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Don't Worry, Eat Cake: A Coloring Book to Help You Feel a Little Bit Better about Everything kWow such a delightful read it was it was a distillation of happiness laughers and romantic scenes plus some actions by the endI do adore Virginia Heath s work it asks me a little time to read because she uses so many different words than the usuals so I need always to slow down my reading to fully enjoy the story in all its details and its beautyEverything began with Thea coming face to backside with a very bare arse when she first meets Gray who was gallivanting in his birthday suit in a pond after a run following his silly and sweet mutt TreforJust this opening scene was hilarious from Harriet Thea s widowed friend to them and of course Tre A lovely story Theodora Thea Cranford is an heiress living a rather reclusive life She is working hard to live uietly and discreetly because she believes that her impetuous nature caused death and injury to family members Lord Graham Gray Chadwick is part of the King s Elite spy group and is aiming for a promotion He comes to Thea s area on the trail of the leader of a smuggling ring I loved Gray because 1 he loves his mischievous dog Trefor and 2 he is just absolutely charming I am a real sucker for a charming guy Gray and Thea struggle to deal with personal issues and his duty as a spy while they clearly are very attracted to each other I loved that they built a friendship as well as a love affairThis was a well developed well written story that was a joy to read Series The King s Elite 3Publication Date 32119Number of Pages 288I absolutely adored this delightfully witty romantic entertaining and exciting story The main characters are definitely a matched pair and fit together perfectly even though they don t think so at first Then you add in the real star of the show Trefor and you won t be able to put the book down Trefor is a large rambunctious high spirited untrainable water loving dog and you will absolutely love him and his antics Two big wet paws hit her suarely on her belly and she lost her balance Arms waving like a windmill in a gale she struggled to stay upright Instinctively she threw one foot behind to steady herself only to realize too late that she stood on an incline Thea tumbled clumsily backward her feet lifting from the bank as gravity took over To her utter horror she landed with a huge splash in the water mere inches from the irritating naked man s groin This is the third book in the series but it can easily be read as a stand alone However it is a wonderful series and I highly suggest reading all of the books in order This series is about a group of spiesnown as The King s Elite who are pursuing a large group of smugglers and French spies In this story they are looking for The Boss who is one of the most ruthless and bloodthirsty villains you will meet All of the books are seat of the pants exciting even though this one is a bit steadier paced Our poor hero well he eeps getting sidetracked by this gorgeous Titian haired femaleLord Graham Gray Chadwick is finally coming into his own after having a troubled past He lost his great love lost his entire fortune created a scandal and was disowned by his family all by age twenty one His salvation was joining the Merchant Navy and seeing the world When his sense of honor prodded him into reporting something of which he had become aware he came to the notice of Lord Fenni who commanded the King s Elite Gray has worked with them for the last two years and has just discovered that he has an ambition he wants to lead the invisibles the highly trained most covert and most important branch of the Kings Elite That means he has to successfully complete the mission to which he is currently assigned He has to find and apprehend The Boss and all leads have brought him to the doorstep of Viscount GislinghamTheodora Thea Cranford is beautiful titian haired and the much adored very "Rich Niece Of Viscount Gislingham Thea Is "niece of Viscount Gislingham Thea is impetuous outspoken strong willed well she was Now she is convinced that she must eep Impetuous Thea locked away in a big iron box and throw away the ey Impetuous Thea is the one who has caused all the problems in her life the death of her father and her uncle s stroke Thea is also very very dismissive and distrustful of men at least any who want to court her It has always proven true that any of them who showed interest were only after her fortune Imagine Impetuous Thea being locked away and the repressed staid dour SensibleThea coming across a naked man swimming in her uncle s stream Sparks fly and troubles reignGray had to make a good impression on Viscount Gislingham and work himself into the Viscount s inner circle He had rented the estate adjoining the Viscounts and fully intended to become the perfect neighbor Yet when he meets the Viscount and sees the inner workings of his household it sure doesn t seem like the home of a criminal mastermind Gray is walking a tightrope by trying to successfully complete his mission and not mislead Thea Thea leads him on a merry chase and he often finds himself forgetting his mission and then berating himself for not being a good spyI absolutely adored Gray He was the sweetest most caring and conflicted hero ever Poor baby he fought hard but just couldn t win I also loved Thea caring and conflicted ever Poor baby he fought hard but just couldn t win I also loved Thea was so happy to see that she was intelligent and wasn t to go and do any TSTL things and then she did and it nearly cost her all Still one moment s aberration is