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Ecause the progression of the narrative elt disjointed The irst 23 of the book is repetitive in her making poor decisions with terrible white The irst 23 of the book is repetitive in her making poor decisions with terrible white then the last 13 of the book becomes of a grander statement of being a black girl and reveals the root cause of why ueenie makes so many lawed decisions I wish the two had been "better interwoven together or a nuanced portrayal rather than a grand "interwoven together or a nuanced portrayal rather than a grand towards the end As a result
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felt orced than proper representation especially when a lot of the writing seemed to generalize the struggles of black women due to the main character speaking The Northmans Bride (Sons of the North for all black women and making blanket statements VS presenting this as an individual case that s symptomatic of a systemic issue I think what would ve helped is if the author had peppered hints to ueenie s past and childhood throughout the book in a natural way rather than dumping everything towards the end andraming it as a grand political statement Overall I have no problem with the protagonist s self destructive tendencies and repetitive mistakes at all I truly empathize with her and have had a similar mindset it was so the disjointed execution that prevented me rom being ully impacted by what the author intended The Northman's Bride for this story Why I love itby Jojo MoyesI have to confess I have a prior interest in ueenie s author Candice Carty Williams Aew years ago I created a competition offering up my cottage to an aspiring writer in need of time and space to complete their project Candice was the Blood Trails: The Combat Diary of a Foot Soldier in Vietnam first winner chosenrom than 600 applicants She had never driven outside London before and it took her six hours to make a two hour journey the kind of thing that would happen to her character ueenie but when she arrived she declined a cup of tea and went straight to work she was that determined to make the most out of the opportunityFast Cherry Bomb forward two and a half years ueenie is one of the most anticipated books of the year It grabbed merom the opening chapter because it did something that happens Leading the Way far too seldom it took me into a world I didn t know that of a 25 year old black woman living in London straddling two cultures and slotting neatly into neither ueenie isresh and lawed and she made me wince and made me laugh and made me thinkCandice is a uniue writer Even that 500 word contest entry told me there was something special about her After re reading the inished work I knew I had been right I m excited to see ueenie meet a wider audience and to see Candice s star really shine We need voices like hersRead at 35 starsAs this debut novel by Candice Carty Williams opens ueenie is not in a good place She s a twenty The Single Girl's Guide to Marrying a Man, His Kids, and His Ex-Wife: Becoming a Stepmother with Humor and Grace five year black woman living in London writing articles that she considers trivialor a London magazine She s also on a very much unwanted relationship break When Red Cried Wolf from her long term boyfriend Tom This emotion. The result of an affair between a Jamaican cab driver and a Jamaican Indian dyslexic receptionist Candice worked in the media before moving into publishing aged 23 In 2016 Candice created and launched the Guardian and 4th Estate BAME Short Story Prize is a Penguin Books Write Now mentor and she also contributes regularly to Refinery29 BEAT Magazine the Guardian and i D UEENIE is herirst novel She can be ound on Twitter at CandiceCW ueenie By Candice Carty Williams Paperba. Time out with her longtime boyfriend Tom This is such a beginning of domino alling After Her Breakup She Realizes her breakup she realizes she just blocks everything about her past and as seems like she has a job she s been dreaming The World in the Curl: An Unconventional History of Surfing for so long and boyfriend who s readyor longtime commitment do not bring her happiness But the breakup is the irst wake up call which pushes "Her Make So Many Wrong Decisions About Meaningless One Night "make so many wrong decisions about meaningless one night Then she loses one of her best riends trust it isn t her ault actually only wrong things about the situation are choosing wrong besties and wrong ckbuddies she gets rejected by all three men she s hooked up she loses her job Finally she understands that she was already lost A Constellation of Vital Phenomena from the beginning She doesn teel like she belongs to someone or somewhere She never thinks she deserves to be loved or she deserves good things in life Now when she sees her own rock bottom it s time to discover her strengths and weaknesses learn how to love and orgive herself and achieve to ace her past demons This book is not only a typical love life story of a Jamaican English woman s in mid twenties It s about discovery of your own story of a Jamaican English woman s in mid twenties It s about discovery of your own learning what you want Sextasy: Master the Timeless Techniques of Tantra, Tao, and the Kama Sutra to Take Lovemaking to New Heights from the life respecting yourself It s aboutriendship It s about Still Life with Chickens forgiveness It s aboutamily Sometimes you hate ueenie sometimes you Still Life with Chickens: Starting Over in a House by the Sea feel sorryor her but mostly you understand her She s Paradox Bound flawed she s broken she s confused but she s strong enough