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Hmmm I understand what the author was oing for here a entrification based take on Get Out but the pacing is off The ending happens all at once and is so wild and then it s the end This had a lot of potential Great premise Lots of interesting BrooklynNY history Missteps in execution HISTORY IS FUCKING WILD When No One is Watching is a powerful and uncomfortable book to read It is also difficult to describe and although it s being marketed as a thriller it is only part thriller and not really a thriller until closer to the end It is a mixture of enres blended together to craft a powerful message on social justice and The Craving gentrification Sydney Green a black woman in her 30 s is literally fighting to hold onto her mother s house in Gifford Place a neighborhoodoing through revitalization in Brooklyn Corporations condominiums and soul crushing Bougie millennials are moving in and driving out the culture and people who built the neighborhood Pressured to sell but not willing to move Sydney puts together a tour of the neighborhood that encompasses its African roots and a past that is on the verge of disappearingTheo a white man with a secretive past strikes up an unlikely friendship with Sydney and becomes her assistant on the tour As the two begin researching and planning their neighbors begin to disappear They are both in danger and could be the next to be takenThe narrative is split between Sydney and Theo Both are dynamic characters Sydney s anger at the injustice of what is happening to her neighborhood emanates off the pages Her anger masks her pain and fear of losing all she has ever known On the other hand Theo s character is a little shady He hides his emotions and so many other things and is a bit of mystery He plays the role of the white person who wants to support the cause but at the same time is oblivious to what s really The Murder Exchange going on I can identify with this aspect of his characterThe narrative kept me on my toes as I wasn t ever really sure where things wereoing but it GOES there in a very blatant and obvious way There is a level of underlying tension and suspense throughout that Love in Catalina Cove (Catalina Cove gradually builds as the narrative progresses I have to say this bookoes off the rails in the last 25% or so I was wondering if what was really happening was all just a crazy dream but it was all very real I was a little put off by how far Cole went but then I realized she had to The Million Dollar Goal go in this way toet her message acrossThis is a provocative timely and engaging read It s a page turner with a message that will hopefully keep the reader thinking about history racism Securing Caite gentrification and social justice People bury the parts of history they don t like pave it over like African cemeteries beneath Manhattan skyscrapers I was lucky enough to win a copy of this book in a GoodReadsiveaway I have never read a novel uite like Alyssa Cole s When No One is WatchingPrimarily marketed as a thriller it has for the most part all the prereuisite tension psychological suspense and unexpected twists it needs to fit that bill But alongside all that lies a fierce examination of institutional racism and Trudy gentrification in contemporary society Not to mention a fascinating history lesson to boot It sounds like a lot to try to pull together doesn t it Most definitely It takes a skilled talented writer to effectively combine such diverse elements Not every author could pull it off But Cole does and she does it without even breaking a sweat Sydney Green a young Black woman in Brooklyn watches in dismay as the neighborhood sherew up in disappears before her very eyes New FOR SALE signs seem to be dropping out of the sky as left and right her beloved neighbors are forced to sell their homes Some of her dearest friends are even silently vanishing in the middle of the night never to be seen or heard from againTo combat her burgeoning sense of loss Sydney decides to funnel her frustration into the creation of a historical Brooklyn walking tour She soon receives an offer of research assistance from her new White neighbor across the street Theo which she begrudgingly accepts against her better judgment Much to Sydney and Theo s surprise their straightforward exploration into the history of Brooklyn soon leads them to a frightening discovery they never saw coming They have no choice but to work together pushing all fear and distrust of one another aside Otherwise they may find themselves to be the next neighbors to disappear without a traceHaving previously found success writing romance When No One is Watching is Cole s first foray into the land of thrillers And what a successful venture it turns out to be Overall the novel is a smart engrossing addictive story with just the perfect amount of tension And Cole puts some serious writing chops on display Her prose is excellent It s intelligent and direct clear and concise Her words flow smoothly and are effortless to read And she doesn t waste time by bloating the narrative with needless fillerAs is so popular these days the novel employs the literary tool of dual narration with the story unfolding through the eyes of both Sydney and Theo The strategy works effectively seeing as Cole has crafted two likable but slightly unreliable protagonists Sydney s emotional and psychological stability is debatable thanks to an ill mother and a recent divorce And Theo is surrounded by a dark air of dishonesty dubious motives and hidden secrets They are two remarkably interesting and complex characters and their uestionable behavior abundantly increases the novel s underlying sense of disuietBe forewarned though The majority of When No One is Watching