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Been better if they just killed off the lead heroine but maybe that s just me Now my ingers are crossed that we get Jimena give me the diversity girl story next because she seemed badass and I need to know what s going on with her and possible Four Dark Horsemen member I recently read my American Hunger: The Pulitzer Prize-Winning Washington Post Series first bookrom this author and I loved it a lot so I couldn t wait to read rom her I checked out her other books and this one sounded intriguing so I grabbed a copy and made it my next read After reading this book I CAN SAY THAT I REALLY ENJOYED IT THE PLOT say that I really enjoyed it The plot take me a ew chapters to get into but I then The Void found myself reading aew chapters every chance I had and then I didn t want to put it down until I had inished it The plot developed at the perfect pace and I loved what happened in it and how everything progressed There was some action and suspense in the plot which I was expecting and these elements added a lot to the plot and made me enjoy it There was plenty of romance in the plot #as well and I loved the way it developed The romance allowed or a ew seriously hot scenes as well # well and I loved the way it developed The romance allowed The Somme: Heroism and Horror in the First World War for aew seriously hot scenes as well they were really really hot The characters were also amazing and made this book even better Callista was the main Sicilian Lives female character and Ielt so sorry Tattoo a Banana: And Other Ways to Turn Anything and Everything Into Art for her in this book because she wentrom being held in captivity in one place to being held in captivity in another place Callista was taken Alice Oliver from a horrible place though where she suffered a lot and I really liked Callista in this book She was a strong character and came a long way I loved that she stood upor herself as well Arson was the main male character and love interest of Callista Arson was a dangerous guy in this book and he was a serial killer that didn t have any remorse or cared about what he did Callista changed things The Protestant Temperament for Arson but he still killed people and Callista respected that because she knew that Arson needed to do it I alsoelt That's So '90s Pop!: A Fill-In Activity Book for Arson when his backstory was revealed because it made my heart go out to him and explained a lot I loved that this book was writtenrom both Callista and Arson s point of views The synopsis kind of gives you the impression that it s going to be so I m really happy that it was It made this book even better and it helped me connect with both characters and understand how they were The Radiant Child feeling and dealing with everything happening It allowedor things to happen in the plot as well which helped as the plot did have The Best American Crime Writing flashbacks to Callista and Arson s childhoods and showed what they went through and then they went through aew situations separately I can also completely understand why this book is a standalone The plot was wrapped up and all the uestions raised were answered The ending was also left at the perfect place or the characters and I adored the epilogue I now can t wait to check out of this author s other books I ve only read two of them now so I can t wait to read of
them out and 
out and them a read The cover or this book is also seriously hot I loved it as soon as I saw it and it definitely drew me to the book and made me check it out The cover model is seriously hot as well but isn t uite how Arson s hair and things is described This is one I have been really looking orward to or uite a while Tempting Eden from the veryirst encounter I have been Talking to Dragons (Enchanted Forest Chronicles, fascinated with Arson and just how he ticks and the small teasers we have been givenrom previous books in this series have only whetted my appetite Impression wise Arson or me is definitely one of the worst serial killers we have been introduced too to dateHe had an almost cold empty blankness to him not really surprising considering his backgrou. Beautiful angelHe was a vicious monsterShe wanted to run awayHe captured her insteadShe promised to never surrenderHe guarant. Nd and what we later learn he has had to endure growing upIt is actually surprising he has any conscience or sense of morality considering his horrific pastI know Arson is not a good man and #never will be yet he is the bad man who protects rom the likes of Marcello # will be yet he is the bad man who protects me the likes of Marcello and their riendsThis was almost a beauty and the beast scenario but one where there is no actual redemption or saving a rescue through Callista s acceptance of the whole in turn giving Arson something he has unknowingly craved all his life someone who is categorically just his heart and soul and acknowledges the good and bad eually she manages to uiet the noise and soothes his inner beast somewhatShe is the light in my darkness the only thing brightening up my world with her smile alone She is the gasoline to my ire the angel to my demon reigning inside ME AND THE CALM DURING MY LIFE THAT IS and the calm during my life that is but an endless stormAs this story progresses we get to witness a much warmer Arson start to emerge well at least in regards to his beautiful captive to all else he is still a cold merciless killerSo if Callista s story was painful and sad Arsons was much worse and my heart literally broke in two with what child ArsonArtem has had to endureAction wise this was definitely of a slow burn but when these two inally do connect it was heated and the chemistry output off the charts definitely worth the waitThis is one of my The Bride of Willow Creek favourites to date of this series and I absolutely adored every twisted and dark moment I really didn t want it to endAlso can I just say that epilogue was pure magic I adored it and it was the icingor me seriously is was GREAT INVESTMENT, THE fantasticI bloody devoured this one reading in one sitting and highly recommend thisascinating series especially if you like something a tad differentThis author just manages to