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Just Jenny Blue Ridge Valley #1

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Nd incredibly strong Losing her twin sister at a young age has given her life focus and determination Travel was her goal ntil Police Chief Dylan came along Dylan is my hero I ve fallen hard for this special guy He is lovable loyal good hearted and devoted to making the world a better place His interactions with everyone in his new home town was very entertaining Just like Jenny I kept finding reasons to love him Loved the instant connection between Jenny and Dylan They compliment each other perfectly Their story was a joy to read There are also lots of wonderful side characters like Hamburger Harry They add a wonderful dimension to the story Sandra knows how to pace her stories beautifully because once I started reading I couldn t stop I found the story very relatable and so the thoughts and emotions are real and felt strongly throughout Whether I was laughing or crying with the characters I was right there alongside them Brilliant I am very excited to continue reading the Blue Ridge Valley series Highly recommended This is yet another story about a Hero who is grieving for his dead wife I think lately that this is the only theme I seem to come across whether it is in the
or notAnyhoo Hero was a in Chicago and married to a woman that he had been in love with Even though she was high maintenance and had depression issues throughout their marriage he was still widely in love with her ntil he came home one day and found her having sex with his partner friend Hurt he asked her for a divorce and she ended p committing suicideTwo years later Hero feeling guilty haunted by his wife who talks to him in his sleep every night leaves Chicago to start fresh in a new town where he meets a red headed bartender Jenny who he is immediately smitten with but all he wants is to have some fun while he is in town Jenny made a promise to her dead twin sister to travel all over the world She befriends Dylan tries her hardest to not fall for him because she knows he is still grieving for his wife because she will be leaving soonWhile the MC s were likable the fact that Hero constantly talked to his dead wife we were given a window into their "Marriage Of How Much He "of how much he worshiped her body was a big turn off for me because I felt that heroine settled for second best This is the theme for these type of reads where Hero was in love with his dead wife and still grieving It makes this reader at least feel that the main story is between the ex Hero with heroine always being the one he settles for because he is lonely vs in loveI will say that in this story the Hero states It wasn t that I was Still In Love With in love with wife I wasn t I would always love her though but for the way we d once been not how we d ended By then I hadn t liked her very much though he did say that even though she had hurt him he still wanted her not wanted her While I get the author was trying to tell a story here about a guy who was hurt grieving for his wife as well as feeling guilty it ended taking away any romance that was building between the Hero heroine ntil all I could focus on was his previous relationshipThis is a safe read and this is just my personal view so don t let it stop you from reading it if this theme doesn t bother you This is the beginning of Ms Owens new series about three childhoods girlfriends now adults Each hoping to follow their dreamsThe series is not only a departure from her previous series but the style is as well Each chapter gives the reader alternate POV of the main characters Not Dream she once shared with her twin sister Jenny made a deathbed promise to her sister that she would go to all the places they had fantasized visiting together Nothing will entice her to break her vow to Natalie not even the sexy new Blue Ridge Valley police chief No matter how attracted she is to himDylan Conrad left the Chicago Police Department to ac. Just Jenny has both cussing Including F Bombs And On f bombs and on sex If those things will cause you to leave a bad review this might not be the book for you This is book one of the Blue Ridge Valley series but it completely stands alone This book is one of my favorite Sandra Owens books ever and that is saying something because I have enjoyed all of her books Ms Owens just has a way of making me believe in happily ever after This book deals with some really serious and heartbreaking topics but it has a ton of humor laced through it that coupled with the heat and fantastic story make the serious things not feel so heavy Ms Owens has a killer sense of humor that she displays throughout all of her books and this one is no exception I found myself highlighting a bunch of moments both subtle and blatant that made me laugh enough that I wanted to be able to go back and re read them later I love it when that happensAnother thing Ms Owens does so well is to shape characters that are relatable and so incredibly likable Dylan s backstory was so heartbreaking More than once I got teary eyed as we "learned about his past and present angst The that I read the that I just wanted him to get through it "about his past and present angst The that I read the that I just wanted him to get through it to start to feel human again One of my favorite things about Dylan was that he let Jenny and Sarah fight their own battles While he supported them and could played the Big Man Hero he trusted both to deal with their *own issues I loved that Jenny s back story was also heartbreaking but it was also really sweet which might *issues I loved that Jenny s back story was also heartbreaking but it was also really sweet which might strange once you learn about it I loved her devotion to the past trying to be vague and the way she tried to honor someone who deserved that devotion while also living her own life and being her own person Put those two damaged but great characters together and you have a couple of fantastic characters who just deserved to be happy together It would have been impossible to root against themMs