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The Princes Scandalous Wedding VowD and unruly people She does notice one individual who doesn t seem as interested in the party as others He s a handsome and beautiful as well as brooding it seemed One vening the yacht seemed to be departing but someone fell over board after what seemed like an altercation Josephine swims to rescue the individual And it s the handsome man she had been observingPrince Alexander has no memory of who he is He s rescued by a beautiful woman who nurses him back to health The two develop a sweet friendship with just a bit okay like a lot of attraction to boot Of course the unknown of who Alexander is plays a major part of their relationship progressing but one night they both fall into their attraction and begin and affair Alexander is sure he s not marriedAnd you guessed it Alexander s memory comes back He s Forbidden Faith: The Secret History of Gnosticism engaged to another Josephines Father was away during the time that Alexander was on the island but returns and realizes who he is Josephine cannot say good bye she s been told who he is Alexander did remember a day or so before her Father returned but couldn t tell Josephine so she runs to another island Alexander leaves to return to his kingdomAlexander can t forget Josephine But he s busy trying to remember who tried to kill him In the meantime Josephine finds out she s pregnant She debates on does she tell Alexander or not and realizes in thend that s the right thing to doAlexander has get s her and brings her to Aargau They are now dealing with his Trading Places: The Netherlandish Merchants in Early Modern Venice engagement to another woman who he knows he will break off Josephine feels guilty and unsure Alexander now needs to convince her to marry him after he breaks it off with the other woman And the two have a back and forth as well as figuring out what happens to them and their baby They do face some sad challenges but in thend realize they truly love En plein coeur each other So HEA for both the MCInjoyed the storyline and pacing Had a few issues with how The Bookshop on the Shore each character handled their adversity could have been a little maturebetter But all in all a good read Homeschooled virgin heroine rescues hero from drowning after he fell from a yacht that was anchored next to an isolated Greek island Hero has amnesia Heroine s radio broke and her volcanologist father won t return for nine days What are an Hh to do to pass the timeYou got it Heroine is pregnant but only discovers it after her father returns and recognizes the H as the missing prince who has been headline newsThe rest of the story is the Hero breaking off hisngagement strong arming the heroine into marrying him They then have to deal with the fallout from his father s funeral and the mystery of who pushed him off the yachtThe story started strong but went downhill once all the palace intrigue started The heroine had a personality change in order to keep up the conflict She was really nasty to the hero once she discovered who he was So a star off for that nonsense 35 starsSweet cute and fluffy romance with an amnesiac chivalrous beta H and a beautiful nerdy Mary Sue heroine who saves his life This was my third favourite HP novel that was released this month It wasn t as good as Untouched ueen by Royal Command and The Spaniard s Stolen Bride but it was a little better than The Greek Claims His Shock Heir This novel begins on a tiny deserted Greek island called Khronos where our nerdy genius and sheltered home schooled heroine Josephine lives with her volcanologist father Josephine s all alone on the island because her dad has left to go teach for a couple months at a Hawaiian university She s accustomed to her life of self sufficient solitude because it s all she s known for the last 8 years Our intrepid little heroine finds her solitude disrupted by the sudden arrival of a mega yacht The shy Josephine plays a little game of hide and peep with the visitors from the mega yacht because it s her only opportunity to see how the other half lives Her attention is drawn to one man the sexiest male in the group She s drawn to him because he s the group s loner she spies on him and draws sketches of him when he goes off on his own to swim him when he goes off #on his own to swim sunbatheUnbeknownst to Josephine this loner hot guy is Alexander the #his own to swim sunbatheUnbeknownst to Josephine this loner hot guy is Alexander the prince of Aargau She s unaware of his identity because of her isolation from the civilized world This is the H Alexander It was only then she realized it was him The beautiful brooding man The one who d barely seemed to tolerate the others Our MC s meet only after Josephine saves Alexander from drowning The H s Dance Real Slow evil jealous cousin Damian had hit him over the head with a bottle and then thrown his body off the yacht while it was sailing away from the island Alexander s dad the king was dying and Damien knew that the crown of Aargau would be his if the H just happened to die as well Fortunately for the H our heroine just happened to be a strong swimmer When Alexander regained consciousness he had no memory or knowledge of his identity but he was immediately fascinated by the beautiful young woman who was tending to himThis is the heroine Josephine His muffled groan must have reached the angel girl as she turned in her white dress the delicate fabric floating behind her as she moved toward him so young so beautiful he was certain she wasn t real These MC s were drawn toach other immediately and the situation soon got very hot and heavy between them But it was sweet and romantic too because the amnesiac H was such a wonderful kind helpful and gallant man towards the heroine They basically fell in love with The Art of Memoir each other by the fourth chapter It was cute to see this amnesiac guy falling head over heels in love with a girl and not being able to fight his feelings There were a few really HOT sexy love scenes during this part of the novel as the MC s got all caught up in the romance of being stranded on this isolated Mediterranean island The reader is filled with a bit of angst by proxy for the MC s because our H and heroine are unaware of one very important fact Alexander isngaged to a princess and his wedding is set to take place in a few weeks time Alexander doesn t know who he is or where he comes from but he s Stating good looks and charm Alexander doesn’t remember who he is but the desire in his The Day Christ Was Born: The True Account of the First 24 Hours of Jesus's Life eyes sweeps innocent Josephine into an intensely passionate journ. Ure