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Kia Abdullah writes a brilliant powerful moving and intelligent psychological thriller and courtroom drama that pushes all the buttons as it lays bare all the ugly divisions and prejudices in our contemporary world including race class disabilities religion politicsl and culture This was a deeply unsettling and uncomfortable hard hitting read with such well executed storytelling that it felt all too real and authentic and which could so easily be true Jodie Wolfe is a white 16 ear old girl born with facial deformities living on a London estate with her alcoholic mother that she cares for She confides being raped at a warehouse by Amir Rabbani Hassan Tanweer Mohammed Ahmed and Farid Khan 4 hard working Muslim Asian classmates from immigrant families to Zara Kaleel who works at a abused women s charityThe Muslim Zara had a short lived arranged marriage left behind a glittering legal career and is estranged from her family She believes Jodie even though those close to Jodie do not and is driven to fight for justice in the tense and explosive courtroom trial that follows one which attracts such a huge media focus that raise community political social and religious tensions sky high It is a case of he saidshe said as the reader ping pongs from believing one side and then the other The alarming community hostility directed at Zara is beyond belief as indeed is the hate directed at Jodie The Anglian Defense League exploit the tensions directing their hatred against Muslims This turns out to be such twisted tale with its surprising true revelations that come at the endThis is multilayered and complex storytelling with a compulsive and gripping narrative and skilful stellar characterisation Jodie is a teenager who feels all the normal teen hormonal urges with all her intense emotional feelings for a popular and gifted immigrant boy at school and Zara is unafraid of being critical about her community This is a thought provoking read with its portrayal of our disturbing times that I think will appeal to many readers Many thanks to HarperCollins and H for an ARC Ever say something then regret it Once it s out though especially in public there s no taking words back Whether true or falseThe penalty can be victimizing and shamefulThis story is one inside another a larger racial story to be told A former lawyer turned rape advocate has her own battle to fight as she enters the court for a rape victim Her own Muslim culture community and family uestion her motives as she fights for a girl who claims was raped by 4 Muslim boysA superb read Writing great425 This is a crime novel which is as much about RACE as it is about RAPEZara Kaleel herself a Muslim left her prestigious role as barrister to join Artemis House as an independent sexual violence advisor and is representing Jodie Wolfe a white teen who has suffered from neurofibromatosis a genetic disorder that has caused her to have a severe face deformityJodie arrives at Artemis House with a compelling story of how four Muslim Boys have raped herShould Zara put religion ahead of the fact that she is a woman Does she owe loyalty to Islam than to a girl who has been Victimized Will it be possible to stay in the background Should she What starts out as one girl vs four boys becomes a flashpoint in race relations as the community chooses sides and turns on those who don t see things the same way Who is telling the truth Jodie or the boys The truth is rarely black and white Is Zara really the best woman for the job or is she haunted by too many demons of her ownThis is intelligently written S L O W burn Crime Fiction which takes 55% to set up and then W burn Crime Fiction which takes 55% to set up and then to the trial for the second half of the book You won t know the whole truth till the very LAST page Though not particularly riveting it is thought provoking for those patient enough to invest in a story which I could easily see in today s headlines provoking protests and riots in communities already reeling in pain TRIGGER WARNING Sexual Assault is examined and cross examined so it cannot be avoidedI would like to thank HarperCollins Publishing for the invitation to read this Once I accepted I was provided a digital ARC through Netgalley in exchange for a candid review This title released in the UK in paperback on Aug 8 2019 and will be released digitally in the US on Dec 8 2020 This is one of the books have blown my mind and shaken me to the core my emotions all over the place I m cursing crying clenching my fists screaming crying and I don t want to do nextVictim Jodie Wolfe 16 ears old with facial deformities living with emotionally unbalanced abusing alcoholic mother claims that she has been raped by four schoolmates Four handsome immigrant and Muslim boys are coming from good hard working families having a bright future ahead themBOYS claims Jodie is *attention seeker liar They didn t touch her They can have *seeker liar They didn t touch her They can have girl they want Who should they want to be with herJodie s mother doesn t believe her and she leaves her alone to fight for this She only wants to be part of her trial when the vulture media members find out the identity of the victim because she wants to share own daughter s story with the media circus
To Gain Some MoneyJodie 
gain some moneyJodie best friend didn t believe in her too She may hold a grudge against her because one of the defendants is Aamir she also has crush on him She could have told the press the identity of her own best friend to ruin her life Only one person believes in her Zara Kaleel who is also fighting with her all demons using pills to numb her brain not to think her tragic conclusion with her relationship with her father She is also Muslim which created a big conflict and took the media s interest that she might fight against her own people Zara only wants to do the RIGHT THI. A shocking twisting courtroom thriller that keeps ou guessing until the last page is turnedThe Victim Jodie Wolfe a physically flawed 16 ear old girl accuses four boys in her class of something unthinkableThe Def. .
