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Plot device and after the initial rescue at the Embassy the story just p and died I really disliked the heroine immensely I thought she was just stupid I can t think of another word besides stupid The way she treats Cowboy Geez She made him jump through so many hoops and he just patiently waited "Her Out Sleeping In A "out Sleeping in a in her backyard for WEEKS God I agree with her sister Brittany I ll take him I did like the storyline involoving twelve year old Andy The beginning and the ending are 5 star The middle lacked a lot for me Overall it was a good book not as good as the previous books but still a good book I especially liked that in this book SB wrote about the actual SEAL missionMelody is an Administrative Assistant for an Ambassador in some armpi Harlan Cowboy Jones was on the SEAL team assigned to rescue three embassy workers from a country taken over by terrorists Melody Evans was one of the three and from the moment Cowboy showed Nicademus up she had absolute trust that he would save her life Following the rescue they were inseparable for daysntil it was time for her to return to her life in Appleton Massachusetts and she ended it knowing what they had wouldn t last Seven months later Cowboy shows p in Appleton not having been able to forget Melody To his surprise he discovers she s pregnant with his child and committed to raising this child alone He begins his mission to prove that they need to marry for the sake of this child There are two stories here the first and last
Halves Of The Book The 
of the book The was fantastic with an exciting operation surrounding the rescue of Melody and her co workers It s always great to see the SEAL teams in action The chemistry between Melody and Cowboy was powerful and the pages sizzled with that connection However I don t nderstand why Brockmann omitted Cowboy and Melody s post rescue interlude granted it was revisited in some detail The second half was laborious as we waited for Melody to meet Cowboy at least halfway He made extreme sacrifices and she made him prove himself over and over again On one hand I ndersto This was really good but Melody the lead female was kinda getting on my nerves Harlan Cowboy Jones was wonderfulI did however really Enjoy Reading The Hh reading the Hh journey of getting to know one another outside of a hostile situation and learning about themselvesNow onto book 5 Jones is a Navy SEAL and Melody is one of the hostages he rescues They have a short intense affair and part Predictably because this is romancelandia she turns out to be pregnant and doesn t tell him Melody lives with her nurse sister in a lovely old house in a small pleasant town she wants to stay there at her job with a local politician and find a normal guy who ll be home every night But when Jones finds out he fathered a child he s determined to marry the motherThis is a pretty standard romance plot conflict Brockmann does a good job developing the characters too good in fact Melody s objections to marrying Jones are completely valid he ll spend 11 months out of year away from her providing little company or help raising the child she ll be constantly worried that he s in danger she doesn t want to it her meaningful interesting job helping a candidate she believes in get elected governor she loves her house and doesn t want to move to a navy base where she knows no one and she knows Jones isn t happy about the idea of marrying her either These are objective problems not misunderstandings Of course in the end she loves him H After all she was looking for an ordinary guy and Cowboy was anything but Too bad their encounter left Melody with than just memoriesThen Cowboy paid Melody a surprise visit and saw her burgeonin. .

I finished this in one sitting I picked the book Fortinbras at the Fishhouses up just before bedtime and endingp staying ntil early morningIt s typical feel good fluff that I expect from Brockmann s "writing style I like the SEAL hero in this book and the heroine started out strong "style I like the SEAL hero in this book and the heroine started out strong me However the reason I give it only three stars is that somewhere in the middle I got tired of the conflict I think the reasons the female was given for not accepting the hero S Marriage Proposal Got Weaker marriage proposal got weaker weaker and although that is probably meant to be I think it got sueezed out far too longStill it was a good read and I did not regret staying p for it It started well with a first chapter or prologue action packed and showing lots of potential for great interactions between Melody and Harlan However it all went to the drain from the second chapter onwardsThis second chapter started 7 months later when he tried to get in touch with her got rebuffed went there to see her and realize she s pregnantOf course what did he do He immediately offered to do his duty that was getting married so that the baby would not be illegitimate that particular trope in contemporary romance irritates me to no end and from an author whom I know to be modern and open minded as Suzanne Brockmann this was even disappointing On the other hand Melody sorry I can t call her the heroine as I ended Oracle Web Application Programming For Pl/Sql Developers up blowing puffing and getting angry every time she appeared on a page decided that she wanted only an everyday guy as her husband so she refused the marriage offer And also she felt like a beached whale and he could not possibly really want her because she hadnwillingly trapped him by getting pregnant She refused ALL discussions Present Pasts until the very end way way too late And even when she should be delivering her baby she endedp behaving like a