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The Return of the Carter Boys: The Carter Boys 2 eWasted time covering relatively inconseuential moments of low stakes battles with the Eternals who seemed to also be powered down from how we knew themTeyo and Rat were meant to act as a lens for readers new to MTG story but I don t think this intention was achieved The sheer amount of names and locations were probably inconceivable to follow from someone not familiar with MTG s dense loreI much prefer the looser canon of War of the Spark s set art and trailers over Wiesman s novelization of it I have to wonder if leaving the novel to some of the writers of the web fiction such as Alison Luhrs Kate Elliott Doug Beyer Nicky Draydentcetera would have resulted in a War of the Spark novel with a little passion and heart Spoiler free reviewReads like an Avengers movie and is gay as fuck Neither of those two things are criticisms An actual criticism Because of the Avengers size cast and because it is was written to be inclusive of people unfamiliar with all those characters and the guilds the story may tire readers with its A Meditation on Murder exposition The War of the Spark does not cover anything from Guilds of Ravnica or Ravnica Allegiance and you maynjoy it if you wait for Django Wexler s free stories Sign up here My Kobo Book had multiple formatting rrors but I would still recommend it over Sounds like the audiobook was not a better optionThe War of the Spark novel was written at a middle grade fiction reading level similar to previous Magic Stories but different from most Travis epic fantasy Characters also speak with modern vernacular These deliberate choices suggest a broader target market of readers That said the story has strong continuity and other details that will delight dedicated Vorthos Magic fans This book is definitely the worst book I vever finished reading in my ntire life I wish I could give it less than one star No characters had character development other than Dack Fayden who I m pretty confident is the only character the author actually read up on the narrative suffers from the authors insufferably childish yet strangely unimaginative mind and other than death very few character specific plots get mentioned or resolved and there s no interesting points in this impressively drab story with ach villain having dialogue I d AI Weiwei: Beijing Photographs, 1993-2003 expect out of some 90 s DD movie I say the story is impressively drab because you d think that being given a story as compelling as that whichverything has been leading up to and shown in the trailer and cards it would be impossible for any author to make the story boring but this particular author has the writing ability of a 14 year old fan fiction writer Never before have I felt like magic is a story for children but this story is so incredibly dumbed down and uninspired that for the first time in years I don t look forwards to reading the next book The narrative is poorly constructed with a lot of time spent on catching the reader up or on some completely mundane aspect of the world like the protagonists obsession with farts and plumbing Points are brought up briefly mentioned and never really dwelled on again The author also clearly just followed whatever the writing board wanted him to write as there are many uestions one would have getting into the story and none are addressed There is no rising tension The Bubble Economy: Is Sustainable Growth Possible? either I felt as though there was a book missing because the whole book feels sorta rushed at times because they literally skip a few weeks of build up that are only referenced I hated the incredibly simple and immature dialogueveryone has and the uninspired way verything is xplained A lot of the prior story is summarized to the reader when a new character is introduced which is an absolute drag because that meant I had to labor through of this author s pathetic attempt at writing instead of getting to the interesting background story which was consistently disappointing It s also clear those short summaries are the only things the author knows about any of the stablished characters Everything in the present tense is boring and underdeveloped and no character has deep motivation Thoughts of characters are never presented Any motivation presented is done in an The Social Machine: Designs for Living Online extremely simple manner No descriptions are adeuate There are broad descriptions of absolutelyverything I m just happy my favorite character Tezzeret has a short Collision Course: Endless Growth on a Finite Planet exchange with a few characters and then leaves so that this trash author doesn t ruin my impression of Tezz Also you d think with all these incredibly interesting characters some of them would do than just one thing but alas no Most characters can only do one thing Also most of the characters knowach other for no reason I only considered two points in the story creative njoyable The Wanderer She gets like two sentences in the whole book This happens all the time Oh You like something interesting about the story Sucks Have fun being tortured by an idiot author who is just Following The Framework Guide the framework guide of the Coast gave him The whole book felt like a cash grab and I despise it when fiction authors use descriptions or reference shit from the real world War of the Spark mentions traffic jams at one point which wasn t surprising as the book starts with Ugin the 30000 year old genius having the xact uote Pot meet kettle which is just inexcusably offensively stupid and out of character for the speaker The pushing of LGBT agenda is fine and I typically ignore it if it s too much however the amount of time spent reminding the Reader That One Of that one of characters who wasn t previously gay is gay was pretty astounding I can t imagine the gay community appreciates it ither When your character is mostly defined by his sexuality you re a pathetic author Maybe try incorporating his sexuality subtly and defined by his sexuality you re a pathetic author Maybe try incorporating his sexuality subtly and a personality instead of being gay be the trait the author keeps pushing In summary do NOT read this book and if you will because you d like to finish the overarching story I pity you A great book that tells the amazing story of that spans across mutliple planesworlds While it s a book that tells a story from the Magic the Gathering universe a very story rich card game you can still very much njoy the book and follow the story without know or caring about the gameSo a must read for fans of Magic and a great recommendation for fans of fantasy and good book. Planeswalkers fight alongside the Gatewatch led by Chandra Nalaar Jace Beleren and Gideon Jura against Bolas and his relentless army of Eternals nothing less than the fate of the multiverse is at sta.