toind her way and embrace her loved ones tightly to not all rom a cliff again I really enjoyed her story and this is a great debut I love to read the upcoming book of this writerbloginstagramfacebooktwitter Caution Rated R STFU, Parents: The Jaw-Dropping, Self-Indulgent, and Occasionally Rage-Inducing World of Parent Overshare for adult content This bookollows ueenie a girl struggling with her mental health after a breakup While I empathized with her anxiety troubles there were other parts that just had my head shaking She struggles to be alone and she sleeps around a lot Her escapades are obviously careless and don t always turn out so well Truthfully she s a train wreck Can we all agree that unprotected casual sex in 2020 is just plain stupid He put a hand on my thigh and moved it higher digging his nails into my skin That ll be a pair of tights gone This book is a bit deceiving ueenie is such a unny and lovable character with what I think of as a very British sense of humour The book opens with multiple scenes that made me laugh and the author uickly builds up a warm and hilarious I empathized a lot with the protagonist and her struggles along with the portrayal of mental health including the cultural stigma of seeking therapy how childhood affects the way we treat relationships how we internalize racism and learn to love ourselves as a WOC etc The audiobook narrator also did a great job at bringing the story to life I struggle to emotionally connect with this book as much as I should mainly Of everything So why is she inding it so hard to rule her own life A darkly comic and bitingly subversive take on modern life UEENIE will have you nodding in recognition crying in solidarity and rooting Syncopated: An Anthology of Nonfiction Picto-Essays for this unforgettable character every step of the way Perfector ans of Dolly Alderton Bryony Gordon and Dawn O'Porter and anyone who loved FLEABAG and DEAR WHITE PEOPLE Author BiographyCandice Carty Williams is a marketer author and journalist based in London Born in 1989. ,

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debut sensation out of the UK by Candace Carte Williams Sadly it was not my cup of tea or a ew reasons Firstly the good things about The Book Are The Writing book are the writing the natural dialogue and the act that ueenie does get that mental health care that she so desperately needs However as a whole this book is based on too many black women stereotypes I really Conquering Your Quarterlife Crisis: Advice from Twentysomethings Who Have Been There and Survived feel the author should have toned that down I m also not enjoying that this book is being pitched as the black Bridget Jones Diary These two books aren t alike at all ueen was not a comedyor me I Mexican Hooker feel like it s an exploration of how a black woman watching abuse as a child and being abused affect her choices of men later on The book s concentration on ueenie s promiscuous lifestyle at times was hard to read and certainly was notunny I would even say it could be triggering to some readers Since the book is being pitched as humorous in the UK I had to ask myself who the target audience is supposed to be The author doesn t seem to disagree with that pitch because I haven t seen her say the contrary I also eel the cover was another way to attract black women to want to read ueen although knowing what s in between the covers I believe many black women would pass on it I don t recommend it A tiresome novel that made me cranky Everything about ueenie screams middle school angst ueenie and her crew think and act like 12 year olds trapped in 25 year old bodies Take away some of the sex replace their jobs with 7th grade classes and you have the tedious dramas of adolescence I liked the clever use of texts That s about it This is the kind of novel whose excellence sneaks up on you The beginning is kind of rocky and I wasn t sure where the book was going but then it gets great and unputdownable and I held my breath reading as ast as I could to see what would happen to ueenie This is an amazing novel about what it means to be a black girl whose world is The Thirteen-Gun Salute falling apart and needs toind the strength to put it back together There is so much ground covered here rom dealing with anxiety and self loathing to complicated amilies and learning to let go of things and loathing to complicated amilies and learning to let go of things and that won t serve you well And ueenie is the kind of narrator you cannot help but root The Day Fidel Died for even as she makes infuriating choices Wonderful wonderful novelull of charm and wit and warmth and energy Check it out 5 shiny rebellious beautiful stars As soon as I started this book I thought I was having a light reading Because the book is advertised as modern version of Bridget Jones But after a ew pages later I realized this is deeper heart wrenching darker and twisted story of a young woman who is looking or a tree branch to not all down rom a cliff ueenie has really a bad year but it s not about her broken heart after her breakup or. 'Inspirational Gulp!: The Seven-Day Crash Course to Master Fear and Break Through Any Challenge funny and wise' Kit de Waal author of MY NAME IS LEON ueenie Jenkins can't cut a break Well apartrom one The Outlaw and the Upstart King from her long term boyfriend Tom That's definitely just a break though Definitely not a break up Stuck between a boss who doesn't seem to see her aamily who don't seem to listen if it's not Jesus or water rates they're not interested and trying to it in two worlds that don't really understand her it's no wonder she's struggling She was named to be ueen.