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Another win for me from Eden Finley Third in her series Fake Boyfriend it can be read as a standalone but I would suggest to read the whole series if you enjoy romances set up in the sport world with a low level of angst but a high amount of banter and steamSo this time we et the story of Ollie a hockey player and Clark aka Lennon a sport journalistOllie breaths hockey and is unwilling to risk his career by outing himself apart from within his family Said family is on his back about his break up with his long time boyfriend so when a The House of Saulx-Tavanes: Versailles and Burgundy, 1700-1830 guy he has just met agrees to play new boyfriend during a family dinner Ollie jumped on the occasion toet some rest from the familial pressure Ollie even finds funny to name his partner in crime Clark Little does he know how close to the truth he isYep you can The Bodhisattva's Brain : Buddhism Naturalized guess the link between Clark and Lennon the sport journalist From there it s a series of encounters between Ollie and Lennon over months of the Hockey season Areat recipe with a little bit of anger a tad of friendly meddling a big portion of sparks and an even bigger portion of banter and humor nicely served on a slow burn platter decorated with delicious cock blocking moments by a waitress Dark Tapestry (Colin and Leora Mysteries) going at a perfect writing paceAs the reader who put this book in my radar wrote A reporter that looked like a blond Clark Kent falling for a Nordic God of a jock Yumm YES PLEASE And Yumm I dida LOT ARC of Deke wasenerously provided by the authorpublisher in exchange for an honest review I liked Deke by new to me author Eden Finley but the longer I sat on my review the fewer positive things I could come up with about the story HuhOllie s family dynamics were memorable and well written but the fake boyfriend set up was kind of an awkward fit here I didn t uite et it and the romance felt a bit abrupt and thrown together from that point forward I love love love hockey romances but we barely et any hockey details here It was a hockey romance in name only and though there are talks about teammates team dynamics and trades and the like there wasn t any playing action which I missed The book felt like the start of a romance rather than the whole deal There were clandestine meet ups and a bunch of sex but the love love love wasn t developed enough for me The dialogue and humor were a bright spot but though I enjoyed it it wasn t a stand out in my book Copy provided in exchange for an honest reviewgoodreads instagram twitter blog I have loved all the books in this series though I have to say that they seem to et better and better with each book So it shouldn t be surprising that this one is definitely my favoriteso far I had so much fun reading it And most of it is because of Clark Ollie is a hockey player in the NHL He s ay he s proud but he isn t fully out The only people who know are his close family and they support him 200 % It s the 200 instead of a "100 that seems to be the problem here They are a bit too "that seems to be the problem here They are a bit too when it comes to him coming out They feel he can only be happy if he shouts it from the rooftopsbut Ollie isn t ready for the conseuences of being the only ay player in the NHLHe shares his rievances with a strangerin the bathroom of a restaurant while out with the family Not really knowing who he just laid everything out forLennon feels bad for Ollie Being a sports reporter and being Okinawa: The Last Battle of World War II gay himself he knows all about how hard it is coming out in their world He wants to help Ollie out by pretending to be his new boyfriend Maybe if the fam sees he is happy they will leave him beAnd so it beginsI had an awesome time reading this book It was funny and snarky and a high Lennon is the best thing ever It was also sweet and very HOTI want toive some major credit here to Ollie s family They were The GI Bride great and half the fun I had came from them My whole family has been overprotective of me since my mom outed me to myself when I was fifteen There was some drama with the ex boyfriend who I really didn t care for What a doucheIt wasn t a very angsty read I would definitely call this a feelood book Which shows exactly how I felt when I finished itI can t wait to see what s next and I am dying to read Jet s story because I have a little crush oing onI highly recommend this series My reviews are posted on DirtyBooksObsession Follow Us on 45 starsSports romance and a fake relationship seem like two tropes that don t o together in mm books right Well in this book they did o together and they were perfect for each otherOllie is a hockey player he s out and pretty open about his sexuality with his huge family and some close friends but he s still closeted when it comes to the rest of the world His family is super supportive and they are all pushing for him to come out to the point of Ollie feeling pressured about it With his relationship with his childhood sweetheart over his family won t let up about him coming out and winning his ex backLennon is a nerdy sports journalist that loves his job When he meets Ollie under some awkward circumstances they hit it off and he agrees to play his boyfriend for one evening so Ollie circumstances they hit it off and he agrees to play his boyfriend for one evening so Ollie family would stop pressuring him They don t have time to make proper introductions so Lennon finds himself being refered to as ClarkFast forward six months a trade for Ollie a few articles and a reassignment for Lennon and they meet again only this time Lennon s true name is revealed and Ollie storms outThe whole story was very captivating With the fake relationship the journalist and OllieWord of advice don't come out to random uys in public restrooms Even if they're charming and adorably nerdy and offer to helpMy family believe I can't be happy if I'm not out to the world I have a bitter ex boyfriend and an unstable NHL career to show for it A fake boyfriend seems like an easy and uick solution to et. Deke Fake Boyfriend #3Told him he s won the Hottest Man on Earth