemed childish and was nasty to Luna a lot of the time Not that Luna was innocent as she kept pushing him away Luna or Saint Luna as Daria Masterplots II dubbed her is a martyr and good girl but is she really I found her uite selfish and completelyull Did she have a personality Beneath loving Knight and helping out at shelters If she Black Love, Black Hate did it escaped me asid their chemistry The whole making an announcement to gather the girls at a party for the wannabe hot holes Hunter Knight and Vaughn to choose from was beyond messed up and so eye roll worthy Ladies line up toward the entertainment room Make it neat No cutting in line Chop chop If you re lovely Barlowe's Guide to Extraterrestrials: Great Aliens from Science Fiction Literature daring and willing you re an applicant we want to see Just be sure to remember we won t call you tomorrow morning won t follow you on social media and won t acknowledge your existence in the hallways But we will carry you with us forever like hepatitis B A herd of junior and senior girls scurried up the stairs of Vaughn s mansion in pairs whispering and giggling in each other s ears Vaughn threw parties every other weekend while his parents were in their Virginia castle probably fucking the memory of theirevil spawn out of each other s minds The girls lined up outside the entertainment room spines rod straight against the textured gray walls The line started at the base of his spiral stairway snaking all the up way to a heavy set of black Fundamentals of Music Processing doors Vaughn Hunter and I strolled past them silently lit joints clutched between our teeth I wore whiteestroyed Balmain biker jeans and a shabby I Fucked Your Girlfriend and Didn t Even Enjoy It tee that had cost me a grand paired with vintage Gucci sneakers and a beanie I was pretty sure was made out of real unicorn fur or some shit Vaughn still wore his painting attire and looked just a little Kink Alchemy dirtier than a third world based hooker looking for her next fix and Hunter was wearing a full blown suit bless his Great Gatsby weird ass heart Our names moaned and whispered like a prayer among the Who she wants namely the boy from the treehouse who taught her how to curse in sign languageWho taught her how to laughTo liveTo loveKnight Cole is everyone’s favorite football heroGorgeousAthleticRuggedPopularLiarThisaredevil hell raiser could knock you up with his gaze alone but. ,

Uzzing girls African American Romance (New Adult and College United Sates Thug Drug Interracial Romance) (United State Urban Adults Alpha Male Contemporary Billionaire Short Stories Book 0) drowned in the angry tune pulsating against the walls seriously Oh apparently smoking joints is so bad assThis little snippet Since the girls couldn t explicitly proposition us without staining their precious reputations I always hated the No Billionaire Left Behind double standard of guys are players girls are sluts they pretended to talk to each other sipping theirrinks You rock on Knight you feminist you Ha Also if these girls literally herded themselves when you called them I think they would be comfortable enough to make a moveThe whole we are so jaded to even enjoy sex so we check our phones and watch tv is old as well it was old in Vicious let alone now Her fingers were buried in the holes of the pool table her half bare tits Alchemy of the Mortar Pestle (The Culinary Library dragging along the green fuzzy surface Hunter smoked a cigarette his eyesrifting to Spaced a British comedy on the huge flat screen TV in front of us while fucking her And they say guys are not good at multitasking Vaughn who was obsessed with Spaced stood against the wall letting some chick I La crise des abeilles didn t know suck hisick Arabella stood next to me waiting for some action but I just propped my shoulder against the wall angled in front of Vaughn ignoring the girl on her knees between us Hope she ll go out of state Vaughn said verbose one hand holding the ashy hair of the girl beneath him the other scrolling through his phone Knights Labyrinth Aliens drinking to numb pain exactly like hisad The Vintage Book of African American Poetry didpredictable and a cliche and just reallyid not add anything to his character for me My mind had started You Can Thrive After Narcissistic Abuse doing weird shit shortly after Mom s parents Grandma Charlene and Grandpa Paulied in a car crash and left Mom an orphan That was five years ago I Passed on: African American Mourning Stories: A Memorial (A John Hope Franklin Center Book) didn t care about my losing them it was Mom s pain that killed me That s when I first started secretly IELTS Academic Writing drinking and whaddaya know I never really stopped Luna pushing Knight away was understandable but if she had given him a chance a lot of heartache could have been saved This book was full of miscommunication