is not very thrilling It s suspenseful in nature It isn t until the last 25% hits that the novel becomes what I would consider to be a true thriller There is also a romantic element to the story which I found to be a bit unnecessary Still Cole creates a perfect aura of eeriness paranoia and unease all of which serves to amplify the reader s need to understand what exactly is happening and why The pages fly by and it is difficult to put THE NOVEL DOWNBUT THEN THE novel downBut then the ending And in a matter of a few pages my thoughts flip flop minute I m thinking I have a five star thriller in my hands The next I m wondering what in the world is happening and if any of it is even supposed to be real Because the novel completely oes off the rails verging on the edge of ridiculous The ending is just too unbelievable It s too far fetchedI understand that When No One is Watching is supposed to be a thriller and the intention is to be shocking But for a novel that spends so much of its time being deeply rooted in fact and history this type of sudden extreme and incongruous conclusion simply does not make sense And I think that in the end Cole unwittingly undercuts the powerful message she works so hard to sendSigh My opinion may not be a popular one Of this I am mindful Nonetheless my hat is still tipped to Cole When No One is Watching is immensely enjoyable and ripping even with the outrageous ending It is expertly written And it is in the running to be my fa. The entrification of a Brooklyn neighborhood takes on a sinister new meaningSydney Green is Brooklyn born and raised but her beloved neighborhood seems to change every time she blinks Condos are sprouting like weeds FOR SALE signs are popping up overnight and the neighbors she’s known all her life are disappeari. When No One Is WatchingRom to the vast different microaggressions they are forced to endure every single day This book does not shy away from anything and I hope it makes a lot of people uncomfortable and I hope they sit in that uncomfortably and begin to check their privileges This book has a lot of scary parts but the scariest part of all is how this country really is still running on racism and slavery just a different well hidden kind of racism and slavery From prison systems to the police forces to huge corporations and all their different investments It s not even well hidden people just don t want to see because they don t want to be uncomfortable and they don t want to change a system that is working in their favor too But friendly reminder that you can t be compliant with racism and racist systems and not be racist Overall I really loved 80% of this book but the ending was way too rushed for me I just felt a bit unsatisfied with how a few storylines and character s stories went and I wanted to know so much But I still think this was such a powerful read and a shining star in 2020 literature Alyssa Cole is a ift to this world and all the enres and I hope you all pick this one up Blog Instagram Youtube Ko fi Spotify TwitchTrigger and Content Warnings entrification racism so many microaggressions talk of slavery loss of a loved one a lot of talk of financial debt medical debt harassment depression anxiety panic attacks talk of cheating in the past not the main characters talk of domestic abuse in the past themes of abuse and cycles of abuse talk of institutionalization murder attempted abduction brief mention of animal abuse brief mention of suicide forced medical experimentation talk of drug addiction threats of calling ICE and the police and police brutalityBuddy read with Ma lys Penny People bury the parts of history they don t like pave it over like African cemeteries beneath Manhattan skyscrapers Nothing stays buried in this city thoughWhen No One Is Watching is an expertly crafted thriller that is as informative as it is entertaining It s not easy for an author to unpack a large amount of American history in a thriller but that s precisely what Cole has done here What begins as a slow burning mystery eventually converts to a heart pounding reveal and while I think this story was incredibly creative and necessary my only complaint was that the pacing felt off and the ending felt as if there was so much packed in that might have been served better spread out a bit across the length of the story Knowing that Ms Cole is a romance novel I was pleased to see a bit of love story included in the narrative here and found it to be such a welcome and positive inclusion which broadened the credibility of the characters Highly recommended for those who have all but iven up on the thriller enre because this one is a must read that will renew your faith in a stale enre Many thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy When I think of a Black community the first thing that comes to mind even if I don t want it to is crime Drugs Gangs Welfare That s all the news has talked about since I was a kid Not old people drinking tea Not complex self sustaining financial systems that had to be created because racism means being left out to dry Emotionally this book is 5 stars for me As I read on I found myself having this sense of respect towards Alyssa ColeRationally it is 45 star rating but what are ratings other than an estimation of sorts There s no accuracy to this All I can speak about is how this book made me feel and I felt all of it This is not a thriller in the classic sense Or a story you would picture when thriller is mentioned Alyssa Cole has put her own uniue spin on it and that s what I admired about this story It s subtle eerie it sneaks up on you even though at the back of your mind you are aware that something sinister is lurking but you cannot pinpoint its source This is very much the narrative the story