forgivableI highly recommend this book and this series You can t go wrong and will be thoroughly entertained with giggles sighs and tension I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own Virginia Heath bounds back into form with The Disgraceful Lord Grey the third book in her King s Elite series about group of gentlemen spies charged with putting a stop to the activities of a particularly elusive and dangerous smuggling ring with links to Napol on With the ring s operations now brought to a halt all that remains is to cut off the head so to speak and unmask the person who s been pulling the strings nown only as The Boss The investigations of the King s Elite have narrowed this down to one of two people and in this story Lord Graham Chadwick Gray travels to Suffolk accompanied by Lord Fenni the head of the King s Elite in order to infiltrate the small social circle of Viscount Gislingham in continuance of the investigationUnfortunately however he doesn t get off to the best of starts when Gislingham s niece happens upon him cavorting naked in the stream on the estate and then his huge dog Trefor Gray is of Welsh descent or at least he grew up there A Secret Kept knocks her in as wellOopsMiss Thea Cranford has lived with her uncle and aunt since the death of her parents and at twenty three remains unmarried She s heiress to an enormous fortune and a youthful infatuation for a man whose affection turned out to be for her money and not for her has made her very cautious when it comes to men and guilt over her impulsive behaviour in the past has caused her to lock the side of herself she terms Impetuous Thea in a box and throw away theey Her closest friend the widowed Lady Harriet Crudgington who is vivacious funny and intent on living life to the full regula. A spy on a mission Until he meets this heiress Part of The King’s Elite Miss Theodora Cranford’s learned to eep her impetuous nature locked away. The Disgraceful Lord Gray The Kings Elite #3

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Aceful Lord Gray did not disappoint me at all I had so much fun reading this book from the very beginning to the very end Now I don t want to go into any details about this book without being to spoiler but I will say the beginning of the book was a great start to begin the story and it had me absolutely swoony for Lord Gray from the very start Especially when Miss Theodora Cranford aka Thea first meet Lord Grey at the Brooke with his adorable dog and she was really blushing as red as an apple to head to toe I really don t blame Thea for making a complete fool of herself I would of made a complete fool outta myself as well if I ever meet a man like Lord Gray by the Brooke And that s why I love Thea so much I connected to her uickly I loved her personality so much she reminds me so much about myself she is also very stubborn hardhead woman that has an impetuous nature that she locked away but she is also a very beautiful loyal bluntly honest woman she loves her family to death and she will do anything to help or save them She has and wants to find an honorable sensible suitor and to marry for love and not a suitor who is after her fortune especially not a suitor who is not a self assured scoundrel or a disgraceful lord like Lord Gray Ahh Lord Gray is a wild child at heart and he does not go by the rules of society at all he likes to broke them and be free spirited as well That what I love about Lord Gray he is a wild and very free spirited man but he is also a really loyal ind hearted man with a big heart made of gold even though that he guarded his heart for the past ten years after he was completely backstabbed and hurt from a past love That is until Lord Gray first meets Thea by the Brooke he felt an instant connection to her and he wanted to now about her But Lord Gray has to eep a secret from Thea and it close to her family especially her uncle Edward now I won t say why Gray wants to get close to Thea and her uncle because that it spoiler you just have to read this book and find out what I am talking about Now Gray and Thea banter and flirt left and right and have fun with each other even though Thea tries to distance herself from Gray But both Thea and Gray can t help their deep attraction and connection they have with each other the they both spend time together I absolutely love the slow burn love that both Gray and Thea had in this amazing book it just made them both complete each other in every way to learn and The Ancient Greeks: Ten Ways They Shaped the Modern World know about each in The Disgraceful Lord Gray Now at the end of this book Thea does find out what secret Gray was hiding from her and what one family member was also hiding from her but will Gray s and Thea s love be saved at the end You just have to read The Disgraceful Lord Gray to find out what happens next All and all I absolutely love and enjoyed everything about The Disgraceful Lord Gray even though this is the third book from The King s Elite series but it is ok to read as a stand alone but now I really want to read the first and second book as well A decade after his childhood love threw him over for his older brother and he lost his inheritance at the gaming tables in a fit of despair Lord Graham Gray Chadwick is back in England older and a great deal wise for his years in the merchant navy Now working for the Elites a team of government agents hot on the heels of a dangerous smuggling gang Gray is in line to become commander of the Elites if he can just identify The Boss The Elites have narrowed their suspect pool to just two and Gray finds himself rusticating in the sleepy