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Nd Bailey's money; the next he faced a shoot out with the pack of thieving villains who Held Both Ann And His Future Hostage both Ann and his future hostage a challenge to prove he wasn't a thief to the he loved a thief to the woman he loved the ValleySteve Mehan had done the impossible driven a herd of cattle from the Nevada range to California in the dead of winter To the north the passes were blocked with snow to the south lay miles of trackless and nearly waterless desert But now the cattle the five ranchers had entrusted to him were safe. ,

There's Always a TrailCass Bailey went over the ground with fine toothed comb and came p without over the with a fine toothed comb and came Teaching What Really Happened up without clue When the stranger Handy offered to track down his stolen money for a stake in the CB range Bailey had nothing to lose But his pretty hot tempered daughter Ann was livid Certain that Handy couldn't find the moneynless he'd had a hand in stealing it Handy'd hit paydirt when Miss Bailey burst in to damn him for a liar and a thief grab the loot and send all his plans to blazes One minute he'd fou.
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And he was back in To Pay Off Jake to pay off Jake the moneylending rancher who'd at nothing to get their land But Mehan had a little time to rest before Hitson began to gloat The bank in town had failed the money was gone Steve didn't hesitate He had no choice Now
He'd Ride Hell For Leather 
ride hell for leather Sacramento to Portland six hundred and forty five miles with only one hope in a million He had to beat the steamer to the Portland bank branch and get the ranchers' money back before the bank got the news.