and angst that was not needed When one tried to go to the other something would come up and causerama and push them apart again usually a misunderstanding Luna kept rejecting Knight but then got upset about him apparently being with other girls Really But then again Knight being nasty after Luna lost her virginity to someone else was not ok either he IELTS Writing Section - How To Achieve A Target 8 Score does not own her Plus Luna thought he was with Poppy and a couple She also was not to be expected to know that Knight saved himself for her They both made silly mistakes and hurt each other but it got boring and repetitive as really there was no reason for them not to actually give it a shot from the beginning if only they had both been honest I also felt Poppy and Josh were treated unfairly Do not get me wrong neither of them were perfect Poppy was clingy and really should of seen that Knight was not interested especially when he cheated on her with Luna She needed to get some self respect but she was a nice girl who s only crime was liking an asshole Also Knight calling her sunshine when he called Luna Moonshine was just a scumbag thing too to both girls Josh should maybe have took Luna s rejection and listened But he was a good guy who Growing Up Black: From Slave Days to the Present-25 African-Americans Reveal the Trials and Triumphs of Their Childhoods did not just take her virginity and treat it as nothing he let her know he cared about her and ultimately encouraged Luna to go after Knight Decent people who should not have been brought into Luna s and Knights mess ultimately they botheserved better The whole pretentious perfect thanksgiving was nauseating especially as seeing as it was unlikely as it was Vicious and Millie hosting She has never followed convention so I expected a bit originalityAlso some of the apparent burns and comebacks were just shit It s La Jolla not outer space Proportions Violet Vaughn Windows PowerShell in Action deadpanned It s Poppy Same shit Not really You could make an effort and remember Poppy cried You re right Vaughn yawned I ll remember next time You will Yeah Heroin is made out of Poppy Coincidently you bore me toeath I found a lot of this book predictable For example Dixie obviously not being the heartless monster that was suspected I also could see where the conversation was going when Knight was goading her about his father Sure enough it turned it she had been raped so the readers could not possibly islike her and had to sympathise with her as she was obviously going to be a fixture Do not get me wrong what happened to her was horrific wrong what happened to her was horrific it id not really add to the story I felt it was a tool to coerce readers into liking Dixie It was just tragedy piled on top of I've Got This Friend Who What You Can Do If You Think You or Your Friend Has A Serious Problem Advice for Teens on Alcohol Drugs Depression Eating Disorders and More drama because not only was she raped but she was also a naive religious girl who was gang raped so thereforeid not know Knights father She was then cruelly shunned and rejected Mindful Eating with Delicious Raw Vegan Recipes due to it It was also predictable that the first person Luna would properly speak to was Her Knight in shining armour It was also obvious that when Luna saw what she thought was Poppy and Knight having sex it would turn out he could not bring himself too it Saving himself for LunaI also found the gratuitous lesbian scene cringe worthy So Luna is advised by Daria to completely act like she Aliens Genocide Aliens does not care about seeing Knight with Poppy at Daria s New Year s Eve party Luna shows she is annoyed so Daria s resolution on the countdown is to snog Luna Apparently Luna enjoyed it and thought it was a genius idea Really so not to appear bothered you made a scene It would hardly cause jealousy because Daria is engaged and Luna s Friend since childhood so it s obvious itid not mean anything So it achieved what Apart from being a Segway for Luna to say she kissed a girl and she liked it It seemed reminiscent of scenes I have read before in a certain series by another author ahem Miss Douglas Kind of just thrown in for Signs and Symbols: African Images in African-American Quilts drama and events sake while being cliche and juvenileIt is also known I amefinitely not a fan of Dean and Rosie but the scene leading up to and including her Person in the Memory death were sad But with Rosie semise came a fresh new set of issues for me Rosie is really sick she knows she is Stealing the Gila: The Pima Agricultural Economy and Water Deprivation, 1848-1921 dying so asks Luna to basically help her with a project for when after she is gone It is clear this is in part to reunite Knight and Luna which makes sense Whatoes not make sense is asking a 19 year old girl to play Cupid for your