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Ew doesn t really make sense but the book didn t either so YOLO Review for book 1 2I was genuinely excited about this new Emma Hamm original Coming off a high from the Heart of The Fae The Otherworld Series My Expectations Fae The Otherworld series my expectations leave me greatly disappointed While the premise was interesting Dragon shifter Sigrid of Wildewyn forced to marry the boy king Nadir of Bymere He s the spare that was never meant to be Sultan Sounds interesting right I mean Who ever reads about a H who starts out as a boy king only later to turn into a man Alpha The alpha strong character roles were switched from the very beginning between the MCs and I found myself curious how it would PAN OUT WOULD LOVE TO SEE out Would love to see strong independent heroine learn how to empathize and soften her edges while a childlikeselfish Hero becomes stronger and assertive possessive would be nice too It s ust something I don t normally see in the romance genre My eagerness after looking at this beautiful cover uickly fell flat This dragon themed fantasy romance story did not do the cover ustice This universe was interesting and had potential but because of all the waiting around random and pointless interactions boring dialogue and lackluster scenes the execution left me wanting Of course we had the beautiful scenery descriptions Emma Hamm can create gorgeous imagery in ones mind but I found myself skimming it in order to hopefully find something uicyinteresting When developing the stories world base it s important to establish a rich and believable universe However the characters in this story kept making decisionschoices that contradicted what the story set them up for And the universe kept throwing us randomness Hard to explain WITHOUT SPOILERS THE PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE DIDN T spoilers The past present and future didn t richly It was told to us rather than grounded with supporting scenes Book 1 was mostly all about the present while book 2 touches on the past and worriesconcerns for the future I know predictability can be an issue for peoplereaders They like never knowing what characters are going to do But there is also a story pathway to consider Sometimes a predictable story line means that the author has executed the world building and dialogue up perfectly Instead it felt like Emma Hamm threw bits and peaces out there for shock value instead of following the natural flow The randomness or oddness didn t contribute or build the story up Unimportant character I m for some reason going to tell you NOW something important even though it is maybe the worst possible time to do so and I ve had plenty of opportunities to do so in the past but I m going to do it now because that is Alchemic just what I m going to do I felt completely detached from the entire story and really had no reason to care about the politics the different kingdoms the ROMANCE and so on and so on I was thrown into this world and all of these issues but I didn t really know what was going on The MCs were bipolar and could never seem to make up their mind about what side they were on or what their beliefs were Very erratic and back and forth which is frustrating when you re trying to get a feel and develop a connection with a character The lack of depth in the story romance character connections and character development made it so that at the end of the day nothing really stuck Itust felt like a big waste of time and that s NOT how I want to feel after spending a few hours with a gorgeous book The history in the book was We Sell Drugs just told to us instead of shown Don t tell me about the past show me Would have been helpful to maybe provide a flashback to help us relate and bond with the MCs ancestorsSo you don t believe in magic but you can turn into a dragon hmm Voila Woosh We are mates and can talk Mates Really When there is no connection other than they are both the last dragonsNothing in the storyline made me understand why certain characters felt compelled to embark on certainourneys or make various choices I m going to kill you but then at the last second I m going to save youThe characters lacked dimensionality They were ust randomI want to naturally understand a character The foundations of the characters did not set us up for following their motivations within the story Basically nothing was complete or multifaceted so everything felt flat was unclear and borin. Ir kingdoms than they originally thought With many in the kingdom who need help Sigrid and Nadir must choose who they truly ally with each otheror their kingdoms Their choice will put either their hearts or their lives at risk Readers who devoured Game of Thrones fell in love with The Chronicles of Narnia and enjoy a little blood with their slow burn romance will thrill to Seas of Crimson Sil.

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Seas of Crimson Silk Burning Empire #1I ve received an ARC in exchange for an honest review Yet I Preordered The Final Book the final book reading it The reason why I enjoy Emmas previous works is how much in detail she goes when she builds a world and characters I was amazed by the image of nature woven into chilling Wildewyn culture and even by the bliss glamour and sensuality of the Bymerian In a similar way I liked the characters Not ust the main characters are complex and with one exception view spoiler of Saafiya hide spoiler wellI liked the premise of the book but lord help me the H was insufferable I mean I get that he was labeled as a boy king and he was young but he was selfish apathetic arrogant spoiled misogynistic and entitled He spent his time letting everyone do everything for him including making decisions and ust whored around and acted like a petulant childI also get this was meant to show how much he grows out of this over the novel but does he The only reason Sigrid even warms to him is because view spoiler he himself is Beastkin hide spoiler First off I love dragons and this uickly went to the top of my best dragon booksWhat I loved the most about this book was the growth of the main characters Sigrid went from basically wanting to slit her new husband s throat to realizing he was someone she could love She saw the Beastkin back home and her old way of life through new eyes She was already a warrior but she found something truly worthwhile to fight for She let the dragon part of herself into her heart and it was amazing to readNadir truly was the boy king He was a puppet a puppet I couldn t stand at first But the I read the I understood him why he did certa Does a compilation of spoiler free uotes count as a review Because this book sells itselfTo uestion the truthfulness of an entire species without reason is an insult Your Majesty While there may be different rules in your kingdom I will remind you now You are in Wildewyn Her gaze lifted and again her icy gaze sent shards of bitter cold in to his chest And you are in the presence of a dragon You and I will get along little sultana And here I was thinking you were meek and uiet I am uiet She folded her hands in front of her But that is not a weaknessNadir turned back towards his second wife and sighed It was a shame she would die He d uite liked her and thought