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He s a sculptor and an ex dancer AND he s great with kids A decent read but not as amazing as everyone says it is Though it does follow the friends to lovers set up which would always have a lot f secret tension to keep from ruining the friendship Setting ParisTheme ballet passion grief new beginnings loveCharacters Maddy Green 29 years ld prima ballerina Ballet is everything to her But she is at the end f her career she hurt her knee and the company doctor will not release her backMax Laurent 30 years Secret Observations on the Goat-Girl old until 22 was in a ballet company just startingut But he gave up his dream when his father was in a car accident and a paraplegic he returned to Paris to care for his father He started working Unbound on sculpting and casting and with his father s death he took an apartment with a studio he s giving himself a year to determine if he can make a living with his artCharlotte Max s sister who sees much She has a traveling husband and 2 children the three yearld diagnosed with autism Summary Max and Maddy and 3 An Extreme Modification (Milked by Royalty, other ballerinas lived together in their early 20s And though Maddy was attracted to Max she decided she wanted him as a long term friend not a short term lover and they lived laughed and supportedne another And Max loved Maddy but did not want to lose her and when he finally worked up the nerve to tell her he loved her and planned a seduction she comes home in great excitement at being Feminized Sissy Justice, A Forced Feminization Sissy Story offered a place in a French ballet corp and he let her go to follow her dream And when Maddy s career isver she thinks Everlost (Skinjacker, of Max and decides to go to Max that he would help her feel better and between her grieving and not knowing what to do next she and Max share a physical relationship She models for him naked for his sculpturesf dance After a few months Max loving her knowing that her feelings can t be depended The Lennon Prophecy on in her statef mind finds a ballet company Japonia w sześciu smakach of not perfect ballerinas who perform to eaches strengths He sends her to them and cuts herff too hard to stay connected if he can t have all Aqidah Islam of her Shen the Tank! other hand had just realized she loved him that it is not a temporary lust and is hurt he has cut herff 3 months later he has his showing and she is coming His sister pushes him to tell her how he feels to realize he needs to find Geek Feminist Revolution out how she feels and he makesne piece for the show a piece to show how he fully feels she had started ballet at the age Lucky Luciano of 4 and loved it from the beginning his piece wasf the child at a barre and captured a look A Reader& of wonder and pleasure She sees it and knows his feelings and is finally able to share herwn ahhhh I m not feeling inspired to *Write A Review So I review so I just sum up my biggest problem with this story She s mess She needs you You love her Not exactly the best basis for a relationshipThose words were uttered by the hero s sister and I couldn t agree I m sorry to say that I finished the book without truly believing that the heroine wasn t using the hero as a security blanket Which was Audiobook Amorous Liaisons H Blaze 425 by Sara Mayberry Gabra ZachmanReader 4To my pleasant surprise I ended up enjoying this H Blaze than most I remember passing it by uite a few times when picking up the next in the audio series Hmm french hero eh former male dancer turned artsy hero eh maybe too beta double eh Of course because it s Murphy s Law it s the The Ladys Handbook for Her Mysterious Illness one I should have listened to a long time ago This story reads like a 1950 romantic film in feel if you leftut the Churchill obvious differencef the sexually explicit content Maddy Green has just been given the final axe to her dancing career when she is not unexpectedly let go from her dance company after sustaining a permanent injury Dance is all she s ever known and without her dance identity she s feeling vulnerable and suddenly directionless in her life After a mental review Euripides Fabulae: Vol. II: (Sup., El., Her., Tro., Iph.Tau., Ion): 2 of What sut there now Maddy immediately can t resist seeking Jean-Paul Sartre out her long time friend Max Laurent the man whose always been there for her throughout her ups and downs Max a former dancer himself who d had his career cut short due to injury is shocked to find Maddy suddenly resituated in his lifence again He s not certain how to take her reappearance as although he s always been her friend he s always been in love with her and enduring her surprise re emergence in his life could be than he can take He s just now feeling after years that he s managed to tuck his emotions for Maddy deeply away in a box and energetically inspired enough to pursue his career post dance as a bronze sculpture artist Now wham here s Maddy again rocking his world and f course he can t turn her away without playing knight in shining armor Maddy and Max have had such a close relationship in the past she thinks nothing f crashing in his bed again as a purely platonic bedmate It s all Max can take to tamp down his libido when he wakes with Maddy curled up to him Maddy is fast and furiously re tangling herself into his every day life while she works to mentally deal with where to go now with who she is and what to do minus the dance world When Max has his live artist cancel In Enemy Hands (Honor Harrington, on him in the mid. D he wants her just as much How can he resist seducing herWhen Maddy's world falls apart it'snly natural that she turns to Max for support But fall into his bed Never until How Ireland Really Went Bust. by Matt Cooper one steamy night Maddy Green s world has crumbled with the lostf her career knowing Super Gran Abroad (Super Gran, onlyne person who would understand her best friend Max Laurent but soon Maddy starts to see Max in a different