follows The thriller enre has been used as an educational tool almost A story doesn t have to be constantly thrilling in its literal sense for it to be chilling That message can utilised in many different ways The micro aggressions which makes your sense for it to be chilling That message can utilised in many different ways The micro aggressions which makes your boil that were present the way you see a community being targeted and Pushed Out Adds To How Horrifying This out adds to how horrifying this reality was and still is for Black and marginalised communitiesI was wondering how the author would combine thrilling aspects into a discussion on BOSH!: The Cookbook: Simple Recipes. Amazing Food. All Plants. gentrification but Cole managed it perfectly She really did her research and provided an alternative thriller storyThe ending I believe was intentional In an interview Alyssa Cole did it was mentioned that it wasn t tied up neatly but rather set the tone of a community that is still very much fighting the fight The problems are still very much present and doesn t just disappear because of one or few incidents that have occurred that could ve potentially paved the way to a better future History has not worked that way I can t wait to read her back list now and really hope weet thriller novels from her The craziest thing about this book Is that this shit could actually happen Usually when i read thrillers i m like okay this could happen but like it ll have to be like the craziest thing ever but this book This shit DOES happen I enjoyed this book because it brought out the right kind of anger frustration and fear There were points where the characters were mircoaggressive and I wanted to put it down so bad but I literally could not put this book down I think the pacing was really slow at the beginning but i was enjoying the characters and their i was enjoying the characters and their so i didn t mind all too much i think if it was maybe 50 pages less it would fix the pacing but honestly i didn t care all that much because once you Confessions of an Air Ambulance Doctor get to the part where the plot twist at the end kicked in the pacingot so much better I really liked the main character Sydney I don t think she was boring or useless like most main characters in thrillers Maybe it s because i Mr. Jelly's Business got to read her use AAVE which added to her character Which the AAVE is another thing U enjoyed Maybe it s because I don t read many books let alone thrillers where the characters look like me and tsk me Also enjoyed her dynamic with Theo ugh I just love a pathetic loser white man you know I kind ofuessed one of the plot twists but I didn t mind I like how it played out and I was still spooked A lot of this book was scary but in the way that this could actually happen to me like the uber scene I take ubers very freuently and I 6 1/2 Body Parts (Body Movers, get so scared when they take the wrong turn even when i can see that theirps told them to Gökyüzü Mavi Kaldı go that route I really enjoyed this book and it was actually the very first thriller i ve everiven 5 stars I love that Alyssa Cole branches out a lot with her Corps Values: Everything You Need to Know I Learned In the Marines genre s and i could see her being the Jordan Peele of thriller s I hope she rights thrillers in the future This book was just okay for me I expected it to be of a thriller but it felt like a contemporary romance for me until the last fifty pages Hear my full thoughts here. Eighbors may not have moved to the suburbs after all and the push to revitalize the community may be deadly than advertisedWhen does coincidence become conspiracy Where do peopleo when entrification pushes them out Can Sydney and Theo trust each other or themselves long enough to find out before they too disappe. ,

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Vorite thriller of the year My sincerest thanks to Harper Collins Publishers and NetGalley for the Advance Review Copy in exchange for an honest review All opinions included herein are my own 275 Get out and Rear window one terribly wrong stars Well it s been a week I THIEME Atlas of Anatomy: Head and Neuroanatomy guess since I completed this book and I don t know what was stopping me from writing a review maybe the fact that I couldn t process my ideas about this book or maybe the fact that this book isaining so much popularity like my GR feeds was filled with the updates of this book and everybody seem to love it expect me I will breakdown all the points one by one 1 PLOT This is a entrification horror story a tale of what happens when white people decide to revitalize a neighborhood inhabited primarily by people of color The concept of the book as well as its comparisons to the chilling Get Out and my favorite Hitchcock Rear Window had me adding it to my TBR pile immediately And Cole kept the tension high too high even though the pacing was uneven at timesMoving on story line and plot of the story was BASIC and MEDICORE like there wasn t something which took me like WOW I haven t read anything by this author and it s actually my first book by her but I have heard that she is very talented author actually super talented as some of the reviews mentioned But this book did not shine from such talent It was so laborious I was expecting a thriller It was a long way from that for sure The relationship between Theo and Sydney was predictable Their relationship become the bulk of the story than a thriller which we were promised I was very disappointed in this story It had such potential If the author wanted to portray the racial tensions in America in the past in terms of land ownership roots and and manipulation to rid families of such that also fell flat because her