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Gandhi Churchill: The Epic Rivalry that Destroyed an Empire and Forged Our Age gThe author of How Full Is Your Bucket For Kids brings us a short 35 page briefuide about finding a purposeful lifeThough there are powerful highlights along the way I enjoyed the first half than the second half Mostly this book is a celebration of those who have contributed to the author s life but the beginning does provide the life but the beginning does provide the with a uick reminder of how to invest in filling up others around us It s somewhere between a self help and a memoirThere is a three step Les Innocents guide but the third step focuses on his career exploration differing in design form the first two He does eventually explain how he ended up writing the book How Full is Your Bucket From Step 3 on it is a lot of rambling stories The organization is muddled and after the first couple of chapters the focus of the book doesn t stay completely defined it repeats ideas andoes on to tell stories about people he has encountered 6 Total Chapters Step 1 Get Over YourselfStep 2 Invest in the People Who Matter MostStep 3 Focus on What Will Grow When You Are GoneLiving a Life of ContributionHow Can I Contribute TodayAnswering Life s Greatest Uestions Currently Available For Currently available for download on for Prime members My first book of 2020 A fitting follow up to three of my favorite reads of 2019 all by Ryan Holiday The Obstacle is the Way Ego is the Enemy and Stillness is the KeyThis book by Tom Rath represents a key paradigm shift for me begun a couple of years ago from a life of confrontation as a mindset to one of contribution Short powerful read A short powerful read to start the new year off with the right message ITs Not About You Live life tonite fullest by doing for others A message that can make a difference and meaningful lasting I Was A Stranger g change An obvious bullshit about nuances of life Additionally an advertisement to sell services and books by thatuy Seems like coaching shite D I can summarise it everything you do do it for others You never know when you will die so do something which will last after your death Btw I had a rare disease and I worked on a program click here and I am a WRITER If you want to know your strengths buy my next books Ehh nowadays everyone can be a professional writer writing a books consisted of 50sites or so of total bullshit D This book was short sweet and to the point and the message is powerful We live in a world of follow your passion when we really should be following our contributions to the lives of those around us Our lives have an end but our contributions live beyond Our lives have an end but our contributions live beyond and I love the author s personal stories and examples to show this A uick read I recommend to all And right now the digital version is free with Prime Compared to TED talks or inspirat. From the author of the #1 bestseller StrengthsFinder 20 comes a moving memoir and inspiring call to action for bettering your own life by doing your best for others Life is not about you It’s about what you do for others That’s the realization that has driven Tom Rath the mega bestselling expert in self development research to evolve his focus ,
Its Not About You

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Least five positive exchanges for every negative exchange in a iven day it Should Carry Forward And carry forward and the networks around that person Such persons incidentally are five times as likely to have a very high sense of well beingFor facilitating positive exchanges Mr Rath argues that it is imperative for one to assume the role of both a positive uestioner and a keen listener Both of these ualities are in peril courtesy the information age As Mr Rath illuminates his readers in a study titled The iPhone Effect which was based on an experiment with two hundred participants and examined the effects of the mere presence of a smartphone on a conversation the researchers revealed that anytime a smartphone is visible even if it is not ringing vibrating buzzing or even powered on it degraded the uality of the conversation for everyone In the cases where the phone was visible the participants had lower levels of empathetic concern and found the conversations less fulfilling The people who took their phones out were essentially saying This device comes before you and this conversation Inspired by his randfather with whom Mr Rath wrote the bestseller Strenghtsfinder Mr Rath recollects the poignant story where after being diagnosed with a The Lives of Stay-at-Home Fathers: Masculinity, Carework and Fatherhood in the United States gastroesophageal cancer advanced stage hisrandfather Don Clifton collaborated with Mr Rath to finish their bestseller in record time The book titled How Full Is Your Bucket was based on the concept that filling in others bucket provides contentment than dipping into another s