competition Which in all fairness if it was a thing he could totally win Along with Lennon s jealousy There you o calling me pretty again he The Million Dollar Goal (The Million Dollar Series, grumbles You are kinda pretty Soren turns to us from the passenger seat with a charming smile showing off the dark scruff on his faceOllie chuckles at me I think you rerowling Are you trying to The Selected Poems growl Fuck that s adorable And the sexy times which began with a somewhat daring blowjob taunt I didn t know it was possible for someone to call me a pussy with just their eyes but Lennon pulls it off flawlessly Finley didn t disappoint in her avoidance of contrived drama and the ever dreaded Big Misunderstanding either as neither were anywhere to be found Praise the LawdThe slow burn in this story was exuisite but when the MC s realized and admitted their true feelings it felt believable and pretty damn sublime Ugh I sound like a puck bunny Iasp I m Ollie s puck bunny I chuckle at myself because even though I m joking I don t actually mind the sound of that The book ends with a strong HFN headed towards an HEA complete with a few personal sacrifices willingly offered up once what was truly important blessedly made its way to the forefront of the MC s mindsSo with all that said this story ets ALL 5 STARS from me and I m dying to read the last two books in the series My ARC copy of the book was provided by the author in exchange for a fair unbiased reviewSee All My Latest Reads Review uick Links Cute But Not Awesome The third book in the series centers around the winger in the NHL hockey for the Dragons Ollie Str mberg 24 and sports journalistreporter who works for Sporting Health Magazine Lennon Clark Hawkins how old The two meet when Ollie is hiding from his family in the bathroom Lennon agrees to pretend to be his boyfriend so Ollie s family will back off And then they ll never see each other again Or so they thought Before any of them can start tormenting this uy who s doing me a favor I cut them all off Guys this is Fuck I didn t even ask him his name and all I can think about is how much he looks like a blond Superman Clark I knew this was a bad idea for a reason Pulling it off is My Jihad: The True Story of An American Mujahid's Amazing Journey from Usama Bin Laden's Training Camps to Counterterrorism with the FBI and CIA going to take than saying This is my boyfriend so now you can stop acting like dicksHelances in my direction a 375 starsI enjoyed this one but book 2 is still my favorite It was sweet and fluffy Funny Hot Ollie and Lennon are so adorable Ollie s family is The Book of Leviathan goalsCan t wait to read Talon and Miller Jet and Soren books 5 StarsMy favorite in the series thus far Their meeting was unconventional and by chance Their arrangement was only supposed to last for one meal They were sure they wouldn t see each other again But fate had other plans for this hockey player and this sports journalist Lennon is a sports reporter for a magazine who was recently reporting on football until a few papers he wrote on a certain hockey playerot him transferred to Writing For The Sport He Never Knew Much About Meeting for the sport he never knew much about Meeting that one night sparked his interest in not only the player but the sport he was playing Lennon is attracted to Ollie and has a thing for jocks Lennon has a past with these types of uys The jock closeted types and he has sworn to stay away from those kinds of relationships in the future But then there is Ollie He s different if not the "Same Lennon Can T "Lennon can t the pull and need to help this sweet uy out Even if he knows it will only end in heartbreak for himOllie lives and breathes hockey and he has sacrificed a lot in his life to play the Las Maravillosas Obras de Dios: Historias B�blicas Para La Familia game and make it his career Recently one of those sacrifices was his relationship with his long time boyfriend Beau Beau wanted to be important enough to Ollie for him to come out Ollie wanted Beau to realize that coming out would make him the only out hockey player and he didn t want to be the posteray boy for the sport He has pressure from his family too who believes he ll only truly be happy with who he is if he s out and proud But Ollie is proud and is out to the people that are important to him He just isn t ready to be out in his job until he s made it further in his career especially now that he s been traded and is still trying to find his footing on his new team Lennon and Ollie play it fake for his family to شرح جامع مثنوى معنوى get them off his back They didn t think they d see each other again but with Lennon now reporting on hockey it was just a matter of time before they ran into each other again Only when they do things don to so The New Song: For the Sunday School, Societies of Christian Endeavor, and Other Religious Exercises (Classic Reprint) great because things come up that didn t when they first met Like Lennon s real name Or the fact that he s a sports reporter who has been the one recently reporting on Ollie who hasn t taken to kind on what Lennon has been reporting on him Ollie is angry Lennon is confused on what he could possibly be mad about because he doesn t believe what he s written has put Ollie in a bad light But soon thingset even complicated when Lennon runs into Ollie s parents again and they are STILL UNDER THE IMPRESSION THAT HE under the impression that he Ollie are still in a relationship What follows this is a sweet fake relationship that soon turns serious when real feelings start to come into play I really loved this one This author really knows how to keep the trope of fake relationships fresh and entertaining I love this trope and Riding Hard gobble up every book that comes out in this series I can t wait for the next one Happy reading dolls xx I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review. Ever supposed to find out I'm a reporterThat all changes when my editor reassigns meIt's a lesson I should've learned by now Nothing's changed since high school Jocks still hate nerds But even worse athletes hate journalists Especially ones who know their secret Deke is a full length MM novel with an