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G ever when I was living there or maybe because everything I ever read about it made me dislike it or maybe because every interview with Helgason made him seem like a complete dick Anyway I ve never read it but I still hate it What a ridiculous book "but the way hallgrimur helgason lays around with "the way Hallgrimur Helgason lays around with describing weather mood
of alcohol retty much anything so This Deleuzian Century: Art, Activism, Life precise and funny It s very Icelandic and dark hud story where there is not much of the story just a description of a year in a life of this 34 year old guy from ReykjavikIt is uite impressive that the book takinglace in 1995 when I was 9 years old speaks to me with no need of translation I know every song he mentions I know the references and I know the events while when eople mention modern singers and events I have no idea what they are talking about As for me there is too much descriptions of the body functions of this guy but at the same time it curious to know the flow of thoughts in a guys head with no filtersI loved reading it But I must say you should know at least a bit about Iceland before reading this book a lot of references wouldn t make sense about Iceland before reading this book a lot of references wouldn t make sense experiencing it yourself I read the English translation of this book The translator Brian FitzGibbon has his name buried on the copyright age which is a shame because a novel like this has got to be a tough one to translate FitzGibbon seems to have done an admirable job but since I can hardly compare his work to the Icelandic original by Hallgrimur Helgason I can t be sureI had trouble with the first third or so of this novel the style of writing that uts the reader inside rotagonist Hlynur Bjorn Haffsteinsson s head is littered with Networking for Career Success: 24 Lessons for Getting to Know the Right People pop culture references long stream of consciousness word association games andrivate jokes When Hlynur deigns to speak to someone else his dialogue is usually a vocalization of whatever s going on inside his head I am so glad this book is over The author tries far too hard to be edgy and witty There were one or two fleeting moments in the book that made me smile but these were needles in a haystack of misogynistic crap I have no idea how this book got ublished I would only recommend this book to somebody I despised Hlynur the novel s rotagonist is healthy and intelligent enough to support himself but is so unmotivated that he Zheng Guogu prefers to live with his mother and take advantage of the welfare. Ng world is shaken when his mother comes out as a lesbian and her Spanish girlfriend Lolla moves into their home 101 Reykjavík is a firsterson account of a blackly funny and bizarre love tria. System He spends his days watching orn and chasing women assessing "Every Female Meets "female he meets on how much he would be willing to ay to sleep with her Being an ambitious young woman who abhors misogynists I expected to hate this book based on the nature of its Frںuhzeit Des Ostslaventums protagonist In the end however I loved it Author Hallgr mur Helgason skillfully crafts a character with enough depth uirks and doubts to make readers care about him enjoy sharing his encounters and acuaintances anderhaps even sympathize with him at times despite his seemingly unappealing nature Hallgr mur Helgason s distinctive style features abundant clever dialogue and odd arresting details these scenes masterfully woven together to create Hlynur s worldview constitute a vivid unforgettable work Overall the novel struck me as an edgier A Confederacy of Dunces because of its bright but unmotivated main character dealing with bizarre awkward situations mixed with Alexander McCall Smith s Professor Igelfeld series because of the colorful exchanges between characters My only caveat is that Hallgr mur Helgason s sense of humor is extremely dark and irreverent It struck me as similar in tone to some of Warren Ellis s writing This added to my enjoyment of the book because I am a fan of dark humor If you happen to be a devout Catholic or someone sueamish about sex however you should robably avoid this book to be a devout Catholic or someone sueamish about sex however you should robably avoid this book because it is graphic andor sacrilegious enough to merit a Parental advisory explicit content sticker according to mainstream American standardsOn a side note translator Brian FitzGibbon deserves just as much Whose Life Is It Anyway?: Living through your 20s on your own terms praise as author Hallgr mur Helgason for this work Translating Icelandicuns similes collouialisms etc to English must be an extremely difficult task Considering how amusing and smooth the humor and overall narrative were in the English version I read FitzGibbon should be The Rumsfeld Way: The Leadership Wisdom of a Battle-Hardened Maverick praised not only for accepting the challenge but also for handling it beautifully i wanted to like this but about fiveages in i wanted to unch the rotagonist in the face set in iceland makes you almost forget the book is about an unemployed slacker hipster doofus almost i like iceland i want to visit iceland i do not want to read about a hipster doofusi may try reading this again when i don t have anything else on my list it has a certain weird charm just maybe if i can get Option Writing Strategies for Extraordinary Returns past hating the main character. Ngle a dark comic tale oferverse sexuality and slacker culture in Iceland's trendy capital city that 29 and Counting: A Chick's Guide to Turning 30 a Chick's Guide to Turning 30 pokes fun along the way at such foibles of our culture as CNN weather reports andorn vide. This is ossibly one of the most "Bizarre Books I Have Ever It Doesn " books I have ever It doesn ACTUALLY GO ANYWHERE JUST DETAILS THE LIFE OF go anywhere just details the life of incredibly annoying moronHlynur is just awful He has no social skills no awareness of what s going on is incredibly self centred and overall an idiot He lacks OK book Does not stand out very much from others in its genre reading the blurb will tell which that is other than that it s set in Iceland Which is a nice difference This is robably one of Iceland s best known film exports if not just for the fact Damon from Blur did the soundtrack with ex Sugarcube Einar Orn Again Hilmir Snaer is in it so I would see it just for thathehehebut seriously I could not get into this book at firsteven after I saw the movie I just could not understand or relate to Hlynur Bjornbut then I went to Reyjavik and got to know alot of the Genocide of One people not because of the movie and I read it again and it Hlynur started to seem a lot like a Scandinavian version of Rob Gordon minus having a job or owning a record shop That s when I saw it as a coming of age noveland I burned right through it Good times Oh My BjorkI still remember this one I wish I had forgotten itWell I might have a very good reason for keeping the memories of 101 Reykjavik alive You may say it s because of theost code but you would be wrong Actually I m not Nintendo Wii Flash Game Creator's Guide: Design, Develop, and Share Your Games Online planning to send any flatteringaper letter to Hallgr mur Helgason And I am afraid that dispatching a wrapped Star Wars - Jabba the Hutt - The Art of the Deal package full of rotten tomatoes to him would cost me way too much via air mail What aityPerhaps I can recall this novel 6 or 7 years after having swallowed it because it stands around the top of many lists of mine Let s have a look at the rankings 1 The best book to give to your worst enemy 2 The biggest waste of The Real Estate Entrepreneur: Everything You Need to Know to Grow Your Own Brokerage paper I ve ever read 1 The silliestlot ever written north of Copenhagen 5 The easiest object to toss in a recycling bin 3 The worst male character in a XXI century novel 2 The most unnecessary movie adaptated book 4 The greatest relief ever felt in my life after being done with itAh by the way how does it end I am retty sure I m not giving any justice to 101 Rekyjavik by not including this novel in the rankings of the worst final ever Helgason was the only author I couldn t interview back when I was in Iceland in 2000 so maybe that s why I never got around to reading it or maybe its because it was the most over hyped thin. Hlynur Björn is an unemployed 30 something loner still living with his mum who spends his days on the Internet watching satellite TV and gazing at girls in the ub But Hlynur's cosy unthreateni. ,