To paraphrase Mr Rath Contribution starts when you see beyond self It may seem preposterous if one was to claim that life s uintessential philosophies were all packed within the confines of a thirty five page book But then again it s uality that matters than uantity Mr Rath in his inimitable style and using an #IMPRIMATUR THAT HAS BY NOW BECOME A TRADEMARK MANAGES #that has by now become a trademark manages pull this feat off in a brilliant fashionTo which we shall remain indebted to himShare this Favourite uoteThis is what I believe we should all aim for to make contributions to others lives that will row infinitely in our absence Easy read Thought provoking book that makes you appreciate the ood bad in life Helps you be of service to others Memoirs aren t typically stories I read this wasn t Gone: The Disappearance of Claudia Lawrence and Her Father's Desperate Search for the Truth good The author talked about stuff that I found was uite bland and over saidover used Such as talking about the importance of communication and investing your time with others contributing your time and efforts to others taking chances etc I praise the author for his endurance and strength for being diagnosed with cancer and other medical conditions but the advice itself was repetitive and tediou. Sue a meaningful life in the nurturing care of his family including his eventual mentor and collaborator Tom’srandfather Don Clifton In this empowering hybrid of a self help memoir Tom remembers and celebrates his 1,000 Awesome Writing Prompts greatest teacher as he emphatically encourages each and every one of us to answer life’sreat uestion What can I put into the worl. Ional videos on YouTube this is a 1 I love Strengths Finder but this book was a big failure for a 1 I love Strengths Finder but this book was a big failure for I was also surprised to learn Rath s Moonrise (Snowfall, grandfather started Gallop and that Tom went to work there post college when it was already a huge success with over 1000 employeesAnyway this is mostly a 50 minute blab or snoozefest of a keynote type address that centers around this point Be of service Rajinikanth is one of the most famous silver screen personalities in the annals of Indian cinema He is also known for his spiritual inclinations and innate altruistic predilections In a publicathering he once famously uoted that if one was to be aware of the date of hisher shedding the mortal coils every remaining day until that day of reckoning would be an absolute torture One person who can relate to this philosophy is one of my all time favourite authors Tom Rath When he was just sixteen years old or young Mr Rath was diagnosed as having a fatal enetic mutation one that basically shuts off the body s most powerful tumour suppressor This was after what was supposed to be a routine eye test What this meant was that in addition to large tumours that were already rowing on his left eye Mr Rath was likely to have kidney and pancreatic cancer and tumours in his spine brain and adrenal lands If this list was not daunting enough Mr Rath also lost the vision in adrenal lands If this list was not daunting enough Mr Rath also lost the vision in left eye post multiple surgeriesBut at the time of this writing Mr Rath has braved the odds and lived to tell his tale And what a fascinating tale it has been A prolific author Rath has penned many bestsellers that have changed the contours of his reader s perspectives In It s Not About You his shortest book till date he juxtaposes wisdom with fortitude Asserting that life is not just about oneself but about what you do for others Mr Rath conveys to his readers the most fruitful way to lead a contended and enriching lifeBattling the dreaded von Hippel Lindau condition Mr Rath has been an inspiration to millions across the A Little Dinner Before the Play globe Echoing the latereat Randy Pausch on how it takes the realization of mortality to develop an outward focus Mr Rath emphasises that life is about what you put back into the world and not what you take Out Of ItHe Illuminates His of itHe illuminates his about an empirical research finding which revealed that kids who battle cancer somehow emerge stronger when compared to peers who have not faced a similar challenge In particular when children twelve and older battle cancer and survive they are likely to experience what scientists call post traumatic Mastering the Art of Saying No Without Feeling Guilty: Tips, Techniques and Strategies growthMr Rath exhorts us to invest in people who matter the most Relying on a finding by researchers Mr Rath informs us that if one is able to have at. Rom one’s inward search for strength to the larger outward search for purposeful contribution to others It’s Not About You is a short introduction to the next chapter in the life and career of perhaps ourreatest living self help writerDiagnosed with a rare enetic condition at age sixteen Tom’s awareness of his own mortality drove him to pur. ,