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NG by proving people that is not about religion race and people s beliefs This is about bringing the justice by finding the truthIn her own life Zara always wanted to become someone else She didn t want to marry with the guy chosen by her family and turn into an obedient wife wearing Sari and golden jewelry staying at home doing her housewife chores She also left her glittering career at Bar because she didn t want to be a shark at the most competitive ruthless corporate law industry She only wanted to be the person do the right thing by bringing justice for the people who really deserved itRape has no religion It has no race nationality The only language it speaks consisted of profane words filled with anger self hatred Rape feeds itself with humiliation debasing and hurting innocent victims Its weapon is sex to defile and degrade the personsThis book took my sleep away and gave me full nightmares all night making me think the story the characters the tragedy the hatred the people gave the unfairness illogical cruel perceptions hiding behind religion nationality and race This ear I ve read so many thrillers but none of them made me as terrified as this book made me feel because the story is too real some facts are so true and people s bottled up hatred ignorance prejudgments grudges jealousy could explode like a ticking bomb and make them commit so many hate crimes So Tomorrow Will Be a Good Day: My Autobiography you don t feel safe inour world because people reject to respect each other s differences and choose unhappiness against compassion genuineness They close Representation Cultural Representations and Signifying Practices Culture Media and Identities Series your eyes and reject to see the world from other people s eyes to understand themSO WHO TELLS THE TRUTH FOUR BOYS WORDS AGAINST ONE GIRL EVERYBODY CALL HER MONSTER AND NOBODY IS AT HER SIDE IS SHE HIDING SOMETHING ARE THOSE BOYS VICTIM OF HER LIES OR ARE THEY REAL MONSTERS DISGUISED IN HUMAN FURMAYBE JODIE SHOULD HAVE TAKEN IT ALL BACKClenchour fists control Five fags a day your breathing get ready to be pissed off because this book is too disturbing too shocking reading But at least ending is satisfying But damage is already done and those fiveoung teenagers lives will never be the same i dont like telling people what to do but this book comes out in less than two weeks and it needs to go on everyones TBR list N O W holy crap this is a shocking ride it grabbed my attention right from the first page and never let go what seems like a pretty open and shut case becomes a tangled mess of he said she said literally i went from moments of believing the stories of both jodie and the boys accused to not believing a single thing anyone said to finally being shocked speechless my favourite part is the second half of the story when the court room drama begins i love watching court proceedings that are broadcasted for high profile cases and this feels like the reader is watching a living breathing court case i cant begin to describe how realistic this is with so many relevant and hard hitting points on rape women in male dominated work environments race and religion cultural gender roles and violence this is really well written and so applicable to many things that happen in todays society a definite must read for investigatory crime enthusiasts so go add this to Wicked Affairs p 2 your TBRs immediately im watchingou PPS uick shout out to the author the lovely kia abdullah thank ou so much for including me in this marketing campaign and sending ME AN ARC YOU ARE HONESTLY ONE THE an ARC ou are honestly one *Of The Human Beings On The Planet And It *the sweetest human on the planet and it been such a pleasure to read The Piper in the Wind your book i wish it andou nothing but the success and attention it deserves cant wait to see what The Proposal you write next 45 stars UPDATE I m bumping this up to 5 stars as I keep thinking about this bookWow This book surprised me in the best possible way The subdued cover and the unassuming title had me fooled and it was only thanks to the glowing reviews that I picked this up Set in the present day London this is a brilliant court room drama about a rape trial that becomes much and turns into a trial about raceJodie is a 16ear old girl with a face deformity and is used to being ridiculed by others She has a crush on Amir one of the most popular boys at school and so when Amir approaches her and suggests going to an abandoned warehouse Jodie is happy to go with him Amir s friends Hassan Mo and Farid are also at the warehouse and start making fun of Amir for hanging out with Jodie The series of events that follow are described differently by Jodie and by the 4 Muslim boys At the heart of the story is Zara Kaleel Jodie s rape counsellor who is Muslim herself Zara is a former barrister who refuses to succumb to old tradition and be an obedient Muslim wife Zara wants justice for Jodie despite the disapproval of her family and local community Oppression spreads when women like Prey you tell their daughters to marry a certain man or wear a certain dress or work a certain job It happens when women likeou tell us gently and with all the love in the word not to peek above the parapet instead to stay at home to be uiet to be kind to be good Take It Back was not a light read by any means It explores a number of issues in the modern society giving its readers some food for thought while having us guessing who is telling the truth until the very last page45 stars Many thanks to H for my review copy in exchange for an honest review 45 starsJodie Wolfe is a white 16 ear old girl with horrific facial deformities she s had a really difficult life the constant taunting and bullying about her looks not to mention an alcoholic mother who s always concurred with other people s perceptions of Jodie basically that she s ugly and she s happy to voice that opinion to Jodie on a daily basis However when Jodie accuses four teenage boys from hard working immigrant families of rape. Endants Four handsome teenagers from hard working immigrant families all with corroborating storiesThe Savior Zara Kaleel a former lawyer one of London's brightest legal minds takes on this case She believes her cl. ,