War of the Spark RavnicaGiven at all Readers who are familiar with the lore will be taken aback by the news that major characters died off screen with zero Your Everyday Art World explanation as to how it happenedIt leads to the feeling that you ve just decided to read the second half of the book but the author feels the need to constantly retell things that don t matterThis book is a mess The short animation trailer WOTC put out was 1000 times better than this book In fact it feels like the two don tven show the same story They re not congruous I don t know if this author did whatever he wanted to or if WOTC told him to do what he did but I was actively angered multiple times by the choices made I do not recommend this book at all It s like the set up for future stories rather than the culmination of five years of work to get to this point It s basically a commercial that never Why Photography Matters ends Read about these planeswalkers later Because we couldn t decide what to do really so we just kinda didn t and we ll write later Yay Spoilers from here on outThere was a massive build up for this book and it had to be a book instead of the online installments because reasons and ultimately it couldasily have been 6 installments Around half the book is on new characters but not the new ones introduced over the last year new as in new this book Of the planeswalkers that die hundreds upon hundreds only THREE are namedknown characters It feels absolutely ridiculous as you read itWhat upset me the most was Vraska getting her memories back on her own before the book Doreen Valiente Witch even starts How would she haveven known she had memories to get back The replacements Jace put in were good Duty Free Murder enough for Nicol Bolas to not see through so what the hell It makes NO sense and it is plain dumb What was the point then For over a year I was VERY much looking forward to the moment when she would get them back and be the Vraska of the Ixalan story block again in time to do something massive and cool But no We can t have nice things I wanted to like Teyo but the character type of oh I ll never be good I m just a learner I suckven the amazing things I m doing right now suck like you have no idea has been done to death It s highly annoying and lazy writing To kill Gideon off at the Asperger - Leben in zwei Welten : Betroffene berichten: das hilft mir in Beruf, Partnerschaft Alltag end of such a disappointing story was insulting It s notven just that the characters themselves could have made better choices as I read I felt like he died so that the author s work would be vindicated See Someone did die It was something Gideon would do absolutely but the fan theories about what would happen after the trailer came out were better than how it actually shook out Teferi played no real major role despite the massive things with time he s done in the past Sorin and Nahiri got inserted as a one liner so I m sure we ll read all about that some other time Innistrad is somehow OK That and how Sorin freed himself weren t Hsi K'Ang and His Poetical Essay on the Lute explained Chandra and Nissa justxchange lots of Venous Catheters emotional looks anotherxample of decisions no one is making from a writing standpoint Rat was cool but had pretty terrible dialogue and her ability wasn t xplained ither Also Nicol Bolas not dying and not winning but again leaving a story line open for him to come back again sometime At again leaving a story line open for him to come back again sometime At point do we get sick of the cycle and the repetition UghUltimately a major disappointment The first and last MTG book I will buy I don t ven know that I want them to turn it into a movie any it was that bad Spoiler Free ReviewIt sucksIt s really bad It s a book written for anyone to be able to pick it up and read it however it s just so boring that nobody would want to do That It S Spoonfeeds You It s spoonfeeds you incredibly clich And the writing is cringe worthy at best If you ve already looked at the cards for this set you can actually pick out where those cards happen in the story because those are the only interesting parts The fights are dull the dialogue is cringe and the characters are flat For the love of all that is holy DO NOT READ THIS BOOK At first a lot of fans of Magic The Gathering s story were miffed that the main beats of War of the Spark were revealed from the card set s preview season before any of the literature was released itself Dack Fayden got his spark ripped out Wait Niv Mizzet died in the first place Gideon sacrificed himself to save Liliana the only one who can turn the tide a la The Last Hope during Eldritch MoonHowever now I m glad I was able to see the framework built by Wizard s in house design and creative teams before I read Wiesman s take I avoided leaks and discussions of the novel because I wanted to be surprised and mystified by twists and unforeseen happenings However I needn t have bothered as the book offered none of these The story was simply conveyed better between the set trailers art and flavor text War of the Spark s premise is rife with stakes and motion and the animation and cards wonderfully illustrated Nicol Bolas s cruel mechanizations the darkness and destruction befalling local Ravnica Liliana s inner conflict and decisive resolve Gideon s Strange Visitors: Documents in Indigenous-Settler Relations in Canada from 1876 emotional sacrifice and well deserved rest and many struggles plans and tragedies Even Ral and Tomik s relationship got anndearing nod with Dawn Murin s art direction via the inclusion of wrist cloths in their card artsThe frame and setup of the story was all there and it was solid While fans were waiting for the novel s release we were welcome to fill in the narrative gaps with our speculation and imaginationsRegardless Wiesman s own imagination didn t do anything particularly good or interesting with what it was given He covered all the key Witched At Birth (A Paris, Texas Romance, events and all of the characters but that s pretty much it Cleverness surprisesmotional tracking the book had none of these Things that should have been grandiose and xciting fell flat The Gatewatch which by all means should have been ready with a crafted plan a la the ndings of the Ixalan and Dominaria blocks ran around with their heads cut off for over half the bookThere was no good reason for Jace and Vraska s plan to not come to fruition and no reason why the rest of the Gatewatch to be caught so unaware This was the finale and most characters were set back character development wise for it when they should have been forged and triumphant from their previous successes and failures The book suffered from character overload and it. Y disparate realities must unite against the lder dragon Nicol Bolas who has claimed dominion over Ravnica and is perilously close to completing the spell that will grant him godhood Now as dozens of. ,