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The strange complaint that his songs aren t hummable His tunes are integral to the plot making them virtually impossible to be pulled out and turned into pop songs Often songs are sung dialogue replete with carefully constructed and clever rhymes and witty sayings His technical ability has people accusing Sondheim of writing shows that are too complicated and emotionally cold And et over 60 ears in the theatre has proven that he is a creative force to be reckoned with Sondheim is the man who successfully stirs the
Hearts And Uncorks The Emotions 
and uncorks the emotions theater going intellectualsThe technical side is all present in Steve Swayne s book And since Sondheim does inspire such rabid intellectual debate perhaps Swayne was writing with the thought in mind that he d have to answer to Sondheim s nitpicky fans This is a book for experts by an expert It s accurate and thoroughly researched But as entertainment it s also a rather gray lifeless readPerhaps it s because I only have one college level class of music composition so I found the detailed descriptions of musical keys and chords tiring after 20 pages I kept having to look up the classical music that Swayne refers to and I often still didn t uite get the point after listening to it I would google Swayne s references to plays and movies I hadn to it I would google Swayne s references to plays and movies I hadn seen about half of the ones mentionedFrom the pages and pages of dissertation level language we can tell Swayne has done his research But really at the cor. Voluminous as are the artistry and perceptiveness Swayne has lived richly within the world of Sondheim’s music” Richard Crawford author of America’s Musical Life A History “Amid the ever crowded bookshelf of writings on Sondheim Swayne’s analysis of Sondheim’s development as a composer stands up as a uniue and worthy study For the Sondheim aficionados there are new ideas and new information and for others Swayne’s How Sondheim Found His Sound will provide an intriguing introduction into the mind of arguably the greatest and most influential living Broadway composer” talkinbroadwaycom “What a fascinating book full of insights large and small An impressive analysis and summary of Sondheim’s many sources of inspiration All fans of the composer and lovers of Broadw. E the author s basic premise to the average reader is uite simple Sondheim is a product of what he was exposed to He s very learned WASP born and bred and IVY League educated with personal help by brilliant lyricist Oscar Hammerstein Sondheim is a classicist by nature Also Sondheim is a man whose high interest in detailed drama intricate structure and challenging puzzles and games informs all of his works Sondheim writes to specific style as with Sweeney Todd where he mixed Grand Guignol informs all of his works Sondheim writes to specific style as with Sweeney Todd where he mixed Grand Guignol Victorian operatic with the film noir scores of Bernard Hermann PsychoThis is a book for researchers and people digging into the delicacies of parts pieces and moments the viscera Swayne is obviously obsessed with Sondheim and the author is a workhorse of a researcher Also Swayne s not afraid to share an opinion However this high aiming book has an extraordinarily limited audience Until I read it I thought I was in that elite group Sondheim is often criticized for his intellectual detail complexity and coldness Yet his music when properly and Fairly Explored Has A True explored has a true of emotion and human borne conflict Swayne s book has the intellect construction and coldness down Sadly it also assumes Sondheim s artistic heart is a mere product of academic dissection This book is all parts of the bodies of Sondheim s work carefully autopsied in a lab like experiment as if these very lively and human creations were past the hope of breathing any new spark into. Ay In General Will in general will and freuently refer to Swayne’s work” Tom Riis Joseph Negler Professor of Musicology and Director of the American Music Research Center University of Colorado Stephen Sondheim has made it clear that he considers himself a “playwright in song” How he arrived at this uniue appellation is the subject of How Sondheim Found His Sound an absorbing study of the multitudinous influences on Sondheim’s work Taking Sondheim’s own comments and music as a starting point author Steve Swayne offers a biography of the artist’s style pulling aside the curtain on Sondheim’s creative universe to reveal the many influences from classical music to theater to film that have established Sondheim as one of the greatest dramatic composers of the twentieth century. ,
Excellent content Decent analysis Badly written Again very insightful for anyone who needs to study Sondheim I d much rather listen to Sondheim talk about music and words than listen to his actual music and words Any book about Sondheim should get a good vote from me How he found his sound deals with many things including influence of types of cinema but the most interesting parts for me where his musical influences which is detailed and fascinating To really enjoy this book ou have to have three ingredients 1 Timoe you need to be a rabid Stephen Sondheim fan or at least have a HUGE knowledge of his work 2 You have to have master s level degrees in music composition theatre and movie critiue 3 Finallyou have to love in depth and detailed works written by great experts for the edification of other great experts Put aside our heart because this is Broadway musical history run through a careful and cold dissection poked and prodded to death replete with anatomical drawingsI do love Sondheim He s the Broadway composer who started out as a lyricist for Gypsy and West Side Story He went on to write some of the greatest most complex musicals Broadway has ever seen including A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum Company A Little Might Music Follies Pacific Overtures Sweeney Todd Merrily We Roll Along Sunday in the Park with George Follies Pacific Overtures Sweeney Todd Merrily We Roll Along Sunday in the Park with George the Woods Passion and
Assassins Sondheim S Musical Composition 
Sondheim s musical composition often intricate he regularly suffers. “Steve Swayne’s How Sondheim Found His Sound is a fascinating treatment and Remarkable Analysis Of America’s analysis of America’s playwright in song His marvelous text goes a long way toward placing Stephen Sondheim among the towering artists of the late twentieth century” Cornel West Princeton University “Sondheim’s career and music have never been so skillfully dissected examined and put in context With its focus on his work as composer this book is surprising and welcome” Theodore S Chapin President and Executive Director The Rodgers and Hammerstein Organization “ an intriguing ‘biography’ of the songwriter’s style Swayne is to be congratulated for taking the study of this uniue composerlyricist into hitherto unnavigated waters” Stage Directions “The research is. .