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A roller coaster of a read Heartache and Hope was a slow burn that uickly got its hooks into me and never let goSo many feels that kept coming at me like a yo yo my heart couldn t take any what Ava went through on a daily basis with no bright light shining in the distance no bright light shining in the distance a bitter pill to swallow my heart was in constant turmoil Such a strong resilient character her heart was bigger than the oceanMy head and my heart were forever at war over the injustice of Ava s life but at the end of the day I empathised on such a profound level with her she had such a strong love for her mother but with her mother came her disabilities which became Ava s daily responsibilities she had the world on her young shoulders at the age of seventeen My heart went out to her She wasn t afforded a normal teenage life that many took for granted she missed out on so much she lost friends she missed days of school she never partied to start a relationship with a guy was out of the euation because she wouldn t be able to give him her all Connor strived to make his father proud of him and with that the end game Four years Graduate NBA was always in his sights a girl would distract him too much New comer to town Connor was on a basketball scholarship at St Luke s AcademyBut that s not how this story goes These two were made for each other *Connor noticed her the very first day of school The girl was crazy hot all naturally tanned skin and legs *noticed her the very first day of school The girl was crazy hot all naturally tanned skin and legs legs beneath her school issued skirt With my never ending heartache I always had hope at the bottom of my heart that these two would get their well deserved HEA 5 stars When the world is at its darkest that s when the magic appears It s been way too long since I ve read a book by Jay McLean but she s back and better than ever with Heartache and Hope Seriously this is one of her best books yet and it gave me all the Kick PushMore Than vibes and that my friends is a HUGE compliment This story was epic I devoured each page and was left craving Ava Diaz is a teenager but her life is not like the typical teens It s a hard life a life of sacrifice and she does it tirelessly without complaint She does what needs to be done and what she has to do even when it s not easy because what s the alternative Then she meets Connor Ledger and as much as she tries to resist him she can t He turns her life upside down It s the best thing that could ever happen to her but also complicated for her Connor is the new guy at his school and a serious "athlete He plays basketball and he s on scholarship for it He s going to make "He plays basketball and he s on scholarship for it He s going to make big one day and that has been his only focus Until he meets Ava Ava is special She s different And her life is one Connor can t imagine They fall for each other and they fall hard Even though both of them cause each others lives to be challenging in a way they need each other desperately Love is not a noun Love is something you do Something you prove Something you work hard to create Love is not something that simply exists because you say it Love is not a noun Love is a verb There is nothing uite like first love Reading about the good parts the angsty parts all the highs and the lows I love it so much Connor and Ava s story was so well done The writing was amazing and I fell so hard for both of them Connor is one of Jay s best heroes yet and Ava has to be her strongest heroine I admire that girl so much My heart ached for her but I have hope Hope that her life will change for the better Jay McLean s words are magic They fill me with so much love and hope This story had an amazing family dynamic That s one of the things I loved most about it It wasn t always an easy read it definitely gave me all the feels but it also had me laughing out loud and smiling huge When a book can do both that s when it s really special This book is special I have no doubt this duet will be sitting pretty on my favorites list for 2019 If you re looking for a story about young love that s not always easy pick this book up I loved every word of this story Jay McLean will always be one of my favorite authors because no one delivers books like this but her This one was memorable and unputdownable and I can t recommend it enough Sometimes hope is the only thing that gets us through to the next day. Rst impressions don’t always last Because Connor Ledger’s about to save herHe ust doesn’t know wh. To town and he s everything she shouldn t want Everything needed to fill her up If we re being honest she s everything he should avoid too his scholarship is all that matters So of course they re drawn to each other I mean come on we d have no book if they weren t But it s the reasons they *re drawn to each other what they see in each other and the relationship they develop that drew me *drawn to each other what they see in each other and the relationship they develop that drew me These characters are young but their love story is very genuine and completely hooked me I cried A LOT in this one Like piles of tissues kind of a lot but it was so worth it I love a book that can break my heart like this The cliffhanger is brutal and I might have called Jay some colourful names when I tried to flick on and there were no pages but I wholeheartedly recommend this one and will be waiting impatiently for book two All bow down to the ueen of NA she s backI received an arc of this book Title Heartache and Hope Heartache Duet 1 Author Jay McLean I am having a miserably hard time writing this reviewI have been a huge fan of Jay McLean and she has never let me down with her books One of my all time favourite s by her is Lucas but I have to admit defeat and say that Heartache and Hope has become my favourite book by Jay McLeanI buddy read this beauty with two of my friends and I realised half into the book that I was buddy reading it because I was completely and utterly enamoured with this book Love is not a noun Love is something you do Something you prove Something you work hard to create Love is not something that simply exists because you say it Love it not a noun Love is a verb I don t know how you did it Jay but Heartache and Hope is a true beauty A true Gem We find peace in each other s arms find solace in each other s touch and find a home in each other s heartseven if the space is limited I also don t know why but this book sort of took me by surprise This book isn t a slow burn romance per se but at the same time it did have a slow build up which I think really helped the storyline and made us completely invested with the characters and the storyline