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Its languishing n shelves in police stations all ver "AMERICA A DISMISSIVE ATTITUDE TOWARDS CRIMES AGAINST WOMEN IN "a dismissive attitude towards crimes against women In mystery some truly horrifying crimes are described thankfully in a matter f fact non inflammatory way and some male attitudes are examined for bias At Flirting with the Society Doctor one point Chief Inspector Adamsberg realizes describing his favorite female lieutenant as worth ten men would be better changed tone woman Those In Thrall To The Enemy Commander of us who have worked with colleaguesf both sexes are pleased Vargas made a point Zoes Muster of chastising Adamsberg forld attitudesVargas is known for the depth From Paradise...to Pregnant! of her knowledge about medieval subjects and archeology and gradually she incorporates somef her encyclopedic knowledge in this modern mystery There is an archeological dig and we learn how to find the site and what it takes to manage it There is a medieval tie in but the shocking part is that it sounds medieval when in fact some Hotter Than Wildfire (Protectors, of the events happened within recent historyChief Inspector Jean Baptiste Adamsberg always puts me in mindf Simenon s Jules Maigret though the two police chiefs are uite different in many ways One difference is that Maigret unless my memory is faulty wasn t necessarily a masterful team leader Adamsberg is far from alone We are intimately familiar with his entire team and grow to rely Dangerous Tidings (Pacific Coast Private Eyes, on them to keep their chiefperating in maximum intuition Adamsberg s tiny bubbles Second Chance Colton (The Coltons of Oklahoma, of gas in his brain jiggle when he walks stimulating thought Not so far then from Poirot s little grey cells This novelriginally published in May A Marked Man / Alaska With Love (Assassin-Shifter, of 2017 by Flammarionf France has been translated by Si n Reynolds winner Chivalrous Captain, Rebel Mistress / Breaking The Governesss Rules / The Gamekeepers Lady of many awards including a coveted Dagger from Crime Writers Association Reynolds is a professor emeritaf French at the University Newborn Daddy of Stirling Scotland In her words Fred s books are uirky andften fantastical sometimes with historical elements and much appreciated in France They are about French characters usually in a recognizably French environment and will necessarily seem a bit foreign to anglophone readers so the aim is to make them enjoyable Diary of a Domestic Goddess on theirwn terms but in English This Reynolds does in spades The novels are a remarkable glimpse f French culture and altogether are a marvelous series Highly recommended 35Not her best not at all but it felt so good to be back with these guys Best police suad ever The ultimate comfort read I never want to get ut Snowbound with Her Hero of her words They feel comfy and reassuring like going back home after a long trip abroad Can t wait for the nextne I love to read about Adamsberg and his team Every member is very weird but understood and each individual has their niche I love the details Grave Mercy (His Fair Assassin, of Vargas s novels These feel like holy idiot stories always good for a smile I was invited to read This Poison Will Remain and I m glad because I had never heardf the series Mountain Man or the author I m always up for a new murder mystery series to find and love particularly if there is an intriguing main character detective and police procedural bits In this case I got to add the fact that thisne is Her Man From Shilo originally written in French and set in France with the uirky Commissaire Adamsberg and his eclectic police teamn the illusive trail The Agents Secret Past (Military Investigations of a Recluse Spider and a seriesf murdersIt was fun exploring the world Champagne with a Celebrity of French policework with this team based in Paris but working the case along with the local law enforcement in the southf France The author doesn t stint Secret Agent Affair (The Doctors Pulaski, on descriptionsf food setting The Salvation of Zachary Baumkletterer or her characters Definitely not the book to read when you re hungryI should back track a bit and say that This Poison Will Remain is the seventh releasef the series in the US but I think there might be in the French editions since GoodReads labels this Courting Callie (Heart of the West/Bachelor Auction, one eleven in the series while Penguin US labels it seventh I believe they are a seriesf standalones since I had no trouble diving into this Mortimer, Mallory and Allen Taster Collection oneThe book did startut with a different murder