light from friend to lover Maddy must choose between her love for Max and a chance to get back her career You always know you picked up a great book when the author Bambi and Me offers great depth in their characters a wonder plot and in such a format such as Harleuin Blaze Sarah Mayberry is such a great surprise Her story Amorous Liaisons doesn t just focusn art and dance but the what after the dance is Pocahontas over what then Sarah gives you glimpse into the world with Maddy Maddy whose been dancing since she s been a child and finally a prima ballerina star in herwn right Bala Santa on stage but after a career ending knee injury everything Maddy has worked so hardn all her life is taken away from her Lost without a clue in what to do she hops Book of Magickal and Occult Rites and Ceremonies on a plane and travels to Paris to see thenly person whom would understand and whose been there for her before her best friend Max Laurent After so many years apart Maddy and Max uickly pick up with their friendship like years apart never happen Until Maddy stumbles upon Max in the shower and the desire she kept hidden away starts to rise to the top until there s no stopping in Even when they have sex Maddy feels a great guilt upon her shoulders and doesn t want sex to ruin what they have but her feelings won t be hidden away and soon she and Max are lovers but she must choose between having chance at a career Bald Eagle (Zeuss Pack or loving Max Maddy shows the aftermathf building a career and to have it The Lady Elizabeth (Elizabeth I, one day taken all away from you Many ballerinas go through this lost and you never know the lostf something unless you walk in the person shoes and Mayberry gives the reader a chance to feel Maddy lost confusion and heartache Maddy deals with a lot Wolfsong of pain through her life with her career always coming first finding herself again was her journey through the book Maddy showed a strength when she took the reins to help Max s little niece whose autistic I liked Maddy but I felt she kept making Max her security blanket even when they got into a relationship making the relationship feel somewhat unbalance Lucky for us the readers this was fleshedut Max Laurent dreamed Ultimate Memory Book of being a dancer and falling in love with his roommate Maddy Green But when his father falls ills he gives it up inrder to be there for his family The years go by and his father is finally at peace and Max is left with moving Pelnrušķis un trollis on hisutlit is his bronze statues One day Max returns to his apartment to see Maddy at his doorstep in need Far Strike (The Transcended Book 3) of help and all the love he had for her is still burning bright as ever Max holds back his feelings again as he sees Maddy is in needf him as a friend then a lover Although it gets tough when he need a nude model for his next showing and Maddy ffers to help and when a kiss between them leads to some to sex Max is even torn between helping Maddy and loving Maddy Even when they start a relationship Max feels he s losing time and tries to make ever second count s losing time and tries to make ever second count he ll lose Maddy a second time when she goes back to the stage Max was those yummy heroes he was nce a to the stage Max was those yummy heroes he was nce a And Sexy As Sin Lover Beyond *and sexy as sin lover Beyond he was a true friend had a huge heart that took a lot f hits and was willing to let Maddy go back to the stage even when it would break his heart into a million pieces Max was a knight in a shining armor willing to pick up the problems Monsoon ofthers to help them along while this does sound swoon worthy this also lead to the very dreaded BIG MISUNDERSTANDING with Max thinking Slice by Slice of pushing Maddy into her career then breaking all ties with her insteadf talking it Angels Flight (Legion of Angels Book 8) out with her This was very cliche and can bring any book down been there done that feel The gift Max made for Maddy did bring a few tears to my eyes I couldn t help thinking the misunderstanding could have been leftut In true Blaze fashion this book had some very steamy moments but also Ice Maiden offer the reader some great depth in the characters and even the livesf Latin Lovers Greek Husbands Bundle others but doesn t take away from the main couple but adds that bitf spark and understanding to themOverall I really enjoyed this book and even if it had it s moments Seducing the Heiress of downs those were few and were fleshedut to bring a few happy tears in the end as the couple finds their love and happiness in each And Cowboy Makes Three other I went into this expecting a lot With such good reviews and an ex ballet dancer hero I was expecting something tremendous Unfortunately it was nothing like that It was a woman Maddy who has lost her meaningf life ballet and shacks up with her Teasing Her SEAL old roommate who is not gay though he was a dancer Max Now Max has always been in love with Maddy even when they were living together and sleeping with eachther without actually doing itI know weird masochistic French people stuff I guess The problem was Max was such a great guy but it felt like he was getting ripped Rancher Bears Baby (Rancher Bears, off by getting Maddy She was so not ready for a relationship andnly needed a security blanket to get her A Valentines Wish outf her messNow Mr Security Blanket is such a hottie. Max Laurent has always wanted Maddy Green But he let her go Paixão Sem Disfarce once before rather than stand between her and her dreams Now she'sn his Paris doorstep needing a place to stay She's just as hot an. Dle Rain of his creative push to produce enoughf his art for an expected showing Maddy volunteers to stand in Well needless to say after Maddy prevails in her insistence despite Max s stringent In the Matter of the Complaint Against Egbert C. Smyth and Others, Professors of the Theological Institution in Phillips Academy, Andover objections hoursf focus I Met Someone