(Pdf/E–pub) [Pendragon Rises] BY Tracy Cooper–Posey

Hijacking the Brain dOf the book thatraws a reader in There is the intrigue and the history I highly recommend this book for it especially rew myself in until I was finishedI was given an advanced reader copy of this book for my honest review I am in love with this series It s hard not to become emotionally invested in any Cooper Posey character but I found that especially true with Stefan and Anwen A mighty warrior struck blind and the overlooked mouse in the corner I have always been fascinated by Legend Of Arthur of Arthur his knights of the round table and the mysterious Merlin The Once and Future Hea As always a surprising an impressive work from the author The story follows the Arthurian myth but possesses a host of secondary characters that are actually the main heroes of these books This structure is interesting because there is a thread that links all the books but also creates a feeling of predictability Even so the stories are very enjoyable as is the case of Pendragon RisesAnwen and Steffan are the heroine and hero this time although they are actually anti heroes Anwen is a timid and plain companion to the Duchess of Cornwall and Steffan is a blind warrior Both of them have their limitations and hurts but together they learn how to conuer their limitations Both of them will have important roles in the birth of ArthurThis is a bitter sweet story with a somewhat melancholic evelopment but the adventures and plot twists escribed by the author grab you to the end even if it is a rather bitter end that you already know if you are familiar with the Arthurian legend I read the first three books in a row and that helped with the continuity since the protagonists of the second volume have rather important roles in this story I voluntarily reviewed "An Advance Reader Copy "Advance Reader copy this book Sigh Wonderful romance Exceptionally researched historical novel Uther Pendragon High King of Britain iscovers and takes his ueen Anwen the lady no one wants finds her love a man who sees only her. Could Karen vs Alien destroy Britain’s fragile peaceThis novel is part of the ancient historical romance series Once and Future Hearts set in Britainuring the time of King Arthur10 Born of No Man20 Dragon Kin30 Pendragon Rises40 War Duke of Britain50 High King of Britain60 Battle of Mount Badon70 Abduction of Guenivere80 Downfall of Cornwall90 Vengeance of Arthur100 Grace of Lancelot110 The Grail and Glory120 Camlann. Pendragon RisesVery good romance Anwen and Steffan are perfect for each other i loved how they love grew while they learned About Each Otherit S Really each otherit s really writtenHowever i on t really like the part of treachery in the arthurian legend and we get that here so i would have prefered the focus only on Anwen and Steffan I am enamoured with this bookThe I read of this series the I wantThere is a mixture of real history Arthurian legend and that special Tracy Cooper Posey real history Arthurian legend and that special Tracy Cooper Posey and Steffan s story is another side bar to the story of King Arthur but important just the same The characters are very ifferent to your usual romance story heroes and heroines This gives a ifferent perspective to the story and was very well received by meI love this book and I love Tracy Cooper Posey meI love this book and I love Tracy Cooper Posey Saga ContinuesAnother great story in the Once and Future Hearts Series the fight for a peaceful Britain continues as the True High King ies and his brother becomes king This story is filled with treachery lies Singing the Law deceitful plotting and fearThe price each person has to pay to get what they want is steep As usual the cost isn t negotiated beforehand Power selfishness and greed yield bitter harvests If you enjoy Arthurian legends with Merlin and a host of others I recommend this book to you This is one of my favorite series set in the world of King Author I love how the author uses history to tell the story Each new addition has kept me turning pages and wanting once I reached the end I can t wait for the next one Love theescriptions and settings that transport me to that world Well told and well written The main character is this one story were so uniue Alchemic different and unexpected Highly recommended I volunteered to read an ARC and this is my honest opinion This book was so good This series is all about the time set in Britain of King Arthur This book was all about Anwen companion to Lady Igraine the Duchess of Cornwall and Steffan of Durnovaria who was a celebrated warrior in the Duke of Cornwalls arm. She is invisible to everyone but the blind man Anwen is the least favored companion to Lady Igraine the Duchess of Cornwall No man will marry her for she is old and plain Instead she teaches Igraine’s children to readSteffan of Durnovaria was once a celebrated warrior in the Duke of Cornwall’s army a friend to Prince Uther the High King’s brother andestined for greatness until a Saxon war hammer sto. ,

Y and friend to Prince Uther the High Kings brother Steffan was hurt We Sell Drugs during the war and ended up blinded Since he could no longer fight he was sent to Lady Igraine to help teach her children He meets up with Anwen who is also a teacher to Lady Igraine s children Together they make a great pair buto not trust each other They both are Problem Solving in Data Structures Algorithms Using C++ dragged into court intrigue Veryescriptive and a lot of eception on all parts Held my interest right from the very beginning Highly recommend Anwen and Steffan seem like an odd couple but along this book they match This is an amazing series and rises although centered on Anwen the teacher and Steffan the ex warrior struggling at the Cornwall state shows of Merlin and his role with everyone s estinyUther s obssession with a certain lady unravels big changes in the kingdom Prince Merlin plays a big role in the making of great kings while he cannot be oneI really liked Anwen s happily ever after She is plain and old for her times but her heart is made of gold Steffan is a great warrior wise beyond his years but his blindness stops him from been the great man he wants to be near Kings and #important men Together they will find their way The plot thickens in the most beautiful weave of lives #men Together they will find their way The plot thickens in the most beautiful weave of lives and futures made Superb writing I say The next book in the Once and Future Hearts series is Pendragon Rises With each book the series just keeps getting better for I m Women and Sustainable Agriculture: Interviews With 14 Agents of Change drawn into the book until completion Tracy Cooper Posey just has a way with her writing thatraws a reader into her world Especially with the characters there is such Crossing the color line in American politics and African American literature depth These two characters Steffan and Anwen had suchepth between the two Steffan of Durnovaria was a warrior who was struck blind who has such a way with languages "He Was Also Gorlois "was also Gorlois Then there is Anwen who found herself plain and unremarkable What I found absolutely amazing and romantic is even though Steffan was blind he still saw Anwen Besides the romance there are other aspects. Le his sight and Rebuilding destroyed his lifeToeflect Steffan’s anger from the warriors around him Igraine Intro to Alien Invasion directs him to help Anwen teach heraughters The assignment brings him no happiness and terrifies Anwen who has never spoken to a man Therapy of Love directly in her lifeWhen the new High King Uther meets Igraine for the first time and becomes obsessed with her Anwen and Steffan arerawn into a web of lies and Democratic Phoenix: Reinventing Political Activism deceit that.