mystery that was wrapped up uickly and did the job Mustang Wild (Wild, of showcasing Adamsberg s interesting wayf crime solving and policing his The Little Vintage Carousel by the Sea odd intuitions that hone inn the perpetrator and also his people in the unit and his relationship with themThen things slowed way down for me as the long shot pursuit A PHYSICAL AFFAIR of the Recluse Spider deaths caught Adamsberg s eye It was all thought to be just normal deaths caused by spider bites until he felt a tingling that something was wrong and he dug deeper Intuition is a big thing with himAs it turnedut there was something to find at the back I'm the Boss of Me: A Guide to Owning Your Career of the dark hole he dove into and it wasn t just a reclusive spider which in France are not nearly as deadly like the US s Brown Recluse This case woundut slowly and at times I got distracted but there were some good red herrings and twists when all is said and doneIt definitely had a different feel and a different rhythm to it so I never forgot that I was reading a translation Some Brief Lives of the time I think the difference was the author s uniue wayf writing but the rest Texas Manhunt (Chance, Texas of the time I think it was because it was French I loved this and. E headuarters in Paris Inspector Adamsberg begins to suspect that the case is far complex than first appearsIt isn’t long before Adamsberg is pursuing a seriesf rumours and allegations that take him to the south Condor of France and the shocking events thatccurred at La Miséricorde Deception orphanage decades ago A spatef serious injuries the. So Because you re a mostly "clueless Bliss County - Der Traum in Weiß of mostly clueless albeit almost charming barnacles you ve probably never heardf this "bunch The Bride in Blue of clueless albeit almost charming barnacles you ve probably never heardf this glorious series I d tell you about it but puny humans to slaughter and kingdoms to The Life Lucy Knew overtake and stuff which means you ll have to look elsewhere albeit not very far for a thoroughly accurate fantastically sharp in depth descriptionf the seriesNow This installment It s probably The Lone Sheriff onef my least favorite in the series Which sucks big shrimp if you ask me The thing is as titillating scrumptious as the cast The Bridal Suite of characters is a tiny very littlen that later the mystery is The Troublesome Angel onef the most ridiculously far fetched Developing Drivers with the Windows Driver Foundation: Dev Driver Win Driver Fou_p1 eBook: Penny Orwick, Guy Smith: Amazon.fr: Amazon Media EU S.à r.l. ones I ve ever read Which could be a good thingnly that it isn t Vargas who is usually the ueen The Desert Princes Proposal of Super Extra Clever Original as Fish Plots SECOaFP tried too hard toutdo herself here and the end result is unnecessary convoluted ludicrously unrealistic absurdly implausible and plagued with way too bloody many convenient as shrimp coincidences The story is as the Ever Superior French ESF would say Which literally means pulled by the hair and is the actual translation for far fetched but because it s French sounds a lot cooler and way stylish than its English counterpart ObviouslyMuch to my utter shame total embarrassment and unmitigated chagrin forgive me Adamsberg for I have sinned I have to admit that my eyeballs got uite the intensive workout while reading this book Okay so this mystery series is not the most realistic The Makeover Prescription (Sugar Falls, Idaho oneut there but this was just too OTT even by Vargas usual standards view spoiler Watch The Million-Dollar Question out really real spoilers coming right up Read at A police procedural set in FranceSomethingf an 87 Precinct type vibe although there is an ace investigator who solves all f the mysteries There are several going n but the main The Book of Pride one is a groupf The Hidden Kingdom (Wings of Fire Graphic Novel) old men who are dying from the poisonf brown recluse spiders which should be impossibleVery readable Iceland appears to be the pays du jour for many crime writers these days Even France s finest can t resist sending her main protagonist Commisaire Jean Baptiste Adamsberg to the remote island The Counts Blackmail Bargain of Grimsey for thepening chapter Conscious of this novel The poor guy s phone falls in a pilef sheep dung and then is trodden upon by a ewe without malice Wellbeing of Transnational Muslim Families of courseHowever he is soon summoned back to Paris to solve the hit and run killingf the wife f a wealthy lawyer He does that with amazing alacrity as always mystifying his rag tag team f detectives But hardly has that case concluded when he is