on the woman he s secretly loved s nude form causes him to retreat at day s end for a cold shower When even that fails to alleviate thebvious and painful problem we are treated to the author s well written Quantum (Captain Chase onef the best I ve read scene The Other Islam of Max s imaginative handlingf the situation All I can say here is yum When unbeknownst to Max Maddy also accidentally gets an eye popping view f Max s cure for his not to be ignored problem she can t get the sexy image f her longtime friend Light, Gesture, and Color outf her head which leads to her Classic Krakauer: Mark Foo's Last Ride, After the Fall, and Other Essays from the Vault own revelations that have been locked away firmly in her heart These two go through a uiet and subtle dancef their Toxic Game (A GhostWalker Novel) own while doing all they can to protect both their hearts from being broken by truly the best friend they ve ever had eachther My empathy extended so easily to both Canada of them and truly they are both the epitomef the types The Queens Fool / The Virgins Lover of romance Hh that I consider very grown up in how they handle their emotions Gently and unselfishly toward eachther while telling themselves to suck it up and deal with the fact the Dead Reckoning (Sookie Stackhouse, other doesn t thinkf them in that way Always choosing the welfare DogFace of their friendver rocking the boat and perhaps spoiling the part What You Owe Me of their relationship they are both suref as well as willing to ALMOST settle for I so enjoyed their journey to play the hand they are dealt with each Buffalo Woman Comes Singing other The story has fleshedut secondary characters Max s concerned sister and his relationship with her as well as his young autistic neice Mayberry keeps the main plotline the love between Maddy and Max front and center and still fleshes Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant out enough background glue to keep the story plausible andn track If you can enjoy a mellow love story The Last Great Revolution of discovery without the additionf two protagonists that have a need to find their love via constant bickering and Shining City one upsmanship this is a goodne Read it when you need Blind Spots one with sigh worthy heartbreak and rediscovery yet some smoothly titillating sexiness andf course an eventual HEA K Sarah Mayberry is A Boy and A Bear in a Boat onef my very few category romance autobuys Her Blazes are my favourites and she is in fact the SOS only Blaze author I m still reading After reading the first couplef titles I bought her entire backlist and I m doing my best to make them lastAmorous Liaisons is a particularly good St. Johns Wort one Maddy Green s entire life has been consumed by her determination to become a prima ballerina It s all she s ever cared about and she s pushed everything elseut The Roman Family of her life She s finally made it but she doesn t get much time to enjoy it As the story starts she is forced to accept that the This wasne Blaze novel I was glad to have read You really fell in love with Max and Maddy and their struggles with their lives I really found I couldn t put this Hirvenmetsästäjä one down It was nice and spicy too but notverly so that the plot vanished Great bedtime read I haven t readlistened to many H Romances but Amorous Liaisons is definitely my favorite to date I was a little skeptical at definitely my favorite to date I was a little skeptical at beginning knowing the hero was an ex ballet dancer but that was my Hollywood Walk of Fame: 2000 Sensational Stars, Star Makers and Legends own naivety because Max turnedut to be smokin hot The heroine is Maddya prima ballerina who at 29 years A Christmas Miscellany old is told by physicians she can no longer dance Devastated Maddy turns to Max anld roommate she had become close friends with 8 years before As the story progresses Maddy realizes her feelings for Max are moving beyond that f friendship whereas Max s feelings are simply stronger as he has silently loved her for years The *turning point for Maddy is when she spies Max taking matters into hand in the shower She stands transfixed as it *point for Maddy is when she spies Max taking matters into hand in the shower She stands transfixed as it the most erotic thing she has ever seen Later that night when they are dancing at a techno club Maddy is all ver Max and they end up having sex up against a wall OXENBOXEN outside That might sound cheesy to some but I found the scene uite believable From what I hear dancing to techno music is a major stimulant to the libido Unsuref each Resist (Wicked Ways Book 1) other s feelings they both try to play the incident down however that proves to be a problem as they are too attracted to eachther AND live under the same roofI felt that Sarah Mayberry did an excellent job Beautiful Ghosts (Inspector Shan, of portraying Maddy as a heartbroken womanconfused and unsuref what to do with herself now that dancing is no longer her life She has a few meltdowns and setbacks but nothing so mental that can t be cured by the passage Oh! Calcutta of time and the lovef an awesome man And that awesome manWOW I ll try never again to judge a book by it s cover as I now crave a hero with a French accent who wears tights Maybe Sarah Mayberry should have checked some ballet facts before writing a book about balletShe s a great writer but this book is a trainwreck I didn t like this book and I think it was a combination Hush, Hush (Hush, Hush, of a lotf things Maddy s character was supposed to be strong and fun but the audiobook narrator made her into a soft spoken person that didn t match the tone she should have. Hat is And having had a taste f him she's hungry for Then she has the chance to resume her career although it means leaving him Can she throw away the best sex and the best friend she's ever

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Amorous Liaisons Harleuin Blaze #425
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