HFNHEA and no cliffhang. He closeted athlete hitting it off the ex making an appearance the large and fun Stromberg clan and a collection ofood friends I didn t even notice the book coming to an endThere are a lot of funny moments that made me laugh out loud thankfully when no one else was around The banter between Ollie and Lennon was Arabian Challenge great and when drunk Lennon couldn t think anything without also saying it out loud made for some hilarious momentsThe meeting with Ollie s ex was very interesting to see They had a lot of history together and it showed immediately but I liked how they behaved to each other It s difficult to move on after so many years together and I liked that there was no evil ex just someone that Ollie wasn t meant to be with but still cared about I liked how civil they both were even if a little sad that they were no longer togetherThis book deserves a big bright star for there not being a last minute break up make up scramble to create drama There was no need for that because the plot was enough by itself to keep the reader s attentionThere was a press conference somewhere near the end and now you re all thinking a press conference at an mm sports romance book what else is new but you ll neveruess how that wentThe fourth book of the series is oing to be about Talon and Miller there won t be a fake boyfriend trope and I can t wait to et my hands on that one An ARC of this book was kindly provided to me by the author in exchange for an honest review Thank you She shoots she scoresI really don t read sport related theme books but Eden Finley certainly deked me see what I did there with this Series I m really enjoying itThe way Ollie Der Verlorene Koffer: A Graded Reader for Beginning Students guided his puck into Lennon soal to win against all odds to ILLERAMMA Kathalu get their happy ending was a joy to readWill definitely be reading the rest of the Series4 from me NOW LIVE US UKEnter Giveaway HERE Deke is the third installment of Eden Finley s Fake Boyfriend series and brings us to Ollie closeted hockey player and Lennon a out and proud journalists thatets roped into helping him out in an odd situation Ollie may still be in closet to most of the world but his family and friends all know that he s American Literature Student Text gay which puts him in the hot seat whenever they re around and want to know why he s still hiding who he is Enter Lennon the perfect fake boyfriend toet Ollie s family off of his backFirst I just need to say that Ollie and Lennon are freakin amazing I loved these two so hard with their back and forth banter and the clear as day attraction to each other They were honestly just super adorable together and Lennon was a sweetheart and so understanding with Ollie I could have just tackle hugged him It had me swooning over both of these boys I also really loved how Ms Finley handled Ollie s situation with being closeted and in the spotlight It was done with so much compassion and I thought it brought up a lot of thought provoking points His family was amazingly accepting of Ollie but they didn t fully understand what he was Cheyenne: A Sweet Historical Romance going through and seeing how that played out was areat part to this storyTo sum up Sweet Neil Patrick Harris this is a fantastic book and you need to read it ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review Wow this feels like some big ole Eden Finley book 1 d j vu because once againI have nothing but LOVE LOVE LOVE for this story At 24 NHL player Ollie had zero problem with the fact that he was ay but his entire family took major issue with him not coming out yet as they didn t understand that the issue was way less about shame and way about holding onto a job in hockey that he truly lovedSo after one family dinner accidentally coming out to a stranger in the bathroom and an offer of assistance from said stranger Ollie found himself introducing his cough fake cough boyfriend Clark to his large supportive familyExcept Clark was actually Lennon a sports journalist and the very last person that Ollie would ve chosen to come out to if he d known he was putting his one big secret in jeopardy beforehandEvery little thing "About This Book Was "this book was point Nope not even a single niggle that I can think of This story had the perfect blend of feels insecurities angst steam and snarky banterPlus a reporter that looked like a blond Clark Kent falling for a Nordic God of a jock Umm YES PLEASEI fell in love with Ollie s family immediately but could see from a mile off that the fake boyfriend lie was oing to be a difficult one to escape and it was When are you oing to tell them the truth about me he whispersI one to escape and it was When are you oing to tell them the truth about me he whispersI At our engagement party you Black Wings of Cthulhu going to tell them the truth about me he whispersI At our engagement party big secret that Clark was in fact Lennon came to a head when Ollie s brothers were talking shit about Ollie s situation and Lennon came to his defense which I adored because that was when the true bone deep feelings actually became apparent between the MC sMatt s little brother Jet was an amazingly fun character too Talk about being a total little spitfire full of piss and vinegar I m only here because of my roommate Jet raises his hand That would be me He wanted too home but I convinced him to stay for at least five drinks Two Okay seven I m learning really fast that negotiating with Jet is pointless The humor was a thing of beauty in this story especially when everyone and their Girl on the Verge grandmother kept calling Ollie pretty There s that fuckin pretty word again I m not pretty I m wicked badass Of course you are baby I pat his cheekEven though I m being condescending he has this weird smile on his face as if I just. My family off my back and thisuy is volunteering I take him up on it without asking his nameI really should've asked for his nameLennon Word of advice learn how to introduce yourself properlyIn my defense I don't recognize Ollie Strömberg right away I cover football not hockeyI'm not supposed to see him again and he's ,

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