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Cies I personally feel in love with a uote Niskar shared to express just this point Man here s our greatness our a uote Niskar shared to express just this point Man here s our greatness Before Atlantis your is uselessour bones don t make ornaments The Gypsy Wisdom Spellbook your skin can t be played on an instrument KabirCrazy wisdom will give the reader a chance to truly uestion how one decides to believe in anything This book is a refreshing opportunity to dive into what our true belief system is Not the one s we were given in grade school church or in our homes But the one that lies within us The belief system that bringsou closer to our true Self This was a fun thought provoking readtime well spent This book provided a perfect balance of humor and cosmic uestioning as to why we re here spoiler IDK I will he referencing it for the foreseeable future on how to live a wholesome and foolish life The author offers up many different ways of looking at thinking A fun read that also intellectually stimulates. Ark Twain Lao Tzu Albert Einstein Mahatma Gandhi Allen Ginsberg and Lily Tomlin Discover the
common thread in 
thread in multiple perspectives and travel on this comedic course to enlightenment‚Ä¢ Original edition sold over 40000 copies . Absolutely crazy just like our continued exponentially growing and consuming population and humanity itself This book features a very special collection of thoughts from many who throughout history appeared to at first be crazy but after enough time passed were seen as important than they ever were in life Some of us connect a great deal with minds of this sort if ou think ou might be interested in the subject matter pick this one minds of this sort if ou think Three Cups of Tea you might be interested in the subject matter pick this oneou re not interested in the subject matter the content will completely miss its mark and 30 Day Alcohol Reboot: Rethink your drinking, reset your life you will not recognize the relevance or significance of putting all of these different thoughts in one book Funny clever and irreverent this short collection of crazy wisdom focuses on what we know vs what we don t and pokes fun at our certainty of the way things are as we know them to be What is crazy wisdomou ask According to Nisker it is a wisdom that is unidentifiable Take a Wild And Rickety Ride Through The Philosophies Of The East and rickety ride through the philosophies of the East West to discover the madmen dreamers and unconventional wisdom seekers the abridged better than ever version of our best selling cult classic THE ESSENTIAL CRAZY WI. Razy wisdom is a wisdom that refuses to be institutionalized crazy wisdom is the fuzzy line institutionalized Crazy wisdom is the fuzzy line knowing and not knowing In The Essential Crazy Wisdom the reader takes a journey to clarify their certainty on the perception of knowing exactly how things are Nisker clearly jolts ou into thinking and uestioning what exactly is the great wisdom The great knowledge of living Nisker weaves this uestion into an exploration of the ages Exposing the reader to the reality that uestion has indeed always been "In Existence Since Man Has Been Recording Thoughts Through Eastern "existence since man has been recording thoughts Through Eastern Existentialism philosophies and artists using their talents crazy wisdom is at work asking one to seek a little deeper than the lazy surface area of thinking Not one century culture or religion has been the sole explorer or founder in believing in the unknown The author points out that human s are indeed not superior to other spe. SDOM delivers the most significant most lunatic and most compelling insights of the ages Scoop Nisker patches together the unorthodox teachings that have bubbled up through the words of such crazy visionaries as Rumi Gautama the Buddha The Essential Crazy Wisdom