Suffolk countryside with order to find The Disgraceful Lord Gray is the third book in The King s Elite series by Virginia Heath It can be read as a standalone book but having read the first two books in the series I recommend you read them purely for the fact that they like this book are fabulous 5 star readsMiss Theodora Cranford has convinced herself that anytime something goes terribly wrong it is because of her giving in to her impetuous nature First of all her father died and then her uncle had a stroke She promised herself that the impetuous Thea would beept hidden for everybody s sake She is also fed up of men chasing after her for her fortune and is determined to be very careful of who she chooses when the time comes No scoundrels rakes and definitely nobody who only wants her moneyLord Graham Chadwick Gray is a member of the King s Elite They are a group of spies working for the government From the first book in the series they have been hunting for The Boss of a large dangerous smuggling ring Gray is looking for a promotion in fact he wants to Take Over Being In over being in of the group of spies A good way to show he is worthy of the position is to capture The Boss and it s that which brings him to Thea s home He is positive that her Uncle is the man they want to arrestWhen Thea and Gray first meet it s a fabulously fun moment one which Thea couldn t forget From that moment both are attracted to each other even if they won t admit it even to themselves The story continues "With Gray And His Boss "Gray and his boss Thea s home using all the wiles and lies that were necessary The problem is that the time Gray spends around Thea the he finds himself falling for her She is unlike any woman he has ever Tricycle (HISTOIRE) known and he sees both sides of her The prim and proper Thea plus the impetuous one After a very bad experience with his last relationship he is determined to never give his heart to anybody again But with Thea he doesn t seem to have a choice The problem is that if and when they arrest her Uncle she willnow just how much he has ept from her and how much he has lied It seems impossible that theirs can be a relationship that ends happilyThis book had it all it had fabulous funny moments deeply moving moments extremely passionate moments and of course all the drama of bringing down the smuggling ring Add to that the most adorable dog and you have a perfect story I read it as uickly as possible because I wanted to see if Thea and Gray could have a happy ever after and I wanted to now if Gray was right that Thea s uncle was indeed The Boss I was captivated throughout this whole story and am very happy to recommend it Romantic rousing and entertainingThe Disgraceful Lord Gray is set in the Suffolk countryside during 1820 and features the feisty willful Theodora Cranford who may unexpectedly find herself in need of a hero as well as the dashing yet jaded Lord Gray who may finally have found the right woman to give his heart toThe prose is witty and authentic The characters are warm passionate and mischievous including the lovable four legged incorrigible Trefor And the plot is an amusing mysterious mix of Regency And the plot is an amusing mysterious mix of Regency scoundrel behaviour family drama attraction humorous antics espionage mishaps danger and romanceOverall The Disgraceful Lord Gray is a lighthearted engaging delightful read that s perfect for anyone who loves historical romance with a side of adventure And even though it s the third book in The King s Elite series it can certainly be read and enjoyed as a standalone novelThank you to Virginia Heath and Rachel s Random Resources for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review. R new neighbour Lord Gray Although she’s sure there’s to him than meets the eye But after that first captivating iss she's certainly left wanting. Rly encourages Thea to loosen the tight rein she has on herself but with little or no successVirginia Heath turns the spirited heroine meets buttoned up hero trope on its head here as Thea tries to maintain a show of indifference to Gray while everything in her yearns to respond to his gentle flirtations and humorous banter He s a truly charming hero who while being an inveterate flirt is never pushy or overly familiar with Thea he s ind compassionate and very level headed and self aware in a way few romantic heroes are An incredibly irresponsible action a decade earlier ruined him financially caused a huge scandal and as a result he left England and travelled the world on merchant ships Older and wiser now he recognises that those events were the making of him and even though he can t deny he d rather not have beggared himself and been disowned by his family he s not one for brooding over the past and things he can t changeWhen Fenni suggests that Gray s scandalous past may be just the thing to recommend him to the subject of their investigation Gray is surprised to find himself somewhat dismayed at the idea of having to play up to his reputation as a bit of a ne er do well especially given Thea s obvious reluctance to have anything to do with him He s smitten with her and he nows it and the last thing he wants is for her to believe him to be the sort of reprobate she s had dealings with before a man interested only in her money but that s the part he ll have to play if he s to uncover the identity of The Boss impress Fenni and earn a much desired promotion He must put aside all thought of Gislingham s gorgeous albeit repressed niece and get on with the job at handThe Disgraceful Lord Gray is an entertaining very readable historical romance featuring