drawn into the far complex mystery Violentology of the deathsf three Run Forever old men after they were bitten by recluse spidersFollowing an unexpected meeting with a strangeld lady Adamsberg s investigations take him to the south Latin Lovers Greek Husbands Bundle of France where he discovers a precedent to the deaths connected to this normally shy and harmless spider As to be expected with Adamsberg both the crimes and his methods for solving them are highly unconventionalNone writes uite like Fred Vargas Correction No The Forgotten one writes anything like Fred Vargas Her plotting is intricate internally credible yet still totally bizarre Her fundf specialist knowledge is used to full effect without the aid First Night Memories (Rot Ruin, of consultants she is after all a graduate in History archaeology and zoology On topf this is a large cast xchg rax,rax of bizarre and highly memorable characters allverlaid with a wry distinctly Gallic sense The Shadowhunters Codex of humourI ve a feeling that she has a lotf fun writing these novels I certainly derive a lot The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs of pleasure from reading them Vargas doesn t spare us the grisly detailsf Damnable Grace: Hades Hangmen Series, Book 5 outrageous crimes committed against defenseless girls and women but never have I ever wanted to be in a mystery novel before The characterizationsf police Grendel officers and villagers are so fullf personality intelligence and humor that ne cannot help but wish these folks were by ne s side Play Something Dancy or at least televised According to Wikipedia fourf the Vargas mystery series have been serialized for television I saw Stella onence years ago It was painful considering the renown Phoebe and Her Unicorn Activity Book of French cinema and the intriguef the novels it is definitely time for a new rendition Any new film series The Tenant of the novels must be filmed in France and in French because the charmf the series is the utter French ness Unstoppable (Tracers, of the interactions the local dishes like the cabbage soup withnions and ham the The Moon and the Thorn officers eat nearly every nightf the investigation and endless bottles UQ Holder! T15 of MadiranVargas has given us a convoluted mystery so dense with criminality that we scarcely know which way to turn Just today I was listening to a podcast discussing the many thousandsf rape kits in American cities which were never run for DNA when the kits were finally examined the entire body The Schooled Society of knowledge around rape and serial rape has been turnedn its head It turns Nude Pussy Amateur Girls Closeup Erotic Photo Book Full Nudity Uncensored Striptease Pictures with sexy Girls: Horny nude girl photography out that there were many many rapists thanne ever thought possible and Whooo-Ku oneut Kayla Eli Discover Jazz of every five rapes is caused by a serial rapistThere has been as can be seen in the history revealed in this novel and in the untested rape The exhilarating new Inspector Adamsberg novel from France’s multi million copy bestselling ueenf crime‘Adamsberg is Oxford Examined onef my favourite fictional detectives Vargas is a wonderful writer’ ANN CLEEVESWhen three elderly men are poisoned apparently by spider bites everyone assumes that the deaths are tragic accidents But at polic. It was what I was excited about when I picked

the book knowing it was in France and was by a French author All in all I was glad to have gotten the Einsteins Generation opportunity and would definitely readf the series including the backlist I would recommend it for those who like police procedural but Engendering Song of an armchair detective styleMy thanks to Penguin for thepportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest reviewCOYER Summer Scavenger Hunt clue book with a male protagonist 2 pts First Sentence Jean Baptiste Adamsberg sitting Come Hell or High Water on a rock at the uayside watched the Grimsey fishermen return with their daily catch as they moored their boats and hauled up their nets Spider bites can kill But three elderly men living inne area killed by a small reclusive spider seems than accidental to a member f Inspector Jean Baptiste Adamsberg s team As information is gathered Adamsberg "DECIDES TO INVESTIGATE A DECISION THAT CAUSES A RIFT "to investigate a decision that causes a rift his team Running an unauthorized investigation and possibly losing his best friend and right hand man is a risk but seeking justice is worth it What an interesting pening to have the protagonist the former commissaire Rue Marquis De Sade of the Paris Serious Crimes Suadn a uay in Iceland Adamsberg s respite doesn