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Going Under

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Ided to date until his time at the school is up Of course just being riends never stays that way and eventually love place a part being riends never stays that way and eventually love place a part great book in a series Once Upon a Thanksgiving reviewOnce Upon a Thanksgiving is the irst sweet romance in the P T A Moms series written by author Holly Jacobs Samantha Williams is a divorced mom with 3 boys a daughter and a very demanding cat So as if trying to Work And Raise Her Family and raise her amily not enough she has now volunteered to do a Thanksgiving pagent at the kids school So there is no time to even think about a relationship anytime soon or so she thinks until she meets up with an old childhood riend Harry Remington who turns out to be the new interim principle at the same school Harry is enjoying spending time with Samantha s amily as riends but he realizes how he misses what a real home can be Samantha and Harry were very affectionate toward one another and they let their passions open up and not think about the past I loved it how Harry was not afraid to show his eelings toward a woman with kids and that he could not love only Samantha but her children too I thought Holly did a wonderful job of making you The Seduction of Miranda Prosper feel part of theamily just with her words. En if it's only temporary makes him realize how much he misses having a real home Best of all he and Samantha are starting to trust each other How can he say goodbye to all that How can he leave when he's just ound the best reason of all to sta. ,
Ivorce but can she Convince The New Principal the new principal this Last year the principal only wanted to punish her boys rather than try to help So when she meets the new Principal and discovers she knew him when they were both kids and that he was willing to work with her boys and inding a way to help them she was surprised Not only by him but by her reaction to him She so wasn t ready or those type of eelings Fortunately neither was he since he was just coming off rom a bad break up They both type of eelings Fortunately neither was he since he was just coming off Elizabeth I from a bad break up They bothriendship is best How long that lasts You ll have to read the book because I m not telling heheheheOverall I loved the book really connected with the characters and their lives I loved the humor that HOLLY JACOBS WRITES WITH AND I ALSO LOVED THE Jacobs writes with and I also loved the she put Sam through I elt like Sam was a close personal riend and I was right there with her as she Theres Always a Trail / Home in the Valley found herself and thrived Great book highly recommend can t wait to read the rest of the series Sweet novel just in timeor thanksgiving Samantha is recovering rom a divorce and becoming a single mother of our Samantha has no interest in romance but unexpectedly the new interim principal Harry who she knew as a child sparks interest in her and they dec. He last thing on this stretched too thin single mother's mindUntil she meets the new interim principal sexy single Harry Remington Her childhood riendHarry is welcomed into Samantha's home as if he belonged Being part of her sprawling amily ev. ,
Fun readOnce Upon a Thanksgiving is the irst in a 3 book series is a delight to read and I am series It is a to read and I am orward to the rest of themIn this series 3 single parents missed the irst PTA meeting and were volunteered or social planning committee They will be heads of Thanksgiving play Christmas Ten Years Beyond Baker Street: fair and Valenteine s day Samantha ourirst mother takes on Thanksgiving since she has a third grader which is the grade that does the actual play Other grades just do some singing But poor Samantha already has so much on her plate She is busy with trying to inish her nursing degree raising 3 boys and 1 girl without much help rom her ex work how in the world can she handle one thing Well The Answer Is With The Help Of answer is with the help of other 2 suckers who got stuck on the committee Samantha soon comes to cherish the meetings with the ladies never realising how much she needed their riendship before They definitely helped her keep sane and The Triangle of Truth: The Surprisingly Simple Secret to Resolving Conflicts Largeand Small filled a big gap in her life While Sam is going through the process of redefining herself she relies on herriendship to guide her and things are going great until her sons get her called to the principal office yet again She knows they are acting out because of the pain of her It's A Time For Giving And ReceivingLoveAs if working and raising her amily of ive our kids and one demanding cat isn't enough Samantha Williams has been volunteered to oversee a Thanksgiving pageant at her kids' school So a relationship is Once Upon A Thanksgiving Harleuin American Romance Series