admiration might grow in to something if he had the time to allow itThe entire book was SHOCKING GRITTY ACTION PACKED HEART WRENCHING BLOODY AWESOME Thank you so much Emma Hamm for the ARC you literally made my week Another beautiful spellbinding story by Emma Hamm A captivating new world you ll never want to leave I m a huge fan of dragon love stories This one is highly original and promises to be an epic romance once it s all said and done I received a digital copy for an honest reviewI find Emma Hamm s writing enchanting and beautiful She has a talented way of creating vivid worlds and complex characters that attach to your soul Seas of Crimson Silk made me happy excited anxious and by the end heartbrokenDragon shifter Sigrid is such a strong character she is a warrior who won t be intimidated She fights for what s Right Uphold Hers Heritage And uphold hers heritage and man and beast should be treated eually She is fighting a battle on both sides from human who think beasts as beneath them and the shifters like herself who view themselves as superior Nadir the sultan who doesn t want the responsibilities that lie on his shoulders is frustrating at times It was pitiful to see his advisors and wife control him but when Sigrid enters his life that slowly begins to change She brings out a purpose in him and strength to stand up for his choices He also wishes for a day with no war but won t abandon his peopleI loved everything about this book Emma Hamm brought everything in the book to life from the forests to the scorching deserts I could picture myself walking down the halls of Nadir s
red palace with 
palace with crimson fabrics gold mosaics and pools of water The story also contained so many great personalities besides the main stars Sigrid and Nadir Faithful Camilla and honorable Raheem are ones I won t be forgetting any time soon With the way Seas of Crimson Silk ended I hope there s another book to follow soon It s going to be agony waiting to find out what Emma Hamm has. A dragon can be loyal forever if you tame her first But Sigrid would sooner be dead than tamed Dragon shifter Sigrid of Wildewyn has spent her life in a cage uite literally Whether she's hidden from her own people or masked so they cannot see her face she's dedicated her life to her country and king But when her king promises her to a rival warlord and Sultan of a country she hates her loyalt. Planned for Sigrid and NadirShe didn t ust wear armor She Wore Death Like A Well Worn Cloak Sigrid Waffled wore death like a well worn cloak Sigrid waffled and forth between certainty that this was the right choice and worry that she might be starting something bigger than herself 55 I received an e ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review Review can be found in Milky Way of BooksStep aside for the new fantasy of the year Filled with intrigue plots murders romance and secrets What do you want Oh and it hosts diverse cultural and ethnic groups which make the series even promisingSigrid of Wildewyn is a Beastkin and a dragon the last of her kind When she is forced to marry Nadir Sultan of Bymere in order to seal a tentative alliance between their nations it will be the spark which will either create peace or plunge them into war I ll let you guess what happensThe enjoying part of the book was the detail Emma gave into her descriptions From the mountainous forests to the sandhills and from open skies to stifling castles the story unfolds through a rich scenery where diverse groups live and struggle There were some parts of the book that made me breathless and others where I felt that especially Nadir should have avoidedNadir as a character is uite immature and doesn t have at first the confidence to do what he must I m pretty sure that his advisor will do something in the next book Sigrid on the other hand is strong with fighting skills and empathetic to those around her She is not perfect but through every heroine I ve read skills and empathetic to those around her She is not perfect but through every heroine I ve read year she is the most mature for her positionAnd don t let me start on the dragon part Because Sigrid s dragon as a description was magnificent and so beautifulOverall this book is a great introduction o a new series which ust like the rest of Emma s books will be unforgettable I am uiet She folded her hands in front of her But that is not a weakness Slow clap This book ARC copy was given to me in exchange for an honest reviewI honestly do not want to spoil this book for anyone I want you to go into this beautiful story completely in the hands of this author This book had me gasping so many times The first pages into the book give you a strong idea of what kind of a ride you are in for trust me you are in for a wild Arabian stallion ride through the desert I must also praise the authors writing reading this Arabian stallion ride through the desert I must also praise the authors writing reading this was like reading a beautifully woven poetic story the writing feels like true craftsmanship I felt like I was being transported into this world by the authorBeing 28 year old reader since the age of 12 I have read a lot of books in my day I have read so many tropes I can t even keep track the girl who doesn t know she is beautiful and needs a man to make her realize her worth instalove love triangles everything you could possibly think of This book completely abandons every one of these tropes and kills them by dragon fire Beastkin don t hide behind their femininity I am beast and woman She lifted a shoulder One and the same The feminist symbolism is strong in this book both in the male and female characters This is the book I wish I had read when I was younger It is a rarity to read a book and not find the main protagonist annoying AF but this book honestly empowers the feminist in me The main female protagonist is ust so badass she knows her strengths and mind and will not be toppled by other peoples opinions of herLet s get into the story if you love magical fantastical creatures this book is for you The main lead is a dragon and the world has shapeshifters but these creatures are not accepted by humans and are hunted out of fear This book is uite fast paced and action packed so I never had a boring momentI highly recommend this book if you are a YA or NA lover and need a good well written fantasy book in your life The book ends on uite the cliffhanger and I am now in urgent need of the next book in this series and I hope it comes soon This book should be on your 2019 tbrNow if you don t mind I need to go and buy other books by this author Rated 45 StarsSeas Of Crimson Silk is an epic action packed pulse pounding fantasy mixed with political intrigue set in an interesting and intriguing world I loved it and cannot wait to see what happens next I m hoping there won t be a long wait between booksARC provided by author Warning My revi. Y is tested Nadir of Bymere was the boy king no one ever thought would sit on the throne And though he knows his country is ruled by corrupt advisors he's lost himself in the glory of being Sultan When they force him to marry a masked woman from the country who murdered his brother he's set to torture her for a lifetime Both hiding their own secrets the two slowly realize there is to both the. ,