stubborn spoiled child willing to have all her tantrums realized There s only a few scenes that I liked in this book which related to the Fincom training program and to Andy the 12 yo just arrived in the foster home The one that showed Cowboy s reaction to the child s trying to buy cigarettes and beer really made me smileLast thing except for this first chapterprologue there was NO action no suspense no nothing but bad romance between a not too bright but nice guy and a stupid idiot Honestly that was one of the only 2 TDD books I had not read before and I really could have done without I almost put this book down half read because I disliked Melody so much She was fine in the beginning but her deciding she knew about Harlan s feelings than Harlan got to be really really annoying and repetitive The only reason I kept going was because because it s part of a series This book started out strongly and actually finished okay but in the middle it failed Melody the heroine started out as such a great character and then deteriorated into such a selfish whiny pig headed btch that I never recovered any respect for her Spoiler AlertI liked Cowboy and I respected that he didn t instantly fall in love with Melody but was willing to do what was right I dislike the hidden pregnancybaby storyline There are circumstances where it makes sense but this one didn t Her repeated refusal to even consider allowing Cowboy to have anything to do with his own son just galled me There was some poignancy at the end but not enough to redeem the heroine or the book in my eyes Started off great I really Loved Harlan Cowboy Jones I thought he was a fantastic Hero However I really hate the secret baby. When Melody needed someone to rescue her she knew that navy SEAL Harlan Cowboy Jones was just the man for the job But afterward when things got intimate she had to write it off to an adrenaline rus. O she does marry him it her job and move to be near him but to me that s not a convincingly happy ending Given the things that Melody him but to me that s not a convincingly happy ending Given the things that Melody she wants and cares about what are the chances she s going to be happy living in crappy military housing waiting around for a guy who will be around maybe 30 days a year And why is it always the woman who sacrifices everything to be with the man I m pretty tired of that message Opening Line It was extremely likely that she was going to dieHarlan Cowboy Jones is the 4th SEAL to get his story told in Suzanne Brockmann s Tall Dark and Dangerous series And while as a whole I am loving these well written addictive stories and their delicious alpha male heroes this one was a letdown It starts out with a ton of potential exciting action suspense a decent heroine and a larger then life Navy SEAL hero coming to her rescue Unfortunately Brockmann then pulls out the secret baby card and for the last 34 s of the book I couldn t stand the heroine lack of storyline or the ongoing and going conflict between them Luckily we get some great supporting characters and lots of interaction with the rest of Alpha Team 10 to carry s through When the American embassy Melody Evans is working in is overtaken by terrorists it doesn t take long for the Navy SEALs to come to their rescue however it does take them 2 days to reach the Middle Eastern border and a flight to freedom During those tense few days Melody comes to trust her daring and charismatic rescuer with her life Blaming the extreme circumstances on the ensuing week of passion they share together in Paris However Melody doesn t want a relationship with a hero who risks his life on a daily basis and is never home she plans on settling down with an everyday average man So when Jones gets called back to duty she thanks him for the laughs and breaks things off And this is when things fell apart 7 months later Jones gets reassigned to the east coast and because he hasn t been able to forget about Melody he looks her The Possible Police up Shocked to discover that she s pregnant but being an honourable guy Cowboy Jones dons his dress whites and asks her to marry him The only thing is she doesn t want him in fact she s got everything worked out so that she doesn t need him either and no amount of coercion on his part will change her mind This storyline goes on and on with Melody not giving an inch and Jones settingp a tent in her backyard then doing normal suburban type things in the hopes that she will at least put his name on the birth certificate He s kind of like a dog waiting to be thrown a bone and this got old fast One interesting thing about this story is that except for one all of the love scenes are spoken of or thought about in past tense Now I A Letter To Pakistan usually like to be in on the action but this really worked here and I found the memories and sexual tension to be just as sexy as if it were taking place I just don t know what happened to our heroine because she became verynlikable Even at the very end I didn t ever and get the feeling that this couple loved each other I just felt that Jones was going to be in for a lifetime "of supplication diaper changing and begging for sexual favours So my "supplication diaper changing and begging for sexual favours So my favourite from the series so far but still a worthwhile Before Our Eyes uickie romance and I should mention that the entire TDD series has been re released with fancy new covers and this one can be found in Tall Dark and Fearless along with the excellent tortured hero in Frisco s Kid Tall Dark and Dangerous G belly That did it he had to convince her that they were meant to be together That he could be as ordinary as the next guy And he'd do it too even if it meant twenty four hour a day hands on conta.