E–pub [Screen Tests Stories and Other Writing] BY Kate Zambreno

Screen Tests Stories and Other WritingIn the tradition of Benjamin Sontag and Barthes Kate

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Creates Her Her Fictional Persona Even If It Is her own Her fictional ersona even if it is to her real self moves through culture reshaping the establishment Her voices is evocative of a Joan of Arc who struggles while achieving like Beckett s Watt and like Dostoevsky s the Idiot not knowing the lasting impact of her words This last thing is meant as compliment Not that many contem Pretentious shite Genuinely a struggle to get through this despite how short each chapter is Had to stop at 49% and go stress eat some carbs before I could dredge up the will to continue If I ever see another navel gazing ramble about Andy Warhol or Edie Sedgwick or literally any other white hipster icon I will throw myself under the shanghai metro Imagine that a middle class White Feminist with a degree in gender studies buys a shop in a run down neighbourhood converts it into a gluten free bistro and invites all their annoying white feminist friends over for a movie themed brunch This book is what you d find on the the tables instead of a menu I LOVED this book Not least of which because Kate Zambreno and I are obsessed with all the exact same artists Kathy Acker Chantal Akerman Susan Sontag Clarice Lispector Marguerite Duras David Wojnarowicz The way all the little essaysmemoirsstories shapeshift from one topic to another one and back again so seamlessly I don t know how to describe her writing style besides calling it very ersonal and very fluid in the way it blends biography and autobiography so smoothly Every The Eat-Clean Diet Cookbook: Great-Tasting Recipes that Keep You Lean! piece in here is short and sweet and it s all so full of insights and connections and commentary on celebrity and myths of stardom This is literally everything I look for in a book and also a bizarrely well timed read after I read Chantal Akerman s memoir and Kathy Acker s interview book both of which overlapped in a big way with a lot of these essays I am aretty big fan of Zambreno I read what she writes I see myself in it I see myself writing like her I feel like I coul. A new work eual arts observational micro fiction and cultural criticism reflecting on the dailiness of life as a woman and writer on fame and failure aging and art from the acclaimed author of Heroines Green Girl and O Fallen AngelIn the first half of Kate Zambreno’s as. ,
D read her writing about the PROCESS OF UNCLOGGING A DRAIN AND of unclogging a drain and it brilliant That being said I didn t love Screen Tests unclogging a drain and find it brilliant That being said I didn t love Screen Tests book is made up of essays and the screen tests which are one to two The Wedding Redux page stories a la Lydia Davis or reports Gerald Murnane that reflect or wander around topics like writers Sontag Stein Ferrante cinema dogs in film Meg Ryan vehiclehotography celebrity Rolling Thunder philosophy and so on I think myroblem was that I sat down and endeavoured to read the whole thing at once which is Ye Castle Stinketh: Could You Survive Living in a Castle? probably antithetical to the idea of screen tests and which did nothing but make me feel scattered and unsatisfied The right way to read this book Slowly over time when you feel like a literary aperitif Then it will be a treat I don t know There were some fragments that I really enjoyed the trifecta of Tallulah Bankhead Heiress Louise Brooks in a Mint Green Housecoat was a really interesting examination of like fame femininity and aging But for the mostart I just felt like I was reading a journal that someone had written with the intention of writing a capital j Journal A few assages from Screen TestsIn a recent interview I was asked to name a book I thought should be remembered And I chose the u b cois writer Catherine Mavrikakis s A Cannibal and Melancholy Mourning The narrator hotly mourns all of these friends who have dies of AIDS all named Herv The narrator says she loves works that are tender and cruel and that is what this is for me a jeremiad a beautiful complaint The book is inspired by Herv Guibert s autoportrait To the Friend Who Did Not Save My Life fictionalizing his friends Michel Foucault s death from AIDS which also documents Guibert s own diagnosis like a French companion to Close to the Knives The interviewer asked me to talk about New Narrative and I told him that it was an avant garde ueer mostly American literary scene circling around community and especially memorializing friends and lovers who died of AIDS refusing their disappearance I rattled off names of New Narrative writers. Toundingly original collection Screen Tests the narrator regales us with incisive and witty swatches from a life lived inside a brilliant mind meditating on aging and vanity fame and failure writing and writers along with ortraits of everyone from Susan Sontag to Amal Clo. Bruce Boone Dodie Bellamy Kevin Killian Kathy Acker Gail Scott The Interviewers Asked Me If I Thought There Would Ever interviewers asked me if I thought there would ever another movement where writers could be angry in force again if there would be another crisis that would allow for a olitical literatureI have thought about this uestion for a while now and I think it connects to than just writing it s about art making it s about a way of life that is opposed to a mainstream homogenized successAnd I said to his that there is always something to be angry about always something to rage againstIf I could only write throughout my entire life with the electricity of the amateurThere needs to be a word I ve realized for the arasitism of middlebrow art and literature that steals from interesting and radical art but in the rocess strips it of its ferality its olitical urgency its ueerness its threat Sarah Schulman uses the term gentrified also connecting it to AckerWriter s block How boring I am supposed to be working on an essay this essay in fact but something stalls me I cannot enter into it I am unsure what is the use of all this first erson any Meh Too much name dropping too much coyness way way way too much this first erson any Meh Too much name dropping too much coyness way way way too much gazing You re just not that interesting Kate nobody s that interesting Not even any of the eople that aren t you that you occasionally try to write about Ideas are interesting and when you engage with ideas concepts works you re interesting too But the rest of this is just tiresome and reads like someone s lightly edited Motivational Perspectives on Chronic Pain private journal Really enjoyed the final two essays New York City Summer 2013 and One Can Be Dumb and Unhappy at Exactly the Same Time true Screen Tests is an artfullyoised lineup of uasi Warholian novels and films Kate Zambreno makes a strong case for each of these ut upon female artists while the collection is also a shimmering delight in and of itself We have the same taste in artists so I enjoyed reading her uips about those eople but sometimes her voice as a writer reads like a 2010 tumblr text None Like Him: 10 Ways God Is Different from Us (and Why That's a Good Thing) post. Oney Maurice Blanchot to Louise Brooks The series of essays that follow on figures central to Zambreno’s thinking including Kathy Acker David Wojnarowicz and Barbara Loden are manifestos about art that ingeniously intersect and chime with the stories that came before the.