that he s never felt this way about a woman before It s as if his heart knows it sxperiencing love for the first time and he s awed by Josephine s unspoiled and generous nature You are so beautiful he murmured his voice deep and rough She felt his voice and his touch all the way through her an rotic rasp that teased her senses making her skin flush and her body ache No makeup no designer clothes no xpensive blowouts Just beautiful you he added I didn t know women like you ven xisted The MC s are unable to keep their hands off PostgreSQL Server Programming - Second Edition each other and keep having unprotected sex like bunnies The love scenes are depicted in a beautiful manner as it s obvious that the MC s share than mere sexual desire when they make love it s apparent that they re in love Part of him felt guilty for taking her virginity and yet another part of him agreed with her they were meant to be Destined to be together She was beautiful and brilliant innocent andarnest and temptingly sweet But then the real world intruded with the return of Alexander s memory This was a big bittersweet moment in the story and I felt so sorry for both MC s The H was Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography emotionally broken apart when he remembered that he was anngaged man who was due to marry his fiancee in a few weeks time He was a beta H who wasn t in love with his fiancee Danielle but he felt obligated to go ahead with the dynastic marriage in order to please his parents At the same time though he was totally in love with Josephine He wasn t ready to lose her He wasn t ready to lose the warmth of what they had He d never felt like this with anyone and he d never been wanted like this by anyone She didn t The Taste of Night (Signs of the Zodiac, even know who he was or what he was and yet she wanted him This middle part of the story was the saddest because both MC s are so in love withach other and unable to figure out a way to deal with the revelation of his identity and his forthcoming marriage Alexander had never been intimate or ven kissed his fiancee Danielle and he was determined to sort out his relationship with Josephine before he returned to Aargau But the noble and selfless Josephine decided to run away because she didn t want to be an obstacle in his life But that won t be my problem then He ll be home in Aargau with his family and his fianc The words stuck in her throat She managed a tight smile And at least this way I ll have some dignity Goodbyes always hurt too much After this point the storyline got a little injection of angst with the advent of the heroine s pregnancy The H has returned to Aargau and is trying to figure out a way to nd his ngagement in a polite and timely fashion without upsetting his terminally ill father When he receives news of Josephine s pregnancy he s kinda relieved because it gives him the The Road From Home: The Story Of An Armenian Girl excuse he needs to get the woman he wants and tond an ngagement he never wanted in the first placeThere were a few things that I didn t like too much in this novel1 I had a love hate thing going on for the H I admired him for being such a kind and sweet man but I wished he was a bit decisive and alpha He had allowed his father to dictate to him a little too much and I wanted him to return to Josephine before he had received news that she wanted to meet him I also preferred him a lot during the scenes when he had amnesia He d been a also preferred him a lot during the scenes when he had amnesia He d been a nicer kinder and willing to open his heart to love But from the moment he regained his memory he became this formal and closed off prince again This caused lots of problems for him with Josephine because she became this formal and closed off prince again This caused lots of problems for him with Josephine because she preferred the man he d been while he d had amnesia2 There were about 4 5 pages of factual information dumping in the arly part of the novel I have to admit that I was tempted to stop reading the story at this point because I got bored when the author started to dump out information about desalination plants black carbons volcanology and other related scientific and nvironmental jargon It felt as if the author was deliberately using this novel as a medium to spread awareness of these important current nvironmental concerns I know these are important issues and I support all Hannah Montana: The Movie efforts to save our planet BUT I really don t like to deal with such blatant information dumping when I m reading anscapist romance novel 3 Josephine started to annoy me in the second half of the story She suddenly changed and became a bit too argumentative and her personality took on a thorny side I understood why she felt that way but the author allowed the impasse between the MC s to go on for too long They seemed to be arguing about the same thing over and over again and that got a little tediousOn the plus side the H s mom was great and very supportive of his desire to marry Josephine There was also the side storyline with the H s vil cousin Damien and it also took a little too long for that criminal to be confronted and banished The heroine did have a tragic miscarriage that almost destroyed the MC s impending marriage Josephine s insecurity reared its head when she decided that there was no need for them to marry now that the baby was gone Luckily the H got his head out of his ass and finally reverted to the lovable guy she d known on Khronos You ll be fine without me she said huskily You ll find another lovable guy she d known on Khronos You ll be fine without me she said huskily You ll find another Never You re the only princess I want and the only woman I love He turned her head toward him I love you Josephine I do and I know I don t deserve you but I m asking for a second chance Let me make things right Let me prove to you how much I love you and how sorry I am for hurting you The good news is that the MC s are pregnant again by the nd of the story I njoyed a lot than Jane Porter s last novel Kidnapped for His Royal Duty I remember starting to read that novel and just not being able to finish because I d gotten a little bored with that story Safety No cheating no OM and the H s OW fiancee was an off page character with whom he d never ven shared a kiss I didn t think he d cheated on the fiancee with Josephine because he hadn t been in love with her hadn t been intimate and their ngagement had been purely a business dynastic marriage of convenienc. Ey Until it’s revealed he’s Prince Alexander heir to the throne of Aargau Now the threat of scandal means this shy Cinderella must become a royal bride.