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Feels like a preuel than a first book Its good and I want to jump onto the next one but it is slow The entire book is buildup and first meetings just settling things into place So now romance or intimacy just et Just a bad case of insta attraction and breaking rules Cori is strong but has a vulnerability to her making her instantly likable She knows what she can do and what she has to so it will be interesting to see where things go and how she holds up Then there are the guys Four vampire princes I liked their bond how close they are and just how far they re

willing to go 
to go one another More enemy to loversThe story itself is gonna be complicated One woman stuck between two sides Its gonna be fun Just hope it speeds up in the second one but not zero to sex everywhere Didn t like the reporter Favourite character was Elle Interesting start to this series Super big fan of Rachel Jonas at this point as her books usually suck me in pretty fast This story though I had a little trouble getting invested I feel like it is because though we have an interesting world the lack of backstory about the world really made it hard for me to fully picture things Though we do get some explanations they sometimes felt a little out of place Like why would someone need to explain to the FMC certain aspects when she has grown up in this world So like it was obvious the explanations weren t for the FMC but for the reader almost taking the reader out of the story for the explanations t for the FMC but for the reader almost taking the reader out of the story for the explanations wouldn t go as far to say fact dumps but they were definitely obviousDystopian type feel but it also carries some huge technological breakthroughs that we hard for me to wrap my head around Our world was built on supernaturals concepts except it seems that they were achieved through science Humanity is enslaved by Vampires even though that is what they are there is a scientific name Ianites What I think is most interesting about this story is that despite humanity being enslaved we get multiple POVs here which doesn t make a bad guy apparent Its confusing the lack of black and white and also getting the perspectives from both our FMC Corina who is human and Julian our leading dude in this story who is a prince of the Ianites This c This was a pleasant surprise so like 425 starsSet in a semi Sci Find dystopian reality where 500 الإيضاح لمتن ايساغوجي في المنطق years ago humans lost the war to the vampires Ianites as they re called here humans are treated pretty much the way we treat our livestock You are put to work either physically or as a sow to breed humansour blood is systematically drained and bottled and fed to the Ianites It is pretty horrifying really but only lightly touched upon as a back drop to the world here There are small groups if rebels such as Corinna and her gang who manage to exist on the fringes of society and a final rolefor humans is that of a Doll which is essentially a concubine for the wealthy IanitesCorinna is a rebel who focuses on extracting and saving people from the farms or orphanages they are kept it A slight criticism is that it is a bit unclear what the overall objective of her group of rebels are as there s no real detail about their organisation or history It is as if it is slightly irrelevant as the plot really picks up when Corrina first crosses paths with the four Vampire PrincesI don t want to say as I ll be spoiling it but if Riders of the Sea you re a fan of the enemies to lovers trope then this book is forou Although the romance is clearly going to be pretty slow burn which is the only way it could realistically be consider the vast issues there are for them to overcomeCori. Four blood sucking princes A beautiful anarchist One dangerous mistake To the vampires who dominate each uadrant of the Lydian Dynasty I’m only known as “Blackbird” a masked vigilante who at nineteen is already public enemy number one To what’s left of humanity I’ve been called a superhero a title I neither welcome nor deserve My only objective is to offer the enslaved what was stolen from us Freedom However a failed plan lands me in the last place I imagined at the mercy of all four Dynasty princes Julian Levi Roman and Silas They’re monsters each with a heart rud to be as cold as his icy skin And what’s wo. The Vampire's Mark 1 Dark Reign

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Nna is tough and likeable although I Did Find Myself Getting Irritated At Her find myself getting irritated at her a bit although it is totally understandable and believeble considering what her people have been through Of the four Princes Julian got the most focus here although we also get the pic of Julian Levi and Roman at some pointsI usually avoid YA but as this was labelled as upper YANA I decided to try it and I m glad I did Corinna is 19 but in many ways her narrative voice is of someone older although she still has a certain naievity about her The overall tone of the world it uite dark and whilst there is not a lot of romantic encounters here I have a feeling the detaildescription will fit in with the YANA levelI am very much looking forward to book 2 where I think things will really start speeding up and I wish I didn t have to wait for March Review to come but this is epic This book reads like a dystopian novel with paranormal themes This story follows Corina a human rebel living among allied humans in a world run by Ianites Ianites are the author S Take On Vampires With take on vampires with own elaborate political world customs and futuristic inventions But the sucky part see what i did there is that humans are little than cattle sows who are used and killed So Ianites really are the worst BummerThe pacing of the book was the biggest problem for me in part due to the world building that had to take place After an intense page turning first couple of chapters the pace slows immensely for long explanations about politics and thinly veiled conversations that explain things to the reader An example might be hey such and such explain to me why humans can t be turned into Ianites How does that process work What could I expect if I was bitten two pages containing exactly what ou need to know before some major plot point takes place which hinges on the exact knowledge the reader gained in that conversation This made for lots of skimming for me The chemistry was pretty low between Julian and Corina Because of the aforementioned long winded explanations the two actually interacted only a couple of times Much of the page count was dedicated to scenes between the guys Julian and his father or Corina and her people She spent much of the book understandably pissed and resentful of Julian which I get and support it d be weird if she wasn t but then turns confused and simpering with a kiss I wish of the political intrigue was left for later books so we could spend time with Corina and the guys Let them bond a little or fightsomething to shore up and sizzle those relationships before shit hits the fanAnyways the book improved in the last half and I ll probably reach for the second sometime soon Was it unputdownable Nobut honestly one of the better RHs I ve read lately First off I m not a huge fan of reverse harem but I love vampires and the storyline was super intriguing so I couldn t resist the urge to get my hands on an advanced copy The world building is great and I really love the whole premise It s very different to anything else I ve read in the vampire genre Also I love the slow burn romance and I could not get enough of Julian Holy hot vampire I m actually kind of sad the story doesn t just revolve around Corina And Julian Because I and Julian because I loved their chemistry We didn t get to see that much of the other princes but I m sure we will as the series unfolds That ending left me wanting so much and I can t wait to see what the author comes up with next Holy crap I was not expecting this to be the 5 star read that it was No reason for that really I just didn t see it Rse thanks to the slip up my fate is suddenly theirs to decide It’s up to them whether I’ll swing from the gallows and I’ve given them every reason to sentence me to such a fate Yet I felt something unexplainable when our paths first crossed Something that gives me hope We should be one another’s worst nightmare Only I’m beginning to wonder if somehow these four princes might be my saving grace This is BOOK ONE in THE VAMPIRE’S MARK series Series order is as follows The Vampire’s Mark 1 Dark Reign The Vampire’s Mark 2 Hell Storm The Vampire’s Mark 3 Cold Heir The Vampire’s Mark 4 Crimson Mist Note This. .