Her life will take et another turn for the worseWhat follows is the story of what really happened that June night but we the readers are not privy to the truth until much later in the book and believe me ou ll be kept on tenterhooks before that truth is finally revealedFormer barrister turned rape counsellor Zara Kaleel is enlisted to help Jodie through the trauma she has suffered and also to prepare her for the upcoming court proceedings Zara is a Muslim as are the accused boys and as the case proceeds it will lead to her being called a traitor and much worse in her own community resulting in some very ugly and violent scenes Because of her accusations Jodie also becomes a target for the ever present internet trollsThe author takes us down a long and twisty road never knowing who is telling the truth I changed my mind on numerous occasions but was still shocked by the revealThis is much than a courtroom drama it s about the divisions in society the issues of race religion and misogyny and the author hasn t shied away from any of these difficult topicsThis is an immensely powerful emotional and thought provoking read and extremely disturbing at times It s a case of who s telling the truth who s lying who did what and who didn t Ultimately though it s one of the best whodunnit s that I ve read Highly recommended Thank ou to Netgalley and H for my ARC I have given an honest unbiased review in exchange Wow Ok if I were a publisher and someone came to me and said they had an idea for a book that would shine a harsh light on rape race religion gender class the media drug dependency disability the justice system and assault I would have said jeez take it down a notch Once is Never Enough you re biting off way thanou can chew But I d be wrong because that s exactly what Kia Abdullah did and I think she did an outstanding job of it An job I went into this book knowing it was a highly rated courtroom drama but I was caught off guard by the way it forced me to feel such a range of emotions Anger frustration hope suspicion Nothing was off the table Also surprising was the way in which I was led to look at situations through the eyes of others seeing their truth while knowing my own truth Very thought provoking I believe this book will make a lot of reader s Best Of lists Easy 5 SpoilerThere s an antipathy that underlies some aspects of this story which in and of itself diminishes the impact of the main subject matter rapeUndoubtedly Rape is a harrowing dehumanizing incident but when conflated with religion an already tense situation is amplified Abdullah was about as subtle as a sledgehammer re her disdain for Muslim men and this story suffers due to the overt prejudice and misandry that permeates almost every pageWe re introduced to Jodie the alleged rape victim and to our protagonist Zara a lawyer who works at a centre that provides legal counsel to rape victims Jodie claims she was raped by four oung Muslim men Amir Rabbani Hassan Tanweer Mohammed Ahmed and Farid KhanI should mention that Zara Kaleel is also Muslim although she d long become disillusioned and disdainful of her culture and if we re to believe her there are only two tribes of Muslim women of which she ensures to inform the reader that she s neither the docile housewife with Tumeric stained hands and the rebel who uses her sexuality to subvert her cultureShe being the college educated high flying lawyer turned activist who wears Piaget watches and carries Celine bags I scoffed loudly and shook my head at this load of self loathing disguised as enlightenmentAnyway back to Jodie As if the PLOT WASN T EXPLOSIVE ENOUGH WE LEARN SHE HAS wasn t explosive enough we learn she has severe facial disfigurement and has had to endure ears of abuse both at school and home and understandably she s a lonerOnce the trial starts the powder keg that is racereligion explodes Zara is vilified for daring to represent a White woman while her life as well as a penchant for dating White men are splayed all over the News meanwhile the boys are subjected to hate crimesWith heightened race tensions the case plods along unconvincingly further we discover that the victim and her accusers had told several lies Who is telling the truth Is Jodie a vindictive scorned girl or are the boys sociopathsAbdullah eventually pulls the plot twist at the last hour when a cell phone recording of the entire incident is conveniently found which then completely exonerates the boysOr did itSigh All in all I would have given this a higher rating had the author not pulled another twist and on the very last page no less seemingly out of thin air All it did was create a huge plot hole that made the reader uestion why Jodie would recant her accusations even though she knew she d been truthful all along It made no sense None When a book expertly takes on such important themes as rape race substance abuse cultural misogyny and bullying it hardly seems fair to classify it as a courtroom thriller I hope that label along with the generic and forgettable name TAKE IT BACK won t limit its reach this December when the novel gets its US hardback debut TAKE IT BACK tells the story of Jodie a ear old white girl with severe facial *Deformities And A Negligent Alcoholic *and a negligent alcoholic who accuses Muslim classmates of rape Jodie s sexual assault advocate Zara herself a Muslim faces various abuses herself for standing by the girl s side She s an Uncle Tom they say as if allegiance to race should supersede the pursuit of truth and justice Since readers don t know what really happened between Jodie and the boys until the final pages it s easy to put ourself in Zara s shoes as she faces backlash for her My Life with Princess Margaret yet unproven convictions Clearly the subject matter makes this a difficult and even graphic read at times but it is one well worth it in the en. Ient even though those closest to her do notTogether they enter the most explosive criminal trial of theear where the only thing that matters is justice for Jodie But this time justice comes at a devastating cost.