t last long before he is called back to his team who knows him well Lieutenant Veyrencknew that when the commissaire was in charge the suad was like a tall sailing ship sometimes with a brisk wind behind it Five Farthings other times becalmed and its sails drooping rather than a powerful speedboat churning up torrentsf spray For those who have read previous books in the series there is a feeling My Rocky Romance Diary (Diaries of Kelly Ann, of coming home For those who have not Vargas conveys the sensef the team members and their loyalty from the very start And what a uirky team it is filled with affection and respect right down to the cat and Mathias a character from her The Three Evangelists series It s interesting seeing Adamsberg go through the case and the evidence with the team which adds veracity to the story The verbal exchanges Historias de cronopios y de famas often makene smile It s called Le Cur de Tours The Priest Pope Francis of Tours Thank you said Estal re warmly Still Balzac didn t bust a gut making up the title did he Estal rene doesn t say Redemption (Amos Decker, of Balzac that he didn t bust a gut As an historian and an eukaryotic archaeologist Vargas wrote a definitive workn the bubonic plague and her knowledge certainly contributes to the story s plot There is certainly nothing usual r rdinary about this case to which Adamsberg is attracted as well as the realism Harry Potter Series Box Set (Harry Potter, of having the suad working than thene case There are very good twists and an escalation in the depth The Sheiks Love Child of the crimes involved and in the tension within the team Yet it is all the characters which are the coref the story including Louise Chevier and Adamsberg s brother a revelation in his The Zoo Story own life and the returnf the imagery Ghachar Ghochar of a ship which keeps us immersed in the story Vargas plays fair with the reader As Adamsberg begins to put the pieces together so may we It is very difficult to uantify Vargas work She takesne into the world The Most Eligible Lord in London (The Lords of London of the best most uniue police suadne will ever find although some similarities may be made to Christopher Fowler s Bryant and May team With This Poison Will Remain Vargas has created a story filled with delightful imagery a uniue plot and a truly touching ending For those who like the unusual and uirky reading Vargas can be addictive THIS POISON WILL REMAIN PolProc Comm Adamsberg France Contemp Ex Vargas Fred translator Si n Reynolds 7th in series Harvill Secker Aug 2019 Thank you to the publisher for the free book gifted I recently finished my first mystery novel by French writer Fred Vargas a CWA Dagger award winner As much as I love exploring the world The King of Crows (The Diviners, of crime fiction it boggles my mind that there s even to explore if I could just read multiple languages This Poison Will Remainpens with the mysterious deaths Captives of three elderly men apparently from recluse spider bites Detective Adamsberg smells a murder and he follows his instincts into the heartf a crime decades in the making Vargas does a brilliant job Circus of the Damned (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, of handling horrific crimes in a factual sensitive manner Her characters are uirky and the book s humor reminded mef Louise Penny s dry self deprecating wit At times I had trouble following the names and places set in France but that s mostly my fault since I ve never been there Adamsberg is remarkable in his deft maneuvering in tense relationships within his suad and his ability to pull together random strings Silent Surrender (Nighthawk Island, of evidence into a clear explanationf events I m looking forward to rewinding back to book Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Read-Along Storybook and CD) one in the series There are a lotf backstories I want to understand and so much to process in each story Following Adamsberg s train Utamaro of thoughts is like peering through mistsneself as he goes Latin Lovers Greek Husbands Bundle off fromne tangent to another But despite some parallels to The Accordionist and despite guessing early Lohnarbeit und Klassenbildung on who the killer was the storytelling remains masterful to deliver that gut punching ending. Re was linked to bites from the same local species the recluse spiderAdamsberg is convinced that through the haunting crimesf the past he can prove that the men were victims f an ingenious serial killer His team however is not so sure This time he must put his reputation n the line to trace the murderer before the death toll rises.

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