We hold on to each other for the rest of the afternoon talking about everything but tomorrow We fight we float we laugh and we fall God do we fall Deeper and deeper into these reckless emotions I fell deeper and deeper in love with Connor and Ava You have no idea how much I was rooting for themAva is truly out of this worldI love this female protagonist so much She is so strong Such heavy responsibilities and burdens for someone so young and she carries it with such strength and resilience I am in awe of herI loved Connor but Ava is the ultimate hero in my eyesThis book is filled with raw emotions that is beautiful and at times heartbreaking and filled with hopeI love an author who can write amazing secondary characters Jay perfected that in this book I loved Rhys but don t even get me started on Trevor This character is awe inspiringI hope you guys grab this book as soon as possible This one was absolutely unforgettable I for one cannot wait for book 2For an excerpt click link below 35 Stars Holy smokies how I have missed you Jay McLean In the past you have rocked my world and today you still ROCK MY WORLD BUT YOU HAVE TILTED IT ON my world but you have tilted it on axis Yep I started this review almost a week ago and I am still thinking and dreaming of this book This author has the ability to suck you into her storytelling book world and my god how I loved this Ava Conner took over my world for a day and guess what I AM NOT SORRYThis was an emotional roller coaster a bumpy turbulent ride I d do it all over again after the slow burn wore offhaha My eyes are itching for the next book I can not wait So I am here patiently waiting to get my It s ust a year Connor Do the work Stay focused No distractions HEARTACHE AND HOPE is the first full length young adult book in Jay McLean s Heartache duet Spoken in Dual POV s In this we meet Ava and Connor A uniue painfully raw thought provoking rollercoaster of a read My most fav author is baccckkkkk with a vengeanceWithout going overboard this author right here is my most highly recommended authorHer MORE series is one of my all time FAVOURITES and is the ONLY series or even BOOKS for that matter that I have EVER re readGod what. E sits next to on the first day of senior yearHe thinks she’s a bratShe thinks he’s entitledMaybe fi. Heartache and Hope is the first new book released by this author in a couple of years and I m happy to say the author hasn t lost *HER TOUCH IN THE SLIGHTESTTHIS CONTEMPORARY *touch in the slightestThis contemporary romance duet combines my favorite tropes it s a high school sports romance with an emotional depth that s rarely found it was full of touching and tender momentsAs expected the characters are mature and have responsibilities to carry than any other YA characters I ever read about outside of this author s books And even though there is no doubt that Ava and Connor belong together their feelings for each other was palpable the timing couldn t have been wrong Both have lots going on in their life and it s no surprise that their ourney is far from easyI m honest I went into this book prepared for heartacheAnd I wasn t disappointedThe author delights in ripping my heart out by writing absolutely gripping but also heart wrecking stories Since this is the first in a duology I finished the book with many uestions and all I can do is guess on how it will all end Fortunately the wait isn t that long ARC generously provided in exchange for an honest reviewFind reviews and book recommendations on my blogFind me on Bookstagram Jay McLean is back I ve missed this authors work I ve missed her words and the way she makes you fall in love with a story from the first page until the last Heartache and Hope is everything I hoped for and so much It s raw and full of so many emotions I laughed I cried I got angry and I was happy This book had it all Ava and Connor had me head over heels in love with them both I loved the separately and together Both of them haven t had a easy life for very different reasons AND READING WHAT THEY HAVE BEEN reading what they have been had me in tears I really do hope that the headache that Ava and Connor have endured will all be worth it in the end We will ust have to to wait for First and Forever to find out how their story ends FIVE STARSHere are my overall ratingsHero 5Heroine 5Plot 5Angst 45Steam 4Chemistry Between Hero Heroine 5 I absolutely adored every single page of this book which isn t a surprise really because this author is the writer of my all time favorite mf book More than Forever Now as much as *I LOVED THIS ONEAND BELIEVE ME *loved this oneand believe me didI don t think any couple will ever top Cam and Lucy in my eyes That said Ava and Connor came real freaking close What I love most about opening a book by this author is knowing I am gonna be hit with all the feelsin the best ways possible Again she has managed to make me laugh cry swoon and curse I loved it I fell head over heels in love with not only Connor but Ava as well Just like with More than Forever I developed a little girl crush because if there is one thing this author excels at it is writing female characters I absolutely adore Ava had such a tough life but she was so strong and so mature for her agenot that she really had a choiceShe also has a heart of goldShe really deserves a Connor in her life and after the ending this book gave meI can t wait to get my hands on the next book Now I can tell you all about Ava and Connor but I highly suggest you go and one click this book so you can find out all by yourself You won t be sorry I promise An ARC was provided to in exchange for an honest review You know that Eminem song Without Me it has the line Guess Who s Back Back Again well that s how I m feeling right now It s been a long time since I got to enjoy new words from Jay McLean and what does she do she storms back into my life with a story that puts me on my ass It s not like the usual NA reads of late where everything is over the top angst Trying to be all gangster about everything Nope This one is smooth It s subtle and it sucker punches you right in the heart Jay has the ability to capture the true emotions and dialogue of NA characters that have you nodding your head holding your chest shaking your first remembering those first kisses first heartbreaks and all the bad decisions in between Ava is an extraordinary young lady doing the very best she can in an awful situation Her young life was turned upside down by some very adult circumstances and she s had to learn to function regardless But that s all she s doing functioning Ava herself is a shell Connor blows in. Ava Diaz needs savingShe ust doesn’t know it yetJust like she doesn’t know a thing about the boy sh. Heartache and Hope Heartache Duet #1