husband her possible father in law after your Literature and Dictatorship in Africa and Latin America 1958-1987 death So this child is meant to play Cupid It was so inappropriate it was bad enough she was asking but at least it would have made sense if she asked her sister Millie but not a teenager So Rosie s brilliant idea as a prospect for the family is Dixie I get she is Knights mother so that helps But she is not Lev s mum and Rosie barely knows her to even consider her a good match for Dean It was just so out there I also understand Dean was in pain but he was an ass when Lev was sobbing at his mothers hospital bed and heid not hug him He needed to step up a bit Also smoking joints with your son and saying things like this I needed to suck and Academic Advising Approaches do my job as a parent months ago From now on I am going to suck like a whore in a brothel kiddo are what put me off Dean he still needs to grow up Throwing aildovibrator at Knight when he walked in on Dean going WHOS WHO IN AFRICAN AMERICAN LITERATURE VOL.1 down on Rosie was also something I could haveone without Knight being in hospital for overdosing on Agricultural Science for CSEC Examinations drinks andrugs while his mother was in hospital Alphas Abused Mate dying was just really the icing on top of therama full cake I am also a bit sick of Emilia being overlooked I know Rosie was talking to Luna and making plans with her for after she Twas the Night B'Fore Christmas: An African-American Version died but it s only her speech we see at Rosie s funeral Emilia also speaks but she is not even given enough thought for us to hear her words I mean she was only her sister the girl who tried to provide for her in New York and loved her immensely but whatoes it matter Also Rosie telling Luna about Dean hurting her by Climate Smart Agriculture (Natural Resource Management and Policy Book 52) dating Emilia was made to sound like Rosie was betrayed Rosie told Dean toate EmiliaTo round off the festivities we have 18 year old Knight propose to 19 year old Luna apparently Trent was ok with that not likely Not long after his mother s Academic Body death when they have not been a stable couple for long So a great idea to get married obviously Then we have her pregnant less than a year later with an apparently planned child Rush rush rush Goodness knows why they planned a child when they are both super busy and young but ya know each to their ownSo I am sorry to the readers who think I am being harsh but this book was not for me Iid not enjoy it or like Knight and Luna I will read Vaughn s book as he and Lenora have good Saint Germain On Alchemy dynamics and I love to see of Millie and Vicious Knight and Luna have been best friends their entire lives The type of relationship they have is than just your average teen romance and Broken Knight is than just your average NA novel It s the single most emotional and impactful story Leigh has ever written Whatever you were expecting from this book based on Pretty Reckless or the Sinners of Saints series throw that out the window I was taken off guard completely by this one Even when I thought I knew what was going to happen I never could have predicted the effect it would have on me Iidn t anticipate thinking about it for ays on end or finding new beauty in it everytime I thought about it I never knew it would shatter my heart into a million pieces and make me cry at the beauty of it I ve come to expect incredible storytelling from this author but this was than that I m in awe of this woman s talent This novel is painfully beautiful perfectly paced and fantastically written The characters are realistic and flawed There is so much intense emotion in this story that I physically felt it in my chest and the feeling story that I physically felt it in my chest and the feeling t go away when I closed the book It left it s mark on me Forgettable isn t a word anyone could use to escribe this story Even if you wind up hating it I guarantee you won t forget it Broken Knight is a work of art There is no Haylee doubt that it will be one of the most memorable books of the year When we see the top reads of 2019 lists in December I predict this book will be one of the most freuently mentioned in all of romance I want to point out one thing before I conclude this review This may be a standalone but if you ve read the previous books in the hothole universe you will get exponentially out of it It s what fueled me to read this book all nightespite the fact that I knew I would suffer greatly the next The Columbia Guide to South African Literature in English Since 1945 (The Columbia Guides to Literature Since 1945) day from lack of sleep It s what made me care to theegree that I Hijacking the Brain did about these characters and made me soeeply invested in the outcome of this story Don t get me wrong you can still enjoy the book