a pair of attractive well matched characters a strongly drawn supporting cast a secondary romance and a large and affectionate dog in which Gray is as he should be the star of the show He s a thoroughly decent chap he s comfortable in his own skin and he s learned from his mistakes he s funny insightful and a little bit naughty as all good heroes are and refreshingly different from all those damaged darkly brooding heroes we re so used to in the genreThea on the other hand is a little generic although I liked her sense of humour and her intelligence I did find her tendency to refer to herself in the third person Impetuous Thea a little irritating but that s a really minor niggle and not something that detracted from my enjoyment of the novel as a wholeVirginia Heath s agile witty and insightful writing shines once again and I m pleased to recommend this latest King s Elite novel to fans of character driven historical romance Lord Graham Chadwick nown to his friends as Gray wants this promotion so much he can almost taste it Capturing The Boss the mastermind behind a huge smuggling operation on British soil guarantees that Lord Fenni his superior will make Gray head the Invisibles the King s Elite best of the best In all appearances that traitor is Viscount Gislingham Gray s and Fenni s temporary neighbor in Suffolk Miss Theodora Thea Cranford had accompanied her friend Harriet who fancies herself a painter when they hear a dog s frantic barks When Thea finally sees the dog she also gets an eyeful of his master Gray s bare bottom Gray is enchanted by the redhead in front of him Who new the treacherous viscount had such a fetching niece It will make befriending the viscount a much pleasant task but Fenni has forbidden any flirting unless it is essential to the mission s successTHE DISGRACEFUL LORD GRAY is oh so seductive The agent the man and "the master of the untrainable Trefor is positively scrumptious Trefor Gray s dog does play an active role "master of the untrainable Trefor is positively scrumptious Trefor Gray s dog Does Play An Active Role play an active role romance he is not merely a source of merriment although he is as entertaining as I hoped he would be The canine is modeled after the author s own Trevor with a few ingenious adjustments to comply with historical accuracy and it provides Gray with some interesting details for his backstory Gray s reluctance to fall in love again is steeped in heartbreak and it has colored how he has lived for ten long years The sparks fly immediately between Thea and Gray but neither wants to act on it Gray has a job to do and Thea doesn t trust her judgment when it comes to men besides it s always her money they re after riches which don t seem to concern Gray She is also desperately trying to curb her impetuous nature which is as stubborn as her unruly hair I loved how Thea and Gray try unsuccessfully not to flirt they fight their inescapable chemistry and doing so they become good friends The secondary characters are all fabulous and I hope we see of the unexpected romance that started to develop I loved that the lust filled atmosphere did not overshadow the plot or the character development Ms Heath s wonderfully descriptive voice is at its strongest as we traipse in the Suffolk countryside and witness Thea s and Gray s growing attraction It is uite an experience to watch Thea battle her true nature which also forces Gray to take a good look at his loveless life Their impulsiveness has caused them problems in the past and how Thea and Gray try to behave is the source of some of the most brilliant dialogues the author has ever penned witty flirtatious and often uite profound I even found Gray s cockiness cute that shows how well he s written While there is a solid dose of excitement and startling revelations towards the end of the book THE DISGRACEFUL LORD GRAY focuses on the romance and what a splendid romance it isI voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own Lord Gray had to compete with a most lovable canine hero Trefor is delightful As a spy for the King s Elite Lord Gray can forget his tormented past and focus on saving ing and country During a mission of finding and arresting the criminal nown as The Boss he ends up enad to a suspect s niece the Impetuous TheaRed haired and fierce Thea had hidden her true self under a veil of utmost propriety after her daring personality had caused her to hurt those that she loved the mostAttracted to each other but unwilling or incapable of embracing it the couple struggles and faces some serious villains and perils Happily the indomitable Trefor and his amazing sense of smell and the brazen Harriet were there to help them sort out their issuesI particularly like the King s Elite commander Lord Fenni I have a soft spot for grumpy characters I hope to see of him in the following books of the seriesI ve received a copy of this book from Mrs Heath thank you with no strings attached I received this book by Rachel s Random Resources blog tour in exchange for an honest review thank you so much to Rachel and Virginia for giving me the opportunity to read and review The Disgraceful Lord Gray Oh my my my what an amazing and fun book was The Disgraceful Lord Gray I absolutely and thoroughly loved everything about it I am so glad and happy that I decided to join the blog tour for this book because I really been wanted to get back into reading historical romance books especially if it is set in the Regency era And The Disgr. She won’t be deceived by another man who can’t see past her fortune She wants an honourable sensible sort – not a self assured scoundrel like he. .