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OmingThe world has ended and been taken over by vampires but this is no typical dystopian society The world building in this is flawless There is so much built up and explained but not overly so that it almost has an epic feel to it I loved Corina so much She is such a kick butt girl and I feel for her immensely I did like the guys as well but I feel like I need to get to know them better They were well introduced and developed of course but there was a lot still under the surface left To UncoverCorina S Struggle uncoverCorina s struggle only beginning and that ending definitely left me dying for book 2 159 Jonas Rachel Dark Reign The Vampire s Mark 1 94 4642 Reading Date 28082019 29082019Shelfves rhfPages 294My rating stars 4Read other books from this author in the future esThe first book I read form this author was Book one of the Lost Royal Saga And The Dark Mark reminds me of it a little in the speed in which Jonas tells the story It begins slow even if the reader sees where this will lead in the long run before the MC s even meet But around 40% the speed picks up and suddenly I couldn t put it down and I am looking forward to the next part I can t describe what "got me I think it were many thing The girl Corina her cause that she cares so " me I think it were many thing The girl Corina her cause that she cares so about her family The awful society which has princes who seem to be human at times I normally don t read vampire books A buddy read on GR made me decide to read this one And I am happy that I read it Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestI want to kick this book for sucking because it could have been really good A reverse harem vampire romance in a world where humans are subservient to vampires and the heroine is an assassin trying to take down some ultra sexy vampire lords sounded amazing I m a little confused by the world building but vampires appear to be the result of a genetic mutation and have basically taken all the power for themselves using humans for food and calling them sows and calling the pretty ones they and calling them sows and calling the pretty ones they as their toys Dolls It sounded really dark and I was all here for itI was not a fan of the writing in this book It seemed sloppy and unpolished The world building also wasn t very good I feel like this came off as a vampiric version of THE SELECTION which I hated It was shallow and superficial trying to take on much darker and tougher topics than it was really euipped to handle The result was kind of tone deaf as it became all about insta love and smutting about with the princes even though there wasn t that much action and all the POVs sounded the sameIf Friends Forever: Everything Changes (Friends Forever) you know meou know I love vampire fiction the darker the better I was really hoping that these vampires would come with bite Sadly their fangs were about as threatening as wax teeth Somebody needs to present me with the vampire romance I deserve because I ve been super unimpressed with everything I ve been reading lately bar my friend s work and VAMPIRE ACADEMY Sigh15 stars Well This was fun Vampires have taken over the world and humans are used as food sources blood hard labor and birthing new food sources Females are literally referred to as sows There is a human resistance who tries to rescue children and gather supplies Cori the heroine is the one who goes on the rescues mainlyShe ends up having to dress up and pretend to be a vampire at a gala and is made as a human She meets Julian one of the princes and he ends up claiming her as a Doll Dolls are human females who wear fancy clothes and look beautiful are mistresses and blood donors Well kept slaves basicallyThis books was mainly setup and world building Julian was the main male. Is a slow burn upper The TV Writer's Workbook: A Creative Approach To Television Scripts young adultNew Adult RH series You have my word there’s no insta love between these pages whatsoever Insteadou’ll be immersed in a rich plot and an imaginative alternate reality where vampires don’t just exist They rule The eventual connection between Corina and these four sexy vamp princes will be well deserved and intense There are certainly sexy times in this series and the heat level is synonymous with the oung adultnew adult genres Thanks for checking out the series and enjoy THE VAMPIRE’S MARK is an action packed paranormal romance involving vampire royalty and the humans who fear th.