focus was on a rather boring relationship between the two main characters instead of a promised thriller 2 Twists turns I mean it was a damn thriller Second this is absolutely not the ripping thriller that marketing is claiming it to be Pacing through the first two thirds of the book is agonizingly slow It reads like romance drama with a love hate dynamic between the two main charactersAnd I was disappointed here it was a thriller right I already mentioned above it s okay I understand River Bodies (Northampton County, gentrification urban renewal and to be honest I have read a lot about them like a lot so any info provided to me wasn t new or thrillingRight from the first chapter and the synopsis I was sure where the story was heading but I still continued to read it expecting a thrilling nerve chilling ending instead what Iot well I won t mention it but it was so disappointing 3 CHARACTERS I think Sydney is meant to be a strong woman but she instead comes off as brash angry and difficult to like Theo is the male version of the doormat female swooning over a person who treats him like crapI thought I was reading about a woman who comes into her strength and uses her self awareness to empower herself well through most of the book that was what I was reading I enjoy books about strong women and women who find just how strong they can be but this was way too much Okay she s human she has set backs but she overcomes and then suddenly she overpowers the story and loses me at that point 4 Ending I realize the author was making a point about what is happening today in many cities but it seemed as though she was telling one story about people struggling to hold on to what is theirs and fighting city hall and big business and then suddenly she switched to violence and vigilantism So summing up If You Have Watched Get Out Rear Window Don T have watched Get out or Rear window t to read this book it s nothing different apart from the fact that there is a forced love story A well executed thriller and a very timely read all in one Sydney s predominately Black neighborhood in Brooklyn is Dept. of Reproductive Management going throughentrification Her neighbors are moving out of their houses with no notice and no Beneath This Ink goodbye and white families are moving in Anxious to make sure everyone knows the roots of the community she s almost always lived in Sydney is researching information for a walking tour she ll host as part of the upcoming block party on her street Her new white neighbor Theo is working alongside her as a research assistant They are about to uncover something sinister about the neighborhood than either of them could fathom The blurb says that this is Rear Window meets Get Out which is pretty accuratebut there s so much to it than that This is a suspenseful and anxiety inducing thriller that is about many important issues The aforementionedentrification racism redlining There s a lot for people to learn as well My jaw dropped when I read about Black America a late 1800 s theme park about plantations and slavery IT WAS REAL I The Psychology of Work guess I shouldn t be surprised at this point This book is very realistic as a lot of it has happenedis still happening in real life The ending is crazy but the scary thing isI can actually picture it happening sometime in our future with the way things areoing in our world Author Alyssa Cole does a fantastic job with keeping the story moving and making us care for the characters There are also some very funny moments and lines that are so accurate There are definitely some Karens in this book I think it s a fantastic read and one that should be read by those who enjoy realistic suspense and hard hitting truths This should also be read by those who say I m not racist but 45 stars I m thrilled to say this one didn t disappoint ARC provided by the publisher via EdelweissReviews you should check out Bee s Jazmen s Carole s I have adored everything Alyssa Cole has written so when I heard about this new mystery thriller I knew it would make my most anticipated releases of the year list I enjoyed this immensely and I hope people read this and fall in love with this thriller but I hope they also realize how deeply rooted racism and systems built on racism are still thriving because of racism when no one thriving because of racism When No One Watching switches back and forth between Sydney and Theo s POV Sydney is Black recently divorced and recently moved back to NY to help her mother who is ill They have a brownstone in Brooklyn and the neighborhood and the neighbors mean a lot to her Theo is white and recently moved into Sydney s neighborhood and is currently living with his abusive ex irlfriend while they try to renovate this home Sydney is trying to put together a extensive compilation of the Black history from her neighborhood so she can do a tour and Theo volunteers to help her Meanwhile and Black people in the community are oing missing and and white people are moving in acting as if they have always owned the neighborhoodIt is never a Black authors job to educate you but Alyssa Cole truly and unapologetically talks about the privilege that white and non BIPOCs have From The Woman You Want to Be: Margery Wilson's Complete Book of Charm gentrification and the many systems that are stealing land and buildings and lives still in 2020 to police brutality and who they are willing to protect and who they are willing take everything Ng To hold onto her community’s past and present Sydney channels her frustration into a walking tour and finds an unlikely and unwanted assistant in one of the new arrivals to the block her neighbor TheoBut Sydney and Theo’s deep dive into history uickly becomes a dizzying descent into paranoia and fear Their