deliver every single time and I highly recommend this seriesWarning before I go this story has some series triggers in regards to the childhoods of both Calista and Arson mostly Arson which we get to experience in a series of lashbacks which is the usual style or this author If you have read this author before you will know what I mean and what to expectI voluntary reviewed a copy of Arson s Captive Reviewed By Beckie Bookwormhttpswwwfacebookcombeckiebookwormwwwbeckiebookwormcom This book did not make any sense at all THe main characters thoughts are so The Lively Art of Writing full of contradictions it makes my head hurt And then the random time jumps and appearing in places where you thought they were running awayrom Just super confusing and had no low what so ever Main issue is the hero 1 minute he wants to protect the h then the next he wants to use her as bait Then he keeps her captive or 3 months and burns a guy alive in ront of her but gets mad of the thought of people in her past that treated her badly Like pick a direction of how you want this guy to think Just piss poor story telling all aroundAlso the description of the hero is that his hair is blue like a hot lame because his name is Arson and he likes setting things on The Glass Ocean fireGive me areaking break At last Arson s story and we have an addictive dark romance with all his sick twisted action The story rom start to inish just captured me It s told in back and orth lashbacks between Arson and Callista explaining their lives it was especially interesting to learn about Arson and why he became the person he isA terrific read and extremely dark I enjoyed it immensely What a beautiful lie We don t try to protect those we love We try to protect ourselves The Leadership Gap: What Gets Between You and Your Greatness from the inevitable painOh Arson you blindoolArson is doing what he does best causing. Eed that she wouldTwo lives the hunter and the prey orever entwined together In this battle of wills there would be no winner. Arsons CaptiveA beautifully written tale of two broken #People Who Fall In Love While Embracing # who Zero to Five: 70 Essential Parenting Tips Based on Science (and What I've Learned So Far) fall in love while embracing other slaws It is an extremely dark book with graphic scenes but those scenes relay the past of Arson and what he suffered and how he became like this They are exceedingly hard to read and made me bawl my eyes out Arson is a person who has many scars and burdens which have made him a completely twisted character but when he meets Callista by chance She invokes powerful emotions in him which he thought were dead I loved seeing their chemistry and passion burn and sizzle I also love that the author didn t make Arson a ull blown bad guy and that even he had morals and knew when to draw the line True madness is born in complete darknessDarkness is born in the painPain is born in the crueltyMadness darkness pain they have the power to drive a person insaneBut only if he or she lacks one thingLoveLove that withstands the most difficult times even death Arson s captive a very good storyCallistaChloe is a young lady at the start of this book whose life is difficult to say the least Her mom decides to take them somewhere safe away rom her abusive whose life is difficult to say the least Her mom decides to take them somewhere safe away Save the Cupcake! from her abusive And they end up in heavenArsonArtem has not had a great life either It was uite horrible in most peoples standards and he wasinally helped to channel his anger in a better wayThis sto 45 5 stars This book is dark It is twisted It is gritty It is also a remarkable heart stopping read If you have read this author s other works then you are well aware that she has this amazing ability to make you Tressed to Kill (Southern Beauty Shop, fallor her serial killer characters If this is your Tressed to Kill first book by this author be prepared to walk on the shocking dark side in this standalone romance Toldrom a dual POV we discover Arson s past and just how ire became his avorite weapon of torture Arson is intimidating deranged and cruel and he makes no apologies The Dancer Who Flew: A Memoir of Rudolf Nureyev for it Surprisingly as I had been really lookingorward to his book I had trouble warming up to him in the beginning as he so unfeeling but as the story progressed he grew on m I have been a huge an of VF Mason s serial killer series Her stories are always engaging addicting and ull of heat I absolutely love antiheroes and her stories have them and then some I have been OBSESSED with Arson or the longest time I could not wait to read this enigmatic killer and see the woman who brought him to his knees I loved him and Callista It was a storyline that was so different and compelling This story was so so antastic I love passion between them and the mystery of their past connection I will say that this author s stories are very lashback heavy so if you don t mind them are addicted today and dangerous men and scorching passion between your hero and heroine that ll singe your ingers on your kindle read this today 4 stars Ratula Arson s Captive has all the typical elements VF Mason is known The Gingerbread Man and the Leprechaun Loose at School for dark and twisted romance with lethal serial killersThe story starts off with the lead heroine Chloe who is making an attempt to escape a cult before running into the savage beast whose eyes only burnor her and before you know it a whirlwind tale ensues with many twists turns and of course instant swoon worthy romance and before you know it a whirlwind tale ensues with many twists turns and of course instant swoon worthy romance as much as it pains me to say I wasn t a big an of this read The killjoy Chloe I didn t like her Hell there wasn t much to like about her and to be honest whenever her scenes popped up I cringed and skimmed some parts She didn t stand out like the previous heroines in the past installments did that I loved so much and I had ound her annoying than anything Nevertheless still a very enjoyable read that could ve. Once upon a time she became mineMine to keep She was a healerHe was a serial killerShe helped peopleHe destroyed themShe was .