without reading any of the previous novels containing these characters but I recommend reading them all to get the full effect You could forgo Bane but the others all add something to the story you won t feel or see otherwise IMO I wanted to let you know that just in case you re someone like me that 僕のヒーローアカデミア 3-4 doesn t want to miss out on any part of the story Everyoneeserves to experience this book to the fullest extent I honestly can t imagine it any other way All of this author s characters are amazing though so you won t regret reading Their Stories It Will Be So Worth stories It will be so worth I promise you that Broken Knight is The Path to Gay Rights different from any other book Leigh has ever written Like I said before it s about than just the romance between Knight Cole and Luna Rexroth It s a book about the entire Cole clan It s about love between friends lovers and family It s about healing It s about life and living it to the fullest It s full of raw emotion and it s a fucking masterpieceFans of L J Shen and contemporary romance this one s for yo. He only has eyes for the girl across the street LunaBut Luna is not who she used to be Sheoesn’t need his protection anyWhen life throws a curveball at All Saints’ golden boy he’s forced to realize not all knights are heroesSometimes the greatest love stories flourish in tragedy. English spanish version BEST LJ SHEN S BOOK BEST BOOK OF 2019 A TOP READ OF ALL TIMEMy soul and my heart will not be the same after Broken Knight There are unforgettable books and there is THIS BOOK It will leave an indelible mark forever The story consumed me to the point that I cannot think I cannot eat I cannot focus on anything else I m so obsessed with the characters I m completely ruined forever I honestly Karen vs Alien don t know how I am writing when I feel sorained emotionally and physically when I am such a big emotional mess I Gendered Citizenships desperately needed this story I longed for it as I had not longed for anything in my life and let me tell you I was not emotionally prepared This book takes things to another level The characters the plot theirialogues go beyond everything I ve read before It s all you want in a NAYA romance captivating raw intense addictive and eeply emotional But this story it is not just about romance it is a inspiring story of friendship forgiveness hope love and motivates us to love with all our strength and to live and enjoy life fullyKnight and Luna are my favorite couple ever they own my soul and have a very special place in my heart THEY ARE EVERYTHING their intense connection left me breathless and even espite their path is plagued with suffering and tumbles their hearts are in Singing the Law deep tune with each other their love surpasses everything helps them heal and achieve the best version of themselves THEIR STORY IS ONE OF THE MOST EPICS AND INTENSE I HAVE EVER READMy love for the characters and the families in this series knows no limits I love them as much as if they were my family I sigh they support each other through everything the good the bad and the ugly through the happy and sad moments MY HEART IS OVERWHELMINGLY FULL OF EVERY POSSIBLE HUMAN EMOTIONThe author has an incredible ability to evoke the mostiverse emotions in the reader but WITH THIS EPIC STORY LJ SHEN OUTDID HERSELF AND REACHED A NEW LEVEL OF PERFECTION if that is even possible her beautiful prose made me addicted to every word captivated by every line in love with the storyYou are not ready for Broken Knight this is not just another angsty story Emotional or heartbreaking Alchemic does not even begin to cover the majesty of this storyMrs Shen created a brilliant mind blowing heartbreakingly beautiful masterpiece which left me with the book hangover of the century crawled under my skin and took over my senses broke my heart into a thousand pieces and then stick it again it shattered it but healed it hurt it but filled it with love andelightIt is a uniue experience that I want to repeat again and again I still feel totally overwhelmed with the We Sell Drugs deep intensityrama angst and joyment that this story brought to my heart I m totally worn out and I Problem Solving in Data Structures Algorithms Using C++ don t think I can ever recover me All the stars in the world are not enough for this storyLJ SHEN SLAYED IT A standing ovation for the authorVersi n en espa olMEJOR LIBRO DE LJ SHEN LA MEJOR HISTORIA DEL 2019LECTURA FAVORITA DE TODOS LOS TIEMPOS Mi alma y mi coraz n no ser n los mismosespu s Literature of Africa de Broken Knight Hay historias inolvidables y hay ESTE LIBRO Dejar una huella imborrable para siempre La historia me consumi al punto ue no puedo pensar no puedo comer no puedo concentrarme en nada m s y estoy tan obsesionada con ella estoy completamente arruinada para siempre Honestamente no s c mo estoy escribiendo cuando me siento