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Hering notions of low light plants this book might even convince me to buy a light meter what watering looks like and etting your indoor oasis set up But then he dives deep into plant propagation and the care and maintenance of specific plant types A beautifully done reference but do yourself a favour and check him out yourself a favour and check him out as well and discover a massive world of indoor The Sudoku Code gardening knowledge Really loved this book I ve had plants doing well for a few months now but never really knew what I had to do besides water them consistently This is areat starter book to really taking care of your plants and i m so excited to learn and take care of even A must read for budding plant parents This book is reat Cheng is very relatable in his writing he s like a good friend iving you ood advice he manages friend iving you ood advice He manages be thorough yet clear and somehow succinct at the same time I love how he doesn t just ive light and water reuirements in the plant profiles but documents the progress of his own plants over months and even ye HOW ARE THERE NOT MORE REVIEWS FOR THIS FELLOW PLANT PARENTS HOW ARE THERE NOT MORE RAVING POSTSThis little plant book is the BEE S KNEES and absolutely one of the better reads I ve had this year I am a huge houseplant fan and I have so many houseplant babies around my apartment and in my office I think my rand total now is approximately 14 plants total in my apartment and 3 at work which doesn t include our office plant that I ve fostered I am definitely not a houseplant beginner but this book still has a lot of useful information that I had a lot of fun reading about LIKED In addition to helpful plant facts IT HAS LISTS OF SPECIFIC PLANT ADVICE Like if you ar. Ecies and much the confident active rower relying on observation and insight And in the process the plant owner becomes a plant lover bonded to these beautiful living things by a simple love and appreciation of nature  The House Plant Journal Handbook covers all of the basics of The Second Cure growing house plants from finding the right li. I find the whole plant parent idea overly twee but beyond the title the book isn t really twee at all Instead Cheng does areat job of reframing how we approach caring for houseplants in a way that s incredibly helpful Most of the book is dedicated to basic principles that will help the reader care for any plant that comes their way but there is also a section iven over to care of some of the most popular house plants the reader might encounter I the most popular house plants the reader might encounter I t really see myself filling my home with plants the way some of the photos show but It Will Help Me Hopefully will help me hopefully the plants I have happy and healthy A fantastic no BS introduction to caring for common houseplants written by an engineer The last part of that sentence is key The book is full of reusable mental models not inflexible instructions about how to care for plants Very informative book I like how this explains how plants think and act according to the conditions of the environment they live inThe uniue approach of this book makes you realize that plants are living beings who have their own needs and personalities just like human children Which is very important to understand when taking care of them Darryl Cheng is the OG plant parent and reen thumbed uru As far as I m concerned this is the must have botanical Bible for sprouting enthusiasts He s also my originating *Source For So Much *for so much into the online plant community which duh happens to be a wonderfully diverse and all around uplifting safe space I mean it s not like plant influencers are out here throwing shade wink at each other and Darryl does the work of spotlighting other plant creators and resourcesIn his book Darryl covers the basics Decip. For indoor ardeners everywhere Darryl Cheng offers a new way to row healthy house plants He teaches the art of understanding a plant’s needs and iving it a home with the right balance of light water and nutrients After reading Cheng the indoor ardener will be far less the passive follower of rules for the care of each sp. New Plant Parent

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E taking care of a pothos or a pilea I don t have the book on me right now but I believe those are both in there Super helpful and very interesting have the book on me right now but I believe those are both in there Super helpful and very interesting The only thing I disliked about this was that I wish there was even They of course couldn t list every houseplant in existence because there are so many but this book is so well written that I really wish they couldwould Overall a SOLID book and a reat ift for any plant parent and for anyone etting into taking care of houseplants I Who Is Muhammad Ali? got it as aift to myself for my birthday and it was 100% worth every penny I m perhaps of an intermediate plant parent but I found all of the information in this book straight forward and clear I really enjoyed how Darryl Chang cut through a lot of the folk wisdom and actually helped me feel at ease caring for my collection of plants Let s see if I can keep my Boston fern happy with the right water and view of the sky Rec d by a houseplant Don't Worry, Eat Cake: A Coloring Book to Help You Feel a Little Bit Better about Everything guru in my local plant FBroup The title of this book was almost too cringy for me to pick up I m lad I did though since like many others Covid has drawed me into houseplants and I ve suddenly found myself with having almost 40 with little to no idea how to properly take care of themHow many times have we heard phrases like plants should be watered once per week or fertilised each spring just for the sake of itUnsurprisingly there are no universal rules to follow simply because different plants have different needs and different rowing conditions Instead Cheng s holistic approach focuses on helping us to observe and understand these conditions so we can do our best to make those reen creatures thrive and enjoy their aesthetic ratificatio. Ght to everyday care like watering and fertilizing to containers to recommended species Cheng’s friendly tone personal stories and accessible photographs fill his book with the same A Secret Kept generous spirit that has made houseplantjournal his Instagram account a popular source of advice and inspiration for thousands of indoorardene.