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Him It was complicated In this story Drea and Mason are working together on a fundraiser for the hospital in Boone Springs Texas Drea just wants to get the job done by spending as little time with Mason as possible and then head back to New York City to the big job promotion Mason had a thing for Drea when she was younger but he new not to act promotion Mason had a thing for Drea when she was younger but he new not to act it as she was too young for him So he sent her away the night she came to

seeking comfort Now Mason has chance to make it up to Drea and explain what happened Will Drea listen to what he has to say and forgive him Working closely together Drea and Mason give in to the temptation they both felt so long ago But will their newly found romance be able to stand up to the secrets that are about to be revealed Drea and Mason are the ind of characters I like to read about There is just the right amount of angst between them to make their passion incredibly strong once they gave in to it I liked the build up to the story and how there were other little stories included within the main one Though we will have to wait to find out about them this romance was perfect on its own It was a fun book and I can t wait to read the next installment to the series If you like enemies to lovers romance dramatic pasts secrets and rich ranchers this is the book for you Texan for the Taking Charlene SandsA story that provides an enemies to lovers venue Drea has always had feelings for Mason Even Though His Family even though his family her family s legacy Now she must work with him to raise money for the hospitalStrong characters that you can t help but root forCouldn t put it down until the end Love it. Melting in the heat of his gaze but going back down that road of heartbreak spells troubleSo why is she inviting Mason into her bedFrom Harleuin Desire Luxury scandal desire welcome to the lives of the American eliteDon’t miss a single story in the Boone Brothers of Texas seriesBook 1 Texan for the TakingBook 2 Stranded and SeducedBook 3 Vegas Vows Texas Nigh. Reviewed at Keeper BookshelfTEXAN FOR THE TAKING begins Charlene Sands Boone Brothers Of Texas With A Texas with a of enemies who might have once been lovers if only things were different who get a second chance to make it right for them no one else just themThe chemistry between Drea and Mason leaps off of the page It s obvious that there is than hatred in Drea s eyes when she faces off against Mason again And it s eually obvious that Mason isn t going to hold back this time He nows what he wants and if that means going the roundabout
to get it he can that But Drea belongs with him and he ll prove that to her even though he nows full well that s not going to be easyThere was a time when Drea believed Mason hung the stars and the moon back before he crushed and the moon back before he crushed dreams and broke her heart Now she d just like to ship him off on a oneway trip to the moon But she needs to work with him that doesn t mean she has to fall in love with the stubborn cowboy again Tell that to her heart though because that stubborn emotion filled organ isn t listening to her right nowMason and Drea s story starts off the series in a way that will 1,000 Awesome Writing Prompts keep me coming back for the rest of the overall story There are secrets being revealed not everything is exactly as Drea believed it to be Little bits and pieces about secondary characters will bring me back to find out and maybe to watch them tumble into love themselves I don t need tonow everything when I start a series but I need enough to engage my curiosity and that is definitely engaged with TEXAN FOR THE TAKINGSizzling in the right places angst but not too much emotions running high from. Will bitter enemies make better bedfellows when they reunite USA TODAY bestselling author Charlene Sands presents the story of Lone Star lovers getting their second chanceOnly the worthiest of causes could woo expert fundraiser Drea MacDonald back to Boone Springs to work with the Mason Boone Growing up the sexy Texas rancher had stolen her schoolgirl heart and his Texan for the TakingIntense dislike to deeply felt love This one is a smooth introduction "to the Boone brothers and the ladies who will eventually settle these "the Boone brothers and the ladies who will eventually settle these down I was easily captured by the overall story and will be diving into the rest of this series with pleasureI own a Kindle Edition of TEXAN FOR THE TAKING 3 stars Super cute story I liked the writing and both main characters Drea and Mason were very likable and I think they had some really nice chemistry While I did enjoy this I am not all that crazy about dead spouses and this this I am not all that crazy about dead spouses and this that for Mason and It Had Drea Feeling Like Second Best had Drea feeling like second best sucks Mason fortunately makes it very Moonrise (Snowfall, known that he wants Drea though so that was nice The ending wrapped up nicely if not a bit too uickly but overall it was a very uick and adorable read Love it CategoriesWestern Romance Sagas Contemporary RomanceMiniseriesBoone Brothers of Texas Delightfully addicting story of two lost souls reconnecting Charlene Sands isicking off her brand new Boone Brothers of Texas series with Mason Drea s story He broke her teenage heart but she s determined not to let him do it again I was uickly drawn into the chemistry and past drama from this couple along wi Mason Boone Andrea MacDonalda very good story of enemies to lovers story introduced the Boone brothers Loved this second chance enemies to lovers story Drea may hate Mason but she s never gotten over him either and I so enjoyed watching them step around each other until neither could take it any Swoon As always Charlene writes with heart and heat and leaves the reader with a big smile Drea MacDonald once loved Mason Boone but she also hated. Ealthy family had stolen her legacy But making sure that the new state of the art cardiac wing of the town hospital gets the financial support it needs means Drea has to swallow her pride and join forces with her still irresistible nemesisSoon history is repeating itself though now Mason sees Drea in a whole new light for the beautiful woman she is Drea can’t help.

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