天官赐福 [Tiān Guān Cì Fú] (PDF)

Writer of Mo Dao Zu Shi Grandmaster of Demonic CultivationThis Translation Is Finished Story Is Like A Pandora S Box is finished story is like a pandora s box the outside and the first look and xperience it ll Look Funny Heartwarming And Fluffy And Then funny heartwarming and fluffy and then you open it and delve deep inside it you ll discover the deepest abyss of angst tears and drama yet at the same time the deepest love Gypsy World: The Silence of the Living and the Voices of the Dead ever written DIANXIAAAAAAAAAAAAI can t believe I willingly went through this 244 chapters 8xtras journey but it s one of the best decisions I ve Bryozoan Evolution ever made 100% would recommendAnyway maybe I will write down some thoughts later but for now AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA If your dream is to save the common people my dream is only youHave youver been left in a complete and utter Crisis and Continuity at the Abbasid Court: Formal and Informal Politics in the Caliphate of Al-Muqtadir (295-320/908-32) ecstasy of longing and wild feelings that you will never be able to compensate with another piece of media After 250 chapters of bleeding hearts and unmet goodbyes I realized I was just another passenger in theternity of this beautiful story You deserve to read this story you ALL deserve to meet Hualian and have your heartbroken for the thousandth time Tian Guan Ci Fu is a beautiful Chinese gay novel about two soulmates who find ach other against all odds after 800 years The first part of the translation you can read here and the rest can be found hereThe first couple of chapters have been adapted into a beautiful manhua and the donghua is set to be aired this yearbook 1 4 starsbook 2 4 starsbook 3 5 starsbook 4 5 starsbook 5 5 stars not once did "I Think 2020 Would "think 2020 would the year where I start reading fan translations of Chinese webnovels that are over a thousand pages but here I am I said I wanted to read non EnglishWestern fantasy novels and I MEANT ITdid I really just see somewhere that this is around 750k words I just spits out tea passes out and ghost ascends from bodyalso I believe this has the villain soft for hero trope and like fuck if I don t LOVE THAT TROPE Yess it s unnecessarily long I loved it but not than MDZS it s beautiful and the characters are pretty well developed compared to MDZS but it doesn t have the same vibe as MDZS But it s really beautiful ik it feels like I am convincing you but it s beautiful compared to MDZS but MDZS was interesting than thiswell if you wanna read it here s the link to novel and if you. Kingdom; one who was beloved by his citizens and the darling of the world Unsurprisingly he ascended to the Heavens at a very young age Now ight hundred years later Xie Lian ascends to the Heavens for the third time as the laughing stock. .

Part of me is thinking this was absolutely amazing and the other is thinking I m finally free so get into this at your own risk Don t if you re not ready to use skimming as a survival tactic when necessary because my main and almost only criticism of this is that it never nds At the same time if anyone had asked me to read 2000 pages set in any of the fantasy worlds I ve read in the last year not only I would refuse I wouldn t be able to So does it drag Yes Does it manage to work anyway Also yesI m not going to try to summarize what this is because it s so long that I almost forget what is a spoiler and what isn t but let s just say it s as pic as Going Berserk epic fantasy gets and the stakes the main characters areither gods or ghosts who might or might not be powerful than a god so you can imagine Also this time I actually really liked the romance The one in Mo Dao Zu Shi was a combination of tropes I didn t care for but it Wasn T The Case t the case timeAnd this time there are actually several relevant female characters who aren t vil caricatures and don t die which is such an improvement in itselfI think what makes this book stand out me to this are the interpersonal relationship most of all They re all immortals They could hold grudges for millennia The amount of messed up content from pathological projecting to xtreme loyalty and centuries deep hunger for revenge it s a lot and I think that with the amount of characters this book has and there s space for them to get developed there s something for veryoneAnd it s so funny More humor in fantasy pleaseIt s been so long since I read a series yes it s only one book been so long since I read a series yes it s only one book it s as if it were a five book series as it s divided into five parts in which my interest in the characters went up with very book instead of steadily declining Why is English publishing so bad at seuels I have theories but they re OT and I will shut upYes there were things I didn t like about it ones that don t have to do with the pacing I skimmed both book 2 and 4 I didn t need that amount of tragedy focused detail and I disliked the Banyue arc for various reasons stories in which there s a group of people depicted as savage warriors Autobiography and Other Writings ehh don t like that almostnough to uit I m glad I didn t this book stabbed me view spoiler100 times hide spoiler NO ONE TALK ME IM CRY This is by the same. 为你,所向披靡!C天R地小妖精攻×仙风道骨收破烂受啊那个收破烂的天界公务员,跟鬼界第一大佬有一腿!Heaven Official’s BlessingEight hundred years ago Xie Lian was the Crown Prince of the Xian Le. .

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Don t wanna read 2000 pages book you can njoy this gorgeous manga hereBefore starting get yourself a box of tissues and a comfy blanket because you are going on a motional ride October 26 2020 it s 1117 am here and I just woke up I went to bed at 6 am so you should know what I was doing well completing this book 1 day 1000 pages I should have filmed it October 24 2020 1287 pages in its good and all like i am in love wit crown prince but anyone think its way to longanyone or just me October 23 2020 936 pages in its so difficult to read this book plus i am starting my new semester and I am starting my new semester and have piles to shit to do plus a massive amount of reading send welp October 21 2020 702 PAGES IN tired and i just wanna say if this isn t true love then what is October 192020 351 pages in and I have some thoughts first crown prince is absolutely one of the most beautiful from manhua character I have ver read about Second this book is okay unlike MDZS which I just couldn t stop until I finish it like I am sort of bored at times but that doesn t mean I don t
Like It It S Still 
it it s still October 18 2020 I am 234 pages in and literally I have to pull out a paper and draw a flow chart of characters its so difficult but worth it October 16 2020 WELL I AM 117 PAGES IN AND ISCREAMINGAM IN LOVEits a beautiful story unlike MDZS i don t think anything can compare with mdzs its full of beautiful things and an amazing storyline And I think we shouldn t compare it wit MDZS because these both are best in their own way October 15 2020 Never thought 2020 will be the year I would be reading 2000 pages Chinese web novels and crying over them I will follow the same thread I did for MDZS Well wish me luck Last time they spent ight hundred years running towards ach otherThis time it only took an instant to fall into ach other s Apocalyptic Cartography: Thematic Maps and the End of the World in a Fifteenth-Century Manuscript embrace A gay fantasy novel about a fallen god and his last worshipper You do not wanna miss itI ve never been in love but if it doesn t feel like what Hua Cheng and Xie Lian feel forach other then I simply do not want itPS This is originally a Chinese web novel you can find a fan translation here chapter 1 24 and here chapter 21 the nd xtras It s also been adapted into a GORGEOUS manhua which you can find here and the trailer for the donghua is out too and you can watch that here ko fi blog twitter tumblr. Of all three realms On his first task as a god he meets a mysterious demon who rules the ghosts and terrifies the Heavensyet unbeknownst to Xie Lian this demon king has been paying attention to him for a very very long time novelupdatescom. ,
天官赐福 [Tiān Guān Cì Fú]
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