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The Crafty Teddy: A Bear Collector's Mystery
S expecting to be wounded turns into an actor feigning injuries to conuer the heroine he s just met but already decided he s going to marry The cockiness was a bit irritating and Finn s behavior idiotic just as his doctor friend says A succession of events against a backdrop of family friends and happy couples follow not really grabbing my interest Lots of sex scenes too I was expecting to read about the veteran s center projectSo not my type of story others might like it 35 StarsThis Is A Sweet is a sweet romance of insta love and persistence to claim and hold on to that love Finn and Brooke were both incredibly lovable and endearing characters Finn was instantly smitten with Brooke from the moment she took him down Her independence and strength only intensifies his feelings for her But a Brooke has only nown love from one person in her life and now that he s gone she s not eager to open herself up for that and risk losing it Im not sure if it was my frame of mind at the time I read this but I had a hard time focusing on their story No matter how many times I picked it up I found my mind wandering My only issues was the speed of their story It was just too slow to eep me engaged Aside from that I truly adored Finn and and Brooke They were wonderfully relatable characters It was just their story that felt drawn out Finding love After a tragic accident ended his Seal career Finn was left reeling wondering what he d doWhen his After a tragic accident ended his Seal career Finn was left reeling wondering what he d doWhen his and him find that they are part of the powerful Anderson family they re shocked to say the least Finn is not sure what to think he doesn t trust easily When the powerful Joseph Anderson presents a project for them to work on he s intriguedWhat he didn t expect was to fall instantly in love when Brooke walked into his defence class But he did instantlyBrooke is a medical practioner and ex military She s not one to need anything or anyone Still dealing with the loss of her brother she s not interested in loveBut I doubt she expected the full force of Finn Anderson It s going to be a wild ride one neither one new they needed 3 It was okay StarsIf you had to ask me what Finn was about I couldn t tell you I had the book in the background as backgr. Hinks less about his past and about a brand new futureIf Finn nows anything for certain it’s that he can’t let this woman get away Though Brooke is tough and compassionate the loss of her brother has left her vulnerable She isn’t sure she can risk loving and losing another person in her life including a very determined ex SEAL Can the two of them look beyond their past wounds and embrace what they’re feeli. ,

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Mother and a horrible dad So he s now gotten himself involved in his uncles business and decided to take on the proposed projectBrook is teaching a self defense class when Finn and her meet Interesting first meeting too Finn falls instantly and nows she s the one Brook has walls around her heart The LOSS OF HER BROTHER DEVASTATED HER AND SHE DOESN of her brother devastated her and she doesn trust easily at all Finn was beyond persistent of getting his girl He was a little obnoxious at time to be honest And Brook was stubborn So interesting combination The romance was off for me I again mention the old Anderson series which I loved But this has a different feel for me I didn t feel the depth of emotion or chemistry with these two Some of the lines where sappy and a little over the top To be honest at times I found myself skimming some parts as they were a little much for me The writing was a little choppy as well abrupt in some places with a lot of inner dialogue from BrookI didn t really feel the fall in love phase with these two More Finn chasing Brook and Brook dealing with her issues and pushing back I found the last several books by this author to have a different writing style It s not one that is to my liking I might try one of her books again at some point Okay so the story is actually a solid 35 read for me but better than 3 stars so that s why you see 4 LOL There s not a specific big thing than 3 stars so that s why you see 4 LOL There s not a specific big thing the story I can say that ma Ahhh so so so disappointed in this book I have read books by this author before and so I was expecting an entertaining book this book I have read books by this author before and so I was expecting an entertaining book didn t that I got an obnoxious hero which to be honest he could have won my heart since he was military and hurt but we didn t get that what we got was a whiny immature man then we have Brook didn t like her eitherrcvd an ARc at no cost to authornetgalley Voluntarily reviewed with my own thoughts and opinions1 like Received an Advance Reader Copy in exchange for a fair review 25 stars Finn by Melody Anne Montlake Romance started out as an entertaining story with relatable characters Predictable and clich d but still enjoyable with the human dimensions the pain the leads had gone through with some fairy tale tones tooI began to feel frustrated when the hero whom I wa. Seph Anderson The eccentric but generous billionaire puts the brothers to work building a new veterans center and that’s not all Joseph won’t stop until each nephew finds loveFinn has never expected or wanted an easy life and he struggles with his early retirement from the elite SEAL team But when a very confident Brooke Garrison literally sweeps him off his feet during a self defense class he’s teaching he THE SHORT Overall this just wasn t the book for me I need at least a little bit of believable sprinkled in with the over the top unbelievable If this was real life he sprinkled in with the over the top unbelievable If this was real life he have been arrested for stalking and trespassing He would have gotten icked in the nuts the first time he pushed his way into her house Him continuously going after her after she said no because he could just tell she wanted him sounds like a future rapist THE LONG I really had a hard time finishing this Honestly it was so annoying I wanted to give up Brooke has hang ups about having a boyfriend and being in love She had just lost her brother and didn t feel she was ready I felt like she was the only sane person in the entire boo FinnLet s start off by saying that I sure have missed Joseph Anderson I wish we all had one of our very own just like him I m so glad that Melody Anne was able to wrangle up some new Anderson relatives for us to read about and Joseph to play matchmaker withI adored Finn Can t say I ve enjoyed everything about a hero that much in a long timeSo looking forward to the next book in this set already Super humansWow I have never read a book where the characters are s sexual god and goddess Brooke is always ready She is always wet and can be by the sound of Finn s voice or just thinking about him She can do it anywhere at any time But she can t tell him she loves him Finn is a sex God He can go multiple times and be ready again a second after he finishes And he loved Brooke at first sight Oh yeah there is a story in there all that unbelievable stuff just takes up too much head space Wow talk about unrealistic body images this is unreal Won ARC from Goodreads This is my honest review and opinionsI remember the past Anderson Billionaires books and really enjoyed thoseThis is different The characters are okay and the story is average Joseph Anderson has a large business project he s invested in He s wanting to engage with his nephews after finding his extended family He s decided involve each nephew in a project to them all closer thFinn is one of the nephews He involve each nephew in a project to bring them all closer thFinn is one of the nephews He his back deployed in the military and had to leave And on top of leaving the career he loved he also lost his. New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Melody Anne begins a sizzling and heartfelt series about Joseph Anderson’s long lost nephews Finn Anderson is a loyal military veteran who has no desire to live a life of luxury and ease but sometimes a person doesn’t get a choice His life is flipped upside down when he and his four brothers learn they’re long lost relatives of the absurdly famous and wealthy Jo. ,
Finn AUTHOR Melody Anne