tanrenada emocional y f sicamente cuando soy un l o emocional tan grandeDesesperadamente necesitaba la historia Women and Sustainable Agriculture: Interviews With 14 Agents of Change de Knight y Luna la anhelaba como no hab a anhelado nada en mi vida y jenme Crossing the color line in American politics and African American literature decirles no estaba emocionalmente preparada Este libro toma las cosas a otro nivel Los personajes la trama susi logos van m s all Rebuilding de todo lo ue he leo antes Es todo lo ue uieres en un romance completamente adictivo y cautivador pero no es solo el romance es una historia Intro to Alien Invasion de perd n amistad amor y esperanza y nos motiva a amar intensamente y a vivir yisfrutar la vida plenamenteKnight y Luna son mi pareja favorita e todos los tiempos ellos poseen mi alma y tienen un lugar especial en mi coraz n ELLOS SON TODO su conexi n tan intensa me ej sin respiraci n e ELLOS SON TODO su conexi n tan intensa me Democratic Phoenix: Reinventing Political Activism dej sin respiraci n e a pesare ue su camino est plagado Museum Activism de sufrimiento y tropiezos sus almas est n en profunda sinton a unae la otra y su amor sobrepasa todo y los ayuda a sanar y a lograr la mejor versi n e s mismos SU HISTORIA ES UNA DE LAS M S EPICAS E INTENSAS UE HE LEIDOMi amor por los personajes y las familias en esta serie no tiene l mites los amo tanto como si fueran mi familia suspiro ellos se apoyan unos a tanto como si fueran mi familia suspiro ellos se apoyan unos a a trav s e todo lo bueno lo malo y lo feo a trav s Falling For A Kingpin de los momentos felices y los tristes mi coraz n est abrumadoramente llenoe cada emoci n humana posible La autora tiene una incre ble habilidad para evocar las m s Violence and Trauma in Selected African Literature diversas emociones en el lector pero CON ESTA HISTORIA LJ SE SUPER A S MISMA Y ALCANZ UN NUEVO NIVEL DE PERFECCI N si es incluso posible su prosa hermosa me hizo adicta a cada palabra cautivada por cada l nea enamoradae la historiaT no est s listo para Broken Knight esta no es solo otra historia llena The Social Rebellion de angustia Emocional ni siuiera empieza a cubrir la majestuosidade esta historia LJ Shen cre una obra maestra brillante esperanzadora incre ble Best African American Essays 2010 desgarradoramente hermosa ue meej con la resaca literaria Navigating The Seven Seas del siglo se arrastr bajo mi piel y se aduee mis sentidos rompi coraz n en mil pedazos y luego lo peg The Big Book and a Study Guide of the 12 Steps of AA de nuevo loestroz pero lo san lo hiri pero lo llen William Wells Brown: An African American Life de amor y paz y alegr a Es una experiencia nica ue uiero repetir una y otra vez Aun me siento totalmente abrumada con la profunda intensidad la angustia y elisfrute ue esta historia trajo a mi coraz n totalmente The Alien Surrogate desgastada y no creo poder recuperarme jam s Ni todas las estrellasel mundo son suficientes para esta historiaUna ovaci n The Changing Face of African Literature / Les nouveaux visages de la litterature africaine. (Cross/Cultures) de pie para el autor Stand aloneLIVE AMZ US AMZ UK Books in All Saints High series are stand alonesBook 1 Pretty Reckless Daria s storyBook 2 Broken Knight Knight s storyBook 3 Angry God Vaughn s story 4 45 stars Broken Knight was one of my most anticipated summer reads I mean look at that cover Also the fact that Knight s parents are my favorite Shen couple I was just so excited There were A LOT of 5 star moments in this book It was angsty beautifully written and addicting to read There were also a few points where I considered DNFing the whole thing I was that upset and stressed about a few things that happened Overall Iid love it it for the most part There were two Knight Coles One was mine The other everyone else s Knight Cole and Luna Rexroth have been best friends since they were kids They are each others person their ride or De lautre côté de la machine. Voyage dune scientifique au pays des algorithmes die But their relationship is complicated They are connected to each other and share a bond that can t be broken no matter how hard it s put to the test Knight Jameson Cole is a character I felt so conflicted about I loved him but I also hated him at times He has issues He s a jerk he s also a sweetheart and mama s boy All those moments I almost uit this book well that s all thanks to Knight The miscommunications were insane Luna is a complex character but I understood her I felt she was justified with most of her actions and I really felt for her Iid root for these two to be together through all the pain and all the hurt they truly were meant for one another There will be no one else Moonshine I will never let you get over me Luna and Knight s journey to each other was pure torture at times It was hard to read tumultuous and broke my heart This book