Owens also nails small town life perfectly in this book Blue Ridge Valley was the epitome of a small town complete with characters who filled the book with funny moments and fun stories without overpowering the main story I really enjoyed the foreshadowing and hints about the next book and I am already looking forward to it coming out If you re a fan of books that have a huge amount of heart and humor wrapped around a mystery theme and that also has the ability to make you tear p you should read this book I highly recommend it Just Jenny is just fantastic In fact it s five stars fantasticIt s the first book in Sandra Owens Blue Ridge Valley Series and if this book is any indication the rest of the series will be a must read The book centers around Jenny who plans to travel the world to honor a deathbed wish from her twin sisterTo complicate matters Jenny starts to have feelings for the new police chief of Blue Ridge Valley when Chief Dylan Conrad steps in to help Jenny get rid of the boyfriend who refuses to accept their relationship is overDylan is fighting his own demons so the road won t be easy for couple due to their seemingly insurmountable obstacles I loved all the references to the way of life the The Last of the High Kings (New Policeman, uirky hilarious characters one runaway bull and the tell it like it is mentality You ll want to stayp all night to finish this one Then you ll anxiously await book two Blue Ridge Valley RocksI get very excited every time Sandra releases a new book because I love her writing and know I will be taking a wonderful journey with her incredibly charismatic characters Jenny is sassy The small mountain town of Blue Ridge Valley is the home of three best friends Jenny Autumn and Savannah Each woman believes she has her life perfectly planned  but there is a saying in the mountains If everything is coming your way you’re in the wrong laneJenny Nance has a plan save enough money to tour the world The desire to traipse the globe is ,

Sed to this format it took me a little *to get into the story but once I acknowledged the style it was easy to be engaged not only *get into the story but once I acknowledged the style it was easy to be engaged not only the story line but also in the townspeople and their niuenessThe story belongs to new hired Police Chief Dylan Conrad a Simply perfect This book has it alllaughter romance angst and passion Sandy has a way of weaving an intricate story of love and loss into an amazing menagerie of characters Dylan gives such an amazing voice in the book that it becomes a warm blanket especially when he meets Jenny "Not Jennifer or Jenn but Jenny Insert swoon This is yet another masterpiece "Jennifer or Jenn but Jenny Insert swoon This is yet another masterpiece a relatively nknown author In a world of Social media Fanatical frenzy it s nice to see an author who takes her time to write an authentic novel that you will never forget LovedVery enjoyable read I love this author s storytelling style and am so glad I stumbled Things Mother Used to Make upon this series Can t wait to read the next book Jenny and DylanThis is the first contemporary novel I ve read by Sandra Owens I m a huge fan of her historical novels so I thought that I d start with this new series Am I glad that I did AbsolutelyI loved these characters I feel like the biggest small town gossip because I was eatingp the details of everyone s lives plotting matrimonial setups my mouth was watering over Mary s doughnuts and I was tittering about each of her hair color changes just as if I was working at the town gossip rag with Gloria Dylan Conrad is an excellent hero I loved him Who wouldn t want to meet and be loved by a man like him Jenny is a lucky girl I can t wait to read Autumn s book next month I knew she needed an HEA Just because she had a wedding in this book didn t mean he was the one Poor Savannah I m sure her book will break my heart Collecting cats When I read that line Savannah I m sure her book will break my heart Collecting cats When I read that line mind immediately went back to my favorite Sandra Owens book The Letter Time for another readI loved this book It was well written The setting was so perfect I felt like I was right there The plotting was excellent Read it you won t be disappointed I absolutely loved Just Jenny It s Book one in the highly anticipated new series Blue Ridge ValleyI ve been excited to read it it waseverything I thought it would be a million times You will fall in love with Jenny DylanIt s a sizzling sexy funny touching story Jenny has lived her whole life in Blue Ridge Valley Her dream the promise she made is to travel see the world Dylan has been hired as the town s new police Chief He had been working for the Chicago PD Dylan was in desperate need for a chance to leave all the bad memories behind The story really pulled all my heartstrings It is a beautiful story and makes you believe there really is true love out thereI HIGHLY RECOMMEND FOR EVERYONE Loved the Blue Ridge Valley setting and the cast of characters and the laugh out loud antics they get into But that aside their was indeed a lot of serious going on Dylan Conrad Chief of Police in Blue Ridge Valley what a Hottie and I definitely have a crush on him Really strong multilayered character that drew me right in and I couldn t wait to see what life experiences made him the man he is And then there was Jenny Girl As strong as she was with her life plans all laid out in front of her I really thought Dylan brought out a hidden depth in her character What an amazing journey they haveGreat book highly recommend Sandra Owens has become a must buy author for meSo looking forward to reading Autumn and Savannah s story May the love I see in your eyes last a lifetime and beyond. Cept the position as Chief of Police in Blue Ridge Valley Burned out and haunted by a tragedy of his own he needs to get away from the memories tormenting him He’s hoping to find peace in the small mountain town but the Ghost of a Hanged Man uirky residents an infamous moonshiner an errant prized bull and a feisty redhead by the name of Jenny weren’tite what he had in mi.