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Eras which she performed from minor productions to major ones less well known singers to very well known singers I admit it was somewhat of a chore to read the numerous cast listings but I think I unde. Recounted with a down to earth wit and An Engagingly Odd Admixture Of engagingly odd admixture of and selfeffacement She tells it all the legendary uips the often prickly relationships with Met impresario Rudolph Bing and conductor von Karajan the infamous story of the stalker Miss N and the touchingly rendered relationship with her beloved husband Bertil Niklasson What emerges from these pages is a diva in the old mold a giant voice matched by an oversize personality a Professional Who Expected The Same who expected the same of perfection from personality a professional who expected the same level of perfection from that she demanded of herself and a woman who loved and lived life with joy and good humor and oh that voice Includes 56 photographs and a discography. .

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Returned it to the library after it languished unfinished for a couple of months It started out strongly but reading about triumph after triumph got dull after a while Truly inspiring Should be reuir. First published to wide acclaim in Sweden 1995 and in Germany 1997 the autobiography of opera legend Birgit Nilsson 1918 2005 is finally available in an English translation From her humble roots in rural Sweden to her artistic triumphs in Stockholm Bayreuth Milan and the Metropolitan Opera House this candid and utterly charming memoir reveals personality behind One The Great Voices of the great voices the past century Gracefully WEAVING TOGETHER THE PRIVATE AND PROFESSIONAL NILSSON CHRONICLES HER together the private and professional Nilsson chronicles her childhood in Vastra Karup the early recognition of her uniue natural abilities and her first tentative steps into a wider artistic world After achieving national accla. .
Ed reading music majors A very good read However I must admit the non linear arrangement of the chapters took some time to get used to In the book Nilsson mentions many of her colleagues in the op. Im in Verdi s Lady Macbeth she went on to establish herself as the dominant Wagnerian soprano of her generation appearing at the Bayreuth and Munich Festivals and the Vienna and Bavarian State Opera Houses creating along the way definitive performances of Sieglinde Brunnhilde and Isolde The book details her rise to international stardom with behind the scenes Recollections Of Her Phenomenal Triumph of her phenomenal triumph Turandot at La Scala in 1958 and her headline making Met premier in Tristan und Isolde the following ear Nilsson s long and illustrious career she performed until 1984 her celebrated professional and personal relationships her friendships and rivalries are all. La Nilsson