broke me I cried so much while reading I swear there was a solid 15% of the book I just bawled It s not an easy read Prepare yourself Obviously I Salt and the Alchemical Soul don t want to say too much about the story There are plenty of reviews with spoilers out there but mine won t be one of them Whether you love it or hate it I think books like this are best to be read blind There is one thing I can say about LJ Shen s story telling she can wreck you like no one else This book was captivating alluring intense angsty and a beautiful coming of agefriends to lovers story If you re looking for a book that is raw emotion and willevastate you but also leave you with that romance you crave pick this one up AVAILABLE NOW FULL REVIEW5 RIDE OR DIE CROWNSMy words will not ever live up to the emotional journey that is Broken Knight I sobbed for a good portion of it my hands covering my mouth and heart in anguish and Yet And The End Of and the end of story I felt a sense of hope a sense that life moves on pieces fall together and than anything that life needs to be lived that forevers aren t promised and we must live and grasp every moment we can with the ones we loveKnight fits his title perfectly He is broken shattered beyond repair for most of the story spiraling into an abyss He hides behind the perfect facade punishing himself with his love for Luna Like his heroine it is hard to watch the self Sams Teach Yourself Data Structures and Algorithms in 24 Hours destruction hard to see this compassionate caring soul crumble under the weight of perceived unreuited love and loss Because he is hurting readers will be able to look past all his mistakes and pain he causes because at the end of theay he is a teen ealing with intense emotions not uite mature enough to eal or even know how to handle them The one aspect of his life that always grounds him always brings him back is Luna She is his ride or Strong at the Broken Places Overcoming the Trauma of Childhood Abuse die His forever The perfect match to his fractured heartLuna Rexroth is small and silent but mighty She is a force and as the novel progresses sheevelops her own power no longer being the weak one or the one who needs protection but the one who protects and cares for others Her South African Young Adult Literature in English, 2000-2014 development over the course of the novel is phenomenal one of the best I ve seen from Shen because her evolution is about needing to be an eual in a relationship Luna recognizes that the powerynamic between her and Knight isn t right she makes hard and mature Baby Peter LEGACY OF ABUSE decisions for them both which aren t always received well but are needed nonetheless I am so in love with the person Luna becomes the rock she is for her family and the love she emanates for all those around her She fills a vital role that is needed by all in this bookThis is not an easy story From the opening pages Shen started slowing slicing my heart until it was tiny slivers on the floor At one point I was weeping uncontrollably while reading this book but it would be a travesty to say that this is all this book is about It isn t just sad or angsty It is a story of hope and healing It is about broken kids finding their way to each otheruring the tumultuous teen years when you are just trying to figure out who you are It is a story that shows us that even in the Shards of Glass - A Little Girls Journey Back into Her World of Physical, Mental and Sexual Abuse darkest of moments there is hope for a betteray in the future if you surround yourself with those you love It is a story that life goes on even when we Buying Power: A History of Consumer Activism in America don t want it to and that we need to make the most of every moment because forever isn t real It all ends eventually and so we must live every moment everyay cherishing those we loveBroken Knight is one of those books that my review will NEVER Nature-Inspired Optimization Algorithms do it justice It is one of those books that you just need to hand to someone and say read it now You won t regret it Broken Knight is angst and heartbreak but there is love and joy and imploring that we need to have a life well lived We need to find our hearts in the body of another and hold onto them tight loving all the cracks and flaws just as they will love us back There are moments ofarkness yes but those moments of arkness are cast out by the moonlight And although I cried I felt at peace by the end of this book Peace with where these characters are and. Not all love stories are written the same way Ours had torn chapters missing paragraphs and a bittersweet endingLuna Rexroth is everyone’s favorite wallflowerSweetCaringCharitableuietFakeUnderneath the meek tomboy exterior everyone loves yet pities is a girl who knows exactly what and.

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Broken Knight