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VesThere is no weak foundation to Seven Samurai One of its greatest aspects is its characters Every single one of them farmer or samurai is given tremendous development making them all memorable This is one of those films where if a character is eliminated you suddenly find yourself #missing their presence on the film because you # their presence on the film because you to know them so well I will not name him but there was one ill fated character in the film When After He Died after he died felt kind of cheerless because I had come to respect him as a human being instead of an actor performing in front of a camera and reading out scripted dialogue If you were to ask me which character was my favorite I would be tied between two of them The characters played by Takashi Shimura and Toshiro Mifune two of the finest Japanese actors who Takashi Shimura and Toshiro Mifune two of the finest Japanese actors who breathed airAnother thing I admire in Shichinin no samurai is the feeling of authenticity The feeling that it all scenes could really have occurred There are very few moments where the nbelievable happens as most action movies tend to drift towards One thing I admired was the antagonists of the film the bandits Unlike most Hollywood movies where the bad guys have names and are introduced as characters to make them effective the bandits in Seven Samurai all have no names We only know them as the bandits and that is appropriate because that s all the main characters know them as too Just marauding murdering bandits who must be defeated as soon as possibleKurosawa was ndoubtedly one of the most influential directors of all time and that is clear in And developed into one of the most highly respected Japanese directors Understand how the sheer range of cinematography helped endorse the status of the film into an all time classic Consider the importance of the film at the time of its release and the changes it instigated within film making Understand the influence the film and director had on other movie makers and what relationship. ,

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transitions and techniues that motion today Seem To Follow On A to follow on a level were inspired by this film slow motion a fade wipe between scenes like what you see in the Star Wars movies sing the weather to affect emotion and atmosphere a team forming to take on a larger enemy the list goes on The movie was so influential that it was remade in the United States as The Magnificent Seven1960 Not as good as its original source not by a long shot but considerably effective and noteworthyIn regards to the film s soundtrack it s a success The music was composed by Fumio Hayasaka and it s simply wonderous We seldom hear any of it when we do its an efficacious presence of impact The opening score is very effective and the music that plays when the farmers are searching for samurai in the town remains one of my favourite soundtrack pieces today it penetrates your soulThere is one thing in the film that might ward off some viewers It is long At over three and a half hours in length some people will be cautious before sitting down to view it and some will lose their patience but to those who can sit down and enjoy a film no matter how long it lasts it will be realized as fast moving storytelling Even the long takes and the slow pacing seems surrealist fast because it is so well written and so masterfully directed by KurosawaAkiro Kurosawa gives s one of the greatest masterpieces of all time The farmers have won We have lost A great accompany to the movie True fans of Kurosawa s film will not be disappointed. Seven Samurai has with the classic western The Magnificant Seven What is the final image of the film and what is its symbolic significance How did Toshiro Mifune and Kurosawa meet and what influence did they have on each others work Satisfy your curiosity with the ltimate film guides Read biographies of key players critics reviews and finally see the film the director wanted you to see.

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Seven samurai A film; Modern film scriptsWhile its argueable how good a read a script can be the book has 24 pages of photos that make it a must have for any fan of the movie I didn t expect that the American left wing intellectual could analyze a movie really precisely from all kinds of perspectives and backdrops as not indulging into analyzing the era s background repeatedly and overly It s very Inspiring To My Doing Critic S The Use Of to doing critic What s the The Volleyball Coaching Bible - Volume II (The Volleyball Coaching Bible, use of about your beard when your head s about to be taken A poor villagender attack by bandits recruit seven nemployed samurai to help them defend against the foes Takashi #Shimura Kambei ShimadaToshir Mifune KikuchiyoA # Kambei ShimadaToshir Mifune KikuchiyoA of the film and storyAkira Kurosawa had recently and very ickly become one of my all time favourite directors I had only seen four of his films and given each and every one of them my highest rating and approval His greatest and The Very First Christmas Stocking the Gifts of the 7 Coins undoubtedly his most popular film was in 1954 epic Shichinin no samurai The top selling movie out of Japan for the year and won the Japanese Academy Award for Best Picture Present day it is ranked one of the greatest motion pictures ever and it rightfully holds this honour stillThis is a spectacular story as well as film Full of wonderful characters envisioned scenery and great performances all around it is Kurosawa s fantastic story about a poor farming village in 16th century Japan being consistently placednder attack by marauding bandits Facing starvation if the bandits raid them again the peasants fearfully and reluctantly turn to seven Twisted (LOST, unemployed samurai to defend themsel. Would you be willing to do what is right regardless of the conseuences To see good triumph over evil andse your strength and heroism to protect the lives of others Maybe you have what it takes to be a Samurai Enjoyed the film Want to know Go behind the scenes with the For the Love of Texas (The West Texans ultimate film guides and get the bigger picture Discover how Akira Kurosawa's movie career began with a competition win.