First Comes Baby [E–pub/Kindle]

Months Later An enjoyable readThis book a uniue and fun premise The Friendship Between Laurel And between Laurel and was lovely were great characters and Caleb is the sweetest They go through some joyful times but also very hard times But he doesn t give up on her They come to realize their love for each other and that makes for a lovely romance There is one mildly descriptive sex scene at the end But it s also really sweet and fits in with the storyTrigger warnings There is a traumatic rape that isn t described but alluded to and a part of the story DNF 26% I might come back to this later but for the time being I can t finish it It probably the mood I m in but still This was a good story I especially like the heroine s triumph over her devastating past I debated between a 3 and a 4 BUT DECIDED ON 4 STARS BECAUSE THE AUTHOR MENTIONED decided on 4 stars because the author mentioned That is to say the story truly was well done Willamette was icing on the cake loved this book It developed into a sweet love story between two stubborn people As with all of these books a tried and tested formula A little sweet a little stupid but light and easyAlways good for a uick read Nicely done story of a rape victim who asks a friend to help her have a child through AI He has loved her for 10 years but she doesn t now As he sticks by her through her pregnancy and the first few months after the baby is. A relationship with Laurel but it might lead to something Now he just has to convince her that this is what best friends are for 9 Months laterIt's not what they're expecti. .
First Comes BabyLaurel was raped and left for dead while in COLLEGE FEARING SHE WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO TRUST Fearing she will never be able to trust man but wants a baby real bad decides to have a able to trust man but wants a baby real bad decides to have a without contact to the father But her "friend from years back volunteered to help herboth "from years back volunteered to help herBoth happy when finds she is with child Not the best way to start a family but can she be healed and get trust back to become a real familyWould recommend to others Good easy read very enjoyable I liked this one a lot Our heroine was scared to be in an committed relationship because 5 years before she was raped but she still wants to be a mother so she goes to find a sperm donor who is her best friend As the pregnancy months go forward they get closer and closer but it is still hard for her because she s still experiencing trauma from being raped It was a really nice readrape First Comes Baby is a sweet tender love story about two best friends who decide to have a baby together but not in the usual way Laurel was brutally raped about five years earlier and is not sure that she ever wants to have a physical relationship with any man again but she longs for a child and decides that she would like to have one via IVF Enter her best friend Caleb who willingly volunteers for the job of fathering her baby Of course babies always change things and their case is no exception In addition to realizing how deep their feeling tr. Laurel Woodall dreams of having a baby But she can't let herself fall in love and will never again let a man in her life Without a husband or a loverCaleb Manes thinks Laur. .
Uly run for each other both characters begin to make life changes but Laurel especially The romance and the baby are the main focus but the story also explores Laurel s rebuilding of old friendships that she had allowed to stagnate during the time following the attack as well as her continuing emotional recoveryI really liked both Caleb and Laurel Laurel was a sweet heroine who had been through a lot and while I might not have made the same choices she did I usually felt like I could understand where she was coming from Caleb was a wonderful beta hero who was a very ind and sensitive man I loved the idealistic humanitarian in him and kind and sensitive man I loved the idealistic humanitarian in him and he had basically devoted his life to helping needy people in third world countries to become self sufficient What I appreciated most about him though was his unwavering commitment to Laurel and their friendship no matter what A man who takes his promises as seriously as Caleb did is a real eeper in my book I found First Comes Baby to be a light easy read that managed to evoke a lot of heart felt emotions in spite of it s simplicity Even though I have read books with stronger writing it was still a pleasurable read This was my first book by Janice Kay Johnson but it left me with such a was my first book by Janice Kay Johnson but it left me with such a content feeling I would definitely be open to reading of her works in the futureThis book is part of the Harleuin theme series El is his future When he hears she wants to have a baby on her own he volunteers to be the father Making a baby in this unconventional manner isn't the best way to further.