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Urage of this book is unbelievable Already ready for book number two Mike is a serial cheater and continues to cheat on Jana She is the exact definition of a doormat She deserves to be with someone who loves her enough to keep his dick in his pants and not have a wandering eye What is love without loyalty and trust One sided love is what it is She continues to forgive him so he will continue to gaslight her and cheat and blame it on his sex addiction and insecurities Despite what cheaters and women who choose to stay with them like to "say choosing to stay with someone that is not faithful to you does " choosing to stay with someone that is not faithful to you does make you strong it makes you weak Also if your partner really did love you they would not cheat Sorry not sorry Cheating is a choice not a mistake Once a cheater always a cheaterThis is how you know when you are in a one sided relationship1 You re constantly second guessing yourself2 You apologize than you need to3 You re always making excuses for your partner4 You feel insecure about your relationship5 You do all of the heavy lifting6 Your partner s calendar takes priority7 You put in effort than your partner8 You prioritize your partner but they do not prioritize you over anything else I was so excited to read this book Jana and Mike are great and charismatic I find that their open ness and raw honesty is really helpful to everyones personal growth not only relationship growth In their book they touch base with a lot of very important issues and how to deal with them I find that they provide excellent tools with navigating and understanding relationships The genre is not one I would normally read so at time I did *have trouble wi I ve been listening to Whine Down with Jana Kramer *trouble wi I ve been listening to Whine Down with Jana Kramer Michael Caussin for about a year I really appreciate their raw honesty as I m sure it helps so many others going through similar struggles that they have experienced Too many celebrities portray their lives as perfect on social media but I always find myself drawn to those that share the good the bad and the ugly The Good Fight will euip you with numerous communication tools that you can use to strengthen your relationship Jana and Mike shared stories of struggles they have faced and what worked to pull themselves out of the deep end Through much trial and error they have learned to communicate better and understand what the other needs in order to feel loved and heard I flew through this one in less than 24 hour. It out and staying together told from both sides With honesty warmth and hilarity Jana and Mike walk us through the details of the most complicated fights of their past They show readers how they've communicated prayed forgiven and radically embraced each other to live their happiest most fulfilling lives possible and offer lessons anyone married dating single can use to give and receive lasting lov. ,

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I was excited to find out that Jana and Mike were publishing a *Book After All Of *After all of ups and downs the past *few years it gives us fans and readers *years it gives us fans and readers feeling li Jana and Mike have been through a lot But instead of giving up and walking away they fight for the good It s refreshing And heartbreaking at times But the uestion they ask over and over again do you want to be right or do you want to be heard If you don t fight for what matters in your life what are you missing out on i learned a lot about myself listening to this one it s hard not to feel shame about some of the things you ve done or said in the last but it s all about progress not perfection thank you for being so honest and willing to share your ourney this is a really good resource for anyone trying to fight their way through any relationship i m sure the hard copy of this will be a good r A celebrity couple s marriage advice book Jana Kramer and Michael Caussin have been married for five years and in marriage counseling for four years This book felt like they took notes from their LA therapists Nashville therapists and wrote a book to recoup the cost of counseling If so I am okay with putting a small dent in it for them There is nothing in this book t Long postI couldn t wait for this book to be released I have loved Jana since her OTH days love her music movies and listen to their podcast each week Jana and Mike are open books and very transparent with us I admire the fact that this is one celebrity couple that is willing to put in every single effort to make their marriage work and not ust run at the first hint of trouble I have always said that cheating is the one thing that I won t tolerate and that it will have me signing divorce papers faster than I can blink however that s not true for everyone and some are willing to go to therapycounseling and do all sorts of couples retreats etc to get to the bottom of why it happened and to get help in order for it never to happen again I also used to think that once a cheater always a cheater and in some circumstances I still do believe that but sometimes there are underlying psychological issues that may be going on I m absolutely in no way using that as an excuse for such behavior but I admire women that are willing to do everything in their power to make it last and not become another statistic Every marriage will have problems every single one but are you willing to fight the Hosts of the award winning Whine Down podcast Jana Kramer and Michael Caussin explore the raw and real moments of their marriage what it means to love to fight and to sincerely forgive with spiritual guidance and practical advice for anyone seeking stronger fulfilling loveFrom the beginning Mike and Jana had the kind of everyday arguments that drive even the happiest couples apart Money careers ins. Ood fight so that you come out on the other side Jana and Mike have set boundaries in their marriage and when you have had such a deep impactful season such as what they ve went through then you will have triggers you will have moments where you uestion things that happen you will have hard days out of the blue but it s how you learn to handle those moments together that will get you throughThere is no such thing as a perfect marriage none If you have that mentality then you might want to stay single If you re willing to say *I Do then in my unsolicited opinion you should be willing to do *Do then in my unsolicited opinion you should be willing to do to help your marriage last even in the hardest of hard times Marriage takes constant work on both sides in good seasons bad seasons and extremely hard seasons I m proud of Jana and Mike for showing us that marriage is hard and that it s worth fighting for at the same time They have a beautiful family I m definitely standing behind them as they continue The Good Fight I ve been listening to whine down since the beginning this book was wonderful Thanks to the publisher via Edelweiss for an advance e galley for honest reviewI picked this up because I have a hard time resisting any celebrity written tome and I find Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin s story interesting I don t think they are reinventing the wheel here in terms of relationship advice books but they do a nice ob sharing the tools they ve learned through extensive therapy and work on their relationship after infidelity It s a very honest story with lots of admissions of their shortcomings and I think if it
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written by a celebrity encourages those struggling in relationships to pick it up and do some work then it s definitely worth it Jana and Mike don t owe anyone anything They don t owe an explanation or continuing defending their relationship However they have chosen to be vulnerable open themselves up to criticismopinions and completely have laid their lives out in the open and to what They help people They have probably helped SO many people Reading this book shows ust that and it will reach so many people I became a fan of Jana because of "her music but now I m a fan of her as a person and what she and Mike "music but now I m a fan of her as a person and what she and Mike for all of those that need help They have taken sour lemons in their lives and made such great lemonade I can t wait to read the entire book and continue to follow along on their ourney The structure insight honesty and co. Ecurity ealousyAnd then kids infidelity addiction and growing walls around their individual hearts Many people would have separated But Jana and Mike discovered something invaluable While fighting under the worst possible circumstances they learned how to fight for each other with respect kindness humor and faithThe